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GOING HEAD TO HEAD IN THE CLOUD The WIRED Community Evaluates What’s Most Important When Collaborating in the Cloud.

The cloud provides some of the biggest opportunities for improving efficiency and productivity to businesses today. Since the strategies employed now will shape how industries work in the future, WIRED and Microsoft teamed up to survey the community for its opinions on important criteria when evaluating a cloud solution. Now is the time to evaluate your options for collaborating in the cloud.



GOING HEAD TO HEAD IN THE CLOUD The cloud provides businesses with unlimited opportunities for collaboration and productivity— especially with increasing demands to support working remotely, on the go, and across various devices. Deciding which cloud provider is the right choice, however, requires weighing the pros and cons against your basic business needs. Microsoft worked with WIRED to ask community members to provide their opinions on important criteria when evaluating a cloud solution. Here is how two of today’s top providers, Office 365 and Google Apps, measure up. Community



Provides a consistent user experience across PC, phone, and browser with intuitive apps in familiar Office formats that one billion PCs already use.

Allows access and ability to work on files and email whether online or offline*—so you can stay productive and work from virtually anywhere.

Incorporates 20-plus years of Microsoft’s experience in providing solutions for business, making it a compatible extension to systems you already have in place.

Provides the first and only major cloud-based productivity service to comply with leading EU and US standards for data protection and security.







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64% of WIRED readers think it is important for cloud-based collaboration to provide a familiar, intuitive experience.

68% of WIRED readers feel it is important to be able to work from anywhere with seamless online and offline access.

63% of WIRED readers prefer a provider that specializes in business solutions for cloud collaboration.

82% of WIRED readers would not be willing to trade most privacy and security for lower subscription cost.

Is inconsistent across platforms, lacks familiarity, and interface changes frequently.

Is primarily a web-only product with very limited offline features and functionality, and additional system requirements and addons are needed.

Google’s business offering has only been in market since 2009. 96% of their revenue still comes from advertising, leaving only 4% for everything else they do.

Individuals, businesses, and government regulators have raised concerns about Google’s record on privacy.

*Available with any Office 365 SKU with either the Office subscription or Office 2007 / 2010 or Office for Mac 2008 / 2011.

Office 365 is a clear choice for businesses that are ready to work more collaboratively and efficiently. Collaborate in the cloud with Office, Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync videoconferencing. It all works together.


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