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A total of 43 domains contain the name iitkgp. With so many domains existing, it is essential to bring everything to one common platform. Otherwise, information dissemination becomes a problem for everyone concerned.

All the stakeholders of the institute are major recipients of the news about the website. The vastness of our target audience can be seen through the number of hits and reaches on our website‌

With these many hits on our website and our facebook page, we can easily confirm that the main website is the best portal for information dissemination, for all purposes. The goal thus is to bring everything to one common portal.

All the information on one page, gives it a certain authenticity that the stakeholders can bank upon. The media bodies can also rely on this website as the sole source of information about the campus.

Showcasing all achievements of the institute into one common news board. The ‘submit news’ tab allows anyone from inside the institute to send us any news that they think is relevant for the website‌

Any type of news can be submitted, ranging from student achievements to campus construction and newspaper releases‌

Once the sender fills out this form, he/she will be sent a confirmation mail to ensure that the person concerned is indeed from the institute. If the reference is authentic, then the news will be approved by the PR committee and will be put up on the portal.

A new page on the website‌ A portal for budding startups to submit their ideas , and get connected to their established counterparts‌.

Arguably one of the greatest leaders and inspiration icons that this institute has seen, spoke on the campus and his tenure here‌ Along with Prof. Souvik Bhattacharjee, other leaders too will be contacted for leadership talks, and their views will be shared on the institute channels‌

A portal for students to showcase their innovations and ideas‌ and to attract the generous attention of venture capitalists‌

Webinars, the e-seminar series‌ would put us in touch with the great visionaries of our time‌

A compilation of the much-awaited placement/internship analysis‌ for current as well as future aspirants‌

A brief compilation of the institute news. Growth and progress can be clearly observed on this record‌

Another new addition‌

Social Media managers‌people who thrive on social media channels to maintain the existing profiles of the website‌ These communities serve as the major viewpoint for the stakeholders‌

The main idea behind the revamping of the institute website. To create a channel which boasts of completeness and aunthenticity‌ for ideal information dissemination to all the PR channels, ultimately leading to the building of the image of the institute in the eyes of all our stakeholders‌.

THE PUBLIC RELATIONS CELL The committee to ensure the smooth running of the website and all its channels‌ The people who will work to build up the portals, along with the Website team head, the PR Chair, and the VP of the institute.

Teams to be formed:1. The Website and Design team: For the creation of the portals and their maintenance 2. The Content-Developers: Collecting and reporting news about the campus. Developing the content for the annual report 3. The Photography team: For the purposes of the campus galleries, interviews and webinars 4. Social Media Managers: To maintain the social media profiles (facebook, twitter, linkedin, google-plus) and to maximize publicity 5. Community Managers: Points of contact for the Cell, to co-ordinate between the cell and the stakeholders of the institute

[PR Cell] IIT Kharagpur Website  
[PR Cell] IIT Kharagpur Website  

The plans behind the revamping of the website, and formation of the Public Relations Cell