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Looking Back

Proctor Academy means different things to different students. For Ben Krassner, from Brazil, Proctor was his home while he was in the United States. Ben is a former student of Proctor Academy, who after getting a substance major was dismissed for violating his “No-Use Agreement.” Ben entered Proctor as a sophomore, received a major violation related to marijuana, and halfway into his junior year was dismissed after failing to pass his drug test. When I asked Ben why he didn’t make better decisions after his major he shared, “I was young and didn’t understand the consequence. I didn’t think it was a big deal. Also peer pressure.” As a teenager it is natural to make mistakes, but being at a School 24/7 leaves little room for error. You’re faced with a question that, for some, is more clear than others... Does the action out way the potential outcome? “When I found out I was getting dismissed I thought about how many people I let down, all the time and money from my family that I basically threw away, will I see any of these people again in my life, and where I was gonna go from here,” shared Ben. After Ben was dismissed he enrolled in Hyde, another boarding

school, one that is much different then Proctor. Of course there are the obvious things that make Proctor different than other boarding schools, like the off campus programs, and being about to call teachers by their first names, but Ben valued what truly made Proctor special to him, “Proctor makes you feel like you are part of something, it supports who everyone is as an individual.” Since his dismissal Ben has learned to “trust the ones that care about you and don’t put yourself in situations that might get you in trouble. You never know how many people your consequences might affect.” Everyone is told this, but sometimes it takes an eye-opening experience to fully understand and appreciate this. Something Ben wishes to say to current Proctor students is “get the most out of Proctor as you possibly can. Respect the people around you and you will be treated with the same amount of respect. Take advantage of the off campus and overseas programs because from what I’ve heard they are all life changing experiences. Develop meaningful relationships with fellow students and teachers to make your time there fun.” Ben Krassner was a Proctor student who will never get to graduate with his friends. He came to Proctor Academy and made a mistake, and it wasn’t until he was kicked out that he was fully able to comprehend just how much that mistake would influence him. In life we are always told to make the most of each day, and to think before you do something stupid. If Ben could do it all over, having learned what he has now, he wouldn’t have been kicked out. We can’t predict

the future, and we can’t go back in time. We can only take advantage of every opportunity, and learn from those of others.

Looking BAck  
Looking BAck  

Proctor student looking back after his dismissal.