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Positive Points Of Keeping Fresh Water Plants Fresh Water Plants play a vital role to keep the ecosystem of an aquarium well maintained. Keeping Fresh Water Plants is in an aquarium is a difficult task, but it helps to maintain the fishes healthy. Even the existence of natural plants in a water body can influence on the longevity of the fishes. If a person is getting an aquarium, his job is to recreate a natural environment in the living space of his pet fishes. It is no doubt a tough task to maintain both fishes and natural plants in an aquarium, but, if a person is genuinely passionate about this thing, he should only then embark on the project. Plants not only are essential for the healthy life of the fishes, but their decorative value is not less. There are several benefits of keeping Fresh Water Plants in an aquarium as it helps the fishes to get the natural source of foods. Most of the fishes also are dependent for the vital nutrients, beside the artificial food. Fresh Water Plants are natural resources of oxygen supply. If an aquarium has enough natural plants in it, a person need not supply money for this purpose. It is better for the fishes, if they get their oxygen supply from the Fresh Water Plants, rather than in an artificial method. Natural trees can filter harmful, toxic elements to cleanse. These substances are harmful for the inhabitants of the aquarium. If the toxic elements are there in the aquarium, fishes will naturally absorb it, which may have a harmful effect on the health of the fishes. These Fresh Water Plants act as a biological filter of the aquarium, and helps to keep the water clear. If the situation deteriorates to a great extent, the lives of the fishes might be at stake. Fresh Water Plants can save fishes from different diseases. Artificial plants have some risk factors like sharp edges and bacteria build up problem. Sharp edges of the artificial plants often injure the fishes, while they move. It is better not to install any artificial plant in an aquarium. Keeping some fresh Water Plants can save the aquarium algae to a great extent. Most of the people keep a janitor fish in this purpose. But if these two natural methods of cleansing are combined together, an aquarium owner will need to clean his fish room less often. There are different types of algae, which are hard to remove. If there is enough amount of fresh, natural plants in an aquarium, there is less chance of algae build up. There are three types of water plants- dangling, rooting and non-rooting. The dangling types float on the surface with the roots. This type of plants can grow rapidly. Duckweed and Frog bit belong to this category. Rooting plants have their roots in the surface of the

aquarium. These are available in vibrant colours. Crypts are a type of this group. The roots of the non rooting plants can cause death to them. For More Information Visit

Positive Points Of Keeping Fresh Water Plants  
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