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10 Businesses That Desperately Need a Mobile Website “Technology feeds on itself. Technology makes more technology possible”. These lines are not by me but by the famous American visionary Alvin Toffler. With the constant advancement with which the media world is moving uphill, our modes of communication have really changed a lot. Company or business promotion through mobile based websites has become a trend now and that it should be. This is because you can reach out to more customers because of this unusually unbelievable medium called the phone and with its gradual use; it has been converted into a technology itself. A mobile compatible website does not only benefit the owner of the company, but it helps its customers too. Now that we have been bitten by this bug, life would be a bit difficult without these websites, which we can so easily access through our mobiles. There are some businesses, which should always use this technique, cause to their respective customers, this technology has become indispensable. These are: SEARCH ENGINES: Whenever people need information on any topic, this is THE place. Search engines have be­ come a one place solution for all problems. So, these websites should be available on the phones too, making them more accessible to everybody.

DIRECTORIES: Nowadays, everybody has stopped searching their telephone directory for addresses or phone numbers. It’s all in their phone. They just need to log in to the site and get your favorite res­ taurant’s number to book a table. But, what if they are confused about the location? Not to worry. These mobile based websites can show them the map too leading them to the exact place.

SOCIAL WEBSITES: Can you find one person who can stay without clicking the ‘like’ button? It would have been really difficult if people had to log in and find their friends in these websites only through the desktops. Not only, do they serve as a medium among old friends, but it has also turned out to be a forum where you can actually interact properly with all your customers. This is really go­ ing to boost your business profile. Ebizindia Consulting Pvt. Ltd. We leverage the mobile web for generating new leads for your business.

NEWSPAPERS (MEDIA): Getting ready for work with a hassle everyday is a common story. In the mean time, people have to miss the tabloids about issues around them. Come on, it is important to know what is happening around you. Isn’t it? But still, they do not miss on any events. The newspaper in­ dustry has really taken this revolutionary step by launching their mobile based websites, which people can easily read on their way to work.

MOVIE THEATRES AND OTHER MODES OF ENTERTAINMENT: Movie buffs find this particular technology very useful. Not only do they get an exact schedule of the different movies, but then they can also book their tickets through their mobile phones. Yes! No need of going all the way to the theatres to find houseful shows, no need of desktops either.

TRAVELLING: Business officials have to keep on traveling from one place to another, very frequently. Is it possible to book tickets every time through the desktop or their travel agents? YES, but then it’s a big NO when there is a time crunch. They can book, change or even cancel their flight or train tickets through the mobile based websites.

ANTIVIRUS SOLUTIONS: They have traveled in a very commendable speed from the monitors to the mobile screens. Yes, viruses are in VOGUE and as usual, the need for its solution, i.e. the antivirus software is also available. But if these software companies create mobile compatible websites, then these can be easily installed from the phone’s internet browser itself. Moreover any grievances from customers can also be answered through the mobile phone.

BANKS AND FINANCE ASSOCIATIONS: In this fast moving age, this can actually be a real relief to some people. Instead of going to banks or checking ATMs, people can easily get their required information on their cell phones. That way, opening a mutual fund or transferring money from one account to another won’t be a big deal anymore. Even money transfer across nations could be a matter of 2 minutes. Ebizindia Consulting Pvt. Ltd. We leverage the mobile web for generating new leads for your business.

STOCK MARKETS: As a stock market agent, one always needs a full update on their required shares, within an in­ terval of a few minutes. Bulls and bears keep on getting changed very randomly and quickly too. Moreover, if a desktop is unavailable, a stock broker can keep an update, if he can get across a stock agency’s website.

SATELLITE TELEVISION AND RADIOS: Going to the shop to recharge the membership every month, or to book a special program is a real waste of time. Instead these can be done from the phones themselves. All they need to do is enter the username and password and ABRACADABRA! Recharge is done, from your mo­ bile phone itself. These websites have become a part of their user’s life. Being able to check them whenever needed has made them even more popular among users. Life would become a bit tough without these on the tip of our fingers, where we can actually get the solution to our problems, whenever we want them.

Ebizindia Consulting Pvt. Ltd. We leverage the mobile web for generating new leads for your business.

10 Businesses That Desperately Need a Mobile Website  
10 Businesses That Desperately Need a Mobile Website  

Several business types need a mobile website more than the others. Here are 10 such business areas.