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October 2009

Founded in 1978, the International Women’s Contact The Hague seeks to foster goodwill, friendship and understanding amongst members of all countries. By providing opportunities for the members to meet through cultural and social activities, IWC contributes to the strengthening of the bonds between nations. Informality and friendliness lend an atmosphere of warmth and geniality to all activities. The club is not political, religious or commercial. Registration number Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce) Den Haag 40408742

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The painting on the cover is by IWC member Dons van der Gronden

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Nanda Jagusiak Achie Alai Marie-Jeanne Lambert Darina Ruzovicova Bernadette Lokere Agnes Hsia Neena Sandhu Bonnie Klap

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2 - IWC Monthly News


Dear Members, It was wonderful to meet so many of you at our Club Day last month, kicking off the new season of activities at the Photo Museum. Agnes Hsia is happy to hear any suggestions you might have for other new activities. Our new editorial team of Elisabeth van Raalte and Florence Carlier have very quickly settled into their new roles despite having no previous experience in this task. But they managed very well and I hope you agree with me. Beginning this Club Year we have moved to a new Printer, Stimuka and by doing so, we have managed to bring our printing costs considerably down. This has been a key issue during my first term as President as the current economic times have meant that we have had to ensure that we are financially balanced as a Club. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Georgina James who continues in her role as proofreader and is now assisted by Barbara Ullman. Ladies, my sincere thanks for your commitment. Also, my thanks to our Membership Officer, Bernadette Lokere, assisted by Barbara Ullman, for the Membership Directory 2009-2010. They were very busy over the summer period compiling and proofreading the directory. This was especially demanding given that we now have a new printer to work with. Should there be any corrections required to your details, please contact Bernadette with the correct information! Our magazine relies on advertisements and over the year we have built up good relationships with the advertisers. As a way of thanking them, we invited them to the Club Day, giving them the opportunity to meet you in person and to promote their business or service. If you know of anyone who might like to advertise in our magazine, please contact Elisabeth or Florence at or in person and they will gladly approach any prospective advertiser about an advertising arrangement. For the upcoming Monthly Meeting, we will have two interesting presentations. The first on the famous - Royal Delft Porcelain by Mrs. van Rossum and the second, titled “Do you want to look 38 at 58”? by Mr. de Vries. The third short presentation will be on the charity of the month “Java Village’. I look forward to seeing you all on Monday, 12th October. Warm regards,

Nanda October 2009 - 3

4 - IWC Monthly News


So far, so good! “De kop is er af” as they say in Dutch…meaning: the first step is set! The first edition of the Monthly News is done and we had a lot of positive reactions. Actually, we are very satisfied of what we produced, of course we were not completely alone, we got a great help from Board Members, husband and kids (less available for them !). Our new printer and new lay-out artist are two nice gentlemen, artistic and full of ideas, funny enough they match our views! They have a lot of patience and try to teach us a few things. Do you want to know how we experienced the past two months? Well, we started with the proud of getting this responsibility, then we got surprised by the time schedule, from there we dropped into panic, went through stress and finally got into relief when we could not do anything else but wait for the Magazine to fall on our doormat. In between we had a short holiday when the one who was away was sending sms to check is everything was fine (and vice & versa). It was like a big adventure, a discovery.

Most important of all : we had a lot of fun !

Please, be so kind, to send all messages only on the following email address:

October 2009 - 5

In Memoriam

CYNTHIA KHOUW Bandung, February 15, 1947 –Voorburg, August 8, 2009

By Tutu Sie Cynthia had only been a member of IWC since January 2007, but in a short time Cynthia was very active, and she made friends with everybody. People loved her because of her lovely and charming personality. After the retirement of her husband, they came back to Voorburg again, after being years abroad. I met Cynthia in the beginning of 2006. First, I asked her to join our dance club. After a while I also asked her to join IWC, because she was usually surrounded amongst international people. First she went with me to the Culinary Odyssey at Cap Ouest in Scheveningen, and then she came to the area coffee morning at my house in November 2006. I told her that she should meet Shirish from the Mahjong club, because she loved to play Mahjong. She was very enthusiastic and became a member. She came to our Christmas lunch. Cynthia, three other ladies and myself took the elevator at the Kurhaus together. One of the lady was also a new member. We all had our badges on. “How come that you already have a badge Cynthia?” We asked. “ Oh, I am special,” answered Cynthia. “Oh, no, I am just joking,” she said, laughing. Yes, you are a special one, Cynthia! She was always present at the monthly meetings. We went together to Culinary Odyssey, coffee mornings, and the excursions, and Mahjong. She brought me to the

6 - IWC Monthly News

Mahjong club where I had intended to go for years. She hosted the area coffee morning. She also wanted to join to play golf, but, unfortunately, she had too much pain. It was her idea that we apply to assist the Jubilee Committee and, yes, she did it very well. Before she went to the hospital for the pain she was able to get many ladies to assist selling the raffle tickets for the Jubilee. After this hospital visit she was diagnosed with cancer. She had to cancel her cruise with our dance club. Thank God, after treatment at the VU MC in Amsterdam, she got so much better that she was able to go on the cruise with her husband and daughters. We, at IWC, shared her happiness reflected in the story she wrote for our monthly newsletter January 2009 edition. After that she was also able to go to Bali and Singapore. Unfortunately, she could not go on much longer. The side effects of the medication were terrible. Despite of that, she still attended the activities of IWC, such as the music festival, Mahjong (she was a keen player and she felt happy there) and the last one, the country morning of Azerbaijan.

We will miss you, dear Cynthia, but you are still in our hearts.

Our sincere condolences to Frank, Maureen & Willem and Stephanie.

October 2009 - 7

8 - IWC Monthly News

NOTICE OF MONTHLY MEETING By Neena Sandhu Programme Officer

MUSEON, Stadhouderslaan 41, The Hague MONDAY, 12th October 2009. 9:30-12:30hrs Registration/Signing up 9:30 Programme starts promptly at 10:15 Ms. Qing Van Rossum Head of the Tourism Department of the Royal Delft will give a presentation on

Royal Delft: More than 350 years of Delft Blue History and

Mr. Stephan Coenaard de Vries Director of Lermitec Netherlands B.V. will give a presentation on

Do you want to look 38 at 58?

Public Transport: Bus 24 and Tram 17 from Centraal Station Remember: All members must sign in personally for attendance records. Guest Policy: Guest reservations for monthly meetings must be made by contacting: Darina Ruzovicova at 070 322 04 45 or by email Only those on her guest list will be admitted. Guest fees: is Euro 10

October 2009 - 9

Royal Delft

HISTORY The Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles is the only remaining factory of ± 32 earthenware factories that were established in Delft in the 17th century. Although it is not known exactly when the first factories were started, there is evidence that there were factories producing multicoloured (or polychrome) earthenware in Amsterdam, Haarlem and Middelburg as early as the second half of the 16th century. Dutch potters learnt this trade from their Italian colleagues. It was presumably not until the end of the 16th century that the first pottery was founded in Delft. After that, the number of factories rapidly increased. This was firstly because Dutch seamen captured several cargos containing Chinese porcelain and introduced it to the Dutch and secondly, and most

importantly, because traders with the Dutch East India Company (founded in 1602) brought back large quantities of Chinese porcelain from the Far East. This type of porcelain, which was decorated in blue on a white background, was very popular among the Dutch and soon afterwards Dutch potters started to imitate it. Porcelain was a material unknown in the Netherlands and so the potters attempted to imitate the Oriental products as well as they could with local clay. They succeeded in a relatively short period of time and very soon a large number of factories were founded, especially in Rotterdam (12) and Delft (30). It may have been because a number of buildings in Delft were left vacant because of the ailing brewery industry. “De Porceleyne Fles” ( The Porcelain Jar) was founded in 1653 by David Anthonisz. v. d. Pieth, at the Oosteinde in Delft. After two years, the factory passed into the hands of Wouter van Eenhoorn and Quirinus van Kleijnoven. Wouter van Eenhoorn was a businessman who also had financial interests in other potteries, such as ‘De Griekse A”, “De drie vergulde Astonnekes”, “Het Hooge Huys” and “De Paew”.

10 - IWC Monthly News

In 1653, Van Eenhoorn sold his share of the company to Van Kleijnoven, who then owned the factory. After Van Kleijnoven died in 1695, his widow continued the business but after two years she sold it to Johannes Knotter. Johannes Knotter was the first to introduce the jar to the trademark. He owned the company for only four years and then sold it to Marcelis de Vlught. Like the previous owners De Vlught was neither a potter nor a painter. No works of his have ever been found. He therefore hired Jan Sixtus van der Hoeck, a master painter who was famous for his exquisite decorations. After 1750 the factory was successively owned by Christoffel van Doorne, his son Pieter van Doorne and Jacobus Harleen. The latter reintroduced the jar into the trademark for the first time in 70 years. It has remained part of our trademark ever since. After Harlees died in 1786 the company was owned by his son Dirck Harlees. He then sold it to Henricus Arnoldus Piccardt, who was succeeded in 1849 by his daughter, Geertruida V.M.A. Piccardt. The earthenware industry in Delft was troubled by more and more difficulties. Firstly, porcelain–clay was discovered in Europe and producing porcelain articles became an increasingly competitive business. Secondly, in 1746 a white–baking clay was discovered by Cookworthy. This new clay was in many ways superior to the clay the Delft pottery makers were using. It did not need the layer of white glaze and the decorations, which were also more delicate, were covered with a layer of transparent glaze. By the end of the 19th century only a small part of the once so prosperous industry was left. Of the many factories, Geertruida Piccardt’s was the only one that managed to survive. However, she had to largely give up the production using the old techniques and

October 2009 - 11

change over to printed, mass produced articles. In 1876 Joost Thooft, a Delft engineer, bought the factory with the intention of restoring the old tradition of producing hand painted Delft Blue. Knowing that people had no more confidence in the older, fragile earthenware he realised that he would have to rigorously change the technique. Together with Abel Labouchere, his associate since 1884, he succeeded in finding a mixture of clay that resembled the stronger, white English earthenware. From then on they produced a product that obtained worldwide fame. Joost Thooft added his monogram JT and the word ‘Delft’ to the trademark. After he died at the age of 46, Abel Labouchere became the only owner of the factory. In 1904 “De Porceleyne Fles” was made into a limited liability company. As a token of appreciation for the attempts the company had been making since 1876 to restore the fame of Delft and the ceramics industry in general, the predicate ‘Royal’ was granted to The Porceleyne Fles in 1919.

TRADEMARK OF ORIGINAL DELFTWARE Since 1879, each article produced by De Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles has been marked according to the following principle:

- A jar - The Initials JT - The City

12 - IWC Monthly News

Over the years, The Porceleyne Fles has carried many trademarks, which changed with every new owner. Below you will ďŹ nd an overview of the trademarks used since 1653:

October 2009 - 13

Stephen Coenraad de Vries

Do you want to look 38 at 58? Stephen Coenraad de Vries, Director of Lermitec Nederland B.V. is a member of a Dutch family active in the Benelux countries in the cosmetic industry for more than 50 years. Stephen joined the family business in 1973. The company in those days concentrated totally on women’s accessories like jewelry, toilet accessories and cosmetics which were purchased around the world and sold to perfumeries in the Benelux region. In that capacity the family business was responsible for brands like Helena Rubinstein - Or lane - Juvena - Giorgio Armani - Benetton and La Prairie. During his life Stephen has seen consumer trends changing and today the tendency is that women do not want to look older than 38 at the age of 58.

In line with this tendency, Lermitec has recently launched B3. This new treatment combats the cause of skin aging rather than the symptoms. It is based on the research of the famous Professor Paul Niehans who is known for cellular skin therapy. B3 is the ďŹ rst and only product to make use of natural deep frozen and dry frozen algae

14 - IWC Monthly News

cells which are integrated in a cure that consists of beauty treatments where the algae cells penetrate the skin through a combination of warm and cold efeurages whilst the beauty treatments are being supported by products to be used at home to structure the effect. One could say: it is the last possible step before resorting to plastic surgery, creating a younger look instead of changing it. Stephen de Vries will address our members and will explain the structural rejuvenation effects on the skin of the combination of deep- and dry frozen algae cells.

October 2009 - 15

DOES A MAGIC PILL EXIST? By Bonnie Klapp Public Relations Officer

If I were to tell you about a pill, that not only would make you lose weight, look younger, have more energy and boost your mood – among many, many other benefits – you would probably not believe me. And if I were then to tell you, that this pill is absolutely free and available to everybody, you would certainly not believe me. And you’re right. Unfortunately such a pill does not exist, but….and now ladies, sit up and pay attention: The ingredients this pill would contain, are widely available today! Imagine that, one day in the future, scientists were able to combine all the benefits of exercise into one pill, we would have at our disposal THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL PILL. Alas, as we all know such a pill does not exist. Yet. But who knows what can happen in the future? In the meantime, we will have to engage in some kind of exercise if we want to reap a few of the unbelievable amount of benefits that we can get from moving our bodies. At this point, some of you might want to turn the page and think…Ugh, no thanks, exercise is not my thing and move on to the next article, but wait! Please read on a bit and let me explain to you what a gift it would be to your bodies if you decided to incorporate some form of physical activity into your daily routine. As a fitness-instructor I have worked with many women, who had little time and even less patience and – let’s face it – just hated to exercise, but I repeatedly told them: Keeping or becoming fit doesn’t take up a lot of time or make you all sweaty and exhausted! Trust me, some moderate exercise, 20 to 30 minutes a day is generally all it takes. In other words: just little time and effort will equal huge payoffs in terms of health, appearance and even self-esteem! Now who wouldn’t be willing to spend those mere 20 minutes a day on our most valuable possession: our bodies ? Before telling you about a few tips on how to increase your physical activity, let me elaborate on those exercise-benefits…. To name them all, would probably take up more space than the editors would allow me, but here are some of the most noteworthy ones, all of them backed up by years of research by (sports)-medicine-research.

1). LOSE WEIGHT This one I can practically guarantee. When you engage in physical activity, you burn calories. The more you move, the more you burn, it’s really that simple. But here comes the good news: It’s not difficult at all to sneak in those 20-30 minutes.( You may even break it up in two stretches of ten minutes each!) For instance, when you walk your dog in the morning, don’t just stroll, but pick up your speed! Try to really walk a lot faster than you usually do. Then stop for a minute, do a couple of jumping jacks, and move on! Get your heart-rate up a bit! Also, whenever you use an elevator: get off one or two floors earlier and walk up the stairs! Try to do some grocery-shopping using your bicycle, instead of the car. Burns more calories and is friendly to our environment in one go!

16 - IWC Monthly News

2). PROMOTES BETTER SLEEP Do you have problems falling asleep or perhaps difficulty sleeping through the night? Latest research indicates, that upping your physical activity can greatly improve your sleep-patterns! However: Don’t exercise too close to bedtime or you might get too energized to doze off!

3). MIGHT PREVENT CHRONIC DISEASES There is already a huge body of evidence, that regular exercise might be the key to preventing chronic diseases like heart-disease, cancer ( particularly breast-and coloncancer) and osteoporosis. Osteoporosis, (= thinning of the bones that may lead to debilitating fractures later in life) is a disease that we, ladies, should be particularly aware of!

4). REDUCED DEPRESSION During exercise certain “feel-good”hormones ( endorphins ) are produced. Ever heard of “Runners-high”? Athletes always experience a tremendous uplift in their moods after running. This is the result of endorphins. Did you know that, nowadays, there are even psychologists, who first tell their patients who complain of depression to take up sports! And if that doesn’t work, the psychologists resort to medication! The effect of endorphins is nothing short of remarkable. Try it one day! Whenever you feel a bit low, go for a brisk 20-minute walk, preferable in beautiful surroundings, like a park. Nine times out of ten, you will feel better afterwards!

5). INCREASE ENERGY Physical activity delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. All your organs will function more efficiently, particularly your heart and lungs. This increased blood-circulation will provide you with a lot more energy to do the things you enjoy! On that note: I will let you in on a little secret…are you too tired to have sex? Regular exercise to the rescue! You will feel more energized and have more self-esteem about your improved body-shape, which, in turn, will have a positive effect on your intimacy. 6). INCREASE MENTAL FOCUS Yes, playing bridge certainly helps too, but again…I’m beginning to sound a bit like a broken record here, recent research indicates that moderate exercise can help keep your brain sharp well into old age, possibly avoiding dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. And the list goes on and on and on… Going back to the title of this article: “Does a magic pill exist?” The correct answer actually is yes and no. Strictly speaking of course it is “no”, but…we all are able to put the many benefits of exercise to our advantage. And as long as the scientists have not yet been able to put all the benefits of exercise into one pill, this is exactly what we should be doing. Having joined the board as of September, you will be seeing a lot more of me and I am excited to hear if any of you have been able to incorporate some exercise into your daily routine. Also I would love to hear about your experiences! So Ladies, no “if’s” or “but’s”…Just start moving and the improvements will come. I promise!

October 2009 - 17

18 - IWC Monthly News


Peruvian Charity Lunch November 19, 2009

Date of Lunch: Time: Venue:

Thursday 19 November, 2009 12h00 - 15h00 Sligro VEN, Internationale Versmarkt Linge 2 - Forepark 2491 BX The Hague Contact: 070 317 77 77 Host: Mr Wim van Wijk, director Sligro VEN Guest of Honour: H.E. Mr Allan Wagner Ambassador of Peru Chef: Mr Oscar Cluzman Barman: Mr Henri Torres Reception: Champagne, Pisco Sour & Canapes Lunch: Starters, Main course & Desserts with accompanied wines Coffee/tea & bon bons Cost: ₏.40,00 per person, inclusive of the Rafe. Part of this cost goes towards a Charity in Peru. Charity: "Hogar Clinica San Juan de Dios" Prizes: Courtesy of Sligro VEN and the Ambassador of Peru Entertainment: To be advised Capacity: 80 persons Parking: Complimentary Recipes: Copies will be provided by Sligro VEN Payment - Upon registration and not later than Friday 13 November - Cash (only at Monthly Meeting) or - IWC bank account nr. 51 61 67 650, mention Peruvian Lunch Contact: Darina Ruzovicova (070-322 04 45 or Registration policy will apply: If an IWC member/guest signs up for an event (lunch), but does not show up on the given day, or cancels after the stipulated deadline, fees will be billed unless someone from the eventual waiting list can be found to replace.

October 2009 - 19

Charity of the month October 2009 Stichting Java Village Stichting Java Village is a foundation (stichting) of volunteers who support villagers in WestJava, Indonesia. At present the foundation works in the mountain village of Cisarua, Sukabumi. We build on the potential of the people of Cisarua to ďŹ nd ways out of poverty and to realize a brighter future for themselves and their village. We focus especially on women and children. Experience has shown that if a woman can improve her life then she will directly invest in her household and help her family move forward. Why children? Healthy and educated children are the future of the whole community. Why Cisarua? Many of the tea picking people from this region live in deep poverty, they work on land which was previously owned by their own parents. Even so, many do not give up hope and try every possibility to improve their situation. Getting to know people so closely makes it impossible to turn away and not to try and help. We try to tackle all the different issues that all lead to poverty. That is why we have projects on: health, education, clean water and micro credits for teenagers and for women. Please visit for more information. 20 - IWC Monthly News

(A gifted artist, Zilpa Hoebee, has kindly agreed to sell her unique necklaces in support of Java Village work. Her beautiful pieces are made from antique stone, glass, amber, brass, silver and gold beads. Treat yourself and support a worthy cause at the same time).

October 2009 - 21





6 9.00: Tennis 10.00: Morning Walk

12 9.30:



13 9.00: Tennis 10.00: Morning Walk 10.30: Area I 10.30: Book Disc. I

20 10.00: Morning Walk


27 10.00: Morning Walk 10.00: Dutch Book Group

22 - IWC Monthly News


7 9.30: Patchwork & Quilting

14 9.30: Patchwork & Quilting 9.30: Bridge

21 9.30: Patchwork & Quilting 10.00: Newcomers group

28 9.30: Patchwork & Quilting

October 2009





9.00: Tennis



9.00: Tennis 10.15: Art Historical Lecture

15 9.00: Tennis 10.00: Book Disc. II 10.30 Area 9 10.30 Spanish Conversation 10.30: French Language Coffee 10.30: SAM 12.30 Culinary Odyssey 13.00: Mahjong


16 14.00: Book Disc. III

Next Monthly Meeting

9 November Editor’s Deadline 25 October for December issue


10.30: Area 10/11

29 20.00: Evening Group



Attention New Members Look for the New Members Table when you arrive at the Monthly Meeting. The Hospitality Officer and her team will be there to greet you and to introduce you to other club members

October 2009 - 23

Excursion Information

Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen Tuesday 13 October 2009 The Zuiderzee Museum reaches out into the world and demonstrates how Dutch traditional culture is reflected in contemporary Dutch art, culture, design and heritage. The visit will begin with coffee/tea and cake, and then an expert guide will introduce us to the new dimension of the Museum. This will be followed by a typical Dutch buffet lunch. In the afternoon we will be free to walk around the Park which contains many interesting and authentic old buildings.


Departure: Return: Costs:


Deadline: Payment:

09.00 hrs from Central Station, upper level, bus stand behind Connexxion office on the right-hand side of the platform (Pasteur Reizen) Around 19.00 hrs. Members €60 including coffee and lunch. Members with museum card €48. Guests €65 (with museum card €53) Contact Marleen van Heddeghem via email or 06 18651153, and Johanna van Scheindelen on 23 September – minimum participants 30 Please remit the required amount to account no. 51.81.85346 IWC The Hague mentioning your name and date of the excursion, or pay at the monthly meeting at the excursion desk.


Registration Policy will apply: If an IWC member/guest signs up for an excursion but does not show up on the given day or cancels after the stipulated deadline, the costs will still be charged unless someone from the waiting list can be found as a replacement.

24 - IWC Monthly News

Excursion Information

Hermitage Amsterdam At the Russian Court Wednesday, 18th November 2009 The greatly expanded Hermitage Amsterdam welcomes visitors to its elegantly restored 17th-century building in the historic heart of Amsterdam. This independent cultural institution, founded to bring the richness and grandeur of Russia’s artistic heritage to the West, currently has a dazzling display of more than 1,800 treasures from the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. At the Russian Court displays the opulent material, culture, elaborate social hierarchy and richly layered traditions of the Tsarist court at its height in the 19th century. We will travel by train from Den Haag CS to Amsterdam CS, and then take the tram to the Hermitage Amsterdam, arriving in time to have lunch in their new restaurant. In the afternoon we will be able to take our time to walk leisurely through the exhibition which will remain open until 20.00 hrs. An audio tour describing the various exhibits is available in English, Spanish and Dutch and costs ₏3. Full details will be available from the Excursion Desk at the Monthly Meeting

Meeting point: Departure by train: Registration:

10.00 hrs by the Information Desk in Central Station. 10.28 from platform 9 October/November Monthly Meeting, or contact Marleen van Heddeghem via email or 06 18 65 11 53, Johanna van Scheindelen via email or 06 11 84 23 24.

October 2009 - 25

26 - IWC Monthly News


‘Koffie is Klaar’ (coffee is ready) mornings are informal gatherings and the best opportunity for members to meet. Your ACP finds a hostess or you can offer to be one. It is best if: the gettogether is kept simple; you RSVP to the hostess and cancel with her if you cannot attend after all; you remember to wear your name badge; and everyone converses in English so no-one feels left out. Everyone is welcome at every coffee regardless of what area you live in. Try visiting a new area and make some new friends. If you would like to volunteer to host a coffee, contact your Area Contact Person as listed in the Membership Directory. Area Tuesday 13 October 10.30


Area 9 Thursday 15 October 10.30

Hilde Zwaan Lange Voort 42 2341 KB Oegstgeest Tel.: 071- 5154848 Tutu Sie Teylingen 29 2261 XP Leidschendam Tel.: 070- 3201336

Area 10/11 Tanja Deelen Thursday 22 October Waldeck Pyrmontlaan 29 10.30 2243 HL Wassenaar Tel.: 070- 5118801

LANGUAGE COFFEES The language coffee mornings provide an opportunity to: meet other members, speak your own language, or practice another language. You can sign up to attend one of these at the monthly meeting or phone the hostess directly. To be a language coffee hostess, please contact: Helga Reinecke at 070/352 26 60 or E-mail: Ewa Bommel-Stein at 070 / 358.88.30 French language-coffee Date: Time: Place:

Thursday October 15 10:30 Elisabeth Boonman-Roos Schoolstraat 6-8 2611 HS Delft Tel: 015/212 85 59 Mob: 06 51 03 19 31

October 2009 - 27

28 - IWC Monthly News

ACTIVITIES By Agnes Hsia, Activities Officer Tel. 030-276-16 75, email: Important:

Please choose as many activities as you can participate in. If you have signed up for an activity, but are unable to attend you are requested to inform the contact person or hostess.

NEW ACTIVITY: English Conversation Contact: Kay Mcnamara Tel: 070 354 81 76

CULTURAL ACTIVITIES: (Enrich your life with food and entertainment) Culinary Odyssey Contact: Ciska Eijsink T 070 347 90 Bernadette Lokere 015 212 48 34 Carola Schaaf - Hillenaar 070 396 53 55 Date: Thursday October 15 Time: 12:30 Price: all inclusive € 35 per person Sakura Japanese Restaurant Gevers Deynootplein 155 2686 CA Scheveningen T: 070 358 48 53 Menu for lunch: Teppanyaki (all prepared at your table). Japanese appetizer, Miso soup, assorted vegetables, Fried rice One choice of either chicken, salmon or Japanese steak Dessert, Japanese tea, 2 glasses of wine. Note: Please be aware that payment or cancellation is required three days before the date indicated. This applies to all Culinary Odyssey lunches. International Cuisine Luncheon Group Contact: Lalith Mulherkar, tel. 070 362 63 22 or e-mail: Namgay Dem, tel. 070 778 62 15 or e-mail: Groups of 6 to 8 members meet once a month at each other’s homes to taste cooking from different countries. Please contact Lalith or Namgay for further details.

October 2009 - 29

EXPAND YOUR MIND: (Lectures, classes and discussions to join) Art-Historical Lecture This activity aims to provide a high quality lecture each month, given by a qualified art historian, about an exhibition currently showing somewhere in the Randstad area. Contact:

Georgina James, tel. 010 218 02 85 email: Mieke Veenhoven, tel. 070 386 23 35

Special Event Thursday October 8 This month there is no art historical lecture in the Haags Historisch Museum. Instead, all art lovers are invited to a lecture at the Old Fokker Terminal, Binckhorstlaan 249 Den Haag, where ARTI09 will be held ( The subject of the lecture is Odilon Redon and Emile Bernard – Symbolism. An exhibition of masterworks by these artists from the collection of Andries Bonger was recently to be seen at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. You will also have a chance to look around the historic Fokker Terminal building. The lecture will be given by the art historian Benno Hillebrand who has also given a number of very popular lectures for us at the Haags Historisch Museum. The young ‘Dries’ Bonger lived in Paris from 1879 – 1892 where he got to know Theo van Gogh at the Hollandsche Club. As a result he became familiar with modern French art. After his return to the Netherlands he collected so many examples of the works of his friends, the artists Odilon Redon and Emile Bernard, that they filled his house to overflowing. Specially designed tapestries were also hung in the house so there was art from floor to ceiling! Bonger was a great advocate of the works of both artists although he had more difficulties with the works of Bernard. Nevertheless, he continued to support him, not by buying his new works, but by commissioning him to produce colourful and decorative works. In this way he was able to avoid a rift with “his” artists. To reserve a place for this event please contact: Debritu Lusteau at or Alternatively you can telephone her on 070 322 81 52 or 06 53 37 63 81 The cost of the lecture is €12 (payable on the day). There is plenty of free car parking at the venue. If you intend to use public transport and you need advice or information then please contact Debritu Lusteau (see above for contact details). Evening Group Contact: Anny Brokx, tel 070-352 32 51 E-mail Date: Thursday October 29 Time: 20.00 hrs Place: Annies Home, Statenlaan 7, 2582 GA The Hague

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Access: Costs: Speaker:


Tram 17, bus 24, stop Statenplein, bus 24, stop Gemeente Museum € 5 p.p. incl. drinks and snacks Dr. Peter Velthuis. He is an associate professor in dermatology at Erasmus Medical Centre, University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Next to that he is also co-owner and medical director of "De Velthuis Kliniek". With 5 clinics the Velthuis Kliniek is the largest private-held clinic in the Netherlands. The Velthuis Kliniek offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments, varying from plastic surgery to injectables and skin enhancement. The Velthuis Kliniek also offers reimbursed care like varicose veins and skin oncology. In Europe Dr. Velthuis is acknowledged as one of the leading experts in the field of dermatological laser treatments and skin treatment with injectables, He has been an invited speaker on the topic of injectables at many congresses. Dr. Peter Velthuis will explain the trend and latest developments in aesthetic surgery. He will share this experiences with the most popular treatments from all over the world and will show you results of the different treatments. Of course you are allowed to ask him questions during this presentation.

Greek Philosophy Last club year we started reading Plato's "Republic" (books I - IV). This club year we go on with the books V - X. As in his later years Plato had the habit of finishing his dialogues by telling a myth, as a kind of extra illustration, we shall read and study some of his most famous myths too. Information: Mieke Veenhoven 070 386 23 35 Hildegonde van den Bulcke (teacher) 070 327 27 98 email: Hildegonde will inform you by email when the lessons start. As usually the lessons will be at Hildegonde's home, Teylingen 30, Leidschendam, on Tuesday mornings. Book Discussion I Contact: Lizzy de Jong, tel. 070 354 75 44 Date: Tuesday, 13 October Time: 10:30 Place: In a member’s home Book: The Leutenant Author: Kate Grenville Book Discussion II Contact: Corry Mulder, tel. 070 511 05 45 Cost: 75€ for the year Date: Thursday, October 15 Time: 10:00 Place: Loni van Braam Houckgeest. Van Hoytemastraat 7, 2596EM The Hague Book: A Mercy Author: Toni Morrison We meet 7 times a year, always on the Third Thursday of the month, except in December. October 2009 - 31

Book Discussion III Contact: Marijke Smit, tel. 0252 21 14 57 Elena Duivenvoorden, tel. 071 576 31 75 Date: Friday October 16 Time: 14:00 Place: Johanna van Scheindelen De Eerensplein 22, 2593 NB Den Haag Tel: 070 383 66 68 Book: Half of a yellow sun Author: C.N.Adichie Dutch book Contact: Tel: Cost: Date: Time: Place: Book: Author:

group for non-native Dutch speakers Angela Katz 070 5176814 or email: Euros 75 for the year Tuesday October 27 10:00 – 11:30 Loni van Braam Van Hoytemastraat 7, The Hague Bijna iedereen kon omvallen Toon Tellegen

Aimed to help non-native Dutch speakers improve their fluency and vocabulary in a positive and enjoyable way, the Dutch Book Group is led by Drs Loni van Braam with both skill and humour. The books we read are short (usually about 100 pages) and of high school level. Discussion is always lively! Dutch Conversation Contact: Ciska Eijsink, tel: 070 347 90 00

Dutch conversation in a relaxed and informal atmosphere to help non-native speakers gain confidence with the language. Not suitable for absolute beginners, but anyone who has an understanding of basic Dutch grammar and vocabulary is very welcome. Spanish Conversation Contact: Marnie Michel, 071 561 72 35 Date: Thursday October 15 Place: Marnie Michel Swagermanweg 8, Voorschoten Time: 10:30-12:00 For those with a basic understanding and knowledge of Spanish who are interested in practicing and improving their everyday language. Limited to 6 persons. Meetings are regularly on the third Thursday of the month.

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FRESH AIR AND EXERCISE: (Get friendly and get healthy too!) Morning Walk Contact: Denny Gerberding, 070 306 16 90, mobile: 06 1370 47 59 e-mail: Date: every Tuesday (with exception annual holidays) Time: 10:00 – 11:30 We meet in front of the Museon once a week and do a brisk walk for about an hour and a half. After the exercise we will look for a nice café to take a break and have some refreshments. You need, of course, appropriate clothing and shoes. Tennis Contact: Ing Lwan Taga, 071 562 11 08, email: Date: Every Tuesday and Thursday Time: 9:00 – 11:00 Place: Marlot Tennispark, Leidsestraatweg 75, 2594 BB Den Haag Costs: Euros 110 for the season (April 1st to October 15th) We play at Marlot Tennispark on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, but membership entitles you to play on our reserved courts every weekday morning between 9:00 – 12:30. All levels are welcome except beginners.

HOBBIES: (Do you enjoy working with your hands?) Gardening Group Contact: Leslie Taylor, 070-5146551, Date & Place:Every other Friday at members’homes Time: 9:30 For all members who are interested in hands-on gardening. The only requirement is enthusiasm, as the group is ably guided by a landscape gardener and novices are welcome. We meet fortnightly on a Friday come rain or shine! At the time of going to press the dates for October were not yet known. Please contact Leslie for these dates if you wish to attend Patchwork Contact: Dates: Time: Place:

& Quilting Leslie Taylor, 070 514 65 51, Wednesdays, October 7,14,21,28 9:30 – 12:00 IWC Office, Vierloper 10, Scheveningen We either work on our own projects or a joint venture. Beginners are welcome - help is always at hand. If you would like to come along for coffee and a chat with your other knitting or cross-stitch project, you are also welcome.

October 2009 - 33

BRIDGE AND MAHJONG: (Friendly fun and a little competition) Bridge Group Contact: Dorothy Dammerman, 070 394 69 47, email: Elly Boonman, 015 212 85 59, e-mail: Date: Wednesday, October 14 Time: 9:30 Place: Duinzichtkerk, van Hogenhoucklaan, Den Haag (free parking) Cost: €5 per occasion, including coffee/tea/refreshments Please note that unless otherwise announced the Bridge Group meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every club year month. It is greatly appreciated to let the organizers know well in time if you are not able to attend the game you have signed up for. Mahjong Contact:

Shirish Dunham, 070 322 78 78 Reidun Lutje Schipholt, 070 368 13 36 Date: Thursday, October 15 Time: 13:00 Place: IWC Office, Vierloper 10, Scheveningen Beginners are very welcome!

STRICTLY SOCIAL: (A time to visit with others like yourself) Newcomers Group Contact: Suzanne Steele, tel. 070-363 39 49 email: Jill Jackson, Date: October 21, Wednesday Time: 10:00 – 12:00 What: Coffee & Conversation / the Shops of The Passage Place: Restaurant DeLuca, Passage 3-7, The Hague Welcome to a gathering for those of us who have been in the club for a year or less, or who still feel a bit new to The Hague or Holland! Let’s get together informally, interact more personally, learn about our differences and share what we have in common. Let’s meet in The Passage at Restaurant DeLuca for coffee or tea & maybe some breakfast or an early lunch! “We have things to talk about”: Club activities to join, train discounts, museum cards, best markets, exhibitions, events, the weather! Then we might wander through the shops, especially my favorites, the book store & the kitchen shop. Reply if you will be coming, don’t forget your mobile number & e-mail address. Join us! SAM (Senior Active Members) Contact: Hanneke van Eekelen, 070 324 11 03, e-mail: Ans van Gestel, 070 346 19 19, email: Date: Thursday, October 15 Time: 10:30 Adres: Hanneke van Eekelen’s house,Else Mauhslaan 187, Den Haag Parking: Free Public transport: bus 22 direction Duindicht. Stop Willem Rooyarts Plein This is a coffee morning for the IWC members of the “first hour”: the first 10 years of IWC. Please contact Hanneke van Eekelen or Ans van Gestel if you would like to participate. 34 - IWC Monthly News


ANDREA MARTINS Invitation to a presentation of Andrea Martins, director of Andrea is the director and co-founder of - a comprehensive, global website dedicated to helping women living overseas. has more than 5000 members, 1000 quality content pages, 900 expat women blogs and more than 200 readers' stories, invaluable country resource pages, an inspirational monthly newsletter, etc. Andrea is an Australian who has lived in Indonesia, Mexico and now resides in Malaysia. She will be visiting the Netherlands for Expatica's - I Am Not A Tourist - Fair and would like to personally invite the IWC Members of The Hague to her presentation - Inspiring Your Success Abroad - (in which she will talk about some of the inspiring expat women she has interviewed since starting in January 2007 - at Expatica's Fair. Details: I Am Not a Tourist Fair Date: October 25 Time: 10am - 5pm (Tickets are free if you sign up online, or 10 Euros at the door) Place: Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam Andrea Martins will give her presentation at 10:45.

October 2009 - 35

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Aveda Bijoux Bastel Beauty Corps Chemdry De Groen Lederwaren Druiventros Wijnhandel Gravestate Makelaardij IKEA ISH Music Center Long Ting Restaurant

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WORKSHOP Experience AVEDA Workshop at FNDH You are welcomed with some AVEDA tea before you get a short introduction about Aveda and our salon, then you will get a tour of our facilities. After that, we will divide you into groups and each group will start with a different treatment. Everybody will get a mini facial (an introduction to the skincare products and treatments), a stress relief massage, sensory journey, hair advice (color and cut), hand massage and make-up advice. Only on this day (7 oct.), you will get a 10% discount on all purchased Aveda product and/or a new appointment with FNDH Aveda.

Date: Wednesday, October 7 Time: 9:30 is the starting time until approximately 13:00. Place: Haagsche Bluf 71, 2511 CP Den Haag Contact: Agnes Hsia, 030 276 16 75, e-mail: Cost: Euros 25 p.p. (Min. 8 participants; max. 12 participants) Payment: Please transfer to the IWC Activities Account ABN/AMRO Bank Den Haag Mentioning "AVEDA Workshop" and your name

October 2009 - 39


WORKSHOP INTRODUCING THE ENNEAGRAM WHAT IS YOUR PERSONALITY TYPE? The Enneagram describes the nine human personality types and their mutual relationships. It is the clearest, most accurate method available for understanding ourselves and those who are important to us. The model makes us aware of our behavior patterns, our strengths, challenges and weaknesses. It reveals to us how we interact with others, how we think and learn, how we treat each other, how we handle conflicts, what we avoid, etc. Knowing which type is dominant in us is very helpful in our process of growth.

Interested? Please register! A whole new world will open up for you. Trainer: Date: Time: Place: Contact: Cost: Deadline:

Titia Ho-Kang-Jou Monday, October 26 10.00 - 13.00 IWC Office, Vierloper 10, Scheveningen Agnes Hsia, 030 276 16 75, email: € 15,- p.p. (max. 30 participants) October 21

Payment should be made to the IWC Activities account ABN/AMRO Bank Den Haag mentioning "Enneagram Workshop" and your name before October 21. 40 - IWC Monthly News

What’s On in October? By Achie Alai

October 1st - 4th Woonbeurs - The latest innovations in interior design, furnishings and style will be on show at the largest fair of its kind in The Netherlands. RAI, Europlein 22,Amsterdam. Tel: 020/549 12 12 or visit for more details. An excellent day out! Until October 2nd October Various Film Festivals throughout The Netherlands in the month of October: -The Dutch film industry showcases recent feature films, animations, documentaries and TV dramas at various locations in Utrecht. - IBFF – International Buddist Film Festival on Amsterdam from October 3rd – 5th. Please visit for more information - In Leiden – from 27th October to 1st November. See for details in English From October 1st - 7th. In Amsterdam and then on tour to Leiden and Utrecht, see amazing productions from Japan. Visit for more details. October 3rd Flamenco La haya. The Flamenco lovers amongst you will love this performance at the Anton Philipszaal theatre. Considered the first lady of Flamenco, Yerbabeuna returns to Holland for this electrifying performance. Show begins at 20.15 and ticket prices range from 27 to 40 eurosVisit to find out about workshops and lectures too. October 6th Tom Jones, the popular British singer performs for one night at the Ahoy. Visit for details. Tickets range from 30 – 49 Euros. October 6th For the antique collectors amongst you, DFAS – The Decorative and Fine Arts Society of The Hague, invites you to a lecture titled ‘Collecting the 20th Century’ by Paul Atterbury who has been a member of the BBC Antiques Roadshow for over 19 years. . Visit for more. Doors open at 19.30 for a prompt 20.00 start.

October 10th 2009 marks the 250 year since the death of this great master of classical music – Handel. Together with the Stiching Handel, the Philipszaal Theatre is organising 3 concerts to celebrate some of this jewel – like pieces in collaboration with Les Inventions and the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra. Tickets prices ramge upto 27 euros. Visit October 2009 - 41

October 11th Northern Romantics + Western Classics. Played by 2 remarkable talents who will accompany The Gents during a concert featuring European and American music. At the Niewe Kerk, Spui 175 at 14.30 Ticket price from 10 to 27 euros. October 17th The world famous Elton John, for one night only,takes centre stage at the Ahoy from 8pm. Visit or Tickets range from 59 to 98 euros. October 21- 25th An Expo for 55+ adults will take place at the Ahoy. After a very successful first exposition last year, various organisations return profiling their thoughts and tips and information on travel, health, hobbies, sports and much more. Don’t miss it – doors open from 10am to 5pm! There will also be live performances! Visit for more details. October 24th – 25th Titled ‘The Man who planted trees’. This unique blend of puppetry, comedy and storytelling with sensory effects creating wind, rain and scents. Directed by Ailie Cohen at the Koninklijke Schouwburg, Korte Voorhout 3, Deh Haag.Times 7pm. October 23, 24, 25th The Blues Brothers, The smash hit musical show at the World Forum centre, Churchplein 10 at 20.15 and Sunday at 14.15. Visit or call 0900 300 5000. Until 29th November An exhibition by Edward de Vries titled ‘A tribute to the Women’ is on display at the Art Hall, Kunsthal in Rotterdam, Museumpark, Westzeedijk 341. Until 17th January 2010 An exhibition of American Modern Art is on display at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. Visit for more details; closed on mondays. October through to January 10th, 2009 The newly renovated and expanded Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam features an exquisite exhibition titled ‘At the Russian court’. A dazzling display of over 1800 treasures from St Petersburg Hermitage Museum is on loan here until January 2010. Venue is Niewe Herengracht 14 or call 020 530 8755.

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YOUR CLEANING SERVICE INC will provide home cleaning and carpet cleaning service. Carpet cleaning €2,50p/m², Phone 06 53 17 17 07 or 079/342 40 58.

SCULPTING COURSES: ATELIER anaRt. Tuesday 10.00-12.00/12.30-14.30/19.00-21.00. Friday 10.00-12.00. Pleasant atmosphere, individual attention, no expertise required. Contact: Anat Ratzabi Tel: 06 48 06 86 88 W Address : Scheveningseveer 19(Mauritskade/Noordeinde) The Hague. PATCHWORK AND QUILTING instruction in English. Workshops, retreats, original patterns and kits, ie “award-winning quilt Little Amsterdam”. Long-arm quilting services. More information at or email Maria, Leslie or Marybeth at or phone 062/511 30 10. "HERE'S HOLLAND by S.Gazaleh-Weevers Best-selling guide for expatriates, comprehensive, practical, packed with tips for trips, advice + freebies (Amsterdam canal cruise, champagne and many more). Available: IWC Gift Table with discount, bookshops, ANWB & VVVs PORCELAIN PAINTING COURSES : Raphaëlle Frère, Waldeck Pyrmontkade 666, The Hague. No need to know how to draw, peaceful atmosphere, beautiful creations. More information at, 06 12 49 63 10. First lesson is free. Looking to increase your income? Bored with sitting at home? Enthusiastic and hard working? People friendly? Entrepreneurial skills? Call: 070/3061486 for more information

TO PLACE A MINI-AD Cost for 25 words or less is €20, 25-35 words is €25, and 25 words with a border is €30. We do not accept ads over 35 words. IWC members receive a discount, please contact the IWC Business Manager listed on page 2 for more information. No discounts if payment is late. Submit your ad directly to the editor ( before the first day of any month.

Please include your name, address and telephone number.

October 2009 - 43

MEMBERSHIP By Bernadette Lokere, Membership Officer

Change of address/Email/Phone: Name/Address Renate Fisher De Weide 7 2361VX Warmond


Tet Blasband Annie MG Schmidtlaan 382 2251ZE Voorschoten


071/562 24 45

Membership Directory The directory 2009-2010 will be available at following monthly meetings.


For fine arts, antiques & collectibles, visit the auction house ‘Onder de Boompjes’ Next auction: November 30 - December 5 Viewing: November 25 - 29

Nieuwstraat 38 2312 KC Leiden The Netherlands T. +31(0)71 514 58 32 F. +31(0)71 514 15 64


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