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Top 8 Shopping Tips For Smart Tvs Remember when televisions used to be simple goggle boxes? Today’s smart TVs are so much more than that, offering a wealth of cutting edge features that will keep you connected and entertained. 1 Get connected Internet connectivity is key to a smart TV’s capabilities. Apps such as YouTube and Facebook offer increased entertainment options and make it easier to keep in touch with friends and family. Integrated web browsers make it easy to access Web content while watching TV. And being connected means it’s possible to download firmware upgrades that will make your smart TV well, smarter. 2 Cable free Smart TVs with built in Wi-Fi adapters help reduce cable clutter and make it possible to access multimedia content across compatible digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets and digital cameras. 3 Enhanced control The latest smart TVs make it possible to control your television — without pressing a button. Key functions such as switching your smart TV on and off, changing channels and opening apps can be controlled using simple hand motions and voice commands. In effect, you become the controller. Some models use handheld controllers incorporating motion detectors for a unique, more user-friendly experience. Some smart TVs use built-in cameras and facial-recognition technology to log you into your personal, manufacturer supported accounts — so there’s no need to type your ID or password. 4 Phone control Some models support iPhone or Android phone apps that let your mobile device function as a remote control. Just install the remote app and you’ll have another easy way to control your smart TV and access its features. 5 Stay in touch Apps such as Skype and Facebook make it easy to contact loved ones or even make video calls (if your smart TV supports this feature) from your TV. Talk about bringing distant friends and family members right into your living room … 6 Interface All these features will be useless without an intuitive interface, so test your smart TV before you buy it. Menu options should be easy to understand and access from the main interface. It’s important to have easy access to the features you want. 7 Design Design-savvy buyers may want smart TVs that not only produce good pictures, but also look good in their living rooms. Some smart TVs feature slim metal frames that help achieve a chic industrial look, while other models are covered by a single sheet of glass so that they appear to be frameless when not in use — making them a perfect fit for practically any living space. 8 Image quality While all these features certainly make for a more engaging experience, your smart TV should have top-notch picture quality. A good 3D smart TV not only makes movies and programmes more immersive, it brings them to life. Imagine cars seeming to zoom out from your TV screen towards you, or play- ers looking as if they’re jumping out from the screen during a basketball match.

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Top 8 Shopping Tips For Smart Tvs