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Articles from Top Guest Posting Service What are the Two Most Important Events Happened in Guest Blogging Industry in March, 2014? 2014- 03- 27 15:03:15 Rafael Karimov

MyBlogGuest Was Penaliz ed on 19t h March.

When Mat t Cut t s f irst t weet ed Google would be penalizing a popular guest blogging net work due t o “t he spam risks of guest blogging�, many market ers and bloggers t hought t hat it could probably be MyBlogGuest , launched in 2009.

Let me not e t hat according t o t his inf ographic, t his large plat f orm had more t han 73,000 members alone in 2013, wit h an average of 256 art icles post ed per day. But af t er penalt y, it lost most rankings on Google f or branded t erms. T hough t he owner of MyBlogGuest , Ann Smart y was sure t hat her plat f orm wouldn’t be hit by Google, because it wasn’t a “net work” and it wasn’t selling links, but she soon conf irmed t he unpleasant news on T wit t er.

New Guest Blogging Platf orm – GuestBlogPlatf Launched on 3rd March. GuestBlogPlatf (GBP) Launches a New & Innovative Guest Posting Community

T his new unique syst em involves over 300 blogs t hat publish guest post s f requent ly. T heir t eam manually reviews and approved t he cont ent you submit as a guest post . Af t er conf irmat ion t hey pass it ont o t he blog owner and not if y you via email. In t he beginning, you can submit only 10 guest post s per mont h. But t his f igure can gradually increase if you meet t heir special requirement s. T his simple guest blogging plat f orm can be benef icial bot h f or market ers and bloggers. Is It Worth T o Include Guest Posting Into Your SEO Strategy in 2014? Only unnat ural links can be and will be penalized by Google. Nowadays SEO is more t han building backlinks. It ’s building reliable relat ionships and reaching larger audience in your niche. Modern SEO involves ext ending your reach and building your brand in t he most ef f ect ive and nat ural ways. So why not use guest blogging f or t his purpose? You can only benef it f rom guest post ing if you provide value f or people who are reading your cont ent . So no mat t er you’re a blog owner or market er, you’ve t o be very caref ul while accept ing or of f ering guest post s relat ed t o your niche. Make sure you get or provide high qualit y cont ent t hat Google and your audience is hungry f or. Ot herwise, just one irrelevant guest post can cause penalt y of your websit e like in t his big discussion going on at on a penalt y Doc Sheldon, a respect ed SEO in t he communit y. My Advice: Forget how you can build high aut horit y qualit y backlinks, which might look t oo dangerous or spammy now in t he eyes of Google. Simply plan how you can build your own audience. Don’t f orget about personal branding and corporat e

branding. Don’t Worry! If you want t o rank high on Google, t he simple secret is: Publish unique, engaging cont ent people are hungry f or and will be t alking about . T his will bring not only great awareness, but also t he most nat ural links Google love. T his simple principle worked yesterday, it works today and it will work tomorrow.

2014 most important events in guest blogging industry  
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