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How To Cook Homemade Food For Your Pet Dog Whether you like to prepare your dog food on your own or you have a picky dog, you should know there are a lot of benefits to homemade dog food. The greatest one is that you are the one in control of the ingredients, which means that you won't have to worry about your dog getting a rash or getting sick as is the case with many commercial dog foods. On top of that, you'll also feed him fresh food that contains a lot of vitamins, proteins and other nutrients that will strengthen his immune system and allow for a healthy development.

Types of meat you can go consider When it comes to cooking food for your dog at home, you won't have to consider a careful dog food analysis as it's the case with commercial dog food which saves you a lot of time. Now, depending on whether you want to go for fish, liver, chicken or beef, you need to cut the meat properly and debone it as well. If your dog cannot tolerate these meats, then you may want to try feeding him whitefish, duck or lamb.

Cooking the meat At this point you'll need to start cooking the meat by getting a stock pot and pouring 1 can of sodium free vegetable broth in it. Next, be sure you add the cubed meat and let it cook on the stove until the contents are brought to a boil. When that happens, you need to lower the heat and cover the pot. Let it simmer for five to seven minutes.

Adding some vegetables Now it's time that we add some rice to the food so this means you'll need to add half a cup of uncooked brown rice to the stock pot with the broth and meat. Once again, you'll need to bring the contents to a boil, lower the heat when that happens and then cover the pot and let it simmer until the rice has been fully cooked. After the rice has been cooked, you need to add in some baby vegetables to the food (two jars are sufficient), but be sure you avoid broccoli and corn since they can cause digestive problems if your dog has a sensitive stomach.

Storage Last but not least, you should store the food in plastic containers and put it in your fridge. The servings need to be used no later than 3 days after they’ve been stored, so be sure you keep that in mind. For more info on healthy food for your dog, you may want to consider visiting

How to cook homemade food for your pet dog  
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