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Chris & Planet Shape Written & Illustrated by Robert Weber

Chris & Planet Shape

Written & Illustrated by Robert Weber

Far far from our earth,

across the galaxy is a planet similar to ours. It is run by creatures that come in all different shapes and sizes, known by the name Planet Shape.

Chris is a young boy on Planet Shape, who lives in the land of circles. Young Chris is about to go on vacation around his planet to visit all the other lands.

Chris boards an Airplane known as Line

Airlines. But Chris has never seen a line, because he comes from a place where there are nothing but circles. He is an awe.

“First stop, Triangle Land” the pilot announced. Chris had never seen Triangles before, and was confused why they looked so much different then he was.

“Mom, why are these Triangles so much

different?” “They're not Chris,” she responded “They're just like you and me actually”. “How?” “Just wait, and you will see.”

It was time to board

Line Airlines again to the next land. This time a young Triangle sat next to him on the plane.

“Want to play my favorite game?” “Um... OK” Chris replied. “It's called tic-tac-toe, you play by...” “This is my favorite game” Chris said excited. “Sweet. This will be fun!” the little Triangle replied.

“Next stop, Sqaure Land” the pilot announced.

Chris and Triangle had never seen sqaures before.

“These squares are so different Mom” Chris said. “They look different than us Chris, but they are actually just like you and me.”

When Chris and Triangle boarded the plane,

a young Square sat next to them.

“Do you guys want to draw? I only have the color blue though” “Blue is my favorite color!” Chris and triangle yelled with joy. “It's mine too!” replied Sqaure.

“Next stop, Circle Land�, announced the pilot. As Chris arrived back home, he said good bye to his new friends, and told them he'd see them sometime soon.

Before falling asleep that night, Chris thought about what his Mom had told him. That day he learned that on Planet Shape, Shapes come in all different forms,

but it doesn't mean that aren't just like him.

The End.

Planet Shape  

Chris is a circle who lives on planet shape. He travels his planet and meets new shapes. This informational book not only teaches children a...

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