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10 Quick Facts about Guest Blogging You Should be Aware Of

Google algorithm nowadays place emphasis on unique and fresh content. However, simply posting great and unique content on your own blog will not be enough to maximize your online presence hence the need to guest blog. Guest blogging is the practice of posting articles with backlinks of your site on different blogs which are not your own with an aim of increasing search engine ranking for your website. It is among the best ways to gain bigger following on your website social media accounts as you get more networking opportunities and become more credible. Evidently many online users currently visit the same blogs in their fields of interest and social networks regularly to view the same author blog having in mind that this author is an expert in the field they write their content about. This is because they not only write useful content but it is also because the same content is published on other useful and reputable websites. There is no doubt but guest blogging consumes a lot of your time though it can pay off your efforts especially when you want to build company and individual brand. The following list will contain 10 quick facts about guest blogging you probably did not know.

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1. You Become More Influential Online When guest blogging high quality and great content, without doubt you become influential to your readers and followers. They are able to recognize and refer their friends about the content you specialize in. 2. Discover Other Business Opportunities When you guest blog, you discover business opportunities which you may be

interested to venture in through the blog that you post your content and also those other authors who guest blog too. 3. You Become an Expert The more well-researched and in depth your content that you publish on other author blogs, the more you get chances to interact and communicate with those people who will show interest in your content. This helps you to gain status as an expert in the field of your content. 4. Improve Your Writing Efficiency As you get to frequently guest blog on other websites and blogs, you improve on your writing efficiency. You not only increase traffic on your site but also make stronger your knowledge, learn new idea as you get to research on the content you publish and improve on how to proofread your own and other authors’ articles. 5. Exposure Unique, high quality and great content is currently essential since a large number of readers get their information and news online instead of relying more on newspapers and television programs. This is clear to mean that when you post great content you get to be mentioned in many different websites and blogs which will be an added advantage to both your search engine and people’s perspective who get view and search your content. When you guest blog great content in various websites, you get more exposure and positive feedback from the readers who can be potential clients for your services or products. 6. Great Networking Opportunities Apart from absolute sharing and promotional tweets of your content, guest blogs drive conversations to the social media where those who get to view it can comment and even through emails which can lead to sales or great networking opportunities. It is important to follow up and respond positively to those who comment or email you to create positive relation with that reader. Next time that reader will require products or services which your company may provide, most likely you will be among the first people to go to. Beside potential sales, networking that result from guest blogs can lead to essential contacts for both business and support referrals. Some of these contacts can be owned by other bloggers whose blogs are highly ranked and they show interest by asking you to guest blog on their blog leading to greater networking. Through networking you get, you can find other guest bloggers interested to post their contents on your website. This will enable to bring in quality and regular guest bloggers who will lead to having your website have a variety, fresh and educative content to attract more visitors to your website. 7. Social Media Growth and Reputation When readers like your guest blogs, they will often want to view other content which

you had earlier or going to publish in your own website and other websites hence follow you in Google+ and Twitter to be getting updates of the same. Apart from growth of the number of your followers in social media websites, they get to share your articles using the same channels which will lead to your online visibility on the list of authors leading in constantly publishing and writing great content. 8. Credibility Guest blogging on different most popular industry websites can lead to great opportunities which include increase of your website traffic and sales of products and services which you are offering. When you get to be associated with positively branded websites, you become more credible to most of your content readers. It is not always easy to be approved as a contributor or guest for the top ranked industry websites. It is wise to start to guest blog with smaller websites and blogs and use them as part of your portfolio to create online credibility which will grow more once you are featured as a guest or contributor in a more popular websites. This is also important as it helps you to mention as your experience that may lead to being accepted to publish your content in their sites. 9. Inbound Links The major reason why most authors start to guest blog is to increase their website traffic. Most of websites that authors publish their content allow them to submit their social media profile and/or a bio URLs to be included at the end of their posts. The links boost search ranking and drive referral traffic which helps to better search visibility the author’s site. Inbound links play a bigger role in search engine ranking algorithm. Since guest blog provides inbound links, it is vital to present only that content which is great and of high quality. 10. Boost Your Website Revenue Among other reasons, authors guest blog to generate revenue via their websites. It may take time to start gaining lucrative income but with time it pays off with consistently publishing quality articles. Whether an author is looking for social media exposure, networking opportunities or credibility among others, guest blogging is verified to be a worthwhile content dedication as a marketing strategy.

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