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A Free Q&A With Your Webinar Software! If you are in an industry that involves a lot of talk talk talk, you might notice a lot of your customers emailing you to ask these questions. This seems like the same old same old to me which is why I have tried cha changing nging it up a little bit. Unless you actually charge your customers to consult with someone with your company about the services or products you are offering, you might want to start thinking about a little meet and greet question and answer event with your you customers using a webinar software program or webinar services. Webinars aren't really anything new. They have been around for a few years now, but when a lot of people think of a webinar, they get it confused with a podcast. For me, these are two very different things. A Webinar (like a seminar) is a very business-like like event. On the other hand, a podcast is a video or a meet up of a person making a video and casting it out on to the Internet. Also, in a webinar, you will be participating live with your viewers, whereas in a podcast, it's almost like a YouTube video. You make it, you post it, that's it. Webinars are a little more involved. Webinars are also a great way of making money fast. Might seem a little odd, but you would be surprised how much people eople love being able to talk to you on screen rather than through email or IM. A lot of the small businesses or home business these days don't ever think about webinar software programs to MAKE them money. By utilizing webinars services, you can really have ve a sit down and talk to your customers without having to travel all the way over to see them. Big money saver! A little question and answer event might be a good way for your customers and potential customers to ask you questions. Of course you will ha have ve to be prepared

for the questions so that you don't look like a deer in headlights! But, I'm sure if you sit down and think about it, you can think of all the obvious questions your customers might ask you. You could even look at past emails and see what questions people have asked you! This is a good chance for your customers to see who you are, how involved you are, how educated in your business you are, plus it shows them that you aren't just about the money. If you were, you sure as heck would be offering of a free webinar to let them ask you questions! Besides making money fast, this is a good way to get repeat customers as well. If you have never used webinar software programs or webinar services before, that's okay! We all have to start somewhere! A lot of the sites online that offer webinar software or information about webinar services will also offer webinar training. This will be much needed information if you plan on doing ANY kind of a webinar have it be a meet and greet, Q&A, event, presentat presentation, ion, meeting, conference, etc. You need to know the right things to say and more importantly what to NOT say. As well as how to follow up after a webinar, what types of additional programs you can use in your webinar (such as PowerPoint) as well as a load of other webinar training tips!

A Free Q&A With Your Webinar Software!  
A Free Q&A With Your Webinar Software!  

If you are in an industry that involves a lot of talk talk talk, you might notice a lot of your customers emailing you to ask these question...