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Color Lens Fashion contact lenses are very popular these days because they help enhance your facial features. You get to look different without the need to wear makeup, and this alone already gives you a new sense of style. Color lens packages come in different variants, so if you’re new to this kind of fashion accessory, then it is best that you get to know their features first. It can be tricky to choose the right color for your eyes, as these may not match your personality and style in the long run. So what are the things to look at when choosing color lenses? Skin complexion Your skin complexion plays a vital role in choosing the type of color lens for you to wear. This is because if you pick a contrasting shade of lens that goes against your skin, then you may not look stylish, but rather out of style. Those who have fair complexion may find are able to wear almost all shades of color lens variants, as they can easily go with light or dark tints. However, if you happen to have darker skin, then you may stay away from the lighter colors, as they have the tendency to make your eyes look smaller. Persons who have olive skin may go well with hazel and light brown shades of color lens. These colors are warm and neutral, and they help in making the eyes pop without going too contrasting. Shape of the eyes The shape of the eyes should likewise be considered when choosing a color lens package. If you happen to have small eyes, or those that have a slanting shape, then it’s a must to pick dark shades of color lens. This is because these shades help make the eyes look bigger and bolder, while the lighter shades further reduce the defining factor of the iris. Meanwhile, if you have naturally bigger eyes and want to soften their features, then you may want to choose a color lens that comes in shades of gray, brown and hazel. This way, you get to establish the illusion of your eyes looking smaller but still attractive. If you have almond or doe eyes and would want to look fierce, then you may want to choose color lens that gives you a stronger, more emanating persona. There are colors that give your eyes a stronger angle, and with the right makeup you can transform and look like a femme fatale. Fashion sense

What kind of fashion do you want to represent? Do you want to look cute, fashion-forward, or hipster? This is where your personal preference comes in, as there you can mix and match the shades of color lens you have with your clothes, accessories and other outfits at hand. For More Information About color contact Visit

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