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K2 smartforms Faster forms. More control.

K2 smartforms is a faster, easier way to create forms for business applications. No code, no loss of control. Drag and drop reusable components into place, tie the form to a workflow, incorporate data from your various systems, roll it out and move forward — today.

Stay In Control You don’t need code to create forms that respond to user input and capture information correctly. With the powerful rules framework, your solutions work the way you want them to.

“It’s so easy to use compared to the way we had to develop our ASP.NET forms. It’s like night and day.” Kevin Borges | SEA CORP

Leverage Existing Data With our proven SmartObject framework, tie together information from multiple line-ofbusiness systems in a single form. Out of the box, K2 smartforms supports SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, and more. Tie The Form To Workflow K2 gives you the tools to connect forms with tasks, people and information — in workflows that drive efficiency, consistency and visibility.

“The big difference that K2 smartforms will make for us is that creating the interface will be a totally drag-and-drop process. Currently, about 80 percent of development on a workflow application is spent creating the user interface. Smartforms will help us significantly reduce that time.” Wouter Faber | Accenture

“We have a lot of forms at KC. … We need a place that is bigger than InfoPath, that allows us to collect data and move it through a process more efficiently. The forms technology from K2 will allow us to move data between systems, whether it be from SharePoint to SAP or to another system that is homegrown.” Jessica Wesener | Kimberly-Clark


Drag-And-Drop Design Drag and drop components in your preferred browser to create reusable forms for work­flows and business applications.



• Built on the K2 SmartObject framework — create

business applications that tie together information from multiple line-of-business systems

• Auto-generate views and forms • Use K2 Designer to create SmartObjects, views,

forms and workflows

• Create list views to display information, with built-in

search and filtering

• Create item views to capture or display detailed


• Create and manage multiple versions of a form • Create forms with K2’s extensive set of controls,

or create your own

• Control form appearance using K2 themes and

styles, or create your own

• Open views and forms as subforms to capture or

display related information

• Create the desired form layout with tables and tabs • Use the K2 smartforms Event Framework to create

condition-based rules that control form behavior

Transform And Validate Data • Use aggregation functions to easily summarize list-

based information

• Create expressions to transform data, selecting

Reuse • Reuse views across many forms • Reuse forms across many business applications • Use the same form for multiple steps in the work-


Extend • Extend the list of out-of-box controls by creating

your own

• Create additional themes • Add custom validation patterns

Integrate With Workflow • Create forms to start new workflows and to interact

with workflow tasks

• Make use of stages to control the forms, and reuse

across multiple steps of the workflow

Additional Features • Integrate forms into your existing web-based

business applications

• Assemble SharePoint-based business applications

with K2 smartforms

• Move business applications between environments

with K2’s Package and Deployment wizard

• Create a form once and render it across platforms

and devices

from more than 90 available operators

• Validate data with conditions and patterns

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