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A Perspective on Future Mobile Cloud Technology and Service Nov. 24, 2010

Seung Ku HWANG Software Research Lab., ETRI



Mobile Cloud Computing Mobile Devices with Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobile Environment


Cloud Computing Market Forecast 132 $Billion

Source: Market Intel Group LLC, Oct. 2010



Cloud Computing


Green IT



Mobile Cloud Market Mobile Cloud Apps ($m)

Cloud-based Mobile Apps($m)




Source: Juniper Research, 2010

Mobile Enterprise Apps($m)

Source: ABI Research, 2009

Consumer Cloud-based Apps($m)


Mobile Cloud Applications Mobile Cloud Applications are aimed at mobile devices with minimal processing power. Exclude read-only applications Require some form of mobile-specific rendering and transcoding Invoicing/ Merchant Services

Data Storage

Customer Relations Management

Mobile Banking Social Networking

Practice Management

Remote Access

Calendaring/ Scheduling

Transit Scheduling/ Tracking

Cloud Phones

Heath Monitoring/ Tracking

Tracking Data Sharing/ Collaboration Source: ABI research 2009

Multi-tasking 6

Mobile Cloud : Key Drivers Launch of HTML5 The rise of Mobile Internet The rise of the App Store The Cloud provides greater processing power than the handset Cloud is multiplatform ‌ ..and Apps/Content is Portable Increasing Use of Mobile as a Means of Storing Personal Information Cloud Enables Enterprise Mobility The Rise of Social Networking Data charges are being reduced Source : Jupiter Research 7

Market Drivers and Barriers Drivers


Demand Drivers

Demand Barriers

Surging practical use


Device-agnostic access to data

User fear/difficult to use

More sophisticated applications


More applications Supply Drivers Limited processing power, data storage of devices overcome fragmentation of mobile OS Expanded revenue opportunities

Supply Barriers Bandwidth limitations Intermittent connectivity Limited capabilities of device clients

The rise of PaaS

Mobile OS fragmentation

Counterbalance to over-the-top apps

Limited screen size Source: ABI research 2009


Service Trends Mobile Cloud Evolution


Global Trend Platform & Service Co. Evolution from legacy wired service into mobile cloud service

Google • Expansion of Android Platform • Google Sync

Communication Co.

Terminal Co.

Evolution from additional service for Build terminal centric mobile cloud customers to mobile cloud service based on own competitive power

AT&T • backup and data storage service for mobile terminals

Apple • MobileMe service for iPhone & iPad •Link to iTunes for contents delivery channels

MS • Windows Mobile 7 • My Phone • change from legacy SaaS to mobile app • Mobile SaaS environment

Vodafone • Vodafone 360 service • personal socialized service linking PC & phone


Motorola •MOTOBLUR service based Android platform

Nokia •Ovi service- data sync, mobile game, content service

• mobile backup service

Source: KEIT(Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology)


Service Trend in Korea SKT Personal Cloud

LG U+ Biz

KT UCloud Mobile

Personal cloud space service for personal data

Cloud Storage Service

gathering of personal contents scattered over internet space into a single cloud can access own contents anywhere, anytime, anydevice

real-time auto backup/ sync the user’s data SSL encryption, distributed storage, firewall always access  access to all  all data you need

Cloud SaaS : LG U+ & MS 3 screen

U+ Box: 20G Storage  $4/month, auto-transcoding U+ Smart SME : Smartworking – cloud based SaaS Service U+ Ubsafe - CCTV

Cloud e-Book Computing sche Infra addr pic

docgame mediamail

Save, sync, Mashup, Authoring


Smartphone, IPTV-STB, PC, Netbook, … 11

A Perspective of Mobile Cloud Evolution current

SaaS-typed Mobile Cloud

Download Apps App Store

SaaS Platform

download result screen

ETRI work

Smart(Ambient) Mobile Cloud

PV(Private Virtual) Mobile Cloud Mobile Cloud Platform

rich app user’s VM



Rich app User’s VM

camera speaker mic

rich app 12

Download Mobile Apps Download Apps

Application Market

SaaS Mobile Cloud

Apple AppStore

Private Mobile Cloud

Nokia OviStore

Ambient Mobile Cloud

SKT T-Store



SaaS typed Mobile Cloud Download Apps

SaaS Mobile Cloud

Private Mobile Cloud

Ambient Mobile Cloud

Salesforce CRM’s mobile access

Access customer data instantly on mobile device Mobilize custom and application “with Salesforce CRM for mobile devices, out field sales team has data right at their fingertips so they look professional in front of customers.” – V. P., Sales HD Supply

Soonr Workplace

Access PC files and folders on mobile device Can view or share the docs and images on PC


Download Apps

Mobile SaaS

Private Mobile Cloud

Ambient Mobile Cloud

Background Concept Architecture Service Model


Why PV Mobile Cloud? Download Apps

Mobile SaaS

Private Mobile Cloud

Ambient Mobile Cloud

PV : Private Virtual

User Needs

Small Terminal

Large Resource

HW resources


- Is not enough for rich app. - processing res., storage, network BW

Privacy Issue - Some actions in the cloud can be monitored by a manager

Private Space

Richer Application

Battery - Rich app requires huge battery - huge battery makes a terminal bigger

Interface Difficulty - User has to access cloud explicitly - Building a cloud service is not simple

PV Mobile Cloud Framework for Rich Applications Solution User transparent Application Interface 16

PV Mobile Cloud Download Apps


Mobile SaaS

Private Mobile Cloud

Ambient Mobile Cloud

A Mobile Cloud framework in which a user can run any rich service having a user transparent interface & no hardware resource restriction - terminal-aware virtual resource management - co-execution framework between terminal and a VM in a cloud Rich services


rich app Mobile Cloud Middleware

richPhone app LiMo Web

VM Guest OS

Mobile Network




(3G,Wibro, WiFi,‌)

Cloud Platform

VM: Virtual Machine

rich service? A service or application that cannot be run on a mobile terminal alone 17

Characteristics of the PV Mobile Cloud Download Apps

Mobile SaaS

Private Mobile Cloud

Ambient Mobile Cloud



Download Apps

Mobile SaaS

Private Mobile Cloud

Ambient Mobile Cloud

Private Virtual Instance = running status + resource capacity + running location + environment info. Rich app. running env. = co-execution Engine + I/O device automatic adaptation

User Terminal


Apps Apps Mobile Cloud Middleware Offload Engine

Co-execution Engine

Co-execution Engine

I/O Device Adaptor

I/O Device Recognizer

Virtual OS




PVI Automatic Provisioning Distributed system/Virtualization

PVI: Private Virtual Instance

Mobile Cloud Server 19

Service Models

Download Apps

Mobile SaaS


Private Mobile Cloud

Ambient Mobile Cloud


Business Analysis

Work/Home Web Camera Monit oring

Factory Factory

House House Patient Patient Pet Pet


High Computation Power

Rich Service

Virtual Smartphone

Battery Problem

Media Processing (3D, Personal Broadcasting)

Clones for Testing


New App


Trans coding


Large Scale virtual Smart phones

Network Traffic


Download Apps

SaaS Mobile Cloud

Private Mobile Cloud

Ambient Mobile Cloud

Concept Components


Smart(Ambient) Mobile Cloud Download Apps

SaaS Mobile Cloud

Private Mobile Cloud

Private Mobile Cloud

Ambient Mobile Cloud

Ambient Mobility

Smart (Ambient) Mobile Cloud

rich app user’s VM


Co-execution camera

speaker mic 22

Components Download Apps

SaaS Mobile Cloud

Private Mobile Cloud

Ambient Mobile Cloud

Think & Act PVI PVI


Co-execution inform


PVI for the terminal


SmartPhone PVI


An ambient terminal has own PVI in cloud - think, process, and act intelligently

gather control

Ambient Terminal CCTV, Robot, GPS, Home Electronics, Mic, Sensor, ‌

Technologies for Smart(Ambient) Mobile Cloud - Ambient Terminal recognition & Bonding - PVI cloud server system : Provisioning & Orchestrator - Spontaneous Networking - Co-execution Framework - Intelligent Applications

PVI: Private Virtual Instance 23

Summary Current Mobile Cloud Service - SaaS-typed Mobile Cloud - Focused on data & storage services currently - Today, comprehensive cloud-based consumer content storage, synchronization, and acquisition services solutions effectively don't exist(from IDC)

PV(Private Virtual) Mobile Cloud Framework - Co-execution Mobile Cloud Model for Rich Applications - Transparent User Interface

Smart(Ambient) Mobile Cloud as the beyond - PV Mobile Cloud + Ambient Mobility - Every terminal can do anything!! 24


A Perspektive on Future Mobile Cloud Technology an  

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