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What do you visit the website for?

general info to see how it's working community events, feasts, festivals, local sources for local produce, local music & entertainment events, local friendly business like Spinakers specials, Fol Epi etc etc Generally to know what's going on in the 'hood.

The last time you went to the site, did you find what you were looking for?

Lots of info, but homepage is busy and not intuitive. i can't remember I have not visited your website

What information or features would you like us to add or remove?

Up to date calendar - compatible with google calendar so you can just save the event to your own calendar if interested. make the comm centre more prominent vs comm assn nil more history, more on current and upcoming issues For instance, hot topics should only be those that require the presentation of all sides of an issue affecting our community (e.g., the sewage issue), and should be well fortified with accurate documentation. If the VWCA has taken a position by resolution (e.g., the marina), that position should be made known. I am not sure, I think right now you have a good amount of information. Most likely it is just finding a more amicable way of organizing it. see 2. above - other and... give us our community activist community association back community events, recreational opportunities for area residents, opportunities for residents, clubs information -make the website easier to use -include all minutes to all the meetings, right now the latest are from January, this is May. Try and be more up-to -date/ timely with info. More pictures of community events Victoria West Transportation Plan More history. Profiles of our local businesses and the people who run them. Opportunities for community engage such as polls, surveys etc.

How would you like us to tell you about community events?

The corn fest posters are works of art. I collect them. community newspaper - any chance? I think that having people within the community go door to door could generate more interest. Please use emails sparingly, no more than 1/month email newsletter ie like quadra island gumboot Is there a local paper in Vic West? like Oak Bay News, Saanich News??? create a community newsletter showcasing events/people/places Face to face at meetings and in the neighbourhood Door to door drop off. Establish a neighbourhood messengers.

Which community events have you attended in the last year?

I would attend more events if they weren't on Tuesdays. potluck Mah Jong potluck

several terrific local music events at our incredible VicWest Spriral Coffee House and Performing Arts Centre I am new to the neighbourhood and have been looking for opportunities pot luck Community pot luck dinner and drop-in to the garden Community Association meetings - e.g. General Meeting(s), Land Use Committee Meetingdinner City of Victoria presentations (s) (should be included as an option in the boxes above).

survey results  

survey results--communicating with our neighbours

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