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Opening Conversations

Maximising engagement – measuring adoption and business value

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Did you know….

• By 2012, over 50 percent of enterprises will use activity streams that include micro-blogging • By 2014, social networking services will replace e-mail as the primary vehicle for interpersonal communications for 20 percent of business users. • By 2015, 25 percent of enterprises will routinely utilize social network analysis to improve performance and productivity. Gartner 2010 (c) 2010 Webjam Ltd - Confidential

Social media used

A quick analysis of the websites of the 25 strongest business brands in the UK

Youtube channel Facebook Social media page Yes




Linkedin Twitter

On company homepage 0% Blog follow us Yes


No Twitter RSS 0%






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Approach One

Social media as part of the company’s DNA

Clients can connect with company using all possible social media networks

Using all social media tools to communicate

Linking client engagement to “hot topics” (c) 2010 Webjam Ltd - Confidential

Approach Two •

Stimulating client engagement via one dedicated social media page

Acting as the “hub” for all social media activities

Using all social media tools available today

A gateway to all other company’s social media networks

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900 marketers were asked for the benefits of social media

Generated exposure for my business Increased my traffic/subscribers/opt-in list Resulted in new business partnerships Helped us rise in the search rankings Generated qualified leads Reduced my overall marketing expenses Helped me close business

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The 3 Ps of Social Media Engagement

People get excited when their Passion contributes to a Purpose. Social media is like pouring gasoline on a fire of great ideas.

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A Model for engagement

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Social Media Engagement for Vintage Books  Create virtual reading groups: Through these groups people across the world can talk with like-minded people, to share their passion about reading about books

 Reading advice: Community members will guide other members on what to read, what is good, what to buy

 Brand recognition: Making Vintage Books the online destination of choice to go to for reading clubs and contemporary reading

 Reviews/Feedback: Unique opportunity to listen to the market and use information as input for market research (c) 2010 Webjam Ltd - Confidential

Social Media Engagement for Vintage Books  Create an online book club for existing and new readers  Allow users to create a profile, join a book club and make friends within the community easily, be part of a collective of readers  Enable users to build a profile, select their favourite books, review, recommend and rate books  Allow users to join a book club, to exchange opinions, ideas and joint experiences  Immerse readers into the Vintage catalogue (c) 2010 Webjam Ltd - Confidential

Join community Invite friends Create reading group

Top groups

Surface contributions

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Vintage Books – Social Media Hub

Full integration with:

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Engagement  A major launch initiative with the Reading Agency  12 established reading groups across the UK participating in year long activity as early adopters  Each month a classic reading group book will be chosen for promotion and discussion amongst the groups and promoted from our central hub  The first book for discussion will be Christopher Isherwood’s A Single Man now made into a film starring Colin Firth  Extra content will be posted regularly onto the site and publicised through a variety of online platforms – reading guides, video content, interviews and comment  In the second phase we will engage a global community through our international divisions. Australia will be the key focus of our first global engagement

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Measuring success • Assess the performance and effectiveness of our social media site, our community and our online reputation:  Analysis of our web site traffic in page views and returning visitors  Analysis of member activities and community engagement (i.e. top contributors, top content)  Reputation management in areas of keywords, brand sentiments or positive/negative analysis

• Using standard Internet analytics tools and tools provided by Webjam

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The Enterprise Social Media sphere




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Social Media brings true interaction and conversation in the relationships between the company and its customers. Employees are key in these interactions because they will bridge online and real time customer conversations.

Webjam brings you‌

Your own branded and customisable social media environment in which you create and share content between customers and/or employees, grow your local communities and use all relevant

social media networks.

Contact details :

Webjam Ltd phone : +44(0)203 170 8741 fax : +44(0)203 008 6131 48 Charlotte Street, W1T 2NS, London (UK) (c) 2010 Webjam Ltd - Confidential

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