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Content Welcome to DiveMe Fiji Every island tells a story Every creature plays a role Track them above, view them below Fiji, where’s there is always more to explore Take as much back with you as you like... Picture only please An ode to diving Fiji’s deep rub, you will enjoy it



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Welcome to DiveMe Fiji Scuba diving in Fiji is like air is to breathing. Once you have experienced our wonderworld of water you will need to, not want to, repeat the experience – just like breathing. Fiji is world renowned as “The Soft Coral Capital of the World” but that’s only a small part of our story. Every Island Tells a Story Our 333 islands and atolls are embraced by a network of brilliant coral reefs. From shallow coral enclaves, home to hundreds of different types of corals and sponges and resident micro-denizens of the deep to spectacular bommies with cascading corals draped like exquisite, fragile chandeliers to deep, dramatic drop-offs that disappear into darkness. Every Creature Plays a Role With around 1000 species of fish and several hundred types of coral and sponges, an apparently endless array of anemones, molluscs, crustaceans and other invertebrates, Fiji is the ‘smorgasbord of world diving.’ But don’t lets restrict ourselves to the joy and pleasure of reef diving. Venture into reef passages and come face to face with the ‘big boys’ of the deep blue. Grey Reef sharks, Silvertips, Hammerheads and White Tips all competing for “a piece of the pie” as they move in slow motion, patiently waiting for schools of pelagic fish to dare to venture into their lair. And if you’d like to get to know them a bit better and at closer range, expect an adrenalin rush as you dive with the sharks observing experienced divers carry out the famous ‘shark feeding.’ Definitely not for the weak at heart. Swim with the giant Mantas. These spacelike creatures are a joy to observe as they go through the motions of their ballet in the sea with apparent endless choreography. Fiji’s turtles, the most famous being the Hawksbill

Turtle, are now a protected species and should be observed with care and respect. Track them Above,View Them Below For a different experience in Neptune’s domain, Fiji has various species of Spinner Dolphins that can be seen with reasonable regularity in pods of up to 30-40. Their name is indicative of their penchant for flying upwards out of the ocean and then spinning in several spectacular rotations (up to seven) before submerging once again only to repeat the performance as an encore. Cute, curious, intelligent and entertaining, dolphins are a treasure of the sea that we should respect and care for as with all of our marine biodiversity. Have an experience of a lifetime whale watching. These docile giants of the ocean pass through Fiji waters with Humpback whales migrating from colder climes to our warm water to mate and give birth while Minke and Sperm whales pass through intermittently. Fiji, Where’s There is Always More to Explore If your tastes run a bit more to the deep, dark and mysterious we have underwater caves that will beckon you mysteriously and shipwrecks that will stir the sense of adventure and imagination in your soul. And all of this immersed in Fiji’s oceans that are clear, clean and warm to boot. To equate with the second line in Elizabeth Browning’s classic poem, “How many ways do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” We ask “How many hues of blue in an ocean can there be? Let me count the colors.” Maybe pushing poetic license a bit too far, but I quite like it. When rippling serenely over our shallow, pristine, fine, white sand the ocean turns the lightest shade of aqua, so light in fact that you

An Ode to Diving SAVUSAVU








Vanuatu Malolo




Natokalau Makadro

Ongea Monothaki

When I smell the salt and feel ocean breezes The world goes away and all problems cease. I dive to renew my soul, to gladly give up all worldly control Down there I’m just a very small part of a very large whole. It is in the sea where I am truly free, To forget all those things that I often see, The sea gives me strength, allows time for reflection, to heal, No wonder I keep looking for that next dive deal.

How many hues of blue in an ocean can there be?

here with the blue starfish, seemingly lifeless, adding yet another dimension of blue.

The startling clarity reveals the underwater world of these coral creatures. Pipefish, squid, sea stars, a myriad of colorful soft corals, butterfly fish, batfish and triggerfish reside

Fijians love a feast and are renowned for their preference for feasts of the rather grandiose and humongous size. Our diving feast is a Fijian feast so now you know what to expect!

Deeper yet with schools of barracuda,rainbow runners, walu, reef sharks and silvertip regular fly-bys. Turtles amble by decorously while giant schools of colorful parrotfish display their skills at synchronized swimming (they’re a sure thing at the next Olympics). Then on to the ‘deepest blue’ where the ocean floor is seemingly bottomless and unfathomable, can only see any color at the base of one of holding unto itself mysteries and stories the ripples. The water is so clear that it hardly centuries old with the biodiversity changing appears to be there at all. And when moving dramatically to that of which we know little. steadily back and forth a bit farther from the beach, a current, in tune with the waves, Fiji’s Deep Rub,You Will Enjoy It creates an undertow that will gently suck at Diving in Fiji is diverse and that goes hand your feet as it laughingly plays with you with in hand with care and practicality. We have the hue turning a murkier shade of blue as it dives for everyone – from the learner to the novice to the expert. There are deep dives throws sand into the mix. and shallow dives, reef dives and dramatic Take as Much Back with You as You drop-offs, currents made for drift-diving, night diving and wreck and cave dives. The Like… Picture Only Please But then to the gloriousness of water swaying ocean is a foreign environment for us Homo and sweeping across shallow coral gardens, Sapiens and as such should be treated with drop-offs and bommies; the aquamarine care and respect. Prepare effectively, respect brilliance so crisp and fresh with that part the environment, dive within your limitations, of the ocean exposed as if through a looking don’t dive alone and enjoy the veritable feast glass. An underwater photographer’s dream. that we have in store for you.

“Fiji has the world’s most beautiful coral reefs” Howard Hall

“if variety is the spice of life, then Fiji is diving’s red hot chili pepper” Cat Hollaway

“Fiji rocked, spent 7 wounderful days diving the clear blue water on the Aggressorll wounderful diving there” Alan R. Blake _Facebook wall post

“Would be great to see you and your friends in Fiji waters in future. I am sure you will have great experience because Fiji has some really exciting diving spots. The link given below will show you the dive spots in Fiji. Cheers” Alessandra Fioraso Facebook wall post

“Magnificent color, Bizarre creatures - Fiji diving always surprises me.” Stan Waterman

“Fiji has the world’s most beautiful coral reefs” Howard Hall

“Any country with coral reef like this has a national treasure. Fiji is one of the lucky countries”

“Few places remain on the planet as beautiful as Fiji - the diversity of life on these vital coral reef is overwhelming! Here, the serious diver will find paradise.” Jean-Michel Cousteau

Roger Steen

“Dreams really can come true” Julie Palmer Sportdiver magazine

“Fijian waters hold nearly 4000 s a vital trove of marine biodiversit have colours unique to Fiji. Soft c of depths, decorating seawalls an improbably vibrant hues. Rising l corals telescope up and extend th zooplankton borne in by Fiji;s exu Dr Les Kaufman, National Geographic magazine

“The marine animals here compete with the locals to see who can greet visitors th emost passionately. Sharks glide in close; shy blue-ribbon eels peak out of the reef as sweep over their home; and big aggregations of barracuda, blue and gold fusilers, and anthias swell the reef around divers. Fiji has so much diversity that you could spend the rest of your dive holidays exploring it’s different regions and never see all that island nation offers.” Julie Palmer Sportdiver magazine

“Fiji is rechar guide, bond w

Ethan Gordo

“If you want ca night bands, s and hustle bus is not your pla want peace an a remote stunn paradise enjoy of the South P finest diving, F be surpassed.”

Marty Snyderman, Skin Dive

sqaure miles of reef, ty. Some fish species corals live in a range nd overhangs with like inflated trees, soft heir polyps to feed on uberant currents”

“Would be great to see you and your friends in Fiji waters in future. I am sure you will have great experience because Fiji has some really exciting diving spots. The link given below will show you the dive spots in Fiji. http://www. Cheers” Alessandra Fioraso

s an increasingly rare kind of place that rges one’s soul. In just one week, my dive , Meli and I had become like brothers. Our was the ocean and the creatures within it.”

on, Fathoms magazine

asinos, allshopping stle, Fiji ace. If you nd quiet in ning island ying some Pacific’s Fiji cannot ”

er magazine

“Exceptional diving the action is on when the current is running, drawing barracuda and trevally like a magnet. Reef spurs flourish and teem with coral and fish. Sharks patrol the channels.” Barry Andrewartha, Sportdiving magazine

“The Fiji seascape is lush with color in a way few other destinations can match. Even the sunlight and seawater can’t mute the volume of Fiji’s symphony of hues” Bill Harrington, Sport Diver magazine

“Superb diving - try the Fiji experience, but be warned, it is extremely addictive.” Paddy Ryan Asian Diver magazine

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Bula, DiveMe Fiji is highly committed to assisting people and organisations who wish to promote Fiji Diving and/or help to protect our remarkable reef and ecosystems. They are truly our national treasure. Our objective is to try to facilitate in any way possible, an international awareness of these gifts. With a never ending agenda to build a greater alliance with all of the world’s media channels, whether that be print, news, video, film, radio or any E-based outlets, we pledge to do our utmost to liaise, network and provide whatever resources that are at our disposal. If you would like to cover some aspect of Fiji Diving for your medium and you feel we may be able to help, please contact us at your earliest convenience. Vinaka, Thomas Valentine DiveMe Fiji Tourism Fiji c/o DiveMe Fiji Suite 107, Colonial Plaza, Namaka, Nadi PO Box 9217, Nadi Airport, Fiji Islands Tel: (679) 672 2433 Fax: (679) 672 0141

Diveme Fiji Media Kit  

Diveme Fiji Media Kit

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