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Create your own community network

For one minute... ...imagine a place where you can make a website that incorporates everything that is great about the internet. A place where you can add YouTube videos, flickr photos, Google maps, the weather, horoscopes, Google calendar, Yahoo mail, Google mail, Venda shops, Amazon and more including adding widgets you found whilst searching the web. And‌all with just one mouse click! Well‌you just found it. Welcome to Webjam!



Welcome to Webjam!

CONTENTS 1.Getting Started

Creating a network from scratch - registering Copying a network you like Using a template

Welcome to Webjam!


Registering an account – option 1 On click the Create your network button or click ‘create new network’ at the top of any Webjam page. The registration light box will appear (see left). Fill it in then click ‘Register and proceed’.

Now choose a title for the network you are about to create and click ‘Create my network!’

Part 1: Getting started with Webjam

Finding a network to copy – option 2 Alternatively you can duplicate the style and layout of a network in an instant.

Searching Find a network you like by searching through the thousands on offer using the search tool in the top bar.

A new light box will appear and all you need to do is select the checkbox: ‘A copy of this network’* Give your new site a name and click on ‘Create my network’ and it’s a done deal, a copy of your chosen site will appear instantaneously.

click ‘Create new network’ on the left of the top bar.*

*If this option is not available the editor has chosen not to allow replication.

See other site ideas at

Part 1: Getting started with Webjam

Templates – option 3 Create your site in seconds! As you learnt on option 2, every site is a potential template that you can copy. You can also access themed templates created by us; visit to see.

Click on a template to be taken to the site.

If you like what you see click the ‘Start!’ button to replicate and begin editing!


Part 1: Getting started with Webjam

Registering with Webjam  

How to set up your own network site

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