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Jakes Take – NFL W eek 1 News WOW what an opening week 1 of the 09 NFL season. Starting with the defensive struggle in Pittsburgh (both teams should be playing in January) where Roethlisberger engineered another winning drive in the last 2 minutes and ending with Philip Rivers fooling everybody with a draw up the middle at the goal line. Sproles went in untouched. Let’s not forget another amazing performance by Brady. It will be interesting to see if Oakland and Buffalo can bounce back from devastating losses. I think they both will be better this year. How about Sanchez? He looked like a seasoned pro out there in his debut. Ravens finally have a QB that can win games instead of playing not lose games. Steelers will have a tough fight ahead for division and they better get some production out of the running game. Fans in Carolina and Cincinnati should be concerned. Jake Delhomme needs Dr. Phil and why is Marvin Lewis still a head coach? Jay Cutler proved that he is a pussy and Denver will be better off without him in the long run. He won’t last in a working class town like Chicago. The problem is the QB bar in Chicago has been set so low they will give him a chance. They haven’t had a good QB since Sid Luckman. Atlanta played great as did New Orleans. Worried about the Saints defense. Brres can’t throw 6 TD’s a game or can he. Miami needs a rebound win this Sunday but Colts are no day at the beach. Interesting move in Philly bringing in Garcia with McNabb hurt and Vick able to play next week. Looks Like Andy Reid has zero faith in Kolb. Might be time for Kolb to pack his bags. Dallas and Giants look tough along with Eagles it is toughest division in the league because Washington is no slouch and they are considered the worst team in the division. Zorn is still making rookie coaching mistakes. Cards look nothing like Superbowl team from last year will have tough time winning division. Seattle and Frisco are both improved. Frisco is one of my sleepers this year. There is something about Singletary that I like. Long seasons again for the fans of Cleveland, Houston, Tampa and Detroit. For more information on sporting tips, analysis, sporting pools visit

Jakes Take – NFL Week 1 News