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Principles and Tips for Designing an Appealing Website Website design can be defined simply as the process of building up web pages and manipulating its appeal as per the requirement and purpose for which it is designed. It helps in delivering the page contents to the user or client through a browser. The contents my include text, images, videos etc. It may contain information about a particular topic and matters related to it. Web design is essential for business purposes like online marketing, product promotion through social networks etc.

Website design encompasses the utilization of multiple disciples like animation, graphic design, photography, typography, search engine optimization etc. For creating both static as well as dynamic pages, the designer needs to use various tools. This includes markup language like HTML/XHTML, cascaded style sheets, client side scripting such as JavaScript, server side script like PHP/ASP, database technologies like MySQL and multimedia techniques like Flash and Silverlight.

While designing a website, one should give more emphasis on factors like, content, usability, appearance and structure. The content should be to the core with user friendly navigation facilities, appealing graphics and texts and altogether should possess a standard look. The designer should take care of even details like size and color of the font being used.

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A web designer should follow certain principles in his work. The foremost factor he or she should take into consideration is to putting up clear links. Consistency plays an important role in driving the traffic to the site. Color of background is the main aspect to indicate consistency. Also the different pages of the site should have same core features as the main page. Keeping an exception to the academic articles, it is good to limit the word count to a maximum of thousand. Keeping simplicity in content is what most people desire. In the website designing process, one should never ignore the taste of viewers.

By following certain tips, one can create a website with all its elegance. It is better to have images of small sizes to avoid slow page navigation. The inclusion of white spaces should be more than the CSS property. The website design should also take care in sticking to standard layouts and fonts. For attracting more viewers, it is better to use the popular three column layout and standard fonts like Serif, sans-serif etc. It is also necessary to have graphics that fit to the content. It is also necessary to ensure the compatibility of site with different browsers and their upgraded versions.

Principles and Tips for Designing an Appealing Website  

tips on how to design an appealing website

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