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October 11 - 17, 2013

Webster-Kirkwood Times


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The Problem With Belonging To An Exclusive Club Just for today, don’t think of me as the writer of a newspaper column. Think of me as a new member of one of the more prestigious clubs in our society today. Yes, think of me as nouveau clubbe. I will now take your questions. Q: Wait. Which club do you belong to? St. Louis Country Club? Old Warson, perhaps? A: Better! I belong to what we insiders call “The Diamond Club.” OK, technically, I’m not a member. My husband is. I mean, it’s like Sam’s Club. One person is the member; the other one just tags along for the free samples. Q: What exactly is the Diamond Club? A: It’s a club for frequent travelers who are treated with a certain, shall we say, foie gras when they stay at the properties of a particular hotel chain. Q: You know that’s French for “fatty liver,” don’t you? A: Well, excusez-moi. Q: So what kind of foie gras do Diamond Club members enjoy?

A: First off, when you check in, the front desk clerk gives you this look. Q: What look? A: This look that says, “I know you are a Diamond Club member.” Nothing is said out loud, of course. But you know that they know. Then the perks begin. Q: Like what? A: Like, when you get to your room, you find not one, but TWO bottles of water. Plus, a three-ounce bag of snack mix. Complimentary, I might add. The list goes on and on. Q: OK, so what else? A: Just last weekend, the clerk at the hotel where my husband and I were staying gave me an entire bag of cookies that he was about to throw away. Q: So Diamond Club membership gets you day-old cookies? A: Yes – and here is some inside information – as long as you arrive at midnight and mention you’re visiting your two college-aged sons and that you left the pies you baked for them back home on the kitchen counter.

Q: Oh. So you really seem to be taking advantage of all the benefits of club membership. A: If you want to know the truth, it’s actually quite stressful. Q: Stressful? How can it be stressful? A: First, it’s not easy to get into the Diamond Club. And once you’re there, there’s no guarantee you’ll stay. I’m telling you: once you’ve grown accustomed to the bottled water, it’s hard to go back to tap. Q: Who says you have to? A: My husband. Apparently, he hasn’t had to travel as much this year. Q: You mean your membership could be revoked in 2014? A: That is exactly the fear that keeps Diamond Club associate members such as myself awake at nights. Q: So what are you saying? A: C’est la vie! Or as they say in America: membership doesn’t ALWAYS have its privileges.


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