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How a Website Designer Changed The Way We Think, Eat, and Sleep… TABLE OF CONTENTS



Just a few short decades ago, the Internet was just a budding idea that the general public didn’t really understand. Today, that’s certainly no longer the case. Everyone and everything seems to have a website, and web designers are in high demand across the country.

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The Internet is almost a necessity if you want to stay up to date on the world around you; it has truly changed the way we think, eat, and sleep. It’s not just businesses that have websites, either. With the rising popularity of blogging, many people are starting building personal websites as well, with or without the help of a web designer. Almost everyone you meet – be it a celebrity or a politician or your local grocer – has a place on the web. But how and why did this happen in the first place? The beginnings of research and technology that led to the Internet actually began over half a century ago, but a recognizable form to today’s users wasn’t developed until the 1970s and 1980s. The first version of the Internet to connect internationally was developed in 1974 when the United States connected to Norway. Since then, the Internet has certainly evolved, and it has had a snow-ball kind of effect – the technology seems to developing faster and faster, gathering both momentum and speed. The Internet changed the world simply because it was the first method of instant communication globally. Today, two of the websites that reign supreme are Google and Yahoo!, which are both search engine services that expanded to include other services (such as email, video sharing, and so forth) as well. It makes sense that these search engine services are the most popular websites – without them, users can’t find the information they need online. There are trillions upon trillions of documents, pictures, videos, and other files uploaded from around the world to help people connect to one another. Google and Yahoo! are gateways to the Internet so to speak, and without them, your user experience would be highly limited. A website designer today has to not only make a pretty site, but also one that attracts search engines. m

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How a website designer changed the way we think, eat, and sleep …


A WEB DESIGN GUIDE FROM WEB E DESIGNER TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction -The beginning of the Internet -The Internet changed the -How a website designer helps -

The Internet Starts To Evolve -The beginning of Social Sites -A good web designer -How a website designer helps

THE INTERNET STARTS TO EVOLVE As the Internet has evolved, users began to realize that this was an interactive experience. Web 2.0, as it has been coined, is the idea that users contribute to information on the Internet to create an ever-changing forum for both learning and entertainment. Some websites, such as MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Friendster give users a specific place to meet new people by uploading profiles. Other sites, like YouTube and Flickr, give users a way to share media with one another. Still other sites, like Twitter, Digg,, and Stumble Upon, give users a way to quickly recommend and promote things they’ve found user online. In the past, when you read a magazine or newspaper article, you could discuss it with your friends at best, but today, you can actually participate when you read an Internet article by leaving a comment, allowing you to join into the conversation with others who have read it, add to the article with further information, and even interact with the author of the piece. A good web designer makes a website very Web 2.0 accessible, so that users can promote it, driving even more traffic to certain pages. The Internet has even changed how we can do business. Along with being a wealth of information about products in the form of user-posted reviews, you can buy things online, which is an even faster version of purchasing than using catalog and telephone order. As the Internet’s technology improved, companies began to look to hire a website designer that could integrate a shopping cart system. There are few items you can’t buy online today. People buy everything from movies to cars on the Internet. You can even sell things online, using sites like eBay or Amazon. One thing is very clear – the Internet isn’t done evolving. Businesses, organizations and individuals can all benefit from having websites, and the right web site designer can ensure that your website is ready to take on all the World Wide Web has to offer.

How a website designer changed the way we think, eat, and sleep …

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How a website designer changed the way we think, eat, and sleep