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President Sarah Gribble

Vice-President Amber Price Account Executive Paige Alsup Sydnie Foust Tara Smith Staff Members Mandie Barnes Kirsten Stuart Worthy Vieth Advisor Yeonsoo Kim September has come and gone, and boy did we have a great first month back at school. We are well underway with great progress with each of our clients, Weber Pathways, Biofit Bootcamp, and The Daily Rise. Research has been done, client meetings are being held, and future fundraising events are being scheduled. We are doing great things so far, and looking forward to the rest of the semester. On top of the great work we are doing, we have had some networking and social events this past month that not only has helped build our team, but also our skills. We started Septemeber with an opening social at Fat Cats with bowling pizza, and a lot of laughs. A week later Jason Carlton of Intermountain Healthcare paid us a visit and gave us some great pointers on communicating with the public during times of crisis. As we get nearer to our Novmeber recruitment activites and December graduation, please keep in mind that many of our founding members will be leaving and there are going to be multiple executive positions that will be opening up in the Spring along with the attached tuition waivers. Please contact Professor Kim for more information! Keep up all the hard work this semester, and we hope to see many of you at one of our upcoming events this month!

VOLUME II October 2013

CRISIS COMMUNICATION With Jason Carlton Jason Carlton visited with us on September 17 and conducted a workshop on crisis communication. He first constructed a scenario with Jaque Poll as the branch manager of a credit union who just found out that one of his managers was embezzling funds. With the firm acting as the media we threw questions at him to try to trip him up in his responses. Some key takeaways from the workshop were to: •Not be afraid to say, “I don’t know, we’re looking into that” •Use every media opportunity to leverage you key messages •Be honest and transparent to build credibility. Jason also recommended the use of bridges and flags to become comfortable in controlling the interview. He suggested: •Focusing on the answers, not the questions •Driving the interview with your answers •Being engaging, interactive and cordial •Avoiding jargon and acronyms •Using examples, personal experiences, analogies, facts and third party endorsements He also said to be aware of sneaky interview techniques such as hypothetical questions, “just between you and me” and the pregnant pause and to remember there is no “off the record.” We followed up with an other hypothetical situation and threw staff member Kris Stewart to the “media wolves” of the firm. She also faired well and we all learned that we needed to really practice these techniques to get comfortable with them. Jason Carlton is the social media director at IHC and has been very supportive of our PRSSA chapter at Weber State. We appreciate his taking the time to come and conduct this workshop on crisis communications.

- INTERNSHIPS Need help finding an Internship? The Communication Department webpage is a great place to start. The webpage has many opportunities from several different businesses in Utah with a variety of subject matter.


Friendly - Awesome - Charismatic

Age: 21 Birthday: June Favorite Color: Orange Favorite Food: Pizza Greatest Success: Attending college Weber State junior Camille Twitchell is our October Student Spotlight! Camille is Public Relations and Advertising major, emphasizing in International Relations and has been apart of PRSSA for the past two semester. “I joined PRSSA/Ogden Peak, because it is a great networking opportunity and a good way to gain experience. It is also a good thing to put on a resume.” Camille’s upbringing was not traditional, but Camille beat the odds and decided that was going to have success in her life. Helping her along the way has been her maternal grandpa, her role model. “He grew up with nothing, was dirt poor (his family lost everything during the depression) and has been a very successful man. He has worked hard throughout his lifetime so that his wife and children could have a good life. He has taught me the value of hard work.” When Camille is not working with her client, The Daily Rise, or at school you’ll probably find her in the kitchen making a new tasty treat or outdoors camping and hiking with her family and friends. One of Camille’s guilty pleasures is her love for history, and if given the opportunity she would love to travel to Europe to see the hundreds of years of historical buildings and features. But her love for history doesn’t end there. When Camille was asked if she could have three wishes what they would be, she answered first, to meet Abraham Lincoln. Second, to know many different languages fluently, and third she she wished she had the finances to help those in need, not only just abroad but in this country as well. Upon graduation, Camille hopes to pursue a career in event coordination or public speaking.

October PRSA Luncheon: Utah Jazz By Shaquille Heath, PRSSA Memeber

The Salt Lake City Chapter of the PRSA held its annual Networking Luncheon on October 2nd. This Luncheon partnered with the Utah Jazz’s communication and management teams to give us insight into the franchise’s approach to strategic communication in professional sports. Speakers at this event included Linda Luchetti the Executive Vice President of Communication for Larry H. Miller Properties, Frank Zang the Vice President of Communications for the Utah Jazz, Jonathan Rinehart the Director of Communications for the Utah Jazz, and Dennis Lindsey the General Manger for the Utah Jazz. PRSA professionals and PRSSA students were provided a Chicken and Pasta lunch catered in the Hundley Media Center. When the panel was given the question “What is the key that enables your communication team to work?” Dennis Lindsey answered, “Being on the same page.” He explained that many different circumstances arise every day. Players could post something on their twitter or say something to the press that could cause a PR crisis. “We all need to know what is going on and come up with a strategic plan on how we will respond to the press,” says Jonathan Rinehart. The Larry H Miller’s crown jewel is the Utah Jazz, but they have many other companies that they run as well. These companies include Larry H. Miller Car Dealerships, Megaplex Movie Theaters, Fanzz Sports Apparel Stores, KJZZ 14, Saxton Horne Communications, Prestige Financial, Miller Family Real Estate, and many others. One thing that the Larry H. Miller group is working on is similar looks to websites and design across all platforms. The problem that Larry H. Miller groups has now is to make sure that the public is aware that all of these many businesses are interconnected within the one company. “We are starting to work on designs and websites that have a common theme of Larry H. Miller. We want the sites to be similar and the “About” sections to be the same across all platforms,” said Linda Luchetti. At the end of the program attendees were able to ask the panel questions. Thomas Judd, a Weber State PRSSA student asked, “Specifically for the Jazz, when something might be said by a member of the organization (player, coach, staff) in the heat of the moment after a game how do you backpedal and try to save face to advert a crisis without making it look like you’re trying to cover something up?” Reinhart answered the question by stating, “We’re pretty lucky in our organization that a lot of people, Including the media, understand that many times things are said in a fleeting moment. A lot of the time, we are able to just retract it the next day with an apology without many people holding a grudge. But we do rely on the face that we’ve made as organization of being open, honest, and truthful at all times. That gets us really far with our media partners.” After the program was over, PRSA professionals and students were given a behind the scenes tour of the Jazz Locker Room and new jumbotron. This was an amazing opportunity for Weber’s PRSSA students to learn valuable information and network with Utah’s own Public Relation Practitioners.

Investor Relations, What is it really?

By Jaque Poll , PRSSA Member

Investor relations is a strategic management responsibility for publicly-traded companies. It encompasses communication, marketing, compliance and finance. Investor relations enable two-way communication between a company, the financial community as well as its shareholders. To sum up the definition of investor relations, it provides company information to investors to help them make informed decisions about buying and selling company shares. Typically investor relations is a single department or person who is responsible for reporting to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Treasurer of his or her company. As is the case for most companies, investor relations is typically managed by the public relations department (if the company has one), or corporate communications department. Investor relations is considered to be a “specialty” of public relations. In recent years there’s been a surge in investor relations and the need for IR Practitioners. Contributing factors in this surge are largely due to the fact that a number of companies are making shares available to the public and institutional investors. Institutional investors include but are not limited to banks, insurance companies and fund managers. Other factors in this surge include demands for better management performance, (which translates to higher share prices), growing need for businesses to raise capital and more stringent requirements for disclosure and information by SGX. IR Practitioners typically oversee shareholder meetings, press conferences, and private meetings with investors as well as product or oversee the companies annual reports. If you’re going into PR, it’s important that you understand investor relations and it’s many functions within the field. As stated before, investor relations is considered to be a “specialty” of public relations, so there’s a good chance you may one day be responsible to oversee investor relations for the company you work for. Being familiar with importance of investor relations will help in becoming a better PR Practitioner.

Keeping Strong Relations Internationally By Kirsten Stuart, Staff Assistant

When one thinks of international relations, they might think of situations like the Iraqi War or Syria, but does a domestic issue such as the Government Shutdown affect international relations? The answer is that it does, and it can have a very negative effect on international relations. It is crucial we keep strong relations in these matters. With regards to the government shutdown, it is not the ideal way to convey the US values and interests overseas. It goes against all that others perceive us to be and that is a super power, strong and in control. It can very well have negative consequences for the image of America and our economy looking as if we are falling apart. The last thing a country wants to do is destroy their international relations by looking “weak”. Our government shutdown does exactly that. When other countries are gaining strength in their international relations, the US is doing the exact opposite. With our government not being able to make decisions of what is best for its people domestically, give the perception of weakness, and furthermore do not allow other countries to have the confidence of handling situations abroad. There are four main factors with regards to international relations. They are •Peace Peace has been a vital part of international relations for decades. Maintaining peace remains as relevant today as it has in the past. •Economy Positive international relations also promote positivity in economic situations between countries. The view that a country, one considered one of if not the most powerful one at that, has to shut down their government and put hundreds of thousands of people out of jobs because they cannot work together does not bode well for our economy or anyone else’s either. •Global Concerns Sound international relations are required for nations to cooperate effectively during times of global concerns. With the war in Afghanistan and the issues in Syria, the vulnerability that the US has shown with the shut down does not help strengthen our relations with other countries. •Culture International relations are also advantageous for promoting the advancement of human culture. The diversity of world cultures can be promoted and shared through enlightened international relations policies; The diversity of world cultures can be promoted and shared through strong, solid interna tional relations. In the article The Importance of International Relations written by Ploni Almoni, he summated the impact of the shutdown as it pertains to international relations as follows “At the end of the day, the only possible positive impact of a shutdown on public perceptions of the U.S. could be that it proves that individuals triumph over systems. Some might say that if the majority of the House prevailed that might mean, in this case, more representative democracy—something we Americans often preach and a value that citizens abroad say they like about us.” He continued, “Public diplomacy should never be equated with corporate PR. One is a public good; the other is a bottom-line sell. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from both about the importance of being understood in a crowded global market.”

Steve Conlin

Guest Speaker - Oct. 22, 2013 Elizabeth Hall RM #406 @ 2:30 P.M. Topic: Crisis Management

Steve Conlin, owner of Ogden company called Five Wives Vodka. When Idaho banned his product from the state, he put his PR skills to work and ended up doing PR that resulted in more than 700 million exposures to the story and help from one of the most noted First Amendment attorneys in the country. He will be speaking about the porocess he took to overcome this obstacle.

ThomasARTS Firm Tour ThomasARTS was founded in 2003 in Dave Thomas’ basement and eight years later found themselves on the list of 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the country. Now a decade after that launch in the basement they have four locations nationwide, over 100 employees and are still growing.

October 15, 2013 ThomasARTS @ 2:30 P.M. 240 South 200 West Farmington, Utah 84025

The main focus is problem solving and you’ll find attached to every title the additional title of “Problem Solver.” This is a tribute to their main goal of solving problems for their clients with creative, bold ideas and following those through with both strategy and execution. ThomasARTS is headquartered in Farmington, Utah is a full service firm that incorporates Advertising and Public Relations to offer their clients end-to-end solutions and services for all of their corporate needs.

Weber State PRSSA


PR FIRM SPOTLIGHT Waggener Edstrom Worldwide

Located in Bellevue, Washington, the independently owned firm, Waggener Edstrom Worldwide, has been a global integrated communications agency for nearly 30 years. They have developed strategic communications programs for innovative and world-changing clients, working to influence markets, inspire people and improve lives. With more than 850 employees in 19 offices around the world, and with the help of their Global Alliance partners, they have expanded the agency’s reach to more than 80 additional international markets. WE has five global practices: brand strategy and marketing, healthcare, public affairs, technology and social innovation. In the last few years the company has been honored with many awards for their creative and strategic work. A few of their awards include, Global Technology Agency of the Year, Best Large Agency to Work For, Communications Agency of the Year, and Technology Agency of the Decade. Some of their recent clients have been HTC, Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Toshiba.

10/10-11/2013 WSU Diversity Conference 10/15/2013 Thomas Arts Firm Tour @ 2:30

Get the behind the scences look of one of Utah’s top advertising firms.

10/17/2013 Graduating with Honors?

Deadline to have your form signed by Dr. Susan Hafen for Departmental Honors!

10/22/2013 WSU Pres. Wright Inauguration Browning Center @ 2:00pm 10/22/2013 Guest Speaker - Steve Conlin Elizabeth Hall RM #406 @ 2:30pm

Owner of Five Wives Vodka will be speaking with us about how he overcame the obstacle of his product being banned in Idaho and the PR process he took to attract national attention.


10/22/2013 Guest Speaker - Steve Conlin Elizabeth Hall RM #406 @ 2:30pm

Owner of Five Wives Vodka will be speaking with us about how he overcame the obstacle of his product being banned in Idaho and the PR process he took to attract national attention.

10/28/2013 - 11/1/2013 PRSSA/OPC Recruitment Week Elizabeth Hall

Come by the PRSSA/OPC table and see how you can be involved and take your PR skills to the next level.

10/29/2013 Guest Speaker - Jeff Hunt Student Union 404B

Media attorney will discuss recent cases in Utah media law.w

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