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The Benefits of Using a Sheepskin Rug Sheepskin has always been considered as a luxury item to add to your home. It oozes style and sophistication. Buying a sheepskin rug means making a big investment for your home. It has a power to change any mundane common place to an elegant and suave space. There are many different types, shapes and sizes of sheep skin rugs available. Natural sheepskin of course is the most expensive one. You can also buy a synthetic mix rug if an all natural exceeds your budget. A sheepskin rug is totally smooth to touch and is the best way to pamper your home and feet too. Winters can be a warm experience if you have a sheep skin rug on your floor. Well, these breathe air and remain cool in summers too, so they are just all seasonal. Its ability to remain cool in summers is why a sheepskin boots are chosen by many. Cleaning a sheepskin rug need special care and a few cleaning tips. It is always best that you hand over your rug to a professional dry cleaner who cleans rugs for best results. Never-the less, if you wish to clean at home here are a few simple ways to clean your exquisite sheepskin rug. Brush the rug with a wired metal brush. Once you comb away the dust, use a vacuum cleaner to suction away all the small dust particles. Take care that you do not allow the full suction power. Cover the hose to allow lighter drawing in force. Thus you can keep your rug clean on a routine basis. If you have little kids at home, managing your home neat and spic and span is a Herculean task. Spilling over eatables and water is common. In such conditions do not put your rug into your washing matching. Such rough handling and actually cause withering its charm and plush look. In conditions like stain, use a light shampoo or detergent. You have cleaning solutions available that are sheepskin friendly. Gently rub the solution and wash under cold water. You can dry it by simply handing it out. Once dry, brushes the fur of the rug and you can have you same old fresh and lively rug back. Never store your sheep skin rug in plastic bags. It can cause damage to the fur or the pelt. Allow the rug to breath, for a long and lasting life, cause sheepskin rugs are a valued and worth investment. Do you have that beloved sheepskin rug, which does not look the way it used to? In as little as a year, sheepskin rugs can start to look dingy and this is certainly something that no rug owner wants to have to deal with. However, they can be brought back to life.

One great way to revitalize sheepskin rugs is to mix borax and lemon juice in equal amounts: • Spray the solution on the rug • Wait two hours before hanging it and hosing it off • After hosing it off, fluff the fibers by hand

The benefits of using a sheepskin rug