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So you've got your brand new eReader - how are you going to protect it? Not surprisingly there are several options for you to choose from. Make sure when you are ordering that your item is the right size and fits the size of your eReader: Cases - hold the eReader securely in place with flexible straps on the corners. Usually they come in a sturdy leather, with a soft suede cloth on the inside to protect the screen. The case can be folded back while you are reading, much like you would fold back a paperback book. When not in use, the case covers the eReader and has a snap closure to prevent the case from opening inadvertently. Silicone Cases - are made from high density silicone and are fitted exactly to your eReader. These cases grip the device to keep it from getting damaged, and leave easy access to controls, screen and ports. Similar to the silicone covers for cell phones, they don't slide out of your hand easily. Covers - hold the eReader securely in place with a perfect fit casing around the device, leaving open all ports and buttons you will need to access. They are often in leather with heavy stitching to ensure durability. The cover is secured with an auto-securing magnetic flap. Some covers even include a light that can be hidden away when not in use. Sleeves - come in a couple of different styles. Typically they are made out of water-resistant Neoprene and are designed to simply slide your eReader into them. Some sleeves have a zippered opening, others feature a Velcro closure, some have a flap closure, and still other have no closure, but feature an hour glass shape to prevent your eReader from sliding out. All sleeves are designed to protect your device from bumps and dings along life's way. Skins - are thin, laminated vinyl decals that adhere to your eReader and display your personality with vibrant art. The adhesive used does not leave any residue on your device should you choose to remove it. These decals protect your eReader from scratches as well as make a bold statement about who you are. Screen Protectors - are clear plastic pieces designed to fit perfectly on your eReader screen. These are created especially for e-ink screens and contain a specially designed coating to diminish glare and appear invisible while you're reading.

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==== ==== For great Kindle D00901 deals check this out ==== ====

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