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November 2012 OSHA’s New “Right To Know” Regulation Changes

“Be The SME… The Subject Matter Expert!”

Americhem’s 2012 OSHA Right To Know Seminar Pages 1 & 2

by Jerry Doherty

OSHA Right-To-Know Law Changes in 2012! OSHA has made some drastic changes to the “Right To Know” regulations, which were originally introduced in 1995… and have remained relatively unchanged until this year! Among other things, the new regulations require the use of Full Disclosure Safety Data Sheets (16 sections), eliminating the use of the old 10 section MSDS format. OSHA takes these things quite seriously, and it’s not uncommon to see them investigate chemical exposure claims. They have the ability to make recommendations, enforce regulations, and even fine employers. As such, it’s worth investing the time to learn about the regulation changes… and avoid any accidental compliance issues. Americhem will be providing a 3-hour seminar on November 15th at the Sheraton Harrisburg/Hershey Hotel & Conference Center on Lindle Rd in Harrisburg, which will provide a critically important summary of the new OSHA 2012 Safety Data Sheet regulations. This is an excellent opportunity for you and your supervisors to get the most current information, so you can present the new OSHA Right-To-Know program to your staff and employees!

ISSA’ Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) Program by Dave Frank

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We’re living in the age of a knowledge explosion. Everywhere we turn there is new information about some technology we know only a little bit about, but must rely on a “Subject Matter Expert” to educate us. (Try getting a new smart phone without tech support!!!) A Subject   Matter   Expert   is someone who communicates his knowledge of a topic to other professionals within an organization. They often act as “consultants” to companies that need to produce results in their field of expertise. The Subject Matter Expert may also serve as a resource through the entire process of getting a new company up and running, such as a contract cleaning company. SMEs are responsible on how tasks (including the order of performance steps) are to be performed. SMEs are responsible for explaining the technical jargon. SMEs are responsible for determining acceptable performance levels and performance objectives in their field.

Americhem is made up of SME’s. Each of us has certain strengths in the area of chemistry, floor care, dilution control, healthcare sanitation, commercial cleaning machines, etc. I consult with the SME’s at my company for answers I don’t have. Your Americhem account executive is your SME when it comes to helping you strengthen the areas of your company with guidance. He or she can help to bring you up to speed on industry changes and to implement new ideas and technologies to make your job easier and more efficient. To help you become the SME at your company, Americhem has been offering seminars to help you reach that goal. Hopefully, you are taking advantage of the most comprehensive training available for janitorial and sanitary maintenance in Central PA!! Being the Subject Matter Expert creates credibility as you represent your company or service in the market place.

So, are you a Subject Matter Expert? Are you up on the latest technology as it pertains to janitorial and sanitary maintenance?

So I challenge you to be the best. Be the SME!!

At Americhem, our goal corporately and individually, is to be the SME. That’s what we do; but it’s also what you do if you’re a facilities manager, a contract cleaning owner, or a great floor care technician. But somewhere along the line, you decided to become a SME. Or at the least, you are on the road to becoming one (I hope).

Jerry Doherty is an Account Executive for Americhem in Middletown, PA. He has been deeply involved with the janitorial & sanitary maintenance industry for many, many years, having owned and operated his own distribution company in the past. Jerry is extremely committed to on-going education, as well as this industry as a whole. He can be reached at

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