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We are so excited for another great semester of PRSSA and Ogden Peak Communications at Weber State. Although the summer break was well deserved, it is time to get back to the grind.

With a new semester comes, new faces, and new clients, and we are pleased to announce that we have acquired three new clients this fall semester along with three new Account Executives. We have Junior Tara Smith working with The Daily Rise, Senior Paige Aslup working with Biofit Bootcamp, and Senior Sydnie Foust working with Weber Pathways. Our new Account Executives and their teams have begun working diligently to help in a variety of different services from implementation of social media and events, to the beginnings of a possible campaign book. We kicked off the semester promoting the Communication Department at our “Jump on in and make a friend” booth at the block party. We’re continuing a great semester with an opening social at Fat Cats in Ogden, and our first guest speaker, Jason Carlton from IHC, is coming to host a crisis communication workshop September 17 at 2:30.

President Sarah Gribble

Vice-President Amber Price Account Executive Paige Aslup Sydnie Foust Tara Smith Staff Members Mandie Barnes Kirsten Stuart Worthy Vieth Advisor Yeonsoo Kim

The biggest opportunity we may have this semester is the possibility of going to Philadelphia for the PRSSA National Conference. We are currently in the process of raising the funds to send a couple members to Philly. Keep your fingers crossed that we can make this happen! Keep in mind that with the graduation of many of our founding members there are going to be multiple executive positions that will be opening up in the Spring along with the attached tuition waivers. Your participation this semester will help prepare you for these positions in the Spring, so talk to your Account Executive now if you’re interested in a position for ways to improve and prepare. We’re glad you’re joining us for a fabulous semester. Invite your friends for one of the best programs for preparing future PR professionals.

Wishing you all the best, Sarah & Amber

VOLUME II September 2013


The DO’s and DON’TS of Networking OUR

FALLCLIENTS 2013 The Daily Rise

This semester, Ogden Peak Communications is so excited to be working with The Daily Rise Expresso. Owners Beth and Jeff Furton own two coffee shops, one in Ogden and one in Layton. They pride themselves on owning their own roastery, and using only the best ingredients for their coffee, teas, and smoothies. Their mantra for business is promoting positive energy in the community, and building relationships by getting involved in local events. We hope to help implement the plans made for them last spring when one of WSU’s PR campaigns classes created a hypothetical PR plan for them. We’re excited to help them broaden their awareness among their customers and build a professional relationship with such a great business in our community.

Biofit Boot Camp

Biofit Bootcamp is an intense personal training program focusing on a mixture of cardio and weight-training. Designed to help you achieve your goals, Biofit utilizes a variety of activities such as: treadmill/elipitical, free weights, upper/ lower body weight machines, abdominal exercises, and more. Join a team of others and work to achieve positive results! At Biofit Bootcamp, our goal is to make it fun to get fit! This semester we will be doing a variety of things for Biofit Bootcamp. We will be designing a social media campaign, planning an event with The Biggest Loser winner Deni Hill, and writing news releases and pitching to local media. We want to spread awareness of Biofit and grow their monthly memberships from 50 to 100.

Weber Pathways

Weber Pathways is a non-profit organization whose mission is to plan, promote, construct, and protect non-motorized trails and open spaces in Weber County Utah. This semester Weber Pathways has asked Ogden Peak Communications to help them coordinate and implement an event that targets young adults. This event will not only be affordable but also educating and inspiring. The event will take place on November 6th at the Egyptian Theater, more details coming soon! Weber Pathways has also asked for help with an events marketing plan for 2014. This plan will include new exciting events that can easily be implemented in the future.

By Sydnie Foust, Account Executive

In the modern world it isn’t all about what you know, but more about who you know. Having an education will get your foot in the door, but to be welcomed in you must have a connection. Networking is the most effective way for you to connect to your next job. Having personal, educational, and professional connections is critical. Here are 5 networking do’s and don’ts, tips and tricks to make your next interaction impactful. NETWORKING DO’s: • DO spend your time networking with people you’re already connected with. These people can connect you to others and somewhere through the vine could be your next boss. • DO post your profile on LinkedIn and Twitter. When you connect to social media sites remember to stay consistent with your screen name and how you want to represent yourself to the world. Someone might be searching for you! • DO volunteer to help out in things that you are passionate about. Many companies love when their employees are active in the community. It puts a good name out for you and can get you in touch with other community members. • DO practice you elevator pitch. Be prepared with a punchy, memorable statement about yourself and what you are planning to do with your future. • Do get out of your shell. This includes sitting with people you don’t know, offer a helping hand to someone who needs a door opened, and introduce yourself to people you want to know.

- INTERNSHIPS Need help finding an Iinternship? The Communication Department webpage is a great place to start. The webpage has many opportunities from several different businesses in Utah with a variety of subject matter.

NETWORKING DONT’S: • DONT waste networking time. Whatever you do don’t waste an opportunity by seeking out people you already know, unless that person can help you with a new introduction. • DON’T try too hard. Don’t give to many of your own thought, opinions or beliefs the first time you meet someone. Just stick with your elevator pitch that you have practiced and be yourself. • DON’T post your entire life history online. Just because you can wrap your feet behind your head doesn’t mean you need to post it on your LinkedIn. • DON’T be selfish. When promoting yourself always show interest in the person your meeting. The best way to “work the room” is to find someone and ask them about their interests first. • DON’T use the excuse of not having time. There is always time, networking can take just a few minutes each day. Make your luck. Good luck with all your networking experiences!

Sarah Gribble - President

My name is Sarah Gribble, and I am currently a senior studying PR & Advertising with a emphasis in International Relations. When I am not in school or working as a waitress at Chili’s and a assistant coach to a high school drill team, you can find me at the gym, playing with my dog Peanut, or traveling the world. I love adventure and look forward to the many adventures I have ahead of me.

Tara Smith - Account Executive

I’m Tara and I am thrilled to be starting my senior year! I have been married to my cute husband for two years, and we love to go to movies, have family dinners, and lounge on the couch. I love to eat chocolate and spend excessive amounts of time looking at fashion blogs. I’m looking forward to the adventure of moving out of state when my husband starts graduate school and broaden my opportunities to work in PR.

Paige Aslup - Account Executive I am Paige Alsup and I am a senior at Weber State University. I will be graduating this December with a degree in Public Relations and Advertising. After graduation, I hope to find a job working in PR or social media, preferably for a company dedicated to helping animals. I currently work for Banfield Animal Hospital and Utah Animal Adoption Center. I love watching tv, traveling, and shopping.

Mandie Barnes - Staff Assistant

I’m Mandie and I am a senior studying PR emphasizing in Marketing. I am very passionate about study abroad, and the student association on campus where I served as Vice President. When I am not busy being involved on campus I am usually working as a stylist and traveling the world. My dream is to work as Weber State’s director of student involvement, own my own salon, and continue to happily travel the world with the ones I love.

Amber Price - Vice President I’m Amber Price and I’m a non-traditional student here at Weber, and is a senior majoring in public relations and advertising and graduating in December. I have been an executive member of PRSSA since it began in preparation for Fall 2012. I am currently interning at The Living Planet Aquarium to implement a PR plan that I created for the PRSA Student of the Year competition, which I won.

Sydnie Foust - Account Executive I’m Sydnie Foust and I’m majoring in Public Relations & Advertising. I am excited to end my six year career as a professional student this winter at the December graduation. I worked as a PR Manager for High Cascade Snowboard camp in the wilderness of Mount Hood, Oregon, and my experience there gave me the drive to declare her major in communications. I am originally from Wyoming, and is now currently living in Utah with her fiance and two dogs.

Kirsten Stuart - Staff Assistant

I am Kirsten Stuart, and I am a senior and graduating in the Fall 2014. I will be graduating with a degree in PR and Advertising, emphasizing in marketing. My passion is animals, specifically pit bulls. I would love to practice PR with an animal organization like Best Friends Animal Society when I graduate.

Worthy Vieth - Staff Assistant My name is Worthy Vieth, a PR major emphasizing in Visual Communication; I will be graduating this December. I was born in Los Angeles, but was raised in a little town of Tremonton. I am a sports junkie; one of my goals is to work in sports. I recently got an internship with the Utah Grizzlies, so I hope that is a step towards my goal. I’m excited and ready for what my future has in store.


JUMP ON IN AND MAKE A FRIEND By Amber Price, Vice-President


To welcome students and professors back to campus PRSSA helped out with the Communications Department booth at the Block Party on August 30th. We constructed a giant box (8 feet x 4 feet) and filled it with foam cubes for people to jump into and balls with get to know you questions on them. Then we invited people to “jump on in and make a friend.”

In a world that is surrounded by technology it seems that we are loosing our grasp on what communication is. Networking is no longer just about sitting at a luncheon or going to a job fair. Just like everything else in this world, communication and how people build relationships is evolving and changing. It is adapting and most importantly, it is surviving. Communication might be changing but relationships and networking are both still a key ingredient in the job market and the professional world. That will never change. A lot of businesses are now very familiar with the world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and they will use these tools to their advantage.

The booth was a huge hit with students and professors alike and the box hosted a variety of people all day long. Some of the questions on the balls were:

You may be able to talk the talk online but you must also be able to prove that you can walk the walk. Remember that you set your own bar with whatever you post online for people to see. You want to really impress that company you’re interviewing with? First of all, be yourself. Secondly, build a strong online network of people that you have actually interacted with before.

• What is something on your bucket list? • What are you afraid of? • What is your favorite animal? • If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be?

These new online technologies have their advantages especially when it comes to building strong relationships. The ease and accessibility of these tools allow an employer or other professionals to pass judgment on you before they even meet you. Don’t let a random rant of a bad hair day and a parking ticket make you lose a good job opportunity.

Our purpose was to foster on communication campus between people who may otherwise not meet. We’re considering it a success!

So, you’ve made it passed the first interview. Great! Congrats. Now it’s your job to make sure you maintain a good relationship with that person. But how? Ask them for their email address, or contact information. Never underestimate the power of a good follow-up email or phone call. Again, the technology we have these days makes this all super easy. Keep up with all the technology but never forget what some old school efforts and methods can do for you.


Guest Speaker - Sep. 17, 2013 Elizabeth Hall RM #406 @ 2:30 P.M. Topic: Crisis Management Jason Carlton is the Social Media Specialist for the Urban Central Region for Intermountain Healthcare in Utah. He is a member of the Greater Salt Lake PRSA chapter’s Board of Directors, and is currently serving as the Vice-President of Communications and Outreach. He is a 2004 Weber State University Alumni and graduated with a degree in Communications.

Weber State PRSSA



Edelman is the world’s largest public relations firm, with 67 offices, and more that 4,800 employees worldwide. Edelman was named Advertising Age’s top-r anked PR firm of the decade in 2009 and one of its “A-List Agencies” in both 2010 and 2011; Adweek’s “2011 PR Agency of the Year;” PRWeek’s “2011 Large PR Agency of the Year;” and The Holmes Report’s “2011 Global Agency of the Year” and its 2012 “Digital Agency of the Year.” Edelman was named one of the “Best Places to Work” by Advertising Age in 2010 and 2012 and among Glassdoor’s top ten “Best Places to Work” in 2011 and 2012. Dan Edelman founded Edelman on the values of quality, integrity, respect, entrepreneurial spirit, and mutual benefits, and they remain at the core of our culture today. Citizenship was added as our sixth value in 2012, reflecting the importance of giving back to our global communities. Edelman offers 34 different services, which include business to buisness communication, consumer health, crisis and risk, employee engagement,market entry, media relations, and public affairs to name a few. Some of their clients include Starbucks, Slim Jim, Girl Scouts of the USA, HP, Microsoft, MTC, American Heart Association, and UPS.

09/11/2013 PRSA Luncheon

PRSA Salt Lake organizes Networking Luncheons, featuring key thought leaders in public relations. PRSA member $20. NonPRSA/IABC Members $30. Undergraduate and PRSSA Students $5.

09/17/2013 Guest Speaker Elizabeth Hall RM #406@ 2:30

Jason Carlton is the Social Media Specialist for the Urban Central Region for Intermountain Healthcare in Utah. He will be conducting a crisis management workshop.


09/20/2013 Guest Speaker - Sen. Mike Lee Wildcat Theater @ 1:00

Speaking on Freedom and Civil society. “We’re All in this Together.” Reception with light refreshments to follow

10/2013 Thomas Arts Firm Tour

Get the behind the scences look of one of Utah’s top advertising firms. More information to follow.

Profile for Weber State PRSSA

September 2013 newsletter  

Ogden Peak Communications is a student run PR firm on the campus of Weber State University in Ogden, UT.

September 2013 newsletter  

Ogden Peak Communications is a student run PR firm on the campus of Weber State University in Ogden, UT.


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