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Leverage Social Media to Monetise, Engage and Empower your audience


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Can you afford not to embrace Social Media? More than half of B2C and B2B companies will increase their spend in Social Media in 2009*

Forrestor Research, Source: ReadWriteWeb*

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Activating under-monetized audiences Create your very own social networks, and let your audience do the same within your branded environment •

• •

Publishers /Media Empower readers with user generated communities, citizen journalism, clubs and fan sites – Brands Let your clients talk about what they achieve with your product or service Directories Add a social layer to your listings databas Businesses Create a fully-fledged social publishing solution to share information and market to a community Clubs/Organisations Let your members organise events & network, and keep them informed

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A Growing Roster of Prestigious Clients √





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Webjam Solution Groundbreaking platform, easy-to-use interface

 All the features you want from Social Media • From simple commenting and ratings, to networks of communities

 Plus, everything you need to make your community grow and thrive • Built to scale, with full editorial and moderation control • Marketing tools to drive engagement and traffic • Revenue streams built-in

 Without excessive time spent, development, and cost • Easy-to-use drag & drop technology • Easy one-click viral distribution across your channel & no loss of control • Option to outsource your community management, design and end-user support

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From SaaS (Software as a Service) ... to MaaS (Marketing as a Service) Turn-key all-in-one Social Publishing Example features • Forums, blogs, polls, surveys • Photos, Video, MP3, maps.... Membership management • Different site views • Privacy, co-editorship • Changeable registration fields Revenue streams • Advertising & sponsorship • E-commerce • Network Community subscription • Auto premium up-sale • Membership subscriptions Viral • Replication • Auto invite, Join, HTML newsletter • RSS, exportable modules, badges (c) 2009 Webjam Ltd - Confidential

Webjam’s network of communities offers clients Unique Monetization Options Imagine you are the editor of the fictional Cosmo wedding site and want to give wedding templates to your audience

Wedding Site

Wedding Community Hub Wedding Wedding templates templates

Activity feed, Subscription, Advertising, Transaction Revenues User Wedding Site 1

User Wedding Site 2

Branded environment carries over

User Wedding Site 3

Copy/Paste: Content, Modules, Pages, Styles and Sites “in one click”

How it works: Community Network Hub Integrate into your existing site activities from user generated communities

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How it works: Replicable templates Turn members into brand evangelists – e.g. ‘Cosmo’ branded wedding sites

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Add community features into your existing editorial site(s)

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Scale and keep complete control Enable co-editorship and access to site, page, module Control editorial rights site, page, module Lock in content and functionality site, page, module Monitor, moderate, edit all blog and forum entries Control different views public, member, private Allow, or not, replication of a site, page or modules

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Built in marketing tools for reader acquisition Enable co-editorship and access: of site, page, module Auto Invite module based and accessible from editor view Join module base module based and accessible from editor view

HTML Newsletter to your members and email list RSS Feeds exportable & Exportable modules

Badges with all activity Registration fields add to your registration process (c) 2009 Webjam Ltd - Confidential

Activating under-monetized directories Transform static directories into dynamic communities by empowering listing providers and fostering reputation driven discovery

Claimable Customisable Landing Pages  Claimable listings fully hosted by Webjam  Flexible easy to use customisation tool  Online or telemarketing premium claim facility

Up-sell to stand alone business website  Online or telemarketing premium site facility  Provide businesses end 2 end online promotional requirements  Their own URL, their own brand, but interconnected with your service

Network of Interlocking Community ‘channels’  Claimed listings to be automatically made a member of a channel category  Interlocking community channels around countries, cities, vertical markets  Unique discovery search and community management tools

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Maximise your database, create new revenue streams with a Web 2.0 Overlay 1


1. Name and strap line from partner XML data 2. Address / contact info from partner XML data 3. Web / email info from partner XML data 4. Map is generated from partner XML address data - Webjam Google-maps module 5. Opening hours from partner XML data 6. Listing information from partner XML data 7. Export and clipping tools

9 6


Static Landing Pages

8 5



4 Claimable Customizable Landing Pages 11

8. Claim this page button User clicks claim button to trigger claim functionality 9. User reviews from Webjam review module Latest customer review shown 10. Photos from Webjam photo module Business owner can add photos once page is claimed 11. Youtube video added with Webjam 12. Controls for members, privacy, moderations Key Numbered elements are data-driven/interactive elements

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Enhance Discovery and Connections with Ranking Increase engagement. Improve landing page up-sell potential.  Encourage engagement – boost ranking within the directory with the Webjam reputation score for claimed networks. Score increases with activity (comments, ratings, memberships) of claimed pages.  Improve up-sell potential – boost ranking within directory for premium listings. Listings that are upgraded to premium get an increased Webjam reputation score.  Reputation management – businesses can see own reputation score on their claimed listing page and therefore take action  Visibility of reputation – users can see business reputation score to aid them in decision making

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How Webjam increases revenue generation 7 Revenue Streams       

Advertisements – PV from activity and micro-sites Sponsorship – offer access to like-minded network Micro sites – sold to advertisers and sponsors E-commerce – lock in and distribute Subscription fees – from the up-sale of sites (Premium) Membership Subscriptions – to communities (coming soon) Style Skins – to sell to sponsors (coming soon) With Webjam today


Sunk Cost

Lost Making Engagement (c) 2009 Webjam Ltd - Confidential

Incremental Revenues

Sell Stand Alone Premium Business Websites Create a new revenue stream, provide for businesses end2end needs

One click and your advertisers’ listing becomes a standalone site You create a new revenue stream

What Makes Webjam Different? •

Leverage templates and replication tools to provide easy roll out by administrators and end-users

Combine a CMS with a social layer and a B2C community creation and management tool

Make the best of the platform Managed services (consulting, engagement, stats, moderation)

Benefit from ROI-driven Cost-efficient outsourced turn-key solution

Powerful yet simple to use

Differentiating features

Built-in Monetization

Purpose agnostic blend of publishing, blogging, social networking

Replicable content, modules, pages, styles and sites

Incremental subscription and ad revenues through customer communities

Collaboration across profiles, groups and sites

Ability to foster communities of communities

Built-in incentive for publishers to share their creations

Open-social compliant versatile modular interface with flexible layouts & styles

Unique search, ranking and reputation allowing discovery and ad serving (Q2/Q3’09)

Reseller Program for agencies, software companies and directories

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Webjam brings your organisation‌

A revenue generating, easy-to-use social publishing platform

A viral engine for your brand A cost-effective, hassle-free, turn-key solution Lexie Mendelson Business Development Director mobile: +44(0)7872600988 Webjam Ltd phone : +44(0)203 170 8741 fax : +44(0)203 008 6131 48 Charlotte Street, W1T 2NS, London (UK)

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• About Webjam • Testimonials • Press

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Webjam at a glance Providing companies and organisations with a social publishing platform allowing them to create, foster and monetise social media communities Yann Motte Awards

CEO & co-Founder Former VP Product Management, Yahoo! Europe Essec, Paris; Harvard MBA

Alberto Barreiro Creative Director & co-Founder Former Senior Designer & Strategist, Yahoo! MA in Fine Arts, Vigo University , St Martins University , London

• Based in London • Founded 2006, Beta 2007, Live Jan 2008 • B2B Launch, September 2008

Marcus Greenwood VP Product Engineering & co-Founder Serial Entrepreneur Created travel & hedge fund platforms

John Eikenberry CIO/CTO Former CTO of portal Lycos and dating service Be2 Columbia/LBS MBA, London

• Licence fee & subscription model • SaaS platform built on .NET Media

• Notable awards and press achievements

Lexie Mendelson Director of Business Development and Marketing Start-ups including Mobango, Amplefuture, WeeWorld BA Arts (Rhode Island), MBA (c) 2009 Webjam Ltd - Confidential


Random House Publishers

“The Vintage Reading Group is a community of reading groups – where members can share ideas, recommend books and gain inspiration. Forging a group of like-minded readers to engage in debate and receive feedback. Promoting and creating brand loyalty.” Claire Wilshaw, Random House Publishers

(c) 2009 Webjam Ltd - Confidential

Yamaha Education Music Brand

“Webjam has allowed us to expand our membership, stay in touch – and provide a teacher-resource for meaningful discussion like never before” Bill Martin, Yamaha Music Education (c) 2009 Webjam Ltd - Confidential

JWT Advertising Agency

“We chose Webjam because it offered the most diverse and robust platform to accomplish our creative aspirations. It seamlessly blends functional elements while keeping community at its core�

Ben Hopkins, Creative Developer, JWT

(c) 2009 Webjam Ltd - Confidential

Global Entrepreneurship Week Government Campaign

“The Webjam platform is the ideal solution for creating and managing our online community network for Global Entrepreneurship Week� Chris Spavin, Make Your Mark (c) 2009 Webjam Ltd - Confidential

Zone Media Music Education

“Being able to share editing has saved a huge amount of time and means we can get information to customers as soon as we make decisions instead of having to wait for a webmaster.� Ian Clethero, Zone Music Education

(c) 2009 Webjam Ltd - Confidential

The Other Side Magazine

“We never expected to be able to do something so advanced – so easily! Since we have started working with Webjam, we have managed to quadruple our readership and now have our own online community.” Sam Lassman Watts, The Other Side magazine

(c) 2009 Webjam Ltd - Confidential

Elevate Education initiative

“The more I work away at Webjam I really believe I have found the solution for our needs. I feel we can provide a number of new clients in the Irish market place and perhaps provide some additional promotion for your excellent tool.� Digital Hub

(c) 2009 Webjam Ltd - Confidential

Webjam partners in the press “There is an online community of people who love the mag where they can interact with other like-minded people. Eventually the magazine will be produced by members of the community who write and want to be published. It will be a first.” Sam Lassman Watts, Editor of The Other Side magazine in the Guardian

“Bringing people together around a community is the next way forward for corporate blogging. Webjam combines corporate blogs with social networks on one platform for its clients.” Yann Motte, Webjam CEO on NMA "The possibility of not only having a blog, but having a two-way conversation and growing a community to share best practices and [offer] support seemed like a breath of fresh air.” Yamaha Music Education (c) 2009 Webjam Ltd - Confidential

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