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Legal Research and Writing for Paralegals ●

This is a revision of noted author Deborah Bouchoux's market-leading legal research and writing text for paralegal students. This clear, wellorganized text is designed specifically for paralegal students, offering a comprehensive overview of research and writing skills, reinforced by illustrations and exercises. Part I covers Primary Authorities, Part II

Author : Deborah E. Bouchoux Pages : 816 pages Publisher : Aspen Publishers Language : ISBN-10 : 1454873353 ISBN-13 : 9781454873 358

discuses Secondary Authorities, and Part III covers the basics of Legaal Writing. The Legal Writing section includes samples of legal writing, such as letters, a court brief, and a legal memorandum, though throughout the book, Bouchoux integrates writing strategies into each research chapter to demonstrate the link between the two processes. In addition, there is thorough coverage of electronic research, including a chapter on internet research as well as feebased services such as Lexis Advance and Westlaw. Additional tips on how to effectively use electronic resources are also included throughout the text. Bouchoux thoroughly

explains proper citation form and updating/validating legal authorities. Legal Research and Writing for Paralegals

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Legal Research and Writing for Paralegals  

Legal Research and Writing for Paralegals