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Penis Enlargement Bible

Penis Enlargement Bible

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The eBook is supplied for information purposes only, even though the contributors of this material are well conversed in the subject matter printed. The material content in this ebook does not constitute professional advice. This eBook is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information with regards to the subject matter contained. It is sold on the understanding that the publisher and its contributors are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional advice. If professional advice or other professional assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought. The readers are advised to consult with any appropriately qualified professional before taking any decisions. If you have or suspect an illness or have a health concern, always consult with your physician or health care provider. We have used our best judgment in compiling this information, however, the information presented may not have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any reference to a specific product is for your information only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Penis Enlargement Bible

Table of Contents Introduction .......................................................................................................................... 4 Know Your Penis ................................................................................................................... 6 Measuring Your Penis ............................................................................................................ 8 Penis Exercises: The Basics................................................................................................... 10 Penis Exercises: Stepping It Up A Gear (Advanced Exercises) ................................................ 16 Penis Exercises: The Schedule .............................................................................................. 20 Conclusion........................................................................................................................... 24

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Penis Enlargement Bible


First of all, congratulations on your choice to download this ebook. This ebook may be free, but I can assure you it‟s priceless. Soon you will know exactly how to enlarge your penis! So consider yourself lucky, my friend, because normally you have to pay $49 just to read guides that are less good than this one. This is a real treat indeed. Now let‟s talk about penis. Your penis, to be exact. I„d bet that your woman has not said in your presence that a bigger penis feels much better during sex than a small penis. It‟s no surprise because she doesn't want to hurt your feelings. Copyright © All rights reserved.

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Penis Enlargement Bible You see, one of the top complaints from women about their sex life is their partner's small penis size. So what can you do now to make sure your penis causes compliments, not complaints? Don‟t worry, I‟m here to help. If you want to know how to enlarge your penis, then doing exercises is one of most popular ways to increase the size of a man's penis. Nonetheless, there is some effort required - and a catch! By doing some penis enlargement exercises, you can train your penis to let more blood into it which will give you a harder erection and assist in penis growth if you follow the other necessary steps to cause big growth. (This is what the exercise "gurus" didn't want you to know!) But of course, exercises alone DON'T work. In the same way that your body does, your penis needs nutrients and biochemicals to repair itself and - more importantly for us - to grow. What's more, you can trick your body into restarting puberty style penis enlargement (i.e. natural growth) with biochemicals that were present in your body during puberty, but which left when it ended! When they left your body, penis growth ground to a sudden halt. A cool video all about biochemicals and their function in penis enlargement can be found at However, right now you can read this amazing free penis exercise ebook and start straight away to improve your sex life. What I can say is that this guide has been changing the way a bucket-load of men think about treating their "size" problem. Within a few minutes, you will learn how to become a much better lover with a bigger penis. Now enjoy this free report and please pass it on to your family and friends. Tell them about They need your help too. :) Let's get started!

John Collins,

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Penis Enlargement Bible

Know Your Penis

I'm not going to waste this space (and your valuable time) by telling you all about your penis. You know what a penis is already, right?! :) But there is some important stuff that you need to know if you want to make your penis bigger... As you know, the penis is not a muscle. It's also not a bone. Instead, it's made up of delicate spongy tissue which grew because biochemicals in your body made it bigger as you went through puberty. The most important thing you've gotta remember is that the penis isn't a muscle that can be exercised in the conventional way. BUT... You can use exercises to accelerate penis growth. And this free guide is all about those exercises which are most effective at accelerating the growth of your penis.

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Penis Enlargement Bible Unlike muscle, your penis consists of three cylinders or tubes of tissue. These are arranged with two cylinders on top (as you look down on the penis) and one on the bottom. They are each roughly the size and shape of a pencil. Running through the bottom cylinder is the urethra, the tube through which urine and sperm pass. These cylinders of tissue are firmly held together by a wrap of tissue called Buck„s fascia. If you want to make your penis bigger then you have to enlarge these 3 cylinders and the Buck's fascia. Here's a diagram of the male sexual organs:

Our objective is to make the shaft of your penis bigger in length and girth from the base all the way to the tip. When we do that you get a bigger penis. Penis exercises, unlike muscle exercises, are focused on trapping blood in the penis for longer than is natural. When I implemented my method of penis growth, this accelerated results and took me from a lowly 5” to a big 8”. This guide is focused on getting you gains that are between 2 and 4 inches personally. Before we look at the exercises themselves let's talk about measuring your penis...

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Penis Enlargement Bible

Measuring Your Penis

The truth is, the majority of men have no idea how to measure penis length accurately. To accurately measure your penis is vital if you want to record the increases in size. Here are the steps to measure your penis size accurately so you can give yourself an honest measurement about how you jack up to the male average of six inches‌ FIRST.... find a measuring device. A cloth measuring tape works best. IF you can't find one - then a piece of string will do. After measuring yourself with a piece of string you can place that string along a wooden ruler or some other measuring device! (I hope that makes sense)

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Penis Enlargement Bible IF your penis 'curves' or 'bends' [and many penises do!!] be sure to measure along the curve or bend. Don't measure STRAIGHT from your pubic bone to the tip of your penis in other words! Now the fun part... GET ERECT! Take your measuring device and measure your penis from your pubic bone (the 'pubic bone' is the bone you feel when you press in the area that is covered by your pubic hairs). Don't press TOO hard - but hard enough to be firmly against that bone. Now hold your penis - if you have to! - and place the measuring device (whatever it is that your using) along the top of your penis. (That„s the part of your penis that YOU see!) You are measuring from the pubic bone along the TOP of the penis to the tip of your penis. THAT measurement [whether in inches, centimeters or millimeters] is your OFFICIAL length. The reason I suggest measuring FROM the pubic bone is because it puts every guy on a level playing field. It's a way of being more accurate. Some heavier guys have extra fat behind their pubic hairs - making the penis APPEAR smaller. But we're going for the scientific method to measure your actual size. If you are using a piece of string or whatever, find the distance from your pubic bone to the tip of your penis and then measure the piece of string. To measure the thickness or 'girth' or your penis - stay erect and find the thickest part of your penis (along the shaft). Take your measuring device and wrap it around your penis to get your actual girth measurement. Take note of how many inches, centimeters or millimeters it takes to go all the way around. That measurement will be the official girth of your penis. That's it. That's all there is to it. Now, onto the basics of exercises... J

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Penis Enlargement Bible

Penis Exercises: The Basics

Penis exercises are a way of trapping blood in the penis. While some people sell systems on penis exercises this guide is free. And it's free because I'm not going to lie to you about penis exercises. I'm not here to make a quick buck. I was once where you are – trying to get a bigger penis – and I was scammed countless times. Here is what “gurus” who rip you off with exercise programs will tell you: o “Penis exercises are a great way to make your penis bigger. They're all you need to grow by 2-6 inches!!!”

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Penis Enlargement Bible o “Buy my stuff!!!” o “Exercises work because the enlarge the blood vessels in the penis and then your penis can accommodate more blood. That means you get a bigger penis!!!” I gotta tell you right now though. That's total BS! What you need is the two-step biochemical method to penis enlargement. One of these steps is exercises. So here's what you need to know about exercises. This is basic exercises, advanced exercises and finally a schedule for when to do what. Here's what you need to know... Some men, all too eager to see gains, have gone straight in at the deep end and done harm to their penis by not following the routine structure. Please be careful!

Warming up Just like any sports, warming up is very important to make sure that you protect your penis from any undue damage. If you fail to warm up properly then you're really putting a penis risk. I'll say it again, warming up is vital! First of all, you need to prepare your penis. Soak a washcloth in warm or hot water, then squeeze it out. Take the warm cloth and wrap it around the shaft of your penis (either flaccid or erect). Hold it right there for a minute, remove it, repeat at least twice. Next is to dry off your penis well. Many people have come up with different ways of warming up but I find the simplest to be dunking a towel in hot, but not boiling, water and wrapping it around your penis. The hotter the better – but please be careful not to burn yourself. Before you begin your daily exercises, you have to start off with this procedure for at least 5 minutes. The hot compress is useful because it draws blood to the area of your penis, thereby escalating the blood flow and making the skin more elastic. Another advantage is that this also ensures a good grip for the exercises you will be carrying out.

Lubrication Lubrication is necessary for all of the techniques we recommend here. Using the right lubricant will help you avoid irritation to the sensitive skin of your love gear.

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Penis Enlargement Bible There are many types of lubricants are used around the world. Of course, the most popular types are water-based personal lubricants. The water-based lubricants are so simple and easy to clean up, but tend to dry out quicker while you are exercising your penis. Therefore you may need to add more lube as you progress through your workout. While the petroleum-based lubricants are fine to use but they seem to be thicker and harder to clean up. Vaseline is the most popular of the petroleum-based lubricants, but we believe that VigRX oil works the best. This oil has been specially formulated to boost male enhancement. Now you are going to learn is standard stretching and standard Jelqing.

Stretching Standard stretching involves stretching penis so that the ligaments get longer under penis therefore gains length. The purpose of this method is to create tension in the erectile tissues by stretching the skin of the penis while in an erect state. Not only does this make the skin of your penis slightly elastic, it also expands the amount of the space in your penis chambers, the corpora cavernosa. The higher the amount of blood that can fill these spaces results in an enlarging of the overall mass of your penis. Stretching is so simple that you need to do is stretch the penis to make it longer. This involves gripping the penis just below the head and stretching it out with force to the ligaments gain size. There are six stretches. 

Stretch one: While sitting on the edge of a sofa or bed, begin stroking your penis using your thumb and forefinger (the same "a-ok" symbol used in our other methods).

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Penis Enlargement Bible Pulling the penis directly in front of you. You put the penis out directly in front of you from 30 to 40 seconds. As you stroke the penis from the base toward the head, maintain a firm grip and stretch the skin as best as you can. 

Stretch two: you put the penis directly down for 30 to 40 seconds.

Stretch three: people the penis directly up for 30 to 40 seconds.

Stretch four: you pull the penis directly to the left for 30 to 40 seconds.

Stretch five: you pull the penis directly to the right for 30 to 40 seconds.

Stretch six: you rotate the penis all the way in a circular movement for 30 to 40 seconds.

Repeat each direction 2-3 times. With these six stretches all you have to do is four sets of each everyday. Only do this after you have warmed up correctly. After you've finished the exercise you can release the grip on the base of your penis. You should feel the blood begin flowing again. Go ahead, you may ejaculate at this point if you feel the urge. Remember to use a firm grip and enough lubrication, always exercise caution! Do not grip your penis too tight so that you lose the circulation. If you are in pain or feel any discomfort, then you are doing the technique in the wrong way. Read the instructions again and retry the technique slowly.

Jelqing Stretching exercises are useful for lengthening your penis. But in order for one man to increase the circumference, you have to perform stretching exercise while your penis is in a partially-erect state. Jelqing is the technique that develops the whole penis so that its length, thickness, weight, and density all become proportionately enlarged. Jelqing (also called "milking") is actually one of those ancient practices that has been performed for centuries by various tribes and cultures around the world. It's considered the most successful method of enlarging the penis. These “milking” exercises could force the blood into your penis. Over the course of several months, the blood spaces in the penis will gain volume. In other words; they can hold more blood. As a result, your penis gets larger.

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Penis Enlargement Bible Jelqing is slightly different from stretching. Standards Jelqing involves forcing blood through the shaft of the penis by using your hand to trap it so that the blood vessels expand. The standards jelq, the one that you'll be using for the first number of weeks, requires that you make a shape with your thumb and forefinger. To make this easier to explain simply make an okay symbol with your hand. The 'O' that you create through doing this will form the basis of your jelq. The Standards jelq involves gripping the penis at the very base, squeezing tightly, and milking penis as you would a cow so that blood is forced to the tip. Standard jelqs should each last 3 seconds from the base to the tip. 1. Apply your lubricant all over the skin of your penis. Keep your lubricant close by since you will want it to last for as long as you need it. Don‟t use the soap because it tends to dry the skin. 2. With your thumb and forefinger, squeeze the base of the penis shaft. Pull downward. Stop at the head. Repeat, alternating hands. Each stroke should last about three seconds. The stimulation will certainly help you reach an erection. 3. When your penis becomes semi-erect (not fully-erect), make the "A-OK" sign with the thumb and forefinger of your left hand. With this hand, grip tightly around the base of your penis. 4. Now starting from the base, pull the penis gently yet firm. Stretch downward and outward. You have to maintain your semi-erect penis at this point. Make certain to start from the base the head with each stroke. Note that the head of your penis will get bigger with blood. 5. Switch to your right hand and repeat the stroke, starting from the base and stretching downward to the head. Alternate both hands in a smooth rhythmic ("milking") movement, touching upon every part of the penis except the very top part of the penis head. This is the very foundation of jelqing.

Don‟t forget that jelqing exercises are not performed during fully-hard erection. Make sure that your penis is between half to 3/4 erect. Results cannot be obtained until a partial erection is present. After this exercise has been done for quite some time, you will notice that your penis appears both longer and thicker. This is a fact. And we can assure you that from within one to several months of routine exercise, your penis will emerge quite huge; this is due to the impaction of blood in the penile tissues.

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Penis Enlargement Bible Carefully choose ONE of these jelqing exercise techniques that you feel comfortable with to include in your daily routine.

PC Muscle Workout What nearly everyone doesnâ€&#x;t know is that the pubococcygeus muscle (pyoo-bococksee-gee-us) or PC muscle plays a critical role in the functioning of the penis. The pubococcygeus muscle is actually a group of muscles that run from the pubic bone to the tailbone. The PC muscle is the muscle you bring into play to stop the flow of urine from the bladder. It is also the muscle that contracts whenever you ejaculate, moving the semen up through the penis and out of the body. The PC muscle is a busy little muscle, you know? But as far as most men are concerned, it is still grossly unknown. Mastering the techniques of male multiple orgasms is easy once you know how to train your pubococcygeus muscle. When you urinate and you want to get the last drop out, you use your PC muscle in the opposite direction. By doing this you'll feel your anus open and the feeling will be somewhat different. Most men can do Kegels anywhere, since they're seldom aroused by the exercises. Continued over a lifetime, the exercises can help men and women avoid urinary incontinence as they age. That, plus greater arousal, enhanced orgasms and longerlasting sex, make Kegels one of the simplest, most beneficial exercises a man or woman can do throughout their lifetime. Be careful though. Using your PC muscle can have negative effects. If you produce too much testosterone then you will find that you ejaculate prematurely. However if you follow our guidelines you will actually enhance your ejaculation control. The basics of the PC muscle work out involve you clenching your muscle as hard as you can for a certain amount of time. To find the muscle in question all you have to do is stop the flow of urine when you are in the toilet. In the e-mails that we send you we will give you an exact routine every week.

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Penis Enlargement Bible

Penis Exercises: Stepping It Up A Gear (Advanced Exercises) These next exercises are more advanced. You will use these as your penis becomes more used to being exercised in this way. They introduce more strain to the penis. If you were to use more advanced exercises immediately then you would do far more damage than good. The stretches and jelqs are slightly more complex. You will not be using these exercises for a number of weeks. You will be e-mailed exactly what you should be doing that week, and these exercises will make up a part of your later routines. Advanced Stretching Advanced stretching it's just different ways of forming stretching exercises. They stretch different parts of the penis.

The Wrist Stretch The wrist stretch is a way of applying pressure to the middle section of your penis midstretch. It stretches the ligaments more authority, but could also do more damage to your penis if your penis hasn't been trained by doing the simpler exercises first. The Wrist Stretch involves gripping your penis just below the head, as with the standard stretch, and stretching penis directly in front of you, to the left, to the right, up and down. To add more pressure to this stretch, you take the wrist of your free hand and apply pressure to middle of your shaft as you stretch before force. So, if you were stretching to the left, you would apply the wrist pressure on the left hand side of your shaft. If you were stretching up, you would apply wrist pressure to the other side of your shaft. If you stretching down, it would apply pressure to the bottom etc. Please don't attempt the Wrist Stretch unless directed by one of our e-mails.

The Big Seated Stretch This is a very long stretch for those of you who have time and privacy. Each stretch takes 10 minutes to complete. By that I mean literally 10 minutes of nonstop stretching.

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Penis Enlargement Bible To perform the stretch, grip your penis while seated by raising one leg up and putting your hand underneath it then gripping just below the head. Then, pull with full force and hold for 10 minutes. For the next set, lift up your other leg and using your other hand repeat the process.

The Big Squeeze The Big Squeeze is placed in this section because it is more a stretch than a Jelq. This routine simply involves squeezing your penis by putting it on the table, and using the flattened palm of your hand, push down on the penis. For this you push firmly by placing one hand on top of the other and using all your weight to squash the penis. You separate the penis into the upper and lower parts, and push down on each for 45 seconds

Advance Jelqing Advanced Jelqing is for those of you who want to see big girth and length gains. We've already seen standard Jelqing, but these advanced techniques will do much more to improve your size. You will notice there are quite a lot of Jelqing exercises that you can do. After you have completed our program, you will be a pro, and then you can develop your own jelqs. However, by the end of our program you will probably have reached the size that you desire anyway -- so you can forget all about Jelqing! Most Jelqing improves your length and girth. Stretching is reserved for length gains, but then length can also be obtained from Jelqing correctly. However, the main reason for using Jelqing is to improve your girth.

The Double-Handed Jelq Erection strength: 95% This is a variation of the standard jelq, the difference lies in using both of your hands instead of one. What you must to his start a standard jelq using your right hand, moving it up your shaft by about an inch, then with your other hand grip at the very base i.e. where your first hand started. Your left-hand is being used to trap the blood.

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Penis Enlargement Bible Now, with your right hand, jelq all the way up to just below the head of your penis. At this stage lots of blood will be trapped. Now, to gain length, finish your jelq with the first hand (your right hand) and slowly move your left hand up to just below the head. Then, take your right hand and gripped the very base again and continue this cycle. Important things to remember: your penis must be, and remain 95% erect. Only ever do this exercise after you have warmed up properly. This exercise is mainly for length gains, but by making a small variation you can turn it into a girth jelq. That is what we shall be looking at now...

The Double-Handed Girth Jelq Erection strength: 95% This Jelqing exercise is designed solely for improving girth. Start as you did the previous exercise -- so that your hands are either end (one at base, one just below the head). The only difference with this exercise compared to the last one is that this is your starting point. Now all you have to do, when there is lots of blood trapped in your penis, is to slowly push to hands together while maintaining a tight grip. What you will notice is that your shaft is being expanded as the blood is forced outwards. This is held for 30-60 seconds. Important things to remember: again, your penis must be, and remain, 95% erect. Only ever do this exercise after you have warmed up properly.

The Double-Handed Girth Bend Erection strength: 95% This exercise is similar to the last. With one hand at either end of your shaft, literally bend the penis forwards slowly, ruling it so that the bend moves from top to the bottom. Do this for 30-45 seconds. Repeat the exercise but in reverse i.e. bend it the other way.

The Ultimate Girth Jelq Erection strength: 95% Copyright Š All rights reserved.

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Penis Enlargement Bible Similar to the Double-Handed Girth Jelq, the object of this is to force your hands closer until they almost touch. The time spent on the movement from each end of your shaft to the center point should be 30-45 seconds. You can concentrate on different parts of your penis shaft while doing this. If you want to see more gains at the base than simply don't move your base and. If you want to see more gains closer to the tip, then don't move your upper hand. You can mix up the exercise depending on whether your girth gains are level or different at different points of your penis. Important things to remember: 95% erection. Ensure that you warm up.

Warming Down Each step of exercises should be ended with a gentle massage and a warming down session with the help of a hot towel. When you give a massage to your penis and apply some heat to it, it helps healing and rebuilding of the cell tissue. You see, heat promotes faster growth of tissue cells and it restores the sensibility problems you may have had during your enlargement exercises. So after each exercise, you have to massage your penis softly for about 1 minute. You should perform a soft and circular motion with your forefinger and middle finger along the base and the shaft of the penis. Be very gentle with your moves here since your penis has just been through some serious hard workout. Following the massage session, you should apply another hot towel around your penis, just like you did for the warm up. This part of the practice is as essential as the first one because the heat will stimulate the damaged parts and will make them function well again.

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Penis Enlargement Bible

Penis Exercises: The Schedule

This is the schedule that you can start today. Alone, it won't have any affect. Until you have assimilated all of the required nutrients and biochemicals into your body, you will just get improved erections and maybe a very small amount of growth. Usually it takes 10 weeks to see real gains, but you will notice a harder penis after a few weeks. Biochemical growth will cause rapid growth – it's what worked for me when I finally after years of trying – stumbled upon the secret to getting a bigger penis. But exercises increased the speed at which I gained by about 22% when those biochemicals were present. Here is the exact exercise schedule that I used...

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Penis Enlargement Bible


Weeks 1-3

Time spent on exercises per day: 15-20 minutes. Gently massage your penis and surrounding area with a warm cloth. You want to loosen up your penis and the muscles around it. Do this for 2-3 minutes. Standard stretching is the only way to begin! For this hold each stretch (outwards, up, down, left, right and around) for 30 seconds. Your penis must be flaccid to do this or you will hurt yourself. Go through this cycle twice. Exercise you PC muscle in the process by flexing it in the manner similar to controlling your bladder flow. This technique helps you preclude premature ejaculation. After 20 minutes, give your penis a rest. Wrap a warm towel around your penis and then repeat the routine after a few minutes of sufficient rest. Now continue on to the standard jelq. Do this for 10 minutes, and then warm down. Perform these exercises 5 days a week. Give yourself the weekend (or any two days) off. You will notice that your erections become harder and you may see a little growth. In week 3 spend 10 minutes doing the Double-Handed Jelq as well. Exercises to use: Standard Stretching Standard Jelqing

Weeks 4-5

Time spent on exercises per day: 15-20 minutes. Exercises to use: Standard Stretching Take a seat with you back vertically straight and mare sure to lubricate you penis. With one hand, grab the base of your penis squeezing the

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Penis Enlargement Bible penis shaft as you move towards the penile head. Once there, use your other hand and start anew. Do the squeezing routine for 3-5 seconds as you moved from the penis base to the head. Repeat this action over a 5 minute period without attaining a full erection or ejaculation. Standard Jelqing Gently encircle your penis and moving your hand up to the head, concentrate of pushing the blood up the penis. On reaching the head of your penis, take your other hand to the base and perform the same motion with your other hand. The Wrist Stretch Grip your penis firmly just below the head and stretch it gently to the left, to the right, up and down. Repeat this technique for about 5 minutes. The Big Squeeze Place your penis on the table, squeeze and put pressure on your penis with your palm firmly. But donâ€&#x;t be so hard on your penis. Keep repeating this for about 2 minutes.

Weeks 6-8

At the end of this cycle you will have your body at its optimum. This is the last transitional stage. Because of that you shouldn't do everything yet. However, you can split your exercises into morning and night. You should do more advanced, intensive jelqs and stretches as your penis starts to get ready for growth. Spend between 20-30 minutes a day exercising. Now you can do everything but the Ultimate Girth Jelq and the Double-Handed Girth Bend. If at this stage you have already begun to see growth then by all means do the others. You'll now know the feeling of a good workout so you will know which exercises you respond to best. Also, mix up what you do. Keep your routines fresh for the best results.

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Penis Enlargement Bible Week 8

Well done, my friend! You have been through a great experience towards enlarging your penis. Don‟t get too excited though because your first week is nothing. But now you can create your own routine. You‟ll have noticed what you respond to best. Tailor-make your exercises and growth will happen. Spend at least 15 minutes a day on intense workouts.

Note: Before any exercise you have to warm up and afterwards you have to warm down.

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Penis Enlargement Bible


That's the basis of penis exercises! This is a complete part of the system that I discovered (almost by accident!) which caused my penis to get bigger by 3 inches in length and 2 in girth. Why am I sharing this? I'm sharing this information because some really sneaky “gurus” are selling this information and making a profit out of it. That would be cool, and I'd be fine with it if it worked. But, here's the thing, it doesn't on its own! I personally wasted hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on penis enlargement stuff. And ALL of it failed until I stumbled upon the solution that worked wonders for me. So, this free guide is here to stop you getting ripped off. I am not a wealthy guy and at some points when I shelled out a fortune on these products I was really frickin' poor. So if I help one guy save a bit of money and get better educated then I think this guide is a good thing. So how do natural size gains happen? I've said exercises accelerate growth, and here's how my complete system worked for me. Please remember that I'm not an expert! I'm just a regular dude who found

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Penis Enlargement Bible something that's worked incredibly well for me and the few people I shared this info with. The way that my biochemical method works is by making your penis naturally grow. All you need to do is to restart the production of certain biochemicals in the body. These biochemicals were responsible for growth when you were going through puberty, and can be made to be produced in the body now, just like they were then. If you can do this then you will begin penis growth. Most people don't know about this vital technique because the enlargement industry makes much more money selling very expensive methods which don't deliver results. However, getting your body ready to make your penis bigger is the only way (other than surgery) that you can cause real gains in your penis size. That is the reason why other products (as you probably have discovered) fail, because they ignore this highly important aspect of growth. The way to make your penis bigger is by getting those biochemicals (which caused penis growth during puberty) back in the body. Then: BOOM! You will start to see gains. If you guys are interested in this then let me know. If you're not part of my members email list then sign up now - and you can email me directly from there! It's at If you guys want these secrets badly enough then I'll tell you them! I would rather that than you getting scammed by the big businesses like I did. All the best. Your friend,

John Collins

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Male Enhancement Reviews Men'S Health Magazine Permanent penile increase line. (Use this listing to jump to any subtitle in this page) For the remaining years I continually determined it unethical to talk about penis growt. Male Enhancement Reviews Men'S Health Magazine , on a domain claiming to prove that girls decide on larger than average penises, so I in no way did. But I come to understand that it is probably even greater unethical to keep away from speaking approximately it, considering that so many men hold on sending me personal emails asking me for help about expansion. Most of the time I do not even reply, however I become feeling guilty because I just go away them alone of their stressed tries to find their way in a frightening international of incorrect information and fraud. We all know it's a zoo accessible. Daily we're bombarded with TONS of advertisements and junk mail from all 4 corners of the arena, screaming how a whole lot penis size we could and have to gain to turn out to be a better guy. I accept as true with a unique technique is wanted. Instead of averting the issue, I will upload some records and realistic steering for those who are fascinated. In the last 12 months I've had some personal enjoy with growth strategies, so I will speak about that as nicely. As all people in all likelihood knows by way of now, there are numerous methods that declare to amplify the penis. There is the surgical manner , the vacuum pump approach, the penile exercising approach and the stretching gadgets approach. Beside that there are numerous "lazy" techniques like capsules, patches and lotions. Despite an excessively skeptical public, the reality that enlarging the penis is possible is slowly gaining attractiveness. All the strategies above, except the pills, patches and creams, can add a positive amount of length and/or girth for your penis. The best question that remains , is what is the satisfactory method (safest, handiest, maximum permanent) and which technique is most probably to provide outcomes that stimulate girls visually as well as vaginally. Penile Surgery. Surgery (phalloplasty) is for sure the only way and nearly guarantees to feature an inch or two in duration or even greater in girth in case you so preference. It is likewise the most high priced and perilous one, with the potential of a selection of mishaps during the operation and complications and infections afterwards. Lengthening is executed with the aid of slashing the ligaments that pull the penis upwards all through erection. This allows the penis to be barely pulled from your body. After the operation you hook stretching gadgets to the penis, to keep away from it from retracting back into the body. The unavoidable side impact of this operation is that the erect penis will become unstable ("wobbly") and will never factor up anymore, resulting in reduced vaginal stimulation all through intercourse. Scar tissue formation is another main trouble and might even reason the affected person to become with a shorter penis then before. Thickening is accomplished by one of the following 3 processes: Free fat transfer, Dermal Graft or Alloderm. Free fat transfer is done with the aid of removing fats from every other part of your frame through liposuction. Then this fats is injected directly under the skin of the penis. A dermal graft is achieved in two steps. First the doctor slices a layer of fat with its pores and skin connected to it from part of your body. This fats is then chopped into smaller portions. Next, the penis is carved open and the fat patches are inserted immediately beneath its skin. Depending in your request, the health practitioner can inflate your penis by means of squeezing as many slabs of fats in there as you want. The effects are as a substitute brief. After six months to a yr, the fat starts offevolved to dissolve and is reabsorbed by using the body. Some locations lose extra than others, on occasion ensuing in an unsightly, gnarled and bumpy "elephant-man" penis. An Alloderm graft may be very similar to a dermal graft except that the inserted tissue isn't from your own frame but is harvested from recycled corpses. Conclusion: Penis surgery is for now nonetheless too risky to be encouraged. Even if nothing is going wrong, the instability and shortage of upward pressure at some stage in erection are the principle risks. You will usually emerge as with a penis a good way to satisfy your girl much less than earlier than (visually as well as vaginally). It is plenty higher to have a small but rock hard erection than a larger however wobbly one. Vacuum Pumping. This man shows the effects of years of penis pumping. The significant testicles are as a result of pumping them in a cylinder particularly designed for that cause. Vacuum pumping also can upload size. You insert your penis into a hollow plastic cylinder and pump the air out of it and the penis swells to its maximum capability. The cells in the penis extend and get broken. They restore themselves and develop barely large. Repeating this process generally over a period of years will upload girth and little bit of period. However, most of the gains take place because of excessive skin swelling , which can purpose the penis to appear to be an overly boiled sausage. Even during erection the floor will live instead soft and spongy, lacking the hardness had to purpose friction to the interior of the vaginal walls. To a female, penetration might feel as if penetrated with a soft balloon packed with jelly . If you simply want to expose a bigger bulge for your pants then this won't matter to you, however I doubt that that is what most of you have got in thoughts. The dangers are that by overdoing it, you can significantly harm the cells interior of the penis. Blisters, internal bleedings or busted veins are commonplace mishaps and may bring about scar tissue formation, which frequently results in permanently crooked erections or even impotency. If you'll pump your penis, be very careful not to overdo it and get a satisfactory pump like the ones from Dr. Joel Kaplan. Penis Stretching with Weights or Devices. Despite the risks, stretching the penis by weights has been a popular practice amongst many PE fans. If you have got the time (up to twelve hours a day) you may upload duration to your penis through stretching it with special gadgets or by means of placing weights from it. The concept is that through applying sustained tension and traction, the cells in the penis muscle will receive microscopic tears after which optimistically divide and multiply. There are more than one caveats to penis stretching with weights. First of all it's miles extremely time eating. To be powerful, tension must be maintained for up to twelve hours a day, seven days every week. Secondly there are the big dangers. To stretch a penis you continually want to one way or the other attach these weights by using clamping something across the neck of the penis glans. This often cuts off the blood supply for a prolonged time, which could result in tissue loss of life, contamination, gangrene or even amputation. And finally there's the general consensus that stretching is handiest powerful for penile elongation. The thickness of the penis will live the equal or often even lower. Penis Exercises (natural penis enlargement) The approach is called natural penis expansion, because it calls for best the use of your palms. Penis expansion physical activities were round for a few years now. They follow the same standards that theoretically make penis pumping and penis stretching powerful, but combine them into guide physical

activities with out the use of exterior force. So some distance, this is the method with the nicest effects and the least risks. Because the blood in the penis is constantly stored in motion, actual tissue damage is an awful lot much less probably. Despite what a few claim, they're no longer "ancient mystery techniques". Most of the techniques present nowadays are notably new. The most effective vintage method is the fundamental jelq. I have tried a number of those growth sporting activities myself. At first I overdid it and bruised my unit and had to deliver it a relaxation for a month. Then I restarted and four months later I had received three/four inch in erect period, approximately two inches in flaccid length (on a warm day), 1/3 inch in erect circumference and about one inch in flaccid circumference. Flaccid gains are certainly much less difficult to attain than erect profits. How to do the fundamental jelq. Are gains everlasting? It relies upon. I stopped workout after 4 months because of a lack of hobby. Six months later, the erect profits had almost disappeared and the flaccid profits have been approximately 1/2 gone however stayed that way. Erect profits are said to be everlasting when a person follows a mild upkeep recurring, something I didn't do. To achieve success, the component that during my view makes a huge distinction, is the mental attitude that you own for the duration of your sporting activities. Become famous for having this mental power. When he labored out his biceps, he become absolutely focused and watched them almost as if he turned into in a trance. While others round him concept he turned into simply being useless and conceited, he knew that the intellectual contact he had with his body, could stimulate the nerves to send the important "develop messages" to the cells. Likewise, being mentally "in contact" with your penis for certain improves the restore-and-increase method. You want to visualise how the cells inside your penis are being stimulated to grow. A excellent line between overtraining and undertraining. For those of you who're acquainted with muscle improvement, you're for sure aware of the best line among overtraining and undertraining. Muscle boom happens while cells are careworn through resistance training after which allowed to repair themselves. Result: larger cells, larger muscular tissues. But too much or too frequently and the muscle can not keep up with the restore technique. Too little and that they grow to be lazy and may not grow. With penis expansion it's far lots the equal, except that this great line is even thinner . Although the penis is a muscle, its cells are unique and are less difficult to damage. To make the penis develop you may need to train on this fragile edge among overtraining and undertraining. This is a very specific line and is different from one guy to every other. The purpose why penis boom is an extended system, is that you could only discover this line by means of very slowly and GRADUALLY shifting up closer to it. If you cross too fast, you'll purpose damage that would set you returned months. That's why it is very crucial now not to rush into it. Far too many guys are overly enthusiastic and suppose they can pressure the penis to grow in file time, simplest to give up after two months due to the fact their penis is bruised and damaged. Start off with only a few mins of exercise in keeping with day and move up slowly. Results will depend upon many elements: accurate execution of sporting activities period of each workout consultation frequency of exercising sessions your dedication your ability to visualize your dreams and to cognizance your mental powers your food intake (preserve it nutritious and decrease the junk) your relaxation (tr. Male Enhancement Reviews Men'S Health Magazine to get your 7-8 hours of sleep) and closing however now not least your genetics. (simply as with different kinds of workout there are folks that reply better to penis sports then others) Like with the entirety else it's the energy of the thoughts that reasons us to achieve unattainable matters. Much greater than simply subject, it is willpower that is required right here; the regular conviction that you'll not prevent until you've got achieved your purpose . Be reasonable and cross in steps. Set your self a relative small purpose, get there, and circulate up. Don't try to be hung like Lex Steele in four months from now, it won't appear. Define your priorities. Remember that it is all about stability. I recognize for a fact that the average girl instinctively prefers a bigger than common penis. But this does NOT mean that she will rationally pick out a person based totally on that preference. Once a lady falls for a person, she will take delivery of him for the person he is and the frame he possesses. Sure, all things being equal th. Male Enhancement Reviews Men'S Health Magazine common female might pick a larger penis above a smaller one. But as many readers right here have cited, matters are in no way same , and that is essential. Yes, in case your partner could choose among you and an specific just like you who has a larger penis, she would select the clone. Except. She can not get to pick out because there's just one YOU . What I'm attempting to mention is that this: Don't assume that with the aid of constructing yourself a larger dick she will routinely like you better. It may not be a case of "all things bein. Male Enhancement Reviews Men'S Health Magazine equal except me having a bigger penis now" . You won't be the equal guy that you are these days, due to the fact your larger dick might not take place in a single day. It will take months if now not years, relying on your very last purpose. If you're going to lock( * ) your self to your room normal for an hour to work fanatically to your penis, plus permitting yourself some training and relaxation time, you is probably losing valuable time which you and your accomplice may want to spend collectively. * Some would possibly think: "Hey, do not lock your self away whilst doing all your sporting events. Make it a part of your intercourse life, permit her watch and masturbate herself." I actually have notion the same however this is not a very good concept. Although ladies will love searching at you while you're so proudly working on that swollen veiny penis of yours, letting them be part of it does not work. During your workout you need to preserve your penis in the proper share of flaccid as opposed to erected. Too gentle isn't correct and too stiff isn't always excellent both. You can not do the rubdown techniques on a difficult-on. If she is going to spread eagle and finger her wet vagina in front of you, that penis of yours goes to be manner too excited! Plus she will be able to most probably pressure you into having sex with her right after, which isn't always top for the increase system. Worse, after a penile exercising you are not purported to orgasm for more than one hours (due to the fact after an orgasm the penis has a tendency to retract). If this means that you may withhold her from having intercourse as well, then you will come to be with a very unhappy lady. That's what I mean by means of "all matters may not be identical anymore". Because of your preprofession with this system you might be a man that turns her off now! Compare it to the man who desires to get bodily in form to please his associate extra. Most girls choose a muscular guy above a fat or skinny one, no doubt. But in case you're inside the gym 5 days every week for 2-3 hours in a row, even as your spouse is at domestic watching the ceiling and feeling bored

and neglected, then some thing terrible goes to happen on your courting. I'm certain lots of you will apprehend your self in this. If you're a unmarried guy then all this does not be counted. You can spend all the time you need on building a bigger penis. If you're in a relationship, then be very careful that you do not emerge as fanatic about it. Don't let it wreck the good times you have to have collectively. Bottom line : If you are looking into enlarging your penis, then physical activities are the way to head. If you stick to a program the results will be better than with any of the techniques mentioned above. The least so that it will appear is getting a more fit, healthier, more muscular and more potent penis that has greater staying power and may be visually greater appealing to women. Because of schooling your PC muscle (pubococcygeus), your orgasms may also be extra controllable and forceful. Where to move for natural penis growth records. There are two locations that I advise. I nevertheless stand behind the men on the free web site Thundersplace.Com because they have got all the records and more. The most effective element is that they have got such a lot of experimental tactics that it might take you some time earlier than you recognize what you have to do. For the newbie who just wants to start with an growth habitual, it's far better to get in contact with a professional web page. After a few months, once you grasp the strategies and have gotten some profits, you can tryout the experiments which can be to be had at thundersplace. A expert web page I suggest is PenisHealth.Com . The important motive why I stand behind this website is that they offer you with customized programs and plenty of academic high fine multimedia (pics and films). In addition, they provide a greater compact model in their software as nicely, for those who can not spend an hour according to day on penis sports. Also, they're a large and straightforward agency and are inside the commercial enterprise for the long term, which means they will nevertheless be here in 5 or ten years from now and are right here to support their clients. Take a look at their website and notice for yourself: Penis-Health. What about penis drugs, patches and lotions? Pills are like a complement for individuals who have interaction in growth sports. By themselves I doubt that they'll genuinely grow your penis. (That bigger "pumped" look they provide on your erect penis is in my opinion now not genuine boom.) But as part of an exercise routine they will supply the penis and different organs with crucial nutrients needed for quicker recuperation of the tissues. Same idea for the penis patch , that's implemented to any a part of your frame, besides that patches permit for a more gradual launch of the components without delay into the blood move. (the same manner NicoDerm patches work by way of liberating controlled quantities of nicotine as a prevent-smoking aid) So a long way, th. Male Enhancement Reviews Men'S Health Magazine simplest products that are subsidized by a massive scientific company (Albion Medical) are VigRX tablets and MaxiDerm patches. Other groups are following in their footsteps however are for now lacking the credentials that Albion has. Penis lotions are in my opinion vain. Even if some of them may also contain exceptional elements, they do not have the potential of tablets or patches to get these components into the bloodstream.

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Male Enhancement Reviews Men'S Health Magazine  

Male Enhancement Reviews Men'S Health Magazine. Download Now Permanent penile increase line.(Use this listing...

Male Enhancement Reviews Men'S Health Magazine  

Male Enhancement Reviews Men'S Health Magazine. Download Now Permanent penile increase line.(Use this listing...