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Avenida Coletoras S/N – Lote 12 e 14 – Vila Ibirapitanga CEP: 23812-035 – Itaguaí – RJ – Brazil Phone: +55 21 3402-9450 –


ladtek is the largest supplier of Cladding/Weld Overlay pipe and a leading supplier of MLP – Mechanically Lined Pipe. We have facilities in Batam, Rio de Janeiro and Saudi Arabia. These facilities not only give us truly global and cost effective manufacturing capability, they also demonstrate the commitment that Cladtek has made to the regions in which we work and our customers. Cladtek provides a comprehensive one-stop-shop CRA solution in house. From purchasing base materials and cladding to induction bending, spooling, cladded valves and pressure vessels. We help our customers reduce supply chain and project risk. Whilst saving time and money. Cladtek is highly flexible organization, willing to work with our customers to optimize solutions. Customers can select their preferred carrier pipe manufacturer and free issue material to Cladtek, or we can provide a complete package including carrier pipe/fittings and cladding, selecting from a wide range of high quality sub suppliers. The location of our facilities have also been selected to suit our customers, being close to line pipe coating yards and to logistics facilities for road and sea freight.


Brazilian Pavilion at OTC 2017  
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