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Webjam Solutions - The Social Media Hub

Social Media - market overview More and more companies these days are discussing how Social Media are impacting the way they interact and communicate with their customers and other stakeholders. Today’s brand identities are defined by online conversations and connected experiences. One of the most visible areas is the shift from ‘static’, ‘brochure-ware’ websites to the new ‘conversational’ internet also referred to as the ‘old’ internet “Web1.0” and this new web world “Web2.0”. Fifty percent of companies surveyed in Forrester Research’s “Social Media Playtime is Over” report are increasing social media spending in the face of the recession. Although Social media budgets are small, they are growing during a recession, yet brands shouldn’t approach this as an experiment, and should have a proper strategy complete with objectives, roles, processes and measurement. Companies use social media for different reasons. Publishers and Media companies can empower their readers with user generated communities, citizen journalism , clubs and fan sites. Brands can let their clients talk about what they achieve with their products or services. Directories can add a social layer to their listings database, clubs and organisations can let their members organise events, keep them informed and let them network with each other. Businesses can create a fully fledged social publishing solution to share information and market to a community. The benefits for businesses can be significant: • Generated exposure for your business • Increase your traffic/subscribers/opt-in list • Engage in new business partnerships • Rise in the search rankings Generate qualified leads • Reduce your overall marketing expenses • Help close business An overwhelming majority of marketers say they are now using some form of social media to market their business, though many of those using it say they have only been at it a few months or less, according to a social media study by Michael Stelzner. The study, which set out to understand how and why marketers are using social media to grow and promote their businesses, found that Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn and Facebook - in that order - are the top four social media tools used by marketers.

The research also included an analysis of nearly 700 openended responses, which revealed the top-three questions marketers are asking about social media: • • •

What are the best tactics to use? How to do I measure the effectiveness of social media? Where do I start?

Webjam Webjam is your ideal partner to help you find answers to the 3 questions above. We help companies to connect with their customers and employees by providing them with an easy, affordable platform for social publishing and engagement. With Webjam you create your own branded and customisable social media environment in which content is created and shared easily, communities grow naturally and social media net- works integrate seamlessly. We are based in London and we have an international and very experienced development team. Our roster of corporate clients is growing and includes clients like Random House (Publishing) and JWT (Advertising Agency). Our Social Publishing and Engagement platform is built on .NET as a Software as a Service (SaaS) and went live in January 2008.

Recently, Webjam has been listed on the 2009 Tech Media Invest Top100 list featuring the hottest emerging and most innovative companies in the tech and media industries this year. This is yet another acknowledgement of the hard work we have put into developing an open platform that allows our customers to develop personalised customer engagements and align their online reputation with their brand.

Webjam Solutions - The Social Media Hub Webjam Solutions - The Social Media Hub Webjam can be considered as a framework, a blank canvas for a fully branded, customised and controlled social media environment that serves as a hub for your entire social media presence. We bundle powerful community features with an easy drag-and-drop interface, a rich catalogue of modules & styles, and a unique feature for clients and their community editors to replicate content, application, lay-out or even entire sites. Above all, it is very easy to RSS, import and export from and to the main social networks, websites and publishing tools.

Webjam provides a powerful CMS (Content Management System) with a social layer and a B2C (Business to Consumer) community creation tool, allowing you to create, manage and foster social media communities for your audience, members or clients. By benefiting from Webjam’s social media expertise, managed services and creative consultancy, your social media initiatives can be transformed into revenue generating opportunities. Webjam Solutions for Social Publishing and engagement

A social media hub built on Webjam will help you to monetise your communities and to transform influencers and contributors into brand evangelists: •

By creating a fully branded, customised and controlled social media environment serving as the hub for your social media presence on the web.

By providing you with the interfaces to all common social media tools from your own branded social media website to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, etc.

By aggregating the flow of conversations about your brand, putting them into context and re-sending them to key networks on the web.

Our offering is based on three elements: The social publishing platform to host your social media environment, the managed services to stay in control of your social media deployment and the creative services to translate your requirements in an unique, engaging and visually attractive social media solution. What our customers say about us

By creating, managing and fostering communities and offering them a “destination” to check out on your buzz & reputation and providing them with the relevant context. Random House, Book Publishers “The Vintage Reading Group is a community of reading groups – where members can share ideas, recommend books and gain inspiration. Webjam forges groups of likeminded readers to engage in debate and receive feedback. Promoting and creating brand loyalty.” Yamaha Education, music brand “Webjam has allowed us to expand our membership, stay in touch – and provide a teacher-resource for meaningful discussion like never before”

The online communities built with Webjam are not meant to replace your existing social media presence on Facebook, Twitter or other networks. Instead, they enable you to enhance their social media experience by giving them more information and more ways to exchange opinions about your organisation, products or services. All this happens in a customisable place where you control content and user data as well as your own advertising, sponsorships, transactions and affiliation initiatives.

Global Entrepreneurship Week , Government Campaign “The Webjam platform is the ideal solution for creating and managing our online community network for Global Entrepreneurship Week” For more information: Webjam Business Development: Denise Turner, +44 07850 301102,