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Top PHP Frameworks 2016

• This framework is known for its easy installation and can be easily extended. • This framework also provides high-speed solutions and is the program of choice by many PHP developers. It owes its success to salient features used for the development of Caching requirements, MVC, DAO/Active Recording, functional testing, authentication as well as customized access.

• Symfony one of the Most Trending PHP Frameworks in 2016 is now commonly used as a framework suited for all kinds of web projects.. • The framework helps in faster creation of a web application, along with its simplified maintenance. It provides the benefits of components like Templating, Translation, Validator, Form Config and more.

• This is one of the easiest PHP frameworks to learn. The CRUD feature is one of the most popular aspect of this framework - 'create, read, update and delete'. Some of its other intrinsic features - session, cookie, request handling, e-mail and security.

• Zend Framework is a very popular and a fully featured PHP framework. • Provides amazing and surprising flexibility when it comes to employing most popular php framework for corporate web solutions. It is now used by an increasing number of PHP services undertaking successful corporate projects.

• Phalcon is a high-performance PHP framework based on the model– view–controller (MVC) pattern. • Speed is the USP of this popular PHP framework. The framework uses lesser memory and the time request is much faster than other PHP frameworks.

• Kohana is a Elegant PHP framework provides a rich set of components for building web applications. • Speed is the USP of this popular PHP framework. The framework uses lesser memory and the time request is much faster than other PHP frameworks.

• The Laravel Framework tops the list of Best PHP Framework for 2016 among trending frameworks. • It is powerful enough to meet any requirements of a multitude of corporate entities. It is the preferred framework by web developers for customizing larger projects.

• Next most popular php framework is CodeIgniter which expands on quantity. • It supports small footprints and becomes the choice of PHP developers involved in construction of small but fully functional sites. It is loaded with customized features.

• Familiarly acknowledged PHP framework for open-source web design requirements. • It is even preferred by majority of the PHP web development services over other frameworks. It gives flexibility to create slim multi-user websites requiring a higher degree of complex development base. With customized websites in high demands it displays the compatibility necessary for higher efficiency.

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Top Most Popular PHP Framework for Web App Development  

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