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Amalgamating Entertaining And Enjoyment With Studies School is the second home of a child. It is at this place where a child learns and develops various skills and knowledge. At the age of five a child enters in his primary class one. For the first they get to experience proper schooling system wearing school uniforms, taking school bag and learn to read and write. But since children are full of energy all the time they easily get bored with one activity and it’s very important for the teachers to keep their interest on the topic. For this purpose teachers and school together take the initiative of introducing new fun activities for them so they can have fun and learn their lesson at the same time. Coloring, painting craft work attracts the children most and keeps them engaged for a long time. 1st grade fun activities should be developed keeping in mind their interest and skill. Incorporating lesson with the fun activity is very wise decision. Some of the fun activities such as creating charts of individual students with different colors, shapes and design add to the creativity skill of the kid and if in these cards they learn to write their name and about their family and hobbies they can learn a lot. Birthdays are special for everyone and to make it more special for 1 st grade student cards could be made by them for themselves and their friends. At 1st grade students learn about animals, flowers and fruits and to imprint their names on their mind fun activities can be used. Cutting out shapes of flowers and fruits and telling students to stick them at their craft book helps them learn about them. Finger printing, shell painting is also very educating. Music, dance and sports are very important part of extra curriculum for students of 1 st grade. With dancing and music the flexibility of students improve and at the same time their physical exercise can also be conducted at the same time. Students learn by seeing and teacher’s participation in these fun activities can be a great boost for them. To teach students about the festivals and culture of the country school can arrange for special activity class for them where they can enact mythological tales. Not only indoor activities but outdoor activities can be fun for them. Arranging for outdoor sports and trips to different places can be fun for the kids. Schools should take the initiative of arranging trips to Traffic Park or zoo or garden can be a very educational trip for the students. They can learn about different animals, their sounds and how they look by visiting zoo. One new and very innovative 1st grade fun activity is cooking. Teaching students to cook simple dishes like salad or taking their help in making food items can be extremely fun for all. In this way they learn about vegetables fruits, their taste and also about their incense. All kids are not same so it’s necessary to design fun activities keeping the interest of all students and the syllabus of the class. Adding fun element to studies removes the monotonousness from the studies and keeps the interest of the student. For More Information Visit

Amalgamating Entertaining And Enjoyment With Studies  
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