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Cute Little Footprints On The Bank Of Time Crawling is the forerunner of walking. The most cherished moment for parents is when their baby comes to their lap for the first time after birth. The next best auspicious moment is when the baby stands on his own feet and takes his first step. But before standing on his feet the baby begins crawling. Crawling can be defined as the movement of babies when they move from one place to another with the support of their knees and hand and not on foot. Seeing a baby crawling is a wonderful sight. When baby grows a bit older i.e. two or three months old he starts leaving the lap of his mother and steps on the floor to roam around the house. Crawling is the first movement of the baby when he embarks on his journey leaving the lap of his mother. Sitting in the cradle for the whole day can be monotonous for babies it is when they start crawling to explore new corners of the house. But how to know at what age should babies crawls. When the babies start sitting on their own they find the support of their hands and moves back and forth on their position. Their locomotive skill is first developed and they soon adapt themselves to lie down on their bellies and use hand. Soon after determining the potential of their body part they begin to crawl. The ultimate result of their locomotive skill development is the moment when they stand on their feet and begins to walk and run .The studies have found that while learning to walk a child falls for about hundred times in a day but this doesn’t discourage them they learn to stand again after every fall. While crawling too the child might face some trouble or difficulty but parents and family members must encourage them and help them to move forward. The age when the child starts crawling is not same for every child. While some babies begin this activity very early at seventh months while some babies take more than eight or nine months to begin crawling. Proper oil massaging for kids at infancy is very important which aids in making their bones and muscles stronger so they can crawl and walk nicely. Parents must be cautious that the floor on which child crawls must be clean and sanitized otherwise the baby might get some infection or skin problem. Parents should also make sure that the floor doesn’t have any sharp items on the floor which can hurt the child. Keeping a vigil on the child is also very important to make sure they don’t hurt themselves. Having prior knowledge of at what age should babies crawl is equally important as at this stage any physical disability can be easily detected and proper treatment can help to cure it. All the parents are inquisitive to know at what age babies should start walking they want to see their toddler grow and always cherish the moment of his first step. For More Information Visit

Cute Little Footprints On The Bank Of Time