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Mid-Rise/Mixed-Use Design Studio

We know urban mid-rise. For over 25 years Weber Thompson has been designing highly successful mid-rise multifamily projects within the city’s urban fabric. We understand the market forces, city requirements and complicated technical necessities this type of building demands. This depth of experience allows us to focus on the design and craft a high quality building without busting the budget or schedule. Most of the mid-rise multifamily projects we design have a context – they exist within a community and among buildings that establish design constraints and opportunities. What we design are very much neighborhood buildings. Design in context, sensitive to the scale and character of surrounding buildings, will be essential as your project evolves from planning to architectural design.



Pike Motorworks


Mid-Rise Team Amanda Keating AIA, LEED




Amanda bridges the gap between aesthetic judgment and technical understanding. She manages the design, documentation and construction administration of large-scale, mixed use projects with the firm’s mid-rise group. Amanda is renowned for her thoughtful, even-keeled approach and calm management style. She is also a core member of Weber Thompson’s highly energized Sustainabiliteam.


For over 20 years Jeff has been working in the Seattle area with a focus on residential design of every kind. Throughout his career, he has development his expertise in creative land use solutions and complex entitlement processes. He is a passionate advocate for senior and lowincome housing initiatives, which he channels into volunteer advocacy and public outreach work.

Radius SLU Roof Deck 3





Sunset Electric S E AT T L E , WA

Sunset Electric is a twentieth century courtyard building. Expanding on an existing 1926 brick building, this project is a mixed-use residential and commercial structure, wrapped around an open courtyard. The design preserves the original building’s entire masonry façade pairing it with a quieter, non-competing frame; it provides a neutral foil to the historic masonry. Taking cues from the past, the building’s form promotes natural daylighting and passive cooling by organizing a single loaded structure around an open-air courtyard; an extension to an openair lobby that connects to the pedestrian street. A prominent exterior stairwell encourages walking between levels. These strategies create a social focal point for the building while eliminating mechanically-conditioned corridors and common areas promoting through-unit ventilation and allowing operable windows at both ends of most units for daylighting.

Seven story mixed-use apartment building over one level of (original) sub grade parking. Building integrates a 1926 brick façade from original building LEED Platinum certified for Homes SERVICES

Architecture Interior Design Landscape Architecture



Model Unit

I NTER I O R D ES I G N Echoing its history, the lobby features concrete floors, glass walls and heavy metal work reminiscent of a mechanic’s lair. A commissioned piece by Claudius Phaedrus covers a wall, made by layered (specific) newspaper much like the building’s former poster art. The artist was inspired by the forest-like feeling of the open air courtyard, and created a mural to reflect the feeling of trees, distortion, animals and the ‘urban jungle.’ A monochromatic palette predominates with jolts of electric yellow in the lightning bolt mosaic at the back of the lobby, and marking unit doors. The courtyard and roof deck are populated with furniture featuring low, clean lines in an array of grays with pops of yellow. Wood details strew the building – bedroom barn doors, kitchen shelves, coat hooks and mailroom details – all made locally by Montana Originals from the original building’s reclaimed wood. Units are cleanly designed to take maximum advantage of the oversized windows and provide ample fresh air, as many of the units have windows on both the outside of the building and on the courtyard, enabling natural cross-ventilation. 6


2014 DJC Building of the Year 2014 NAIOP Night of the Stars: Multi-Family Mid-Rise Development of the Year 2014 Northwest EcoBuilding Guild 10x10x10 Green Building Slam Project Featured in Interior Design Homes magazine LEED for Homes Platinum Certified

Rooftop Amenity

L A N DSC A PE A RC H ITEC TU R E At Sunset Electric, residents are seldom enclosed. An airy lobby leads to an innovative courtyard, open to the skies with lush landscaping visible at every level. In the residences, large windows – in some units on both the exterior of the building and facing the courtyard – forge a connection with the elements. Above, a rooftop deck with wide vistas of downtown Seattle, Mt. Rainier and Capitol Hill allow residents to dine and play alfresco. With such a connection to the outside, the landscape needed to pay careful attention to creating elegant, welcoming spaces and supporting the project’s ambitious sustainability goals.

Interior Courtyard




Pike Motorworks S E AT T L E , WA

For this project, the site drove everything. A jumble of properties cobbled together to span a full block – touching each street yet controlling only one corner – the architecture needed to create urban passages to be a cohesive development. To that end, our designers turned the project inside out, developing two internal, public, mid-block connectors, north/south and east/west, lined with live/work, commercial, residential entrances and focused retail, all destined to draw residents and passersby through the project and become a new gathering, shopping space for the greater neighborhood. On Pike Street, the south connector entrance is the former BMW Showroom, a brick and timber structure from 1926 that features a curved entry re-purposed as a focal point for the entire project. Incorporating this structure into the development largely made the project possible by allowing the building to rise an extra story above what the existing zoning would allow.

NAIOP 2016 Mixed-Use Development of the Year A two building, seven level, 243 unit market rate apartment complex Unit mix includes studio, 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom units Approximately 12,000 – 15,000 sf commercial space for retail use Pursuing LEED Silver Certification SERVICES

Architecture Interior Design



Pike Motorworks LTD Model Unit

I NTER I O R D ES I G N In Seattle’s edgy Capitol Hill neighborhood, there are few luxury apartment options. The vibrant area is close to shopping, dining and is an ideal place to call home for those who work in Downtown or First Hill. This project is the highend living solution the neighborhood has been waiting for. Setting a new standard of luxury, Pike Motorworks highlights the work of local and international artists, uses highly curated finishes, and contains spacious units with targeted amenities. The lobby, with fully staffed concierge desk, features a lavish wool rug set atop a highly polished concrete floor. A modern fireplace is clad in wood paneling and leather accent tiles adorn accent walls to add a touch of opulence. Many of the spacious units feature six-piece baths, integrated storage, casework closets and European kitchens and baths. Custom LED lighting adds sparkle and drama to the high-end residences. 10

Pike Motorworks Model Unit

Interior Courtyard

CO U RT YA R D Crafting a fairly large development around this significant, yet comparatively small, building took respect for both the exterior brick faรงade and the interior volumes which designers took advantage of to create a high, transparent passage for residents. Rising from the base of the brick structure is a subdued, seven-level building with a quiet, controlled palette, designed to mitigate the size of the project and help the mass recede into the background allowing the complex, engaging pedestrian experience to shine. Anchored by placemaking retail, Pike Motorworks will feature a flagship Redhook Brewpub at its base. An open catwalk will extend over the brewery into the LTD resident lounge for the ultimate social space. Other exciting retail fills the storefronts. Courtyard Entry





Elan Uptown Flats S E AT T L E , WA

An important driver of an urban project is how the building engages the street and its pedestrians. The design team for Lower Queen Anne’s Elan Uptown Flats prioritized the sidewalk experience by strategically carving the building’s base to provide breathing room and ample space for landscaping buffers along the live/work units. The design takes security and privacy into account creating graceful transitions between the public street, private stoops, and socially-focused porch where residents can gather. This urban porch is the driving concept of the building’s main entry. It creates a welcoming feature entry for the building, reinforces community building and actively and passively engages the public realm at the street corner. A clean, modern design marks Elan Uptown Flats. A sophisticated material palette includes stack bond brick masonry, fiber-cement panels in neutral colors, and vertically oriented windows. Interior design, also by Weber Thompson, incorporates rich natural materials and colors.

182 apartments and 14 live/works in two buildings ranging from studios to 3-bedrooms Amenities include a fitness center, roof deck, conference center and private guest suite Located in Uptown, a few blocks from Seattle Center and the Space Needle SERVICES

Architecture Landscape Architecture Interior Design



The Porch – VR Porch & Lobby View

E X PLO R I N G I NTER I O R S PAC E TH RO U G H V I RTUA L R E A LIT Y The architectural design process uses dialogue, sketching, and physical or 3D modeling to translate the ideas behind the architecture to the project team, clients and community at large. Evaluating the sense of scale and volume of a space can be difficult to convey with drawings and screen-based imagery and full-scale mock-ups can be cost prohibitive. With the emergence of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality visualizations, we are now able to place ourselves “inside the model” to more closely experience architectural space and get visceral feedback for iterative design modeling as well as presentation experiences. For the 2016 Seattle Architecture Foundation Model Exhibit, Weber Thompson used VR to communicate the design of Elan Uptown Flats. Two views were modeled and headsets were provided so exhibit visitors could experience the interior volumes of this yet-to-be completed building through Virtual Reality.



Connect to WIFI and enter url into your phone’s browser THE PORCH: THE SOLARIUM: Flip phone to landscape and allow images to load completely Place phone into VR headset for full experience

The Solarium – VR Resident Lounge View

TH E PO RC H This homage to residential architecture will come alive both day and night: sheltering residents on rainy days, letting them bask in the glow and warmth of the outdoor fireplace on crisp fall nights, or simply providing a place to sip a glass of wine with friends and watch the world go by.

TH E SO L A R I U M On the seventh floor, a resident lounge awaits residents who prefer to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. A board-formed concrete fireplace with embedded screen provides a cozy place to relax and watch the latest blockbuster, and a community kitchen with seating area opens up onto a deck with gorgeous views out to West Seattle, Puget Sound, and the Olympic mountains. SAF Model Exhibit


UCSF Mission Bay Student Housing S A N F R A N C I S CO, C A

This project, named ‘Conspicuous Consumption,’ is all about encouraging creative and feasible approaches to zero net energy (ZNE) building, specifically for mixed-use student housing on a site on the UCSF Mission Bay campus.

Received an Honor Award in the 2015 Architecture at Zero Competition

Weber Thompson partnered with energy consultants at WSP Group to empirically demonstrate that the design would meet ZNE. It does so through reduced loads and intensified user engagement, which is encouraged through highly visible, easy-touse integrated feedback systems.

Competition presented by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and the American Institute of Architects, California Council (AIACC)

The budget for net-zero energy is tracked and displayed in real time. At an individual level, a smart phone app aids in tracking; at a building level, dynamic color LED lighting highlights the top performing floors; and at a campus level the three buildings’ relative performance is displayed, encouraging competition and conversation. As a result, students and their families actively manage their energy with continual feedback. 16

Site is located on the University of California, San Francisco Mission Bay campus







Arbora Court S E AT T L E , WA

In Seattle’s University District, University Christian Church and Bellwether Housing teamed up to develop an affordable housing community with units designed specifically for families. Families have a different variety of spatial needs than single individuals, or couples. With a mix of 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom units, it supports safety and security to group these family units together. The building is split into two with a daylight filled central lobby. The family units are all in the south portion, which is organized around a courtyard with a play structure. The north portion contains studios, open one and one bedroom units slightly separated from the often noisy activities of children. Within the family units, many considerations of how families work and play together are investigated. These units tend to have larger central living spaces to accommodate activities ranging from eating to homework. Bedrooms are smaller with efficient storage solutions. Window heights are higher to allow flexible furniture placement to increase floor space and entries are larger to fit strollers and storage for toys, coats, shoes or whatever else families might collect.

Affordable family housing project in Seattle’s University District 133 units total 40% family units Elements created by the community will be integrated throughout the building SERVICES

Architecture Interior Design Landscape Architecture





4730 California S E AT T L E , WA

A seven story apartment building located in West Seattle

We love it when a project extends the fabric of a neighborhood and is welcomed with open arms. After working closely with the community, and receiving their overwhelming support, we designed a building that brought new retail to a retail Mecca.

88 market rate apartments with a mix of open one bedrooms, and true 1-, and 2-bedrooms

The nearly 5,000 sf of retail wraps around the north corner of the building and extends into a new mid-block pedestrian connector. This pass through is generously widened and activated by holding the building back at ground level and lining it with retail, the building’s main entry and activity spaces such the tenant amenity and lounge area. This activity follows the entire connector and continues part way along the back of the building with the fitness center, creating eyes on the alley and enhancing safety. The landscaping along here works with the modulation of the building to create a ground plan that successfully integrates both and provides an enhanced amenity to the neighborhood.

5,000 sf feet of retail lines California Avenue and wraps the north corner of the building

A strong corner tower marks the entrance to the connector, with a base that allows for ample seating, and overhead weather protection, creating a small enclave that welcomes pedestrians and residents.

Architecture Interior Design Landscape Architecture

Building expands existing midblock pedestrian connector Certified LEED Gold for Homes, Mid-Rise SERVICES




I NTER I O R D ES I G N West Seattle is all about big-city amenities with a smalltown vibe, and that’s exactly what residents of 4730 California Avenue enjoy. At seven levels, this 88-unit mixed-use building has got it all, but if that’s not enough, the surrounding neighborhood offers all a person could want and then some. Our designers found themselves drawn to the concepts of the shoreline while conceptualizing the interiors for this project. They’ve found the perfect combination of a modern nautical-inspired design that never approaches kitschy. Rich textures and natural materials such as reclaimed wood contrast high-shine finishes and other utterly modern details to strike a perfect balance. Amenities are in no short supply at 4730 California, which includes a fitness room, rooftop deck, and generous lobby, lounge, and gathering spaces. A mid-block pedestrian walkway provides easy access to street-level retail and the shops, restaurants, and stores that abound in the immediate neighborhood. 22


Rooftop Deck

L A N DSC A PE Located in the heart of West Seattle’s tightly-knit ‘Junction,’ the team engaged a diverse group of stakeholders to craft an innovative mid-block connector between the busy retail space of California Ave and an existing alleyway. The team took a huge leap of faith and fully embraced the mid-block connector as an integral part of the design vision. Retail lines the frontage, and the lobby entry is pulled deep into the passageway. Plantings, lighting elements, and seating activate the space and ensure user safety to make this connector a unique amenity and entry threshold for the building. Residents of 4730 California have access to a stunning rooftop deck. One of several well-considered amenities, the roof deck at 4730 California provides panoramic views of Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains and downtown Seattle. A rose arbor provides shade and wind protection for residents enjoying the view. A drought-tolerant green roof covers 45% of the roof area. This green roof is beneficial as it diverts runoff, provides habitat for pollinators and insulates the building.

Seven stories with 88 units Amenities include a fitness room, rooftop deck, lounge, and gathering spaces SERVICES

Architecture Interior Design Landscape





The Wally S E AT T L E , WA

Stone Way is a large commercially-oriented boulevard surrounded by older, single family neighborhoods. Recent developments have been slowly evolving the busy street into one with a more walkable, urban character. The Wally is one that joins this revitalization. Located mid way between the water and 45th Avenue, this thoughtfully designed 27 unit, boutique apartment building brings sympathetic proportions, scale and massing to the neighborhood. Inside and out, the building is aimed at an urban, minimalist resident. Clean lines and generous glazing create a beautifully spare building with small retail spaces on the ground floor to activate Stone Way. Minimal parking is located behind the retail space on the ground floor, reflecting the nearby nexus of public transit options. All the units are flexible one bedrooms or open studios allowing residents to do a lot with a smaller space.

Four story apartment building located on the edge of Wallingford and Fremont 27 apartment units with a mix of primarily true one bedrooms with some open one bedroom units SERVICES

Architecture Landscape Architecture Interior Design





Radius SLU S E AT T L E , WA

Smack in the middle of the South Lake Union Amazon campus, 400 Boren is a new development that brings much needed apartments to this primarily commercial neighborhood. It is the epitome of live/work/play, as the Weber Thompson team used psychographics to drive the design of the units and the amenity package, targeting the immediate workforce. The building runs an entire half block, making for a very long façade. To break it up, our designers created two distinct buildings linked by a recessed entry court. To the north, the “Lake District” is a highly articulated structure with upper level terraces and large windows to take advantage of views of Lake Union. Roof decks and indoor amenity spaces on levels Eight and Nine have stunning views of Lake Union and the Space Needle. Oriented south is the “Urban Quarter,” a more taut design with prominent corner elements, accented roofline and decks. The back of the building is a classic “E” shape design, bringing light and air into the building, and allowing two generous courtyards for adjacent units.

Seven story apartment building with 282 units Two levels of sub-grade parking Units include a mix of studio, open one bedroom, one and two bedrooms. Site is an entire 43,200 sf half block LEED-Homes Gold SERVICES

Architecture Interior Design Landscape Architecture 27




Eden Hill S E AT T L E , WA

When the opportunity arose to transform an old gas station on the top of the Hill into a mixed-use building, the Queen Anne community followed closely. In designing Eden Hill, we engaged the neighborhood, incorporating their design guidelines and contextual standards to design a building approved of by both the community and developer. The result is a well proportioned, modern interpretation of an early 20th century, brick building. Working with this high quality material, our designers took special care with the brick, creating visual interest with details such as the corbel at the top of the building. This detail draws the eye and terminates the brick in an elegant manner. The site was originally surrounded by curb cuts in the sidewalk promoting vehicle activity applicable to the gas station, but not retail businesses. The new building provides an activated street facade that promotes pedestrian activity and safety. The enhanced pedestrian environment is supported by the connection made to the nearby Queen Anne Community Center and park.

36 unit mixed use building 14,000 gsf retail Amenity spaces include two rooftop gardens Sustainable strategies include stormwater quality management, and low-VOC paints and carpets SERVICES

Architecture Interior Design





True North S E AT T L E , WA

Inspired by the vivid hues of the Cinque Terre villages frequented by travelers, hikers and outdoorsmen, this mixed-use apartment building has been developed into a series of smaller wellproportioned masses rendered in contrasting, bold colors. These various pieces contribute to a “hill town� concept that is recognizable from many vantage points in the area, and that responds to the sloped character of the site and the rhythms found in adjacent developments. Just blocks from Lake Union Park, South Lake Union, MOHAI, and The Center for Wooden Boats, True North has been infused with amenities to appeal to outdoor recreation enthusiasts. From the roof deck, residents have uninhibited views of Lake Union and the Cascade Mountains to the east while they grill their pizza in a wood-fired brick pizza oven. To the west, residents can enjoy views of the Space Needle and the Olympic Mountain Range while letting their pup roam around in the doggie area.

Mid-rise residential building on a full-block site with 286 units Grade level commercial and live/ work units with five stories of residential above 227 parking stalls in both subgrade and above stories Building is Certified LEED Silver for New Construction SERVICES


At the ground level, the building includes large retail and restaurant spaces at the corner of Aloha, as well as several live/work units. 31

Interior Design Tell me a story. From the time we are little kids, we beg our parents, teachers, friends to tell us a story – it’s how we share the past, create the future, and celebrate the present. For us, interior design is all about telling a story – through space, light, color, and mood, from the curve of a chair leg to the typeface on a menu. Each piece fits together to weave an experience that challenges, inspires, comforts, or delights, and ultimately invites people back for more.

Pike Motorworks


Leadership Bernadette Rubio NCIDQ, LEED




Bernadette is Weber Thompson’s Interior Design Principal. She has more than twenty years of experience in hospitality, restaurant, tenant improvement, and retail/mixed-use project types, both domestically and overseas. Bernadette has a passion for fashion and works her love of color, texture, and line into all her inspired interiors.


Retail & Hospitality

The Post | Seattle, WA

Willows Lodge Interior Refresh | Woodinville, WA

Viktoria | Seattle, WA

LizzyKate Tea | Kirkland, WA

Nexus | Seattle, WA

Ray’s Boathouse Interior Refresh | Seattle, WA

Cirrus | Seattle, WA

A La Mode Pies | Seattle, WA

Cascade I & II | Seattle, WA

Rival Fitness | Seattle, WA

Sunset Electric | Seattle, WA

John Howie Steak | Bellevue, WA

Pike Motorworks | Seattle, WA

Seastar Seattle | Seattle, WA

4730 California | Seattle, WA

Seastar Bellevue | Bellevue, WA

Park 88 | Bellevue, WA

Spaahh at Hotel 1000 | Seattle, WA

Elan Uptown Flats | Seattle, WA

Potala Tower | Seattle, WA

Junction 47 | Seattle, WA

Le Caviste | Seattle, WA

Gunbarrel Apartments | Denver, CO

Hotel 1000 Refresh | Seattle, WA

The Whittaker | Seattle, WA

Ian Men’s Store | Seattle, WA

Stratus | Seattle, WA LUMA | Seattle, WA


2nd & Pine | Seattle, WA

Talking Rain Offices | Preston, WA

Raven Terrace at Yesler Terrace | Seattle, WA

Weber Thompson Offices | Seattle, WA

Radius SLU | Seattle, WA

W. L. Gore Offices | Seattle, WA

Fremont & 9th | Las Vegas, NV

PMF Investments | Mercer Island, WA


Landscape Architecture Go outside. Weber Thompson believes in landscapes of exceptional creativity and thoughtfulness that are sensitive to the earth and respond to the built world around us. Environments that are beautiful to the eye and designed with the user in mind. Connecting new development with the urban and environmental context, our landscape design becomes an integral part of the overall vision.

Sunset Electric Roof deck


Leadership Rachael Meyer RLA, GRP, LEED




Rachael has over 13 years experience in commercial, residential, and public projects. She is passionate about green roofs, urban agriculture and sustainable strategies, and integrates these passions into each of her designs. She regularly speaks and writes about her research, which ranges from water management practices to living landscapes.

Landscape Projects Sunset Electric | Seattle, WA

500 Terry | Seattle, WA

Radius SLU | Seattle, WA

Cirrus | Seattle, WA

South Kirkland TOD | Kirkland, WA

Harbor Crossing Rose Garden | Issaquah, WA

Elan Uptown Flats | Seattle, WA

Memory Garden at Chateau | Bothell, WA

Raven Terrace at Yesler Terrace | Seattle, WA

Yesler Terrace Pedestrian Path. | Seattle, WA

Fremont Office Building | Seattle, WA

Stratus | Seattle, WA

Titan Office Building | Seattle, WA

2nd & Pine | Seattle, WA

Premiere on Pine | Seattle, WA

425 Fairview | Seattle, WA

Nexus | Seattle, WA

970 Denny | Seattle, WA

4730 California | Seattle, WA

Elan Redmond Centerpoint | Redmond, WA

The Post | Seattle, WA

Terry & Howell Marriott | Seattle, WA

LUMA | Seattle, WA

Viktoria | Seattle, WA

8th & Columbia Open Space | Seattle, WA

Cristalla | Seattle, WA

Park 88 | Bellevue, WA

South Lake Union Pocket Park | Seattle, WA






Amanda Keating AIA, LEED AP BD+C P R I N C I PA L Principal Amanda Keating bridges the gap between aesthetic judgment and technical understanding. At Weber Thompson, she manages the design, documentation and construction administration of large-scale, mixed use projects with the firm’s mid-rise group. Amanda is renowned for her thoughtful, even-keeled approach and calm management style.

Radius SLU

Through her various and vital roles here at Weber Thompson, Amanda excels in helping to create spaces that interpret and respond to the different social and community values and conditions within each neighborhood. She is a core member of Weber Thompson’s Sustainabiliteam, a group that spearheads the firm’s environmental methodologies and research of sustainable design options. During her career Amanda has also had the opportunity to develop her passion for historic preservation and renovation on projects in Providence, Rhode Island. She currently reviews projects within the Columbia City Landmark District as part of her role on the Columbia City Review Committee. E D U C AT I O N

425 Fairview

Bachelor of Science in Architecture – University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Master of Architecture – University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Master of Urban Planning – University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign R E L E VA N T PRO J EC T E X PE R I E N C E Radius SLU | Seattle, WA

Madrona Offices at Mile Hill

Elan Uptown Flats | Seattle, WA 425 Fairview | Seattle, WA The Whittaker | Seattle, WA Kirkland Urban | Kirkland, WA Madrona Offices at Mile Hill | Port Orchard, WA Elan Redmond | Redmond, WA

Elan Uptown Flats

SOREN | Seattle, WA PU B L I C S E RV I C E Columbia City Review Committee | 2012 – present

Jeff Reibman AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C P R I N C I PA L Jeff is a Principal working on Weber Thompson’s high rise, mid rise, affordable housing and senior housing teams. For 20+ years Jeff has been working in the Seattle area with a focus on residential design of every kind. His projects at Weber Thompson have ranged from custom homes to large condominium, apartment and senior housing projects. In addition to building design, Jeff focuses on project management, firm marketing and operations, including human resources and production standards. Sunset Electric

Throughout his career, Jeff has developed his expertise in creative land use solutions and complex entitlement processes. In addition to using those skills to serve his clients, he also channels them into volunteer advocacy and public outreach work. Outside the office he serves as a board member for Great City, a Seattle Think-Do tank dedicated to quality urban growth and recently completed his second term on Seattle’s Urban Forestry Commission. E D U C AT I O N

True North

Bachelor of Architecture – University of Oregon,   School of Architecture and Allied Arts PRO J EC T E X PE R I E N C E One Lakefront | Seattle, WA Westlake Steps | Seattle, WA Pike Motorworks | Seattle, WA

Pike Motorworks

Arbora Court | Seattle, WA WeWork SLU | Seattle, WA True North | Seattle, WA Sunset Electric | Seattle, WA Terravita | Seattle, WA

Arbora Court

Aljoya Mercer Island | Mercer Island, WA Aljoya Thornton Place | Seattle, WA Park 88 | Bellevue, WA

Bernadette Rubio NCIDQ , LEED AP I N T E R I O R D E S I G N P R I N C I PA L


Bernadette Rubio leads Weber Thompson’s Interior Design team. She has over twenty years of experience in space planning, mixed-use commercial and residential environments. Restaurants and hospitality design top her list of favorite project types. For these projects, she believes there is more of a process in understanding who it is one is designing for, and seeing the importance of both aesthetics and functionality. For Bernadette, that process of analysis, problem solving, and collaboration is one of the most enjoyable aspects of her job. E D U C AT I O N Bachelor of Science, Architecture – Portland State University E X PE R I E N C E Sunset Electric | Seattle, WA

4730 California

Pike Motorworks North | Seattle, WA LUMA | Seattle, WA Second & Pine | Seattle, WA Radius SLU | Seattle, WA Le Caviste | Seattle, WA Stratus | Seattle, WA

Pike Motorworks LTD

4730 California | Seattle, WA Pike Motorworks LTD | Seattle, WA BOKA | Seattle, WA Ian | Seattle, WA WeWork Office Tenant Improvement | Seattle, WA Elleven | Los Angeles, CA* Luma | Los Angeles, CA*

Le Caviste

Riva on the Park | Portland, OR* 12 Moons Restaurant | Snoqualmie, WA** *designed while at Ankrom Moisan. **designed while at MulvannyG2.

500 Terry

Rachael Meyer RLA, GRP, LEED AP L A N D S C A P E A R C H I T E C T U R E P R I N C I PA L Landscape Architecture Principal Rachael Meyer has over 13 years experience in commercial, residential, and public projects. She excels at communication, a talent that helps her build consensus while accepting input from her clients, consultants and other key stakeholders. Rachael is passionate about green roofs, urban agriculture and sustainable strategies, and integrates these passions into each of her designs. She regularly speaks and writes about her research, which ranges from water management practices to functional landscapes. Titan Commercial Offcie

Active in the community, Rachael has served on a variety of professional boards, including the UW Landscape Professional Advisory Committee, Architects Without Borders, and the Washington Association of Landscape Architects Executive Board. In 2008, Rachael was the recipient of the King County Housing Development Consortium’s Unsung Hero Award. E D U C AT I O N Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, BA, Scandinavian Studies – University of Washington E X PE R I E N C E Titan Commercial Office | Seattle, WA

Pike Passive

Pike Passive | Seattle, WA Modera First Hill | Seattle, WA Nexus | Seattle, WA Marketplace 1+2 | Seattle, WA* 1001 Broadway Mixed Use Development | Seattle, WA* 1319 Dexter Apartments | Seattle, WA* Block 45 | Seattle, WA* Bullitt Center | Seattle, WA* McGilvra Place Park | Seattle, WA* Stackhouse Apartments | Seattle, WA* Expo Urban Mixed Use Development | Seattle, WA*

Block 45*

Joseph Arnold Lofts | Seattle, WA* *designed while at Berger Partnership.

Weber Thompson Mid-Rise Studio  

Our philosophy at Weber Thompson is quite simple: we seek to understand our client's vision, to excel at teamwork, and believe that our succ...