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Vol 3 Issue 3 April 2007

SHOW ME THE MONEY! Circular reporter investigates the debate over grants for students in private colleges

By Mark Kane How many of students have had to get extra hours in work to pay the rent and how many have had to get loans from banks to pay tuition fees to be able to attend colleges like Griffith to study for a dream career? The answer is a lot of people! There is an estimated 57,000 students in Ireland who receive maintenance grants each year. In 2006, over 228 million euro was spent between the four student support maintenance grants. Not one of cent of this went to a student attending a private college. The government has classed anyone who goes to private college such as Griffith College cannot get a grant because they are in a feepaying college. But if you break it down what is the difference between private and public colleges? They both teach the same subjects; there is nothing different about the lectures and they do the same job as lecturers in public colleges. The degrees you achieve at the end of your time at college are no different from any other college. Private colleges have an image attached to them that everyone drives around in expensive cars and lives the high life. But this perception is a falacy. Many people are here because they recieved loans from banks and will be paying them off long after they finish college. Students go into debt because they want to get their

dream job and will not let anything stand in their way. People ask why students don’t go to colleges that don’t have large fees like DCU or UCD? Well the answer is not everyone can get the right points. If you miss your first choice by five points, does this mean that a student shoul give up on his or her dream career? That is where private colleges come in the picture. It is another option to live your dream but at a price and the government does not offer private college students any help. The government says that they see education a vital part of Ireland’s growth but fail to live up to thier word by refusing to assist students in finantial need. If one applies for a grant from the government, it is based on their financial situation within a family and what college he or she attends. The refusal of grants to private college students is a topic rarely discussed because private colleges have not made the issue a priority until recently. This year, the Students Union of Griffith College campaignined in favor of government support of private college students. Barry Stokes, Student Development Officer for Griffith College, stated that the issue will not be solved in a day and that it will take a few years before real progress can be made. On the upside, he believed that the discussion is now on the table CONTINUED ON PG 5

Minister of Education and Science Mary Hanafin

Live it Up with Little Cash Tips on how to save money and live well without spending a bundle By Linda Sherlock Surviving financially as a student can be hard. For a lot of people; the auld ones are pretty open-handed with money, seeing as we’ll be making the big bucks in a few years time. How many unemployed journalists in Ireland was that you said...?Others have a job and many

have weekend jobs. But students have many important expenses. In order of importance: An overwhelming fondness for all things alcohol. A ten or more a day smoking habit maintained by many people, (one that leaves the Griffith College campus shop stripped of Marlboro lights by Thursday!) A penchant for educational television shows like Desperate Housewives, Lost and Skins, as well as a sufficient amount of premiership football, reality TV shows and every imaginable soap: like Home and Away; which teaches us that stalkers are everywhere, Alf Stewart has his own language and always keep away from cliff edges.

You can’t learn that in college. Suffice to say; paying the NTL and ESB bills is definitely worth it. The basic human need to eat tends to factor in too. And last, but certainly not least, college expenses. But over time you learn that there are things you can do to budget. As a fresher, well accustomed to mammy’s cooking on the table everyday, a person can usually start out spending a fortune every week, buying food in Spar instead of Tesco or Lidl and buying all your drinks in some packed, over priced nightclub in town. After a while though, you become more shrewd CONTINUED ON PG 5

Inside: Marty Whelan’s holiday scandals




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Camilla Tosatto Paddy Murphy Ryan Sheehan Mark Kane Yaning Liu Trine Jensen Trudy McCarthy Linda Sherlock Daire Walsh Paddy McCormack Orlagh Ryan Amelia Matier

Editor’s Note Hello! Welcome to the Circular! Our goal this term was to created a student oriented publication that would both inform and entertain. We have some hard-hitting news, but the majority of this edition of The Circular is dedicated to having fun. So don’t expect to raise your I.Q. with this rag. Hell- you may even get dumber (only messing!) On a more serious note, I am very proud of all the contributors for their unquie style and dedication to the paper. We were lucky to have a wide range on opinions and ideas (including 3 international students and one angry Welshman) this term which stengthend the outcome of the paper. I would like to say thank you to Alan Gill and Orlagh Ryan who put up with my incessant questions and perfectionism. As well as all the contributors and friends who made this issue possible. A special thanks to my roommate Taylor, who copy edited the entire publication without even being in the class- you are truly a legend. Finally, to my class- sorry for all the nagging and yelling- but at least we got it done! -Mia

The Circular is produced by the students of Griffith College Dublin, South Circular Road, Dublin 8. Tel. 01 4150400 To contact email:




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To Vote or Not to Vote...


By Paddy Murphy

In the western world voter apathy is at the highest level it has ever been at, voter turnout is at its lowest levels ever. Why? Probably because people have simply stopped caring. Who is the minister for transport in Ireland? Ok maybe a few of the self righteous journalism students know this, but do any of you law, music or business students know? More importantly do any of you give a fiddlers? Probably not. There’s an important election coming soon, and the place is going to be awash with cheesy posters plastered with slogans and promises that probably won’t be kept. Also there’s a popularity contest between Fianna Fáil and Fianna Gael and Labour, the winner gets to play with the P.Ds, the Greens and the Shinners. Will any of these voting contests make any difference to your lives? Unless one of the candidates knocks on your door or if you are actually canvassing then no, probably not. Now, not that I’m a complete smarmy stain on this beautiful democratic utopian society of ours, but I do know what some of you are thinking…… but people died to give us the freedom to vote, yes you are right there, but would it be that big of a difference if the Queen of England was our head of state, last time I looked, both Australia and Canada were doing fine…also if everybody thought like I did then nobody would vote, oh God shock horror what would we do then? I don’t know but it might make for a few fun days wouldn’t it. Maybe that’s what we should do, let’s everybody not vote and see what happens, also on the same day let’s everybody go to their respected bank branch and withdraw all of they’re money, what would the banks do? I don’t know, I don’t care, but I’d sit outside Leinster House with a six pack of Becks and watch the fireworks. I’d find a nice high lamppost and shout with all my soul “Goodbye Celtic Tiger, I’d like to personally welcome Ireland back to the dog-eatdog world of capitalism, raise your glasses with me, for who knows if we can sink or swim, but let’s enjoy the ride” The major problem here is that people don’t mind who is the ruling party is so long as it doesn’t hit their pockets, that’s the main thing here, I know, I know, I just said that in a different way but it does need reiterating. Money makes the world go around and when people finally realise they are being ripped then they will make their voices heard. Look at that annoying leprechaun with the vioce of a castrated mule from Cork, everybody loved his show, all it was doing was telling people what they should already know. Maybe that’s what this country needs, somebody to stand up and tell the public what the government is doing, a political interpreter, if you will, who can explain in proper everyday language what is happening. What we need is a return to the old-skool of politics when it started in this country, Big Jim Larkin, Collins, Griffith, Dev, these were ordinary people trying to do things for the greater good of the country, not a bunch of overweight, middle-aged gobshites earning far more than their woth. Until that happens, I won’t be voting in either of the forth-coming popularity contests, good luck to the participants but I couldn’t care less. So let me leave you with the words of the late great Clint Eastwood, “Opinions are like asshole, everybody has one.”

By Orlagh Ryan


Why vote? Well, why not? As part of a democracy, one that strives to make political headway to equal our European and International counterparts, we not only have the right but the freedom to do so. Consider yourself in the position of a South Korea man or woman marooned in a country that knows no social equality, no independence and more significantly, no democratic freedom. Millions the world over have no say in who governs them or how they are governed. Those that argue that voting is pointless are quite frankly pathetic. Equally are those that “just didn’t get around to it”. One has to accept that by living in a democracy (which translates to ‘majority rule’), there will be times when the majority does not endorse your view and just because you are part of the minority doesn’t qualify you to wallow in your own self pity. If anything, it should stimulate your fighting instincts to be pro-active, or at least become more committed to your beliefs and principles. A blatant profligacy of power placed directly in your hands is inexcusable. Perhaps some feel that their vote won’t have an impact on the overall result of the election. In the 2000 US Presidential Election, George W. Bush’s victory was determined by a mere 1% of the electoral vote. And what’s more galling is the fact that his opposition, Al Gore won the popular vote by the same statistic. In raw figures, a measly 537 electoral votes sealed the deal for the now infamous Mr. Bush. It can be argued that Ireland’s political parties do not do enough to lure the voting public to the polls; a lack of diverstiy, confusion over policies or a disregard for the minority are all common complaints. There is, though, the common belief held by most young people, students in particular, is that politics is uninteresting, inaccessible and for the most part intimidating. Wading through the endless campaign leaflets that are posted through our letterboxes in an attempt to establish what the party in question’s views on health are just doesn’t appeal to the majority of young people. However, an ignorant voter is more detrimental to society than a non-voter. A substantial decrease in the number of Irish citizens going to the polls has been noted for as long back as the 1970’s. Nowadays, with the political climate so dynamic, the significance on voting is stronger than ever. Here, there seems to be an unmistakable trend of adopting the same political beliefs as our parents. The same trend can also be attributed to where you come from. Political preferences appear to be inherited. There are alternatives out there, although it seems that Irish voters, and non-voters, are too lazy to seek them out and make an informed decision. Instead of voter apathy, they are demonstrating an indifference to the diversity of opinions, failing to learn the principles and beliefs of those parties who are not apart of the mainstream. The right to vote is ones ticket into a democracy; one that has been fought for long and hard. To waste a vote equates to placing a hand over your mouth and silencing your opinions from the public forum. Don’t be that person, get interested and get involved. The looming General Election will be the real test of our apparent voter lethargy. With the present coalition coming under increasing pressure, will this affect voter turnout? Let’s hope so.




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High Times with Howard Marks Circular Reporter meets with the notorious international drug smuggler to discuss the possibility of marijuana legalisation in Ireland By Ryan Sheehan

Howard Marks has been many things in his life - Oxford student, drug dealer, convict - and most recently pop hero to Dublin’s young hipsters. Marks is one of the biggest convicted marijuana smugglers of all time. During the 1980s he had 43 aliases, 89 phone lines and 25 companies used for laundering money. At the height of his operation he was transporting up to 30 tonnes per shipment, and was affiliated with MI6 and members of the IRA, CIA and Mafia. Marks was born August 1945, in a small Welsh town called Kenfig Hill. He went on to study at Oxford University, where he experimented heavily with LSD and began selling pot to friends. A few years later he was shipping in tonnes of the best quality marijuana from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Thailand and Columbia. Shipments destined for the UK were often sent through Shannon Airport. This was done with the help of Jim McCann, who claimed to be a member of the IRA. During this period Marks rented a house near Newmarket-onFergus, in Co. Clare, and would often use the back roads to transport car loads of grass. As Marks has served seven years in an American Federal Penitentiary for his crimes, he is able to talk openly about his criminal activities. When he was released in 1995, and went “straight,” he decided to write an autobiography. The result was the bestselling Mr Nice. He first promoted the book by doing shows in book shops and pubs. Soon he was selling out theatres and doing tours. Marks later wrote a second book entitled The Howard Marks book of dope stories. This was a number of peoples doping experiences, told by Marks. His recently released third book, Senor Nice: Straight life from Wales to South America, accounts for what he has been up to since the release of his autobiography. Last November, Marks came to Dublin to do a number of live shows and promote the new book. He held speaking engagements at Trinity College, UCD and Spirit

on the 8th, 9th and 10th respectively. He was due on stage at 8pm for his talk at UCD but was running late. Roughly 250 people were in attendance. There were Ross O’Carroll-Kelly accents everywhere- the place was picked with rich kids. “This is gonna be great. He’s a F--kin’ legend,” said a guy in the audience as each of his friends arrived. At about 8.10pm, the sound technician came from the backstage area with Howard’s glass of wine, bottle of beer and pint of Guinness. The second he opened the door, to his bemusement, the crowd started clapping and cheering. He placed the drinks on the stage and started messing with the microphone. Still they clapped. One fan - sporting a Howard

“Yeah, I’m high pretty much all the time. Am I suffering from the drought? Ha. Not a cat’s chance.” Marks haiárdo - elbowed his friends in excitement and saying, “Legend! Legend!” as the applause continued. Eventually, much to everyones embarrassment, he put up his hands and shouted “I’m not him by the way!” For one second time stood stil as the entire entire auditorium seemed to look down at the floor in shame. Finally, Marks appeared. He opened by talking a little bit about jail and the emotional peaks and troughs he had experienced and went on to explain why he

Howard Marks who visited Dublin to speak on his life involving marijuana had written his autobiography, before he began talking about cannabis. Marks is, obviously, for the legalisation of cannabis. He even ran for parliament in four districts of the UK with ‘The Legalise Cannabis Party’. It is also noteworthy that he never dealt anything other than the various forms of marijuana. “I only dealt the best. No Sh-te What are you smoking now? Soapbar? F--king sh-t. I wouldn’t touch it.” Many may believe Marks makes a fair point. The argument runs that if cannabis were legal, the government could eradicate the use of this harmful, low grade hash, whilst simultaneously monitoring the strength of the marijuana it made available for purchase. Provided they picked a suitable strain of plant, and sold it at a reasonable price, it would also stop cannabis user’s enduring the seedy process of meeting dealers who offer other drugs. Next, Marks addressed some of the topics covered in ‘Senor Nice’. He spoke about his return to Wales, meeting old friends, researching Welsh ancestry and travelling to South America and Jamaica (where he smoked a joint at Bob Marleys grave). Most of all he spoke about his time in Switzerland. During his period in American prison, Marks studied and passed a degree in Law. After the promotion of Mr. Nice was complete he

had to decide what to do next. He still wanted to be involved with cannabis, so he began looking into the laws of various countries in Europe. He discovered that although it was illegal to sell cannabis in Switzerland, it was not illegal to grow it. He began immediately. He showed pictures of the acres and acres of land that he filled with top quality marijuana plants to the audience. He used the plants to create seeds which are now for sale under the name ‘Mr. Nice Seedbank’. He also began selling cannabis oil to NSA Body Shop in America. In one order alone they requested 5litres with the THC (the bit that gets you stoned) removed. This took 25 tonnes of grass to create! “I can’t remember what we did with the THC,” he said laughing. Although Marks did not smoke his usual joint of grass on stage, he said he had been smoking before coming on. “I wouldn’t insult a Dublin audience by coming out straight. I’m totally wankered,” he said as he sat on his stool to begin the questions and answers segment of the show. One interesting question was how he felt the legalisation of marijuana would affect drink sales and the economy. “They enhance each other. I don’t see anything wrong with it, except the whitey possibility! I like to mix the two I don’t know about the economy. I’d imagine it would help.”

Another question was what the general public can do to help promote the legalisation of cannabis in Ireland. “Your generation will legalise it anyway. So be careful. It doesn’t matter a f--k if I go to Mountjoy this weekend. It would for you I suppose the best thing to do is register and vote for the most liberal party that has drug policies.” One of the last questions, which he had already answered during the talk, was whether he was high whilst talking to us. “Yeah, I’m high pretty much all the time Am I suffering from the drought? Ha. Not a cats chance.” Senor Nice (Harvill Secker) is now available in all good book stores. For more information on Howard go to

POT LAWS IN IRELAND In Ireland, cannabis is still considered a schedule 1 drug . under the Misuse of Drugs Acts, 1977 & 1984. Possession of cannabis is dealt with differently to harder drugs. Irish legislation states that possession for personal use is punishable by a fine of up to 300 euro from the District Court or up to 500 euro from the Circuit Court. However, on a third offence, a fine and/or three year prison term will be imposed.




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Romano Prodi - the incumbant Prime Minister of Italy

Italy: A Government in Crisis When and why it happened and how it was overcome By Camilla Tosatto Governments fall and then they are rebuilt, this is what allows social changes to take places in our society. But what is the mechanism that permits one coalition to remain in power? And how important is the contribution of a citizens’ vote? The causes that led the Italian Government crisis concern two issues: the sending of more troops in Afghanistan to support the legal war sustained by the UN and the expansion of the USA military base in Vicenza (Northern Italy). Prime Minister Mr Romano Prodi’s argument, failed to influence two dissenting senators from his coalition, whose ballots were essential for the majority in power to pass the proposal. As the proposal was made, an issue of confidence and divergence of opinion in the same coalition took place. As a result; the Government crisis was caused by Prodi who decided to consult President of the Republic Mr Giorgio Napolitano. Napolitano opted out for a re election, instead of a popular election (that would have been won by the right wing, considering recent malcontents polls) in the hope of obtaining renewed and with a bit of luck, more sincere promises of loyalty. At the re election, Prodi’s proposal won 159 votes against 156 in the Senate. The Government collapse has stiffened the determination of even those of the far left, like Rifondazione Comunista to stick with Prodi, fearing a right wing return into power. In the 12 point programme presented by Prodi to the Parliament no mentions were made of the proposed law on civil unions, which has alienated the ever-powerful Catholic Church, this would allow Prodi to drag Christian Democrats into the coalition. The most important thing in politics is being able to mediate… It is clear, from this picture that the distance between the policies of the two poles (centre and far left) are rapidly shrinking to keep the coalition together. The promises, projects and ideologies of each party for which the voters have expressed their preferences, are to be sacrificed for comprehensive reasons. It is also for logical reasons that the distance between the rulers and rules is increasingly threatening democracy and leading to desperation. To cite an example, all of the Italian left and 80% of the population are opposed to the Afghanistan war while almost 70% of Italians and partly the left wing coalition are in favour of the introduction of gay marriage. With this system, and with this government coalition, the public opinion will always be ignored. According to a the quote by Mr Prodi:’ “The doctor gives the patient not the medicine he wants but the medicine he needs”. Well, Mr Prodi, are we really sick for knowing what we want? Do the representative majority count more than the real one? Personally, I still have faith in what the voting citizens could do. Isn’t it but few people ballots that Prodi won last years election getting rid of a worst Philo American foreign policy?



“SHOW ME THE MONEY” CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 and that private colleges are finally “getting the ball rolling.” Unfortunatly, there is not organization in place for private colleges to deal with situations of this kind. Students in private colleges do not have a substantial voice which results in very little political pull when dealing with the government. However, there is an organisation called USI (Union Students of Ireland). They represent the colleges that join them in matters that concern students. Each term, which lasts five years, USI has a congress where member colleges decide on what the USI should deal with to improve situations for students. When it comes to grants for students they do a lot of work. Bernadette Farrell, a spokesperson from USI, told The Circular that when it comes to government grants for third level students, USI pushes the government to centralise the grants system to make it more fair.

The USI are also lobbying for a new bill to be pushed through before the next General Election. The Students Support Bill aims to regulate the different grants through one group. Currently three of the four government grants go through

“HOW TO...” CONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE 1 and crafty in the fine art of budgeting. Recently, my aim was to see just how low I could go money wise in a week of college. This was to include eating dinner every night (preferably a healthy one) and going out on a Wednesday night. One thing I learned during that week was that I have definitely not mastered that fine art of budgeting, I couldn’t survive on 50 euro a week (what girl could?) but I didn’t do too badly. Probably the most valuable lesson I have learned in my time as a student is that robbing food from your parent’s house is like student law and is an excellent way of filling your tummy while still keeping the pennies in your pocket. As decided, dinner was eaten every night and turned out to be the most inexpensive meal when compared to lunch which I would normally buy on campus. With dinner though, you can buy bulk items and use them again, this always works out cheaper. For example, making a curry is inexpensive and can be the healthy option too; whatever vegetables and/or meat you like, a jar of sauce and brown rice. A meal like this will definitely work out at less than a tenner especially if you pilfer some vegetables from your house at the weekend! Risotto, pasta bakes, stir fries and lasagne: these all contain cheap, non-perishable ingredients which can be adapted for a healthier diet by using wholegrain alternatives. These types of meals also freeze very well and the majority of them can even be made in the oven-less Griffith Halls of Residence! I also found that those cobweb laden cans of spaghetti hoops and Tesco value cornflakes that you

find at the back of a cupboard, usually turn out to be a god send at some point or another, so try and keep stocked up on relatively nonperishable items. Ok, that’s food covered, something we would rank below alcohol because that is just an awful student stereotype. Yeah right. Living in an expensive city like Dublin, a person who likes to indulge in a little tipple every now and again needs to understand a thing or two. And we students do like to indulge.

“No private colleges are joined with USI which is a mistake." the VEC and the other one is run through the Dublin City Council. This bill will put them all under the VEC which should improve the efficiency of the grants. Problem is- the bill doesn not include students in private colleges, but it seems unlikely that the bill will be pushed through before

“The price of alcohol can vary but one thing is for sure, a bottle of vodka for your own personal drinks cabinet is a hell of a lot cheaper than any bar or nightclub” The price of alcohol can vary but one thing is for sure, a bottle of vodka for your own personal drinks cabinet is a hell of a lot cheaper than any bar or nightclub, particularly if you’re not picky about the brand. Or quality. For most lads out there (and some ladies) six cans of Dutch gold, royal Dutch or Holland’s finest Bavaria beer for seven euro is considered ritual before hitting the town.

the government is dissolved next month. The Department of Education’s view on the argument is straight forward. They believe that if the student does not meet the full criteria required then they cannot receive a grant. This one-line answer proves that no one is listening to private college students. The Labour Party commented on the situation regarding private students, stating that no student should be neglected no matter what college they go to. No private colleges are joined with USI which is a mistake. If private college students want the government to listen to them, they need the USI’s help. There should be no difference what college we go to if we want to realize our ambitions which means we need all the help we can get. The solution is simple: All they need to do is have the grants based solely on financial circumstances and not what form of education you are receiving. It sounds simple and it’s ridiculous to think that progress has not been made.

Having a few drinks with friends before you go out means that you don’t have to break the bank in a night club later on. Now I’m not condoning binge drinking but merely saying if u have the willpower to put away a bottle of vodka after you’ve drank some of it then this is for you. If you’re the type who’s going to drink whatever you have despite the amount then maybe you could do your liver a favour and accept that this option isn’t for everybody. The simple solution to these alcohol related money problems is to drink less, but who wants to hear such a profane idea? During my ìbudgetingî week I went to Tripod on Harcourt St., which was ten euro in but two vodkas and a red bull were only 8 euro to my delight. A few ociable ones in my apartment before we went out meant that I didn’t have to break the bank and ended up spending around 40 euro , taking into account that I had to get taxis, this isn’t too bad, especially if you know you’re going out in advance and aim to save some money for it. In this case though, my flatmates and I didn’t even have enough money for the all important trip to Abrakebabra to round the night off to its preferred end. Tomorrow morning? Vomiting? Pah. Kebab please!) But a trip to the 24hour garage to buy crisps with our bottom-of-handbag-pennies seemed to cheer us right up. The way I see it though, we students have such a tough time anyway, what with those two hour lectures, time consuming assignments, gruelling exams and even worse -repeats, we deserve a little R and R. Except on Tuesdays. Tuesday is Desperate Housewives day. Now where are those crisps? And pass me a can of Dutch will you?




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93% OF MALE LAW STUDENTS EXPOSED AS VIRGINS Surely the most shocking statistic of all in the sex survey conducted by Griffiti was the fact that 93% of male law students have never even had sex? Not only does this raise severe questions about their social lives, it produces even more serious issues about the future state of our criminal defence. Are we really supposed to expect these people to divert us from a possible jail sentence? I’m


s i n b u D P u t b s l i e n B

93% of male Law students have never even had sex not being funny but how could you trust a guy to convince a judge and jury that you were innocent (especially if you did it) if he hadn’t even once persuaded a girl to let him engage in a bit of the old in-out? Still there’s a lesson to be learned: Broke the law? Get a female lawyer.

JOURNALISTS HAVE PRIVATE PROBLEMS While the nether regions of our virgin Law students remain disease free (if somewhat selfabused), the same cannot be said for us journalists. The same Griffiti poll sensationally revealed that over half of our journalism students have had genital warts- despite an average age of just 21.5 years.

“Over half of our journalism students have genital warts” After hearing this shocking news, I went deep undercover to seek the truth by examining any female student who would partake in my ‘studies’. I soon decided that this matter deserved a longer period of ‘research’ and the next few weeks were spent drunkenly examining the genitalia of every free minded journalism student I could bribe (not all of which were women I’m afraid). Now, The Circular can exclusively reveal that it’s quite possible none of those examined had genital warts at the time of being tested. Thinking of sleeping with a Journalism student? Use a condom (maybe two).

By Mia Matier and Orlagh Ryan

1) The Bleeding Horse 24 Camden Street Upper Dublin 2 This double-decker pub is designed with beautiful dark wood and the best smoking area in town. It is good craic on any night but best on Saturday and Wednesday when the bar hosts an entertaining quiz night.

ready and waiting for you upon arrival. 6) Bamizu Powerscourt Shopping Centre, Dublin 1. The perfect spot for a romantic date in the Powers Court Centre. Very lovely atmosphere with great seating in a central location location.

2) Whelan’s of Wexford St. 25 Wexford Street, Dublin 2. Completely refurbished and restored. This bar and venue is a great place for live music and space to dance without an admission fee.

7) Hogan’s Bar 35 South Great Georges Street Dublin 2 On the 19 bus route, this swanky spot is perfect for the twenty-something crowd which accommodates for the night owl with a late bar until 2.30am on weekends.

3) Dakota Bar 9 South William Street Dublin 2 Nice relaxed atmosphere; a great place to go after work with one of the widest selections of cocktails on offer.

8) Arthur’s Bar Griffith College Dublin With the hottest bar tender in Dublin it is the ideal spot for a bit of madness on a Monday night!

4) The Headline 56 Clanbrassil Street Dublin 8 Only a short walk from the Griffith College campus with good food, good people and good times. 5) Flannery’s 6 Lower Camden St Dublin 2 Looking to lose your head? This Camden St watering hole is always a wild time! Known for it’s friendly and efficient staff you’ll be sure to have a pint

9) The Temple Bar 48 Temple Bar Dublin 2 For the real city centre experience head to this infamous spot for a traditional Irish coffee. 10) The International Bar Wicklow Street, Dublin 2. This intimate bar off Grafton St has the finest comedy on tap as it plays host to Dublin’s longest running comedy club, Comedy Cellar. Comedian Des Bishop might even make an appearance!





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How To Survive a Hangover

Tips from Griffith’s biggest alcos on how to keep your head after a night on the town


THE JUDGE- STATE YOUR CASE! CASE 1 Your Honour, I’m a law student, 23, who would like to remain anonymous. I am at my wits end and don’t know what to do. I told a lie in order to seem cool but now I’m worried that I’ll be exposed as a fraud. It all started a month or two ago when I lied on a student poll. I said that I’ve had sex before but I clearly haven’t. I’ve never even felt, or seen, a womans bare breast. The results are now out and they’ve exposed the fact that every other male in my faculty is a virgin. The problem is that, unfortunately, one of the boys saw what I wrote at the time. I think he must have told some people because suddenly I’m the most popular person in the class. Girls are rubbing up against me and asking for my mobile number. Yesterday, one even suggested we go see a film sometime. What shall I do? Not only have I bad breath and no clue how to perform in bedroom, I’m also a sad, boring git. Besides, having a girlfriend would really cut in on the time I normally spend hanging around the library. You have problems but this ain’t one of them, pal. Give that bird the elbow for her own sake. The last thing she needs is a notch like that on her bedpost and the last thing you need is regular sex when you could be hanging a bout in the library o r watching XFactor with your mum on a Saturday night. Case closed

CASE 2 Your Honour I am very worried about my relationship. My girlfriend and I, both 20, have been together

getting gradually better and better in bed. Suddenly it’s tricks, positions, orders, oppression, suppression, screams, toys, books, food, the list goes on. “These are all good things,” I hear you cry. “Beats a sack of spuds,” Says you. And yes, I agree these are all bloody enjoyable things. The problem is that I’m a lazy lover, with very little imagination, so where’s she been learning all this stuff ? Because I can assure you it wasn’t from me! I’m almost positive she’s sleeping with someone else but seeing as she continues to sleep with me, I wonder if I mean more to her? What should I do?

“The sex was unimaginative, with very little foreplay. I always finished-let’s face it that’s all that really matters” for almost three years now. I’m doing Journalism here and she’s doing Physiotherapy in UCD. We were both virgins when we got together, so for the first eighteen months the sex was unimaginative, with very little foreplay. I always finished, and let’s face it that’s all that really matters However, since we’ve moved here she’s been

That’s q uite t he d ilemma y ou’re i n t heir s ir. It would appear that you have just two options. The f irst i s t o r isk l osing h er b y saying it outright in the slim hope that she picks your substandard sexual performance over the clearly ingenious lover she’s seeing behind your back. The second option is to pretend you know nothing and continue going along f or ‘ the r ide’. L et’s f ace i t a g irl l ike that doesn’t drop on your doorstep too often, and you may have to go months without sex if y ou s plit u p. Quite frankly, option two is the sensible mans choice. Let’s face it; this bitch is defo cheating on you. Probably with more than one guy if we’re honest. In fact, if it’s Faye from 2nd year Physio (and I’m pretty sure it is) then sorry bro but she’s been passed around t hat c ampus l ike a g iant d ubey. Even I ’ve h ad a g o a nd I ’m a f at, s melly o ld tw-t. But you have to look on the bright side, yeah she’s a sl-g, but she’s not going to leave you because no one else is going to go out with a girl t hat h as a r eputation l ikes h ers. C ase closed.


THE TRUTH ABOUT DIRTY SANCHEZ We see her every dayslaving away pouring drinks or making coffee. But how much does anyone know about the pretty face behind the bar? Here are ten random facts about Griffith College student and Arthur’s Bar maid, Stacey, O’Leary. 1) Loves pussy... cats that is.... 2) Once played in an accordion orchestra and marching band. 3) Is a clean freak- likes to put on the Marigolds and get down and dirty! 4) Has the best boobs at Griffith- 34DD and grew ‘em herself! 5) Traveled to the Holy Land and got locked with some priests after mass. 6) Has a tattoo in an unnamed place. 7) Owns a pair of thigh high boots. 8) Has a fear of nipples. 9) Has a cocktail named after her called the Dirty Sanchez. 10) Unamiously voted hottest female at Griffith College by all 9 American exchange students- seriously the boys LOVE HER.

Bar None: Stacey O’ Leary




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THE CIRCULAR It’s nearly that time of the year again, when, after months of winter and rain and cold and exams and all things dreary, all of a sudden, summer is lurking right around the corner, and it’s decision time againwhere to go, what to do and who to go with!

Top 7 in 2007

1. Kuala Lumpur While backpackers and charter tourists alike have flocked to Thailand for the last decade, raving about its beaches, food and hospitality, not quite as many has discovered Malaysia. 2. Mykonos It is one of the Aegean islands off the Greek coast, is the hippest place to party it up, Med style, this summer. The word on the scene is that it is now rivaling Ibiza as the party capital de jour, albeit a more up-market, sophisticated version. 3. Istanbul In the last few years, the Turkish capital has emerged as one of the most vibrant party- and shopping cities in Europe, with boutique hotels and designer stores opening by the day. 4. Koh Lanta Koh Lanta on the western coast of Thailand is the perfect place to escape with that special someone. Much quieter than Phuket and Koh Samui. 5. Playa del Carmen This beautiful Mexican beach town just 30 miles from Cancun is perfect for the young traveler. With a fantastic night life that is easy on the pockets- a traveler will fall in love with its jungle setting. Try snorkeling and the fantastic sea food.

The Circular’s travel experts Trine Jensen and Mia Matier are here with the low down on the best warm destinations of 2007

6. Miami This popular Florida city is known for its big beaches and wild parties. It’s the home of JLo and almost every Cuban in America you are sure to get swept away in the Latin- American club scene. 7. Sicily The little island off Italy has more than just mobsters. With beautiful beaches and lovely small towns, the relaxed Sicilian atmosphere will give anyone the some much needed R&R. Check out the resort town Taormina for a great week away from the cold.

Quick Effective Guide on how to meet George Clooney Meeting the number one most charming American actor could be easier than we all think: all you need to do is going on holiday… By Camilla Tosetto The Lake of Como! Situated 40 kilometres North of Milan, wealthy city slickers have been treating it like a bolthole for centuries. Lake of Como is the third largest in the north of Italy, and by far the deepest in Europe. It lies in a crooked Y shape with the town of Como at the foot of the western arm and picturesque Bellagio at the fork. Many poets and novelists have been inspired by its beauty included Manzoni, Parini, Shelley and Henry Longfellow… Over the past three years in May and June, George Clooney has resulted to spend a good part of his summer holiday in his new 8 million Euro luxurious summer residence ‘Villa Oleandra’ in the village

of Laglio. Clooney’s presence is always perceived by the few inhabitants, as lunch (when the actor is at home) is announced everyday at 1 pm by the bell of the Villa Oleandra. This tradition was introduced by the previous owner of the Villa, the American Clifford Heinz. One of Clooney’s main open air activities on the Lake of Como is driving his sporty black motorbike along the narrow streets of Laglio, Moltrasio, Cadenabbia and other villages that sneak along the lake, enjoying the panorama and the beautiful summer weather. In the evening time, instead, the actor likes dining in the most sophisticated lake-view restaurants in Cernobbio: the hotel Villa D’Este’s Veranda restaurant, Il Giardino and Villa Flori’s restau-

rant. Clooney’s favourite restaurant, however, is for certain ‘Il Gatto Nero’, where, according the latest indiscretions, he likes to eat with friends the speciality of the place: risotto al Barbera with fillets. But do not worry: you do not need to spend money on fancy restaurant in the hope of meeting him: The city of Como, less charming but more developed with its streets lined up of Prada , Gucci, Cavalli, Christian Dior shops and pleasant illuminated cafes, attracts the famous actor for long promenades. What is more, the latest gossip regards the popular actor’s newest purchase of another beautiful villa in the Lake of Como: Villa Margherita, which the actor seems to have bought only to accommodate his holiday guests…But there is more! In May 2006 George Clooney through his company Orcalson Ltd, had asked to acquire 48 square metre of St Marina beach that his Villa Margherita overviews. After an intensive law battle with the local Council and numerous complains from the inhabitants, Clooney obtained only the building of a tunnel that would allow him

George Clooney on the set of Ocean’s 11 and his guests to reach the public beach without having to cross the street. Only this time, Clooney had to

renounce to his new property plan. He will have to share the little beach ‘St. Marina’ in Laglio with all of us! Good Luck with your hunt!





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Get Set for Summer Sizzling tips from Griffith’s hottest fashionista Trine Jensen on how to stay hip this summer Body Beautiful

7 Summer Essentials

Spring is finally in the air, and soon it will be time to pack away those dreary winter woollies and flash some flesh again, but are your body and your wardrobe ready for it? Let the expert style panel of the Circular help you put some zest back into your summer- style.

Now that you’ve got the sizzling summer-body, here are the seven essential wardrobe musthaves that, with some great combination know-how, will see you through the next few months, and maybe prevent you from making some very expensive fashion mistakes.

De-fuzz Make sure you’re smooth all over, because, frankly, there’s no excuse to skimp on your waxing routine when summer is just around the corner. Buff ‘ n’Grind Exfoliation is the best way to get rid of dry skin, especially those tricky areas like elbows and knees. You could get this done at a salon, but a good budget option is to lock the bathroom door and have yourself an afternoon of complete girly heaven. Alternatively, invite your girlfriends around for a pamperparty, fill the bathtub with ice and your drinks of choice (margaritas are always a safe bet!) and get gorgeous! Hit T he B ottle The self-tan bottle that is. A great tan is the perfect way to get ready for summer, but we all know how bad those sun-bed rays are for you skin, so make sure you stick to the liquid kind. If you have tried, but failed, to get an even colored result, a good bet is to try some of the body- lotions with a hint of tan in them. These are much easier to apply and look natural. Gloss It You’re almost there now, smooth and brown and nearly ready to bare it all at the beach, all that’s missing is the icing on the ever more fabulous looking cake! So, time to tackle those nails. If you are going to splurge on one beauty treatment this spring, make it a spa-pedicure. Your neglected feet will thank you for it! Get your nails painted in one of this season’s glossy fruity colors. But remember to never, ever, match your toe- nails to you fingernails, a big beauty faux- pas, and also common trait of the over 50s. Beautylicious! You are all beach-babe now, glowing and ready for those lazy summer days and steamy summer nights. But remember that less is definitely more, especially when it comes to make-up, in the hotter months. Let your sun-kissed body and speak for itself this season, and don’t hide it under layers of heavy make up. Summer is all about bare-skinned beauty with just a hint of bronzer and water-proof mascara. But whatever you do, don’t forget the sunscreen!

The Dress This summer it’s all about the dress. The catwalks of New York, London, Milan and Paris were all crammed with dresses in all shapes, forms and colors, and the high-street is quick to follow suit. From flirty to sexy, maxi to micro-mini, or nano as it is now called, it is all there for you to wear, just make sure you pick one that flatters your figure, as getting it wrong can ruin the most vital staple of your summer wardrobe. If you are tall and fairly flat-chested, go for some of the fantastic ruffled Gucci-like tropical coloured dresses from Zara, or if you want to show some leg, Warehouse has amazing silk-print tunic dresses. Chloe is every fashion conscious girl’s dream, but as we know, comes with a fairly hefty price tag. So if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to ready-to-wear Chloe, then head down to your nearest H&M or Zara store, as the two high-street giants both have great versions of this season’s dresses. Feet F irst Summer-time is all about sandals, and showing off your newly pedicured toes, so make sure you pick the best of the bunch when it comes to this season’s fancy footwear. First of all, if you are heading off on holidays, the most essential part of you footwear collection will more than likely be a pair of flip-flops, and nothing, but nothing, beats Brazilian label Havaianas when it comes to classic rubber flip flops. Incredibly soft and comfortable, and with a collection that comes in a dizzying array of color and design, Havaianas are one of Brazil’s biggest exports; a staggering 400 000 pairs are manufactured every single day, and sold all over the world. Get your pair in Office or Urban Outfitters. Top Tip: Get two pairs, you will wear them to death. The B ig T This may seem mundane and not worth mentioning, but it is an all important piece. Every summer, make sure that you buy one really good white cotton t-shirt. If you are flat chested, get a round or crew-neck, if you have boobs, go for a v-shaped neck. This is the kind of lifesaver that you will wear all through the season, with almost every other piece of clothing in your wardrobe. It will go with denim skirts and any kind of trousers, it can go under a wrapdress for a more casual look, or it can be worn as easily with jeans as with a pair of cityshorts. Just make sure that you buy a good quality one that will not go grey when it is washed, and that will keep its shape. Shady L ady Everybody knows the rule when it comes to sunglasses i.e. the bigger, the better. Get yourself a pair of fabulous shades, they will add style to any outfit, and they are great for hiding all kinds of up-to-late,-too-many-strawberry-daquiries,-jetlagged-I-had-a-fight-with-my-asshole-boyfriend-and-I’m-all-cried-outî kinda sins! Get Shorty Last year the shorts, officially, came back into fashion again. Some celebrated them, some cried and took violently against those fashion forces that makes these decisions, but, like it or not, the shorts are still very much in the picture. But, do make sure you buy a pair that suits you, length, style and color-wise. Because, getting this one wrong, frankly, can get nasty. However, it is not worth spending too much money on a pair of shorts, as, more than likely, you will wear them this season only, and next summer, they will be as out as Ugg boots. Again, head down to Zara for the best selection, as they have styles that will suit most shapes, and their prices are very purse-friendly. Color Code The catwalk shows S/S 07 were brimming with color, from brilliant whites to the most fantastic fruity shades, with citrusy colors dominating. We saw some 80’s flashback with strong neon-vibes, and some very futuristic metallic creation, especially from Balenciaga and Stella McCartney. The best thing to do, is to get yourself down to your local high-street and pick up or borrow inspiration from the ready-to-wear shows; Be brave, though, and try some of this season’s fruity shades, they will add an instant summer feel. Accessorized Now that you have your basic staples, it is time to turn your attention to the few little pieces that will pull your whole summer- wardrobe together and add that certain something; the art of accessorising. First of all, get yourself a few different belts, some skinny, some wider. The waist-chincer-look is still doing the rounds, and it will look great with your dress, or just over your white tshirt. An important tip is the carry-it-all-in-the-big-beach-bag. It will carry all your essentials, works great as an in-flight bag, and looks fab, so get one. Juicy Couture has a good selection, and is moderately priced. Summer jewellery should be all about adding that bit of fun and flirtyness to your outfit, so the possibilities again are endless. Bangles; you can get them everywhere and in all colors imaginable, are very much in vogue, and longer necklaces, looks great if layered.




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Sporting Chances

Circular reporter investigates the availability of diverse student clubs on campus and how Griffith measures up compared to other Irish colleges

Photo of the DIT karate club

By Yaning Liu As Ireland’s largest independent college, GCD has been growing fast. Facilities and buildings on campus appear to be keeping pace. New buildings such as the Griffith Halls of Residence, the auditorium building, the new restaurant and bar are all impressive signs of this growth. The diversity of its student body has grown at a similar speed with students from all over the world enrolled in the various different courses on offer. A pity, then, that GCD’s clubs and societies have not managed to keep up. As a GCD student for the last two years I have waited eagerly for sports like

Karate or Tae Kwon Do, or an activity like Yoga, to start up. I am still waiting. Along with many others, I have no doubt, with similar tastes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying GCD does not have societies and clubs that are not great. We do. Soccer, football, rugby, basketball, chess, pool, and darts clubs are all there – and fair play to them! What we lack, though, is choice and variety. With well over 1000 students here day and night, it’s time for GCD to start catering for a wider range of tastes. We may have less students than the older and larger universities in Dublin, but the diversity of the student body in

GCD is equal to, if not more than, any such establishment. Even a cursory comparison with the sports clubs of other colleges in Dublin, though, reveals that GCD sports clubs are lagging behind when it comes to the choice of sports available. Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Dublin City University (DCU), and University College Dublin (UCD), for example, have more than fifty sports societies and clubs at present. You can choose from a range of outdoor sports, indoor sports, water sports, and martial arts clubs. The breadth of choice in some colleges is more than impressive - DIT, for instance, has an aerobics club, bad-

minton, judo, volleyball, and yoga clubs among others. Students pay only Ä2 per academic year to join any club they like. There are no other charges. In DCU, they pay Ä4 for a year. I know the clubs that we have in GCD are free, but what good is a free deal if the deal you are getting is not something you particularly want? Of course, size matters. Larger universities, subsidized by the State and with more students, have access to better infrastructure. Some of these campuses even have swimming pools and football grounds of their own. We are smaller in comparison, and have less such facilities. But that doesn’t

mean we are shut out of the game altogether – we just have to be more resourceful - we can form associations and alliances with other colleges to use their facilities for our own clubs. For instance we can make a deal with DIT and use their pool for a swimming club of our own; in return, we could offer a place for a Yoga club for other colleges. We may be small, but we can be inventive – you know what they say; it’s not the size that matters, it’s what you do with it. For a small college, our academic excellence has been notable. It’s time to find more ways to relax those aching brainsgive variety a sporting chance!

No Parking on the Grass

As the school year comes to a close many students wonder-- Will we ever get to use the Griffith lawn? By Trudy McCarthy

With the Summer on it’s way, bringing with it the sunshine and heat so missed by all, students all over the country are already mentally preparing. It is a fact that once the weather heats up they will all be heading for greener pastures with a few cans in tow. These “greener

pastures” are well known and have become the watering hole for students everywhere in the build up to the end of the college year. They are, as you may have guessed, the areas within the college set aside for students to lounge about casually missing important lectures or have a kick about, whatever the mood calls for really. Take for example one which is probably the best known in Dublin, The Pav. Some may look down upon this as snooty, with the “Trinners is for Winners!” air about it. However this is hardly the case with its expansive green and low drink prices it has become somewhat of a haven for the poor student clientele. It is a popular spot throughout the summer as well as the college year. This is not the only one of its kind, UCD and DCU have similar layouts for their students. As do many of the campuses outside Dublin, namely the stables in UL in Limerick and UCC in

Cork. Can anyone sense a pattern here? Each of these colleges have what Griffth college is lacking. The resturant itself, it must be said is superb. Looks wise it is far superior to others, however it lacks the student pricing found in others. And so is it fair to have to this referred to as the student bar? Hardly. nor does Griffith have a green for sports or any other activities. For those students who have only arrived in Griffith college this year the little patch of grass surrounded by rent a fence probably means very little. For the rest however this is not the case. There may be the occasional twinge of nostsalgia for what once was, a green where students would congregate after the end of exams or merely for the sake of it. It is not just nostalgia that has students looking on in distain. There is also the fact that it is an eyesore also, the green in the centre of campus and so one would think it should be regarded

Student playing frisbee on a college lawn as attractive. There is the common thought that if it’s not a building site it’s inneccessary fencing! All that is wanted is both somewhere for the students to go and an attractive campus. According to one source this

green area was meant to have been unleashed to us months ago, however with the on going concern for the “new grass” and it’s growth this did not happen. It is not likely to happen before the end of this semester either.




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Thank you Joe!


A report on the departure of wrestling Ring of Honors biggest star By Sean Reid When most pro-wrestling fans today are asked “Who is the best wrestler in the business today?” one name constantly comes up from fans of all ages and backgrounds, Samoa Joe. Joe has impressed the wrestling world for the past 5 years with his hard-hitting style of wrestling and ability to move around the ring like a lightheavyweight, despite weighing 280 lb. He was involved in the first match in seven years on American soil to receive a 5 star review from respected wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer. With this match, many fans say, he saved the company he called home, Ring of Honor, from destruction, as they where trying to recover from public scandal involving the companies owner. He official cemented his name as one of the world’s best when he was involved in what Meltzer claims to be one of the best matches of the past 10 years against Kenta Kobashi in 2005. Joe was present on almost every single Ring of Honor show ever since his first match, despite also working for America’s second

largest wrestling company TNA since June 2005. Joe had earned the nickname ‘The ROH Legend’ and both helped each other achieve the levels of success they have enjoyed so far. It was for these reasons, that an announcement made on the ROH website by Joe in January of this year shocked every ROH fan across the globe. ROH had made many announcements during December 2006 and January, including the huge news that the company was going to do its first ever shows in Japan, and return to Liverpool, England for a second UK tour, something which no one ever saw the company doing 5 years ago. Samoa Joe was being pushed into a large angle, challenging many top class Japanese wrestlers including Takeshi Morishima, KENTA and Jun Akiyama. Then, after all these announcements where made, Joe made one of his own. “Due to circumstances beyond my control, my match in March in Liverpool shall be my last as a regular in Ring of Honor “ Many questioned why Joe had to be almost forced to leave. Many

Samoa Joe crushing his opponent in a match

Samoa Joe in the ring pointed the blame at TNA, believing they wanted to give Joe an NWA World Title run in 2007 and if he kept working for ROH it would put too but pressure on his body, as ROH matches are a lot rougher than TNA’s. Fans also wondered if ROH could survive without Joe, and who would fill his shoes. But most fans decided to pay tribute to Joe, and thank him for everything he had done for Ring of Honor. I was lucky enough to be front-row for Joe’s final 2 matches with the company, and got to have a quick word with him before these matches about leaving the company he called home. “I made my name here, and it is hard to say goodbye to the company” He stated, “I think the company shall keep growing, and it shall get more respect for bringing back the sport of professional wrestling, rather than promoting ‘sports entertainment’ “I believe that Nigel McGuiness will be the future of this company, and will hold the ROH World Title sooner rather than later” At the event, fans discussed with me their reactions to Joe’s leaving. “It’s tough, the guy established the

company as one of the best in the world, never mind the States. I mean, how many other independent companies have managed to get tours in The UK and Japan? If Joe hadn’t of been in the company, I doubt this would have happened” one fan told me. “As sad as it is to see him go, I’m happy for him at the same time. He is easily the hottest thing in the game right now, and with him working in TNA full time he is gonna become a household name on par with The Rock or even Hulk Hogan. I wish him all the best.” “He never held back, he always put his body on the line for us, and I’m very thankful for it. There are a lot of guys out there with big pay checks who are not half as good a wrestler as most of the guys on the independent scene in companies such as ROH, and to see one of our own become as big as them and have the talent to back it up also is fantastic.” One fan informed me, who went on to think that Joe’s major push in TNA could become a blessing in disguise for ROH, “ A lot of people are gonna want to see more of Joe’s matches, and they’ll look as his past and see the 5 star matches

he had with CM Punk and Kenta Kobashi. They’ll get the DVD’s and then become more interested in the ROH product, creating even more fans.” Joe received a standing ovation from the fans both nights, with many streamers thrown into the ring when his name was called and the constant ‘Thank you Joe’ chants heard before, during and after his matches. Joe went on to beat Nigel McGuiness on the Saturday night, and afterwards told the crowd that Nigel was the future of the company. On the Sunday night, Joe beat one of his best friends in the company, Homicide, in a final match he could look back at and be very proud of. Joe gave a farewell speech at the end of the night, with the whole ROH locker-room standing by the entrance, joining the fans in showing their respect for the man. Joe left the company with these words: “At the moment, they call me ‘The Samoan Submission Machine’, however before that, I wasn’t tied under a gimmick, I was professional wrestling, and I leave you with these words. I am Samoa Joe; I love pro wrestling; and I'll leave it all here, in Ring of Honor."




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Title goes down to the wire United and Chelsea prepared to slug it out to the end By Daire Walsh As we reach the closing weeks of the Barclays English Premiership, Manchester United holds a 6 point cushion at the top of the table. Yet, it is by no means a done deal and Chelsea are still very much in the hunt for honours. To date, Chelsea have struggled with injuries, in particular goalkeeper Petr Cech and talismanic skipper John Terry. It will be vital that they remain fit for the closing games of the season, as they are still in with a shout of adding more trophies to the Carling Cup they won against Arsenal at the start of March. From a very early stage it was clear that there were only ever two teams in the race for the title. Liverpool’s shaky form at the beginning of the season means they will have to wait at least another season to challenge for the title. Arsenal have played some superb football throughout the season but may need another couple of years to mature from the young side they are now to the championship winning side Arsene Wenger hopes they will become. United’s performances have become somewhat shaky of late, yet the results have gone their way, so you can see why they are favourites to win their ninth Premiership title. However, they still have to travel to Stamford Bridge and this could be an extremely tricky assignment as Chelsea haven’t lost there in the league since Jose Mourinho took over in the summer of 2004. Of course, there may be a few twists and turns before they meet, but certainly this match could go a long way to determining who the 2006/07 Premiership Champions At the reverse end of the table it appears Watford are, despite a good cup run, resigned to life in the Championship next season. Just above them, West Ham and Charlton find themselves in difficult positions, yet may still have a fighting chance if Manchester City continue to play as poorly as they are at the moment, and Wigan, so promising last season, are by no means safe either. In terms of pushing for Uefa Cup spots, it would seem that there are a number of clubs in with a chance. Bolton, currently lying in fifth place, have a great chance and currently find themselves in the best position possible. Everton and Portsmouth are also in with a shout, as are this year’s surprise package, Reading. Other clubs like Tottenham Hotspur and Blackburn Rovers are further down the table, yet still have a good chance of making up the ground required. Whatever transfixes should prove to be extremely interesting and there should be plenty of excitement as the Premiership draws to a close and it will become clearer how certain clubs and managers stand as regards the future. TOP 5 (AS OF APRIL 1ST) 1 MAN UNITED 2 CHELSEA 3 LIVERPOOL 4 ARSENAL 5 BOLTON

BOTTOM 5 (AS OF APRIL 1ST) GP 31 31 31 30 31

PT 78 72 57 55 50

16 17 18 19 20

Man United during a match with Sevilla


GP 31 30 31 31 31

PT 31 36 30 26 20

April Sports Diary

By Paddy McCormack

Gaelic Games 1NFL (rd 6, 3.30), Division One A - Fermanagh v Cork; Mayo v Dublin; Limerick v Donegal; Division One B - Down v Derry; Louth v Galway; Westmeath v Kildare; Division Two A - Monaghan v Offaly; Roscommon v Leitrim; Clare v London; Carlow v Longford; Division Two B - Sligo v Antrim; Cavan v Wexford; Tipperary v Wicklow; NHL (rd 5, 3.30) - Division One A - Waterford v Offaly; Clare v Cork; Wexford v Down; Division One B - Limerick v Antrim; Kilkenny v Galway; Tipperary v Dublin; Division Two A - Wicklow v Derry; Carlow v Laois; Meath v Armagh; Division Two B - Kildare v Kerry; London v Westmeath; Division Three A - Sligo v Donegal; Louth v Monaghan; Division Three B - Fermanagh v Roscommon; Longford v Tyrone 7- NFL (rd 7, 7.30), Division One A - Donegal v Fermanagh; Dublin v Kerry; Tyrone v Mayo; Cork v Limerick 8- NFL (rd 7, 3.30), Division One B - Galway v Down; Kildare v Laois; Derry v Louth; Armagh v Westmeath; Division Two A - London v Carlow; Longford v Clare; Leitrim v Monaghan; Offaly v Roscommon; Division Two B - Waterford v Cavan; Wexford v Meath; Wicklow v Sligo; Antrim v Tipperary; NHL quarter-finals 15- NFL semi-finals; NHL semi-finals; All-Ireland Vocational Schools’ Senior Hurling Championship and Senior football Championship finals 21-22- All-Ireland U21 football semi-finals, Connacht v Munster; Leinster v Ulster; All-Ireland Colleges finals; Women: NFL (Division One, Two) semi-finals 22- NFL finals 29- NHL finals Horse Racing 7-9- Cork Easter Festival 8-10- Fairyhouse Easter Festival 9- Irish Grand National 12-14- Aintree Festival 14- Grand National Aintree 24-27- Punchestown Festival 24- Champion Chase, Punchestown 25- Gold Cup, Punchestown 26- Champion 4-Y-O Hurdle, Punchestown 27- Champion Hurdle, Punchest Rugby 6- Celtic League, Connacht v Cardiff, Sportsground; Glasgow v Leinster; Ospreys v Munster, Liberty Stadium 5-21- U19 World Championships, Belfast 5- U19 World Championship, Australia v Ireland, Ravenhill, 7- All Ireland League 9- U19 World Championship,Scotland v Ireland, Ravenhill, 7.30; 13- Celtic League, Borders v Ulster, Netherdale; Connacht v Glasgow, Sportsground; Munster v Llanelli, Musgrave Park; Newport v Leinster, Rodney Parade; U19 World Cup Championship - South Africa v Ireland, Ravenhill, 7.30; 17- Cetlic League, Cardiff v Newport, Arms Park; Llanelli v Ospreys, Stradey Park; U19 World Cup Championship round four, Belfast 20-22- European Cup semi-finals 21- U19 World Cup Championship Final, Ravenhill; All-Ireland League; Division Two/Three semi-finals 27- Celtic League, Munster v Newport, Musgrave Park; Ospreys v Leinster, Liberty Stadium; Ulster v Glasgow, Ravenhill 28- All-Ireland League Division One semi-finals Soccer 2-Setanta Cup, Group One, Derry City v Glentoran; Linfield v Drogheda United; Group Two, Shelbourne v Cork City; Dungannon v Portadown 3- Champions League quarter-finals, 1st leg 5- UEFA Cup quarter-finals, 1st leg 11- Champions League quarter-finals, 2nd leg 12- UEFA Cup quarter-finals, 2nd leg 14- FA Cup semi-finals 14/15- Scottish Cup semi-finals 16- Setanta Cup, Group Two, Cork City v Dungannon; Portadown v Shelbourne 17- Setanta Cup, Group One, Drogheda United v Derry City; Glentoran v Linfield 23- Setanta Cup semi-final, winner 2 v Runner-up 1 24- Champions League semi-finals, 1st leg 26- UEFA Cup semi-final, 1st leg 30- Setanta Cup semi-final, winner 1 v runner-up 2


Circular reporter investi- gates the debate over grants for students in private colleges Tips on how to save money and live well without spe...