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isabelle lartault m April 29th kMay 6th Rendez-vous at webSYNradio fro lt’s playlist. to listen to isabelle lartau WebSYNradio : a workshop for the

review Droit de Cités and a radio


program hosted by Dominique Bala

ra, eulen, Bianco-Valente, Bonnie Collu kervis, Andrea Parkins, Angelo Verm alla, Erik Truffaz, Frédéric Med id Dav rg, UPCOMING ARTISTS : Adam Nan enbe Gold d Davi n, sswolff, Carole Benzake al Comelade, Boris Achour, Carl Michael von Hau a, Olivier Bardin, Olivier Cadiot, Pasc ne, Martha Rosler, Olga Kisselev Blai raum []... n Leer & Julie e, un Beng Zimo , ey raud Harv , Mou a chez San Robert Stadler, Rubin Steiner, Tani as, Pinh ard Rich ne, Deh Pia , Philippe Rahm


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