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16/09 23/09

Fred Griot

m September 16th k 23rd Rendez-vous at webSYNradio frost. to listen to Fred Griot’s playli

ÿ. program hosted by Dominique Bala review Droit de Cités and a radio WebSYNradio : a workshop for the Kisseleva, Richard Pinhas, Bergvall, Carole Benzaken, Olga tha Rosler, UPCOMING ARTISTS : Caroline Olivier Cadiot, Joël Hubaut, Mar din, Bar erg, Michel Collet, Olivier ins, Park rea And olff, Pascal Comelade, David Goldenb ssw ia Mouraud, Carl Michael von Hau Rubin Steiner, Chloe Piene, Tan in Sabatier... kervis, Miltos Manetas, Benjam Nan m Ada kis, elida Andreas Ang


W eb SY Nr ad io rend ez-vo us at webS YNra dio from Septe mber 16th k 23rd to listen to Fred Grio t’s playli st. WebSYN radio : a worksho p...