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Put together the right Páramo system for your adventure in the tropics or temperate zones • the Hill & Hike system – pages 4-5 • the Naturally Páramo system – pages 6-7 • the Fast & Light multi-activity system – pages 8-9 • a tropics to mountain system – pages 10-11 Consult our Hill & Mountain catalogue too for a complete picture of Páramo’s range to keep you comfortable all over the world, for all activities and all weathers.


We’re delighted once again to feature in the Wanderlust Readers’ Travel Awards for 2013 as a top equipment brand. This will sit proudly alongside our walk Reader Awards and our Ethical Consumer magazine ‘Best Buy’ among others.

Your Stories Just as gratifying to us are the stories and photos that come in from readers who’ve taken their Páramo to destinations near and far. We love to hear about your adventures and feature them on these pages and on the website. So tell us about your escapades in Páramo...

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adventure! “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

Henry Miller

“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves.” Andre Gide

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On the hill and trail with the Páramo Hill & Hike syste

…warm and sunny Andalusia What to take? Sun protection is high on the agenda, as are avoiding insect bites and keeping cool – so a fabric like Parameta A that can do all of these is ideal.

HOT system From El Torcal nature reserve’s dramatic karst landscapes and Andalusian mountain goats to the Pueblos Blancos white towns and villages – it’s wild, dramatic, dry and hot, with lots of lovely walking and scrambling.

Good to have a mixture of short and long sleeves, shorts and trousers to ring the changes and not always be covered up from head to toe. And of course weight is important, great to be able to fit a full wardrobe into hand luggage. Evenings – it’s nice to be able to sit out, so welcome to have lightweight cover up options too.

Kit bag

Summer cap • Generous peak • Foldaway neck protector


C  ambia Classic Short Sleeve • New tougher feel-good fabric • Ideal in warm conditions • Excellent wicking with 2 levels of cooling through reversibility • Amazingly quick to wash and dry


OR Men’s Grid Classic • For cooler conditions • Rapid response baselayers • Warm when covered • Cool when uncovered or vents opened • Stretchy, light, fast-drying Merapi Active Legwear • Shorts or trousers designed for easy striding! • Trouser thigh vents for simple temperature control • Hip pockets with hidden secure storage within


Cambia underwear • Stay dry from the inside • Careful design & stretch for easy movement • No chafing


Vista Jacket • Lightweight Analogy – complete waterproofing with unrivalled breathability • Soft and flexible fabric – very wearable and packable • Two way zip and push up sleeves for venting • Fully adjustable, wired-peak hood • Handwarming pockets and secure internal pockets Quito Trousers • Waterproof legwear that can be worn alone or put on quickly over summer ‘legs’ • Clever zip-on zip-off design – no need to sit down or remove footwear to pull on • Full side vents for cooling • Soft and highly ‘stuffable’ Short gaiters • Great in bracken or on scree • Easy to put on with full front opening • Highly durable and reproofable

Páramo em goes to… Sakura and/ or Sulu Shirt • Cool in humid or arid conditions • Built-in sun & insect defence • Traditional collar for protection • Secure but discreet pockets • Overnight wash and dry

Kit bag

Fuera Crest • Ideal cover-up for breezy conditions or showers • Exceptional breathability • Fully adjustable, wired-peak hood • Durable and very stowable Camino Shirt • Two baselayers in one thanks to reversibility • Ideal for chilly evenings or hill tops • Fleecy side gives warmth, smooth side keeps you cool • Classic and smart styling with protective collar

Head cover with Summer Cap • Cool, protective fabric • Foldaway neck protection • Generous glare-reducing peak

Azuma Active legwear • Full leg cover in cooling fabric – or shorts also available • Generous thigh vents • Easy to walk in • Hip pockets house secure hidden compartments • Ankle adjustment

NEW Cambia Underwear FAB RIC • Start from the inside with maximum wicking • Flat seams for comfort • Wash and dry overnight

…a clear but blowy Sandwood bay in north-west Scotland

temperate system

This natural bay in Sutherland is best known for its mile-long beach (one of the most unspoilt in mainland Britain) and Am Buachaille, a sea stack. The bay is part of the Sandwood Estate run by the John Muir Trust.

What’s required? To stay protected without too much baggage when walking, sightseeing and exploring – knowing that the weather in temperate Scotland can be temperamental and quick to change. Breathability is as important as weatherproofing in these conditions

– an Analogy waterproof is ideal because it moves moisture away from the wearer and dries quickly, which is useful in a tent! Baselayers are chosen to be as versatile as possible – either reversible or immediately responsive to conditions.

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On location with a Páramo and wildlife watcher the Naturally Páramo Syste

…to hot & humid Ecuador for 12 days What to take? “I hate being too warm so the cooling properties of the gear were crucial as it would be unrelentingly hot and humid. I’m also fair-skinned so need failsafe sun protection – all Páramo’s Trek & Travel gear is SPF50+ equivalent.

HOT system Michael Howard, Páramo’s Range Manager, is a keen photographer and wildlife watcher – who can test Páramo out in different conditions, including his Ecuadorian trip.

Kit bag

Cambia Zip-neck • High performance, wicking baselayer • Reversible – very practical because offers two different levels of cooling • Zip neck for venting OR Ladies’ Grid Classic • Versatile stretchy baselayer • Warm when worn under a wind- or waterproof • Cool when worn alone or when outer is vented • Fast-drying

NEWC Cambia Microshorts FABRI

• Better than cotton which clings onto moisture • Lightweight and comfortable Short gaiters • Ideal in bracken, heather, on scree • Easy to put on • Repairable and reproofable


We stayed at the Napo Wildlife Centre eco-lodge on a massive lake, so each day started with a canoe trip. Wonderful but it exposed me to sun and insects – I was thankful that the dense weave of the fabric meant I didn’t get bitten at all. I took minimal garments meaning more room for camera kit and relied on being able to wash stuff through and dry it overnight – which worked!”

Velez Adventure Light Smock • 100% Analogy waterproof performance in lightweight smock • Great front pocket good for easy access storage • Soft, flexible and, importantly, rustle-free so doesn’t upset the seals or shearwaters! Atca Trousers with Quito Waterproof Trousers • Great combo as I can be cool but carry instant weather protection. • The Cotton+ legwear is comfortable, fast drying & tough • The Quitos are clever – wear them alone if the day looks dire or carry them easily if it’s just threatening rain • Zip-on design – simple and ingenious to put on without taking your feet off the ground, even in a boat!!


em goes… Katmai Shirts • Lightweight fabric is so cool and easy to wear and care for. • Long sleeves and proper collar protect from sun and insects. • Secure pocketing for travel essentials. • Smart enough for dinner in the evening. The best bits? “Swimming in the lake with the black caiman, and piranhas nibbling your feet, then drying out and sitting to eat lunch by the lake with red howler monkeys calling in the background. We saw 110 species of birds, plus giant otters, monkeys, bats, peccaries, turtles, frogs, lizards... amazing!”

Kit bag

Summer Cap For me, head and neck protection is essential • Broad peak reduces glare • Light, cooling fabric so not oppressive to wear.


Halcon Traveller I tested this new jacket in Cotton+ • Light, tough, quick drying fabric • Can be waterproofed to withstand showers • 12 pockets make it very travel-friendly •D  esigned to load-carry without pulling on the neck

Maui II Trousers • Cotton+ fabric feels sturdy but is cool and fast-drying. • 6 pockets with secret compartments • Easy to move around in


FABRIC Cambia boxers • New Cambia fabric keeps you dry on the inside • No unpleasant chafing! • Quick to wash and dry

…to temperate, but damp, Knoydart for a week in June

temperate system

What to take? “We explored the small isles (Eigg, Mull and Rum) by boat every day as well as landing on Skye. Even in June, it can be cold and wet in this lovely part of the world – and particularly cool and windy on a boat! So I took along the most versatile items to be able to ‘dress up’ or ‘dress down’. A mosquito hood is indispensable here – but in fact it wasn’t too bad this time as the wind was up.”

Helen Howard, Páramo Marketing, headed to the Knoydart peninsula in the West Highlands of Scotland – stunning scenery, gorgeous beaches, fantastic fauna and flora with no road access – so very few people!

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Travelling fast & light wi the Páramo multi-activity s

...adventure racing in the Caribbean HOT system Guadaloupe, the ‘island of beautiful waters’, has hosted an adventure race among its heavenly beaches and volcanic landforms. It’s not the cruellest of races but needs some planning to cope with the terrain, vegetation and hot & humid conditions.

Kit bag

Cambia Sport Long-sleeved Tshirt • New tougher fabric NEWC – with a soft feel FABRI • Close-fitting, contoured baselayer • Wicks perspiration effectively • Reversible for two different levels of cooling Grid Technic • Option for cooler conditions • Fast response baselayer • Warm when covered, cool when exposed • Very fast to dry Cambia underwear • High performance, NEW FABRIC fast wicking • Choice of briefs or shorts style Stretch Pants • Directs water away from skin • Careful design for ease of movement

What to take? Cool but tough fabrics are a good starting point that can manage moisture to keep you comfortable during high energy, fast moving activities of all kinds. Garments need to be non-restrictive and low maintenance too. The lighter the weight the better – but not if it means compromising on protection, performance or the garment’s survival!

Ladies’ Mirada Jacket • Lightest Analogy waterproof • Fantastic temperature control from sleeve/ torso vents • Female-friendly, contoured styling • Extra sleeve length Quito Trousers • Lightweight waterproof trousers • Wear alone or over summer legwear • Innovative zip-on construction – no need to sit down or take off footwear to put on • Long side zips for venting • Contoured, feminine shape

ith Páramo system goes... Cambia Sport T-shirt NEW • NEW fabric – sturdier FABRIC performance but softer feel • Wicks perspiration, avoids pooling • Close-fitting reduces drag and snagging • Two levels of cooling in one reversible baselayer Summer Cap • Cooling fabric • Generous, glare-reducing peak • Neck protection if wanted Cambia Underwear • NEW feel-good fabric • High performance wicking • Designed for activity!



Kit bag

Fuera Ascent Windproof Jacket • Very packable shower protection • Unique sleeve/ torso vents for temperature control • Extremely breathable for high energy activities • Harness, rope, pack, helmet and cycle friendly • Handwarming pockets • Really durable and tough Men’s Grid Technic • Alternative for cooler conditions • Rapid response fabric can warm you when covered, cooler when uncovered • Stretchy and close-fitting top styled for ease of movement Maui II Cargo Shorts • Tough and cool Cotton+ fabric • Articulated for easy movement • Plenty of pockets for on-board storage

…climbing at Harrison’s Rocks in East Sussex

temperate system

What’s required? The key issue is effective weather protection and perspiration control for ‘fast and light’ high energy activities – when the weather can be unpredictable. Also need to feel confident about being able to stretch and bend easily and comfortably.

A ‘Southern Sandstone’ outcrop owned by climbers and managed by the British Mountaineering Council, close to Páramo head office. Can combine a half day here with some mountain biking in Rotherfield, cross-country in Eridge Park, paddling on the Cuckmere or hiking on Ashdown.

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A world in one country – and one bag!

The Páramo worldwide travel Summer Cap • Cooling, protective headwear • Wide peak shades eyes and reduces glare

What to take? From the heat and bustle of Bogotá south to the Tatacoa Desert, from lush Amazon jungle to the high Páramo region of the Andes, frequently shrouded in cloud and mist, there’s a world full of different environments to experience – and to dress for! Versatility is everything when every ounce counts – but choose carefully so you don’t compromise on protection from the sun and insects, wind and rain. I look for stuff that will survive happily whether worn, rolled, squished, slept or swum in.

g 3.032 k eight = w l a t o T

Page 10

Plus I look for discreet and secure pockets as I prefer to stash money and tickets about my person rather than risk losing them.

Men’s Maui II or Ladies’ Atca Shorts & Trousers • Cotton mix fabric is tough yet cool and fast drying • Secret pocket within hip pocket • Men’s Maui IIs have 7 pockets for travel essentials • Ladies’ Atcas offer length adjustments for versatility Expedition Towel • Small pack size – luxurious feel • Dries rapidly but stays soft Cambia underwear x 2 • Amazingly rapid drying performance underwear • Choose from boxers or briefs

Colombia is an extraordinarily diverse country – and yet around just 3 kilos of Páramo gear can take you everywhere in comfort. This clothing system can provide head to foot, hot to cool protection for all kinds of adventures.

llers’ system goes Grid Technic baselayer • Rapid response baselayer • Cool when worn alone or with vented outer • Provides insulation when covered Men’s Katmai or Ladies’ Sakura Light Shirt • Complete peace of mind on your travels • Maximum UV protection • Deters biting insects • Actively cools you • Secure, discreet pocketing • Smart enough for more formal wear Cambia Long Sleeved Zip Neck baselayer • Wicks sweat away • Reversibility makes it highly versatile • 2 levels of cooling in one top Quito Trousers • Waterproof legwear that’s quiet and soft • Wear alone or as overtrousers • Lightweight and packable • Unique zip-on construction – no need to remove footwear • Wicks sweat away for comfort • Long side zips for ventilation

to Colombia Men’s Quito or Ladies’ Mirada Jacket • Lightweight waterproof jacket for complete protection in all weathers • Flexible ventilation options for swift temperature adjustment • Fully adjustable, securable hood

Overlayer with Torres Sleeves • Trying is believing! • Simply add over baselayer or waterproof when you need to warm up quickly • Minimal weight to carry – maximum effect • Easy to put on – no need to remove a pack • Not harmed by getting wet or being compressed The best bits “The amazing variety of landscapes with incredible colours, the different cultures. And the fruits – the exotic fruits fresh from the markets were luscious. I’ve never seen desert before so that was really special and spectacular for me. And I loved wearing Páramo in the Páramo – I can now see why it was needed!”

Trekking in Mexico’s melting Bethan John explores the wilds of the Sierra Gorda mountains, a one million acre Biosphere Reserve protected thanks to Páramo’s chosen charity, the World Land Trust

Grinning up at us from beneath his cowboy hat, ranger Leonel Espino kneels in the path’s sticky earth, pointing out the clear imprint of a big cat’s paw. A puma, he tells us, and it’s fresh – this top predator was roaming our forest trail as little as 24 hours ago. We’re hiking through the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve within one of the most biologically diverse areas of Mexico, where tropical forests meet temperate mountains and semi-deserts. The reserve is home to a wealth of wildlife; noisy Military Macaws circle the sinkhole canyons, while black bears and six cat species roam the forests – including jaguar and puma. As we trek through the nature reserve we’re greeted by such a bizarre mix of flora it seems almost unnatural. Familiar European trees grow alongside tropical palms and cycads; plants dubbed ‘living fossils’, thought to have survived since dinosaurs fed on them 65.5 million years ago. The red spikes of bromeliads sprout from towering pine trees, their branches draped in exotic pink orchids.

Page 12

Stumbling across the big cat’s prints is a reminder of how the successful partnership between the World Land Trust and local conservation organisation Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda is protecting the diversity of this wilderness. It’s a biological melting pot that allows endangered animals to not only survive, but to prosper and thrive.

Leonel, who works for GESG and lives in the near-by village, tells us the story of his recent close encounter with a puma; the sound of padding paws and a cat’s cry in the jungle just metres away marked the moment he almost came face-to-face with this iconic animal. With only a month to explore these forests, spotting a big cat isn’t on the agenda. Instead, our reward is to see how strong partnerships lead to conservation success – creating protected areas that safeguard a thriving diversity of life.


e c I e Fir +

ot race o f t s e h g u o Iceland’s t arathon M a r lt U m – a 250k Andy Bates

As I travelled from the lowlands’ sweltering heat to the bitter winds on 2,000m high mountaintops, I carried a range of Páramo clothing in my pack. My Sakura Shirt was perfect for trekking in the sun as it protects against UV rays and keeps the mosquito bites at bay, while my lightweight waterproof trousers and jacket were on hand for the rain and mud that greeted me in the cloud forests. A month exploring the wild mountains of Sierra Gorda and you have to be ready for what nature will throw at you.

in sub-zero Stage 1 started a tr ul e Ic & d caught many Fire temperatures an xt The inaugural tween be e ring my Quito ne ac ea pl W t. ok athletes ou but, gh marathon to ou en r. rm be wa e em Sept the skin kept m to ble. rta 26 August – 1 fo m co st d ly, dry an d’s toughe more important cal Billed as ‘Icelan m sti gi 0k lo 25 e th of d ed ar te nsis It meant I was sp ers foot race’, it co ting at the ing spare baselay star problems of carry over 7 stages tent r e ie th ac in Gl kit ul y dr ok tnaj or attempting to ons in edge of the Va t phrase ‘four seas rth to just shor each night. The and heading no ten for rit w en be ve . ha cean one day’ could ight of the Arctic O ctic blizzards, br to be d ire this race with ar qu re s small wa en or ev tit lly pe na m sio co ca ch Ea sunshine and oc g personal ot in rfo rry de ca – un d’ e th rte ng to ‘unsuppo od dust storms addi dscape. g system and fo in lan c ep di sle lan g, in Ice th e clo conditions of th this was my first e for the week. As it at th me well until th ew kn I My Quito served e er multi-stage race w s g re in tu rn ra pe lea a steep day when tem al fin , was going to be on ris e by compa d no experienc positively balmy curve. Whilst I ha n the final 15km rrain or fickle ru te to ed e m gg g ru lin d’s enab of Icelan would g in a light baselayer. th in clo e at lin th to the finish g weather I knew in in rm te de in inly factor ain? Almost certa be an important Would I do it ag d comfort. Velez y an m s es rry cc ca su ld th ou bo o – although I w rchased a Páram World Land Trust s and remove Consequently I pu e full weather ure Light trouser nt ve Ad id ov pr supports the r garments that Quito jacket to ventilation some of the othe um tim op protection of this d an n protectio t zips. were never used! gth front and pi wilderness through the Buy an Acre from the full-len appeal: Page 13

! t i e s o l t ’ n o D

David Cromack

We’re told ‘size matters’ and it’s true when packing for a birdwatching trip overseas. Having a tripod and telescope in your suitcase cuts down the room for outdoor clothing, yet we need to be ready for whatever the climate throws at us. The perfect substitute for a bulky fleece is Páramo’s versatile Trail Shirt. Sometimes an item of clothing acquires a special value and that’s the case for my forest green Trail Shirt, my trusted companion on scores of trips in Britain and overseas. I was therefore mortified to discover I’d left the shirt at Denver Airport when flying to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. On the return journey I rushed to the lost property office, but as it hadn’t been handed in, I presume someone else is now enjoying my treasured garment!

Take an autumn trip to central Slovakia, for example. In morning walks along deer trails through magnificent woodlands, I used the Trail Shirt as a lightweight alternative to a bulky fleece, fleecy side inwards. As the day warmed, the Páramo Trail Shirt, now worn with the smooth moisture-wicking surface next to my skin, was my only layer. In places such as Arizona and New Mexico when daytime temperatures go off the scale, the shirt can be packed away into the smallest rucksack space without creasing.

As a magazine editor I’ve visited My replacement shirt is still looking many birding locations where pristine, but I know it will give me temperatures fluctuate dramatically years of hardwearing service... as long – from near freezing in early as I’m not careless enough to lose it. morning to scorching by midday. A garment as versatile as the Britain’s longest-serving bird magazine editor, Trail Shirt is a boon – the David Cromack has worked on Bird Watching, reversible Parameta S fabric Birds Illustrated and Bird Art & Photography allows constant adjustments titles and with his wife Hila ry runs Buckingham as the day progresses. Press, publishers of The Bird watcher’s Yearbook.

“Bushwhacking”: Trails are scarce, with thickets, dense vegetation and topography making walking difficult.

to Páramo!

Colombian Bushwhacking in the wet season

Two friends and I decided to hike a personal challenge to the Cocuy National Park glaciers, 172 km on rough and mountain terrain with fast & light equipment. In August, the high peaks of Cocuy hide in clouds of fog, rain and sleet are common and high winds rising from the Llanos plain hit the peaks furiously – great conditions to test our skills and gear.

Páramo garments are perfect for my favourite season in the Colombian Páramo, the Wet Season.

Páramo plants bloom, wild animals appear, mist and rain descend, and, most important of all, the unprepared hikers and climbers stay at home so the Páramo becomes a wonderful lonely place to enjoy the wild spirit of nature.

For the expedition we took Velez Adventure Light Smocks, Velez Adventure and Quito Trousers and Cambia baselayers. We left our usual jackets, fleeces, mid layers and trekking pants at home, greatly reducing the weight of our packs. The garments are so comfortable and breathable that as soon as we left our sleeping bags, we simply wore Páramo kit all day until night, when we changed for sleep. In the middle of the expedition one member bailed out; we continued but had to quit, ill and injured after 130 km, but we were the first people to hike two consecutive loops to the Cocuy glaciers – made possible by Páramo Directional Clothing! Manuel Espejo

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About Real First Aid: We specialise in medical and safety training for remote areas, getting people out of the classroom as much as possible into the outdoors, training people in the environment they’ll be working in. So we’re outside in all conditions and environments day or night. This calls for clothing that is not just going to keep us safe and comfortable but is also hard-wearing enough for daily use and smart enough to present a professional image.

To Kinabalu with a Katmai (and two Keas!)

Check Real First Aid’s courses at

It's otter paradise! Brydon Thomason, owner of Shetland Nature, wildlife and photography tour-company,

Page 16

Borneo 2011 In September 2011 we delivered our first jungle-based first aid course in the Kinabulu area of Sabah, Borneo. Already smitten with the Velez Adventure Smock, we looked at what Páramo offers for this challenging environment where lowland temperatures reach 30°C with 100% humidity and drop to a balmy 10°C midday when high at altitude. And everything gets wet... everything! I took two Kea Light shirts as my ‘wet’ day clothes

I feel very lucky that my work running a nature and photography tour company allows me to spend my days with the wildlife I love. As a photographer and naturalist my main motivation, focus and connection with nature is close to home, with the islands and their iconic species. Through my photography, workshops and tour itineraries I can communicate my life’s passion for Shetland and its natural heritage. Spending long hours in the field is a key element in getting to know and understand wildlife and enjoying it responsibly, which in turn ensures our clients enjoy the best possible Shetland experience. Wearing the very best gear plays a crucial role in allowing me to do this; the Naturally Paramo range guarantees I can trust what I wear to do what is required in all the elements, whilst blending into the environment as best I can.

and one of the first tough Cotton+ Katmai shirts for my evening ‘dry’ shirt. Despite the contrast between the gossamer-light Kea and the more robust Katmai, both shirts dried exceptionally well which meant 3 shirts and a tube of Nikwax BaseWash Travel Gel was all I needed for a 13 day jungle expedition. Anyone can slum it but keeping a presentable image in these conditions with limited packing is a challenge. We’re delighted with Páramo, not only because of their products but also their customer service from head office to their brand store in Henrietta Street. Páramo offer what so many manufacturers fail to: unadulterated empathetic design. Adam Gent

Otters are one of Shetland’s star attractions, a signature species of Shetland nature. As a self-confessed ‘otter addict’, infatuated with them since childhood, I’d say that few species embody the need to ‘get closer to nature’ as much as the shy and stealthy wild otter. Working with them in such close proximity, especially for my one to one otter photography itineraries, allows privileged insights into their world without them ever knowing. As a native Shetlander I know only too well how challenging the elements can be in the isles and how quickly they can change. Keeping heat in and wet out is a must so I can stay out comfortably from dawn till dusk. My current favourites are combinations of; Maui Cargo Trousers, Explorer Pull-on, Taiga Fleece, and Aspira Smock and Trousers. Also with Paramo, it’s about so much more than trusting in the best gear. I take great pride in supporting a brand that puts as much work into their ethical manufacturing as into their clothing construction and engineering. Page 17

ng i b m i l c l Big wal ascar

in Madag Mike Wilson

Our trip south to the Tsaranoro Valley in the Andringitra National Park started and finished in darkness with the final 4 hours completed in a 4x4 because the tarmac runs out and dusty tracks lead into the heart of the mountains. It wasn’t until the sun rose and we were tempted out of our tent by the morning heat

that we saw the walls we’d come to climb. The stunningly coloured cliffs rose out of the valley for 800m and, frankly, scared us to death! To get accustomed to our remote situation and the heat we explored some easier routes, climbing some of the best lines on some of the best rock we’ve ever encountered! The exposure on the cliffs is mind blowing and the atmosphere second to none. After getting used to the rock, the runout style of climbing and the exposed situations, we organised ourselves to climb the route Out of Africa, a 600m 7a route that was our goal for the trip. The route requires a fast and efficient approach due to its length. We woke at 3.30am and hiked to the wall’s base. The sun rose as we climbed, and the valley filled with golden light and clouds rolling down from the mountain plateau. The heat took its toll and by early afternoon, we were thirsty and hungry with many more pitches to get through, some of the hardest on the route.

imperative to on gear that is exception. Climbers rely no is ng d clothi al our survival, an were fantastic in the tropic s ks irt oc sh ai sm t tm gh Ka Li Our enture the Velez Adv for ct rfe pe s, weather, and et ck lightweight ja g belays. proved ideal posed hangin ex ry ve e th warmth on

The insignificance of us tiny climbers on this cliff didn’t escape our thoughts. We pushed on with fingers and toes increasingly painful, until the final pitch. The summit was barely 60m away, and one final effort on the hardest pitch got us to the top, 15 hours after leaving camp. An indescribable rush of adrenaline and overwhelming sense of accomplishment were perfect companions for the long walk off the summit back to camp.

We took the

Madagascar is renowned for biodiversity, extraordinary landscapes and high adventure. As a climbing location it’s barely on the map, but to our team of four climbers it was the trip of a lifetime. However, arriving in Antananarivo with a 16 hour trip ahead, climbing was far from our minds.

Never having won a competition in my life, I was really excited to win a place on the Spare Seat expedition. Not only were my boyfriend and I joining an amazing paddling trip, we got to keep the cool Velez Adventure Smocks from Páramo.

Each evening we’d choose a campsite, set up tents, a tarpaulin, and build a fire to cook, using petrol stoves as little as possible. Abbotsholme School took 18 pupils and staff to northern Sweden for 10 days in Canadian canoes, wild-camping every night. We paddled a mixture of lakes and the river Harkan for 150 km, starting just over the Swedish border, in Norway, to our finishing point in Lit village, near Ostersund. As we paddled we fished, trying to catch our food, sadly we were never so lucky (but luckily carried plenty of food with us)!

Sweden is a beautiful country, and the clothing was well used. The Torres Gilet is a fantastic item of clothing as it is light and packs into very small spaces. At the same time, it’s very warm and the perfect layer first thing in the morning to keep your core warm but allow full arm manoeuverability. The Fuera Windproof Smock was constantly worn by every member of the group – probably the most

used piece of clothing. Its close weave and well-placed drawstrings made it the perfect layer to stop biting insects (of which there were lots) without causing overheating. It was ideal both when paddling and in camp as, although the weather was warm, there was a cool Swedish breeze. I’ve just completed my Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition in the Lake District and used both items again. They make experiences like these enjoyable and allow you to take away as much from them as you can. Joe Heely, Expedition member

Swedish adventure


river, through cliffed valley to wide, almost lake-like picturesque canal. Next we were on Hudson. Albany city was interesting with its industrial sites and huge It was great to meet Glenn and ships. After that lots of green and Richard, who having travelled for trees, with Bald Eagles flying around countless miles and gone through Our Velez Adv almost as often as ducks in the UK! various adventures together, were as enture Light Sm ocks are brilliant – After a long day of paddling we close as brothers. With Simon, Team very light and adaptable to Manager, they were a very entertaining arrived at Coxsackie, beautiful on the any temperatu re. breathable th banks of Hudson in close proximity to bunch full of banter and jokes. ey can be used So for any activity (we’ve mountains. I’d love to return for a bit hiked, run, cy Mike and I are used to paddling long cl ed and ka ya ke d in them), pe of trekking – it looked fantastic. rfect for sprin distances, so coupled with sea wolves or autumn bu g t also with laye Rich and Glenn, our speed was good. And that was the end for us! ring totally fine in cold tempera tures. Simon, unused to boats moving quite Next day we boarded a train to NY for and cute with high quality fin Soft our luxury break in Manhattan. Rich so smoothly, missed us on two locks ishing and materials – they’re perfe and Glenn pretended to be jealous of and caught up only on a third not ct outdoor wear for any conditi our Jacuzzi evening – but no 5* hotel long before lunch. Mohawk River is ons! breathtaking, within one day changing could compare with the adventures and views on the Spare Seat expedition. from green, flat-shored countryside Klaudia Galucka & Mike Webb Page 19

Trek & Travel Range Parameta A garments

• Fabric’s dense weave deters biting insects and gives wind resistance • Blocks out virtually all harmful UV rays (SPF 50+) • Dries in a matter of minutes! • Available in assorted weights for different requirements: • Ultra Light for shirts (100% polyester) • Standard weight for trousers (100% polyester) • Cotton+ (cotton blended with modern synthetics for rugged comfort)

new colour



Men’s Maui II Men’s Maui II Cargo Trousers Cargo Shorts (in Cotton+) (in Cotton+)


Ladies’ Atca Trousers (in Cotton+)

£46 Ladies’ Atca Shorts (in Cotton+)


£52 Ladies’ Men’s Azuma Merapi Active Trousers Active Trousers

Hem can be turned up or down to suit.

7 pockets hold travel essentials. Trousers 405g Moss


Shorts 311g Dark Grey

Dark Grey

Men’s Merapi Shorts

Merapi 232g Navy

Ladies’ Azuma Shorts



≥ Generous, comfortable fit with easy

Page 20


Shorts 202g Dark Grey

Summer Cap

Merapi 310g Navy

≥ Performance legwear for females in a flattering fit

Azuma 233g

movement and 4 practical pockets

Trousers 301g Sedge

≥ Comfortable fit with easy movement and excellent pocketing


Full length trouser or cropped when rolled and secured.


Dark Grey

Azuma 298g Sedge


≥ Classic legwear with thigh zip for venting. Secure pocketing Compact


£15.50 Expedition Towel £20.50 in 2 sizes

Summer Cap 70g Moss


≥ Excellent UV protection, with

foldaway neck cover

Compact 133g

Large 218g

≥ Luxurious, fleecy travel towel in

Parameta S that dries rapidly

All prices given are recommended retail prices, correct at the time of going to press

Ladies’ Sakura Shirt

Ladies’ Sakura Shirt 147g

Oxford check

Men’s Katmai Light Shirt 200g Moss Check

Oxford Check

Woodland Zest Check Check

Ladies’ Sulu Shirt

Ladies’ Sulu Shirt 118g

Moss Check


Foxglove Check

≥ Flattering lines and discreet pocketing with built-in sun and insect protection Moss check

Foxglove check

Moss check

Oxford check

new colours Men’s Katmai £60 Light Shirt


Men’s Katmai Cotton+ Shirt

Foxglove check


Men’s Katmai Cotton+ Shirt 350g

Men’s Kea Light Shirt

Men’s Kea Light Shirt 167g Oxford Check



Moss check Foxglove check Oxford check ≥ Sun protection and practical pocketing Moss check Foxglove check from shirts smart enough for evenings too woodland zest woodland zest love check

Moss Check

Moss check

Oxford check

For more information on sizes and colour availability visit or call 01892 786444

Oxford check


Trek & Travel Range Halcon Traveller Fantastic travel jacket in rugged Cotton+ fabric that’s quick-drying, quiet and lightweight.

£130 The 12 pockets allow a range of equipment to be organised, transported and easily accessible – ideal for overseas travellers, wildlife watchers, photographers and fieldworkers. The careful design ensures that the weight carried is well distributed across the padded shoulders for comfort.


Halcon Traveller 550g


≥ Treat with Nikwax Cotton Proof to give water-repellency if wished, for added protection


Halcon Waistcoat

Halcon Waistcoat 422g



≥ A great load-carrying gilet for outdoor photographers, nature lovers, fieldworkers and travellers, the Halcon Waistcoat can be worn either over a baselayer or outer layer Page 22

All prices given are recommended retail prices, correct at the time of going to press

Cambia range

All new colours

Cambia Sport Range

New improved fabric


Sport Short Sleeve


Sport Long Sleeve

Parameta T+ baselayers • New harder wearing fabric • Feels even better against the skin • Unique reversible fabric gives two levels of cooling • Wicks perspiration from the skin • Lightweight, rapid drying and stretchy

Ladies’ 105g Flame

Neon Blue

Men’s 122g Reef


Ladies’ 134g

Men’s 149g

Neon Blue




≥ Athletic fit for high energy activities – in long and short sleeves

All new colours

Cambia Classic Range

Classic Short Sleeve

Ladies’ 107g Peapod



Men’s 136g Oxford Blue


Classic Zip neck

Ladies’ 162g Foxglove



Men’s 178g Black


Oxford Black Blue

≥ Generous T-shirt fit in a choice of short sleeve or zip neck

Cambia Underwear

£20 Ladies’ Briefs

Ladies’ 31g


Ladies’ Microshorts

Ladies’ 42g

Men’s Briefs


Men’s 50g

Men’s £22 Boxers

Men’s 85g

≥ Keep dry and comfortable in Páramo’s technical underwear - no more damp pants! For more information on sizes and colour availability visit or call 01892 786444

Páramo baselayers Grid Classic

Parameta G Baselayers Parameta G fabric heats up, cools down & dries fast. So you get a rapid response to changes in temperature & activity level. When covered, the fabric provides insulation, but its high air permeability gives an instant response to venting. • Hugely versatile, stretchy next-to-skin baselayer • Fantastic wicking & rapid drying

new colours

£45 Ladies’ Grid Classic

£50 Men’s Grid Classic


Ladies’ 178g

Men’s 234g

Ladies’ 200g





Cobalt Black

≥ Ladies’ long sleeved baselayer with a simple round neck line. Men’s long sleeved, zip-neck design for ventilation

Parameta S reversible Shirts

new colours

Grid Technic

£60 Ladies’ Men’s Grid Technic Grid Technic

Men’s 258g

Dolphin Flame Black

Flame Dolphin Black

≥ Variable ventilation from zip neck with zip garage. Thumb loops hold sleeves in place

• Reversible – can be worn as a cooling baselayer or an insulating fleece •D  urable, wind resistant and rapid drying

Reversible Shirts £58

Ladies’ Camino Shirt

Ladies’ 320g Laven- Thistle China der Blue

Men’s Trail Shirt

Forest Navy

Mountain Pull-on

Pull-on 331g

Men’s 370g

≥ Traditional style shirt with full length opening Page 24

£58 £62.50

Chilli Pepper

Chilli Moss Pepper

£79 £67.50 Ladies’ Mountain Challenger Vent Pull-on Pull-on

Vent Pull-on 354g Black



≥ Slimmer design with deep chest zip and pocket. Mountain Vent has upper arm ventilation

Men’s Explorer Pull-on


Ladies’ 361g Men’s 395g Thistle Moss


Chilli Navy Pepper


≥ Generous pull-on with large twin zip pocket

All prices given are recommended retail prices, correct at the time of going to press

Fuera Windproofs Nikwax Windproof garments


Fuera Smock

• Sturdy fabric to withstand abrasion from scree or rock • Does not degrade in UV light • Very breathable • Water repellency renewable with Nikwax aftercare


Ladies’ Fuera Crest

Best in test

Fuera Smock 290g


Reef Blue


Best in test

Ladies’ Fuera Crest 284g


China Blue

≥ Engineered to survive all you throw at them! Zipped pockets & fixed roll-away hood

Fleece/Windproof combinations Parameta X legwear

Nikwax Fleece garments

• Directs moisture away from your skin • Rapid drying • Stretchy for unrestricted movement

• Work even in high humidity • Cosy insulation


Taiga Fleece

Fuera & Jacket

Taiga Fleece 790g Moss



Fuera Jacket 532g Black


≥ A fully waterproof combo when the cosy, 5 pocket fleece is worn with durable windproof


Summit Hoodie

Fuera & Ascent


Summit Hoodie 580g Fuera Ascent 380g Black

Chilli Pepper


≥ Flexible mid layer/ windproof combo for multi-activity and summer alpine use – fully waterproof


Stretch Pants

Fuera & Trousers


Stretch Pants 256g Fuera Trousers 297g Navy

Dark Grey

≥ Adaptable summer legwear duo combining comfort with water resistance

For more information on sizes and colour availability visit or call 01892 786444

‘Fast & Light’ waterproofs Nikwax Analogy garments

• Páramo waterproofs shift perspiration and condensation to keep you dry on the inside • Continue to work whatever the outside temperature or humidity level • Block the wind and keep rain out • Are soft, flexible and quiet

All Páramo waterproofs are different to other technologies! new colour


Ladies’ Mirada Jacket

Mirada Jacket 491g

Best in test

Neon Blue



≥ Lightweight, contoured jacket with generous sleeve/ torso ventilation for swift temperature adjustment

new colour


Quito Jacket

Quito Jacket 500g

• Indefinitely renewable with Nikwax aftercare • Use no laminates or membranes and so are not compromised by puncture and can be repaired with a needle and thread • All garments on this page use Analogy light to save grammes without losing performance £220 Vista Jacket


Reef Blue


≥ Lightest multi-adventure jacket with superb ventilation via sleeve/ torso vents with two-way zips

Reef Blue


≥ Simple, contoured design with two zipped chest pockets and an excellent hood


Quito Trousers

Vista Jacket 562g

Velez Adventure Trousers


Now available in a choice of leg lengths Ladies’ 404g


Men’s 425g


≥ Innovative design allows these

waterproof trousers to be zipped on quickly without taking your feet off the ground Page 26

Ladies’ 388g


Men’s 392g


≥ Wear these next to skin & remove the hassle of taking overtrousers on and off. Long thigh zips for venting on the move

All prices given are recommended retail prices, correct at the time of going to press

Páramo Insulator £32 Short Gaiters

Nikwax Insulator garments

150g Black

≥ Combine with any Páramo legwear for

• Cuts wind-chill and provides excellent insulation • Down-like feel and performance that still works well when wet • Not damaged by compression in a pack • Can be washed and reproofed with Nikwax aftercare

additional protection from the elements Velez Adventure Light

Ladies’ 575g

Men’s 584g



Dolphin Black

Reef Blue



Torres Gilet


Standard weight 405g Moss


≥ Proven twin zip design for effective ventilation with generous front pocket for easy accessible storage

Lightweight 330g Black

≥ Available in two weights. Provides extra warmth on the core torso area – perfect for when the sun goes down


Torres Core 514g


Torres Core & Sleeves

Shown here on the Quito

< Torres Core Lightweight insulated and hooded gilet designed to complement the Torres Sleeves Torres Sleeves > Innovative solution to quickly achieve warmth, and maintain dexterity in the hands


Great Package: Torres Core PLUS Torres Sleeves 226g Torres Sleeves £140 (save £35)


For more information on sizes and colour availability visit or call 01892 786444

Analogy waterproofs Nikwax Analogy garments Páramo Analogy waterproofs have been out on the hills for over 20 years. Hard-wearing and durable, they’ll survive whatever you throw at them. best for multiactivity

Velez Adventure Smock



Pasco & Andina £220


Ladies’ 710g


Cerise Lavender Heather

Men’s 720g Black

Cobalt Dark Grey

≥ This original multi-activity smock is one of our best sellers still. Twin zip ventilation, fully adjustable hood and generous front pocket.

Men’s Pasco Jacket 657g

Choose & buy Páramo...


whole ee the .uk to s o and to find o .c o m w.para xcellent g Páram Visit ww award-winnin tailers can give e eeds. f re rn o u r o u range you. O ill suit y er near which Páramo w u exactly what il a t e r a yo n nd advice o retailers can tell stock), a help and old it in rtner h a r ’t P fo n o o r d o m Our Pára rehouse (if they direct to your do k out c a e d w h re r C e u ! v o is in e deli rstores for it to b mo supe organise g them into Pára ey offer at in t th free, turn stores and wha rtners er amopa our Partn ar www.p

Page 28

≥ Fantastic men’s and ladies’ jackets for high level walkers and backpackers – standard Analogy fabric combines with excellent torso/ sleeve ventilation to provide great temperature and moisture control. Cobalt

Ladies’ Andina Jacket 634g



New Ladies’


in our Garden team eet the Covent . C2 W , et re In London? M St a at 29 Henriett o flagship store the whole Páram e se ly on t no n we s, There you ca ion at the newest innov range including and walking ar we ot fo om at also have An otics s, Superfeet orth poles, Teko Sock r fo too. Sign up and f-stop packs rd and you’ll ca s int Po o m ra a Pá s every time int po y receive loyalt Pá r ramo. you shop there fo

ore www.paramo.


Ladies’ Tula Jacket

≥ Longer length jacket provides great cover


without being restrictive because of functional but flattering lines. The rucksack-friendly design uses hard-wearing standard Analogy fabric, while minimal clutter gives a clean look. • Adjustable stow-away peaked hood designed to accommodate hair • Extra Pump Liner® on shoulders and back gives extra protection • Waist drawcord with hidden cords • L arge OS map pocket on chest •H  igh chest pocket for small items • Two handwarming pockets with storm flap Ladies’ Tula Jacket 752g




Men’s Helki Jacket

≥ A very versatile, hard-wearing jacket for all hill and valley activities. The simplicity of the design and the look belies the protection this jacket gives, and the hill-friendly features it provides. There is excellent freedom of movement through clean lines and ergonomic design. This jacket is destined to become a classic! • Peaked hood is adjustable • Pump Liner® reinforcement at shoulders and centre back gives extra protection • Large OS map pocket on chest • Internal smaller mesh pocket on chest for valuables • Two handwarming pockets • Comfortable worn over baselayers Men’s Helki and midlayers as required Jacket 693g


Reef Blue


Go on l the c ine to see olour s and all of ou s r purch garments izes , and ase if to to a r you c e a – vide tailer. Also n’t get os of P o áramo n the site and in it g and te iatives, pro arments du s people timonials, st ct reviews o , manu information ries of Pára factur mo on ou in comm r itmen g and envir ethical o t , a det and h nmen elp ta a www with after iled size cha l care. S .para r imply t visit .uk 01892 786444 For more information on sizes and colour availability visit or call

Psssst, pass it on! No longer need that old Páramo? We’ll take it back – and reward you! Our new Recycling Scheme provides a great way to dispose of unwanted Páramo garments which will either be refurbished or recycled – and you’ll receive a generous discount on new Páramo, £50 for any Analogy you return, £10 for other garments, no matter what the condition of your garments. Our Nikwax fabrics are uniquely suited for repair or recycling, which means that your gear can go on to new adventures with a new owner or end up as new high quality fabric – and not in landfill! Find out more at

HF Holidays celebrates its Centenary this year with a host of holidays and events to mark the occasion. I became a leader in 1999, which seems like a long time ago now. It’s pretty humbling to put it in perspective and reflect that I’ve been part of the organisation for just one tenth of its existence. Photo credit: Alison Cunningham, location – Skiddaw

Paul Cheshire leads for HF holidays, is a member of Keswick MRT and holds the UK Summer ML award.

s ar ye 100

I started leading for HF Holidays because, as an aspirant Mountain Leader, I wanted to gain wider experience of leading groups. Volunteering for HF Holidays gave me just the opportunity I needed to broaden the range of my ML logbook. Yes, HF Holidays’ leaders are volunteers! There are around 700 of us on the books and, in a nutshell, we give up our time in exchange for the enjoyment of sharing the great outdoors with like-minded folk.

fh ol

o Page 30

Over the years I’ve led walks at a variety of wonderful places, from Slovenia to Scotland. A quick glance at the website gives you an idea of the vast range of destinations and holidays on offer.

id ay

Personal favourites are the Lakes and Scotland and these are places where I find my Páramo gear ideal. As a leader, my kit needs to involve the minimum of fuss, to look smart, to have usefully-sized pockets... and, of course, to keep me warm, dry and comfortable – whatever the weather. I love my Velez Adventure smock for this: lots of vents and roll-up sleeves to control my temperature mean that it often goes on for the day and stays on. A big pouch pocket takes a map and my notes easily and I can keep hat, gloves & a buff in another to pop on and off as I wish. Wearing my rucksack hip belt under or over the front ‘flap’ of the Velez smock is another easy way of controlling my temperature on the move, too.


th 0! r o 0 w 0 , £1

Win a fantastic holiday for two with award winning HF Holidays

Win a four-night, full board, guided walking holiday for two at any of HF Holidays’ Country Houses around the UK, set in National Parks or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. As the UK’s largest walking and leisure activity holidays provider, HF Holidays has 19 beautiful country houses across England, Scotland and Wales with perfect walks on the doorstep. The four-night holiday can be taken any time before 1 November 2014 and includes full board en-suite accommodation (English breakfast, picnic lunch and three-course evening meal), a complete walking holiday programme with a daily choice of up to three guided walks, transport to and from walks, the services of HF Holidays’ walks leaders and sociable evenings.

Set up in 1913, HF Holidays is celebrating its centenary this year with special events and dedicated celebration holidays. To find out more, visit or phone 0845 470 7558.

HF Holidays is the winner of The Guardian and Observer best large tour operator award with over 97% guest satisfaction and also a recommended provider for holidays by Which?, the consumer champion.

How to enter – you have 3 options: • Enter your details at • Email your name, address & postcode to with HF Holidays Prize Draw as the Subject • S end a postcard with your name, address, postcode and email or phone number to Páramo HF Holidays Prize Draw, Unit F, Durgates Industrial Estate, Wadhurst, East Sussex, TN5 6DF. Closing date: 1st November 2013

Larpool Hall, Whitby

Dolserau Hall, Dolgellau

Terms & conditions

Newfield Hall, Malhamdale The Holiday prize: Prize to be taken before 1 November 2014, excluding Easter, Christmas and New Year holidays. Based on two adults sharing a twin or double room. Voucher will be issued to claim the prize. Spending money, travel insurance, optional activities and personal expenditure or incidental costs are the winner’s responsibility. Travel to the holiday location is not included. The prize is non transferable, non refundable and subject to availability. The Prize draw entry: No purchase necessary. Applicants must be aged 18 or over, one prize entry per household. Employees of Páramo and HF Holidays are not eligible for entry. Winners will be notified in writing 4 weeks after the closing date. We reserve the right to feature the name, location and photograph of the winners in future promotions. Páramo will collect your personal data to process your entry. HF Holidays and Páramo may contact you about future products and promotions. If you prefer not to receive information from HF Holidays, Páramo and Nikwax then please ensure that you indicate this on your entry. Entry will be deemed as acceptance of these rules. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Page 31 Promoter: HF Holidays Ltd, Catalyst House, 720 Centennial Court, Elstree, Herts, WD6 3SY.

Easier, Safer, Drier

Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel

Nikwax waterproofers

is an effective, easy to use cleaner designed for outdoor footwear

add safe, high performance water repellency

At Nikwax we do all we can to minimise our impact on the environment and people’s health. We are the only established outdoor aftercare company to have a WaterBased, non-flammable and fluorocarbon (PFC) free range. We have always avoided using PFCs as we believe they are a risk to consumer health and the environment. To learn more visit

he N n ik ww you wa w. pla x n y /p ikw our sa ar ax W m am .c e p o o.u bQ le k uiz s

ro Fl uor o

FR E w E

rbo n ( P FC




Breathe Easy! Clean, waterproofed boots allow water vapour to escape and keep your feet dry


sed Ba

Soggy Socks? Dirt and soaked-in water stops sweat escaping so it stays in your boots

Location photography: Stephanie Li, Luis Brown, Alan Kimber, Michael Howard, John Laughlin, Bethan John, Andy Bates, David Cromack, Diego Zurek, Adam Gent, Brydon Thomason, Mike Wilson, Daniel Wildey, Joe Heely, Rory Sellar, Glenn Charles, Jacob Wrathall, Rob Cook, Paul Cheshire, Alison Cunningham, Keswick MRT, CARE International. Thanks to all Páramo users who contributed stories and photos. Design: Páramo®, Parameta®, Analogy®, Directional Clothing Systems®, Overlayering®, Active Travel® are all registered Trade Marks of Páramo Ltd. Nikwax®, Nikwax Directional Textiles®, Pump Liner®, Directionality®, Tech Wash®, TX.Direct® are all registered Trade Marks of Nikwax Ltd. Information correct at time of going to press – Páramo reserve the right to alter or amend the specification of products at any time and without notice. No responsibility is taken for any errors or omissions in this catalogue.

Páramo Summer & Travel 2013  
Páramo Summer & Travel 2013  

The 32 pages of our Summer & Travel catalogue can set you off planning your adventures for this summer and beyond…