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Leading the School

“When my name was called and I had been

elected as the next student leader, I could not believe it. I was over joyed and honored.” Shared Stephen Harris Stephen Harris came to proctor as a freshman, “I always looked at the student leaders as being these great people and I had no intention of becoming one.” He shared. Every year you are given the oppurtunity to run for student leadership and once you are elected you are a member for the remainder of your time at Proctor. Stephens first time running for student leadership was when he ran for student leader. “I had the idea in the back of my head throughout my junior year, but I really made the desicion a few days before I made my speech.” Commented Stephen. Ian Hamlet has been Stephen’s advisor since freshman year. “The most important change in Stephen I have observed in his time here at Proctor has been his confidence in his abilities. He has always been driven and hard working, but he truly started to trust himself to problem-solve the last two years.” Shared Ian. Getting elected for Student Leader may seem like the hardest part, the real challenges arrise once elected. As Student Leader time management becomes a najor priority. “over my school work and my relaxing time I put my student leader work. Which includes attending meetings, being present around campus and also working on proposals and trying to help the school and students.” Included Stephen.

Being in a position of leadership can be challenging because while you attend class and have a indorm time like everyother student, you also have a large input over how things are run. “Theres a bunch of people who seem to think im like a faculty member now and I guess I kinda am but I’m still literally a student.” Explained Stephen. Leadership comes in all different forms. Sports have had a large impact on how Stephen leads. “Since I was a freshman I have always had captains to look up to and I have used a lot of their leadership skills in my leadership possition.” Shared Stephen. Moriah Keat has been a member of Student Leadership since her freshman year and shared her thoughts, “Stephen does a very good job talking to students one on one. In the past other student leaders have talked more to the school as a whole. He takes his job seriously. He communicates to Student Leadership and gets us involved.” She commented. Every year a different leader is elected, each one with different goals and leadership styles. Steohen added, “I want to make Student Leadership not just where we come to talk but make it a place where we come to get things done, deal with the problems at Proctor and change the community.” Every person will look for different qualites when electing a leader. “You have to speak up when you are uncomfortable and keep a constant finger on the pulse of the community.” Shared John Pellet (student leader of 2004) on the qualities he believes are most important in a student leader. “I believe it is important to have a strong presence around campus, and to be someone that others would look up to.” Added Stephen. Student Leaders have one the the most crutail roles on the Proctor campus. They have to communicate well with not only the student body, but the faculty. They can’t hesitate to address the issues that need to be resolved. Student leadership is not for

everyone. Each leader will have their individual strengths and weaknesses, but the best leaders are the ones who, as cheesy as it sounds, are able to not only imprass Proctor’s core values but apply them to their leadership possition.

Leading the School