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Top 10 Domain Name Registration Tips If you are thinking of advertising products or services online you will want a website, but before that you must record your domain name. When it comes to Domain Name Registration there are many things you need to think. The domain name should be memorable and as easy as possible to keep in mind following all it is the one thing that builds your standing online.

Here are Top 10 helpful Domain Name Registration Tips to help you make the right choices. 1. You must choose the right domain addition. The domain extension tells the visitor where you are, for example tells the visitor that you are placed in The United Kingdom and .dk tells them you are placed in Denmark. However, for businessuse .com is the most well known? I advise you go for a .com domain extension every time it is possible. If not, then use .net. 2. Always use a of good reputation service, Yahoo domain registration for instance. You can get a domain name from Yahoo for under $9.95/year. You can get more information at this web address: ( 3. Use keywords in your domain name. What are you advertising online? If you are selling advertising tips for businessowners, then you should include the words "marketing tips" in your domain name. Google and other search engines look at your domain name and if it contains your main keywords you will rank higher in the search results. 4. Pic a short domain name, it is easy to remember and easy to spell right. For example, is a lot easier to remember than However, getting a short and memorable domain name is not an easy task these days becauseall the good domain names are almost certainly reserved. What you can do is use a thesaurus to get first-class ideas for your domain name. There are also domains expiring all the time, so maybe you can grab one of these. With a little luck the domain also has some inbound links ready. You can search for expired domain names at this website address: 5. Avoid using trademarks from other companies, or you risk being sued for copyright and trademark breach. Register your domain name in first-classfaith.

6. Avoid hyphens in your domain name. If the simple domain name is reserved by someone else you might have to use hyphens or come up with another name, use a thesaurus for information. Hyphens make the domain name look long and difficult to keep in mind which often results in people visiting the wrong site and you will lose business.

7. Buy the other domain extensions as well so no one can break your businessby registering the same name with an additional extension. For example, if you register, you could also register and becausethese are the most popular and well knows extensions after. Com. by doing this, no one can piggyback from your hard work. 8. Choosea Domain Registration businessthat offers phone support. If you have trouble, you need to be able to get support as almost immediately as possible. If your website is down, you will not make any money. This is why I recommend you go with a big company that has good status, for instance Yahoo domain registration. 9. Look if the businessoffers support in designing your website or blog. You will not have any use of your domain name if you don´t have a website it points to. If you have totally no idea how to setup a website on your own domain, big companies have often support obtainable for that as well. If you run an online businessyou need a website that looks specialized. 10. After you have establish the company you like, go to Google and search for "domain registration services�. If your company appears in the first 10 results, you can be quite sure it is a of good reputation company. If you are still unsure, search for user reviews about the company. For More Information:

Top 10 Domain Name Registration Tips  

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