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“I absolutely love what I do! I'm excited and passionate about my work! I love new ideas and to try new things. Some of my favorite photos are ones that just happen! Sometimes the unexpected or unplanned are truly the most memorable. Photographing weddings are no exception. They are always full of emotion and spontaneity. I love to capture those emotions!”, says Colleen Chiasson of Reflective Images Photography. Besides being a busy mom, Colleen says, she is a full time photographer. “I have been in business as a photographer for 9 years. Although I love to photograph all life's moments my main focus of photography is weddings. With much hard work and dedication I have maintained a successful business. I am a member of the Professional Photographers of Louisiana and do attend conventions and workshops to broaden my horizons and keep up with the latest products and services.” Colleen says she shoots all weddings herself. “My clients hire me for a reason. I will always be the one shooting your wedding. On occasion if my client is interested in having a second shooter I will offer an assistant to accompany me if one is available,” she says. Her style of shooting depends mostly on the couple she says, “Just like every bride and groom are different, so is the way I approach a wedding. I strive to convey the personalties of my clients. Some may be traditional,


some may be more spur of the moment, some couples are reserved, some are anything goes! But mostly we have fun! It’s all about them. I form a “relationship” with my clients; to connect personally with them. This allows me to artistically create photos that reflect their unique relationship with one another. I include a mixture of traditional or “posed” shots and documentary style images to capture moments as they happen.” When asked if she would do just about anything to get that perfect shot, Colleen said, “I have come up with some pretty creative ways to get that one of a kind shot. I always try to do something different for each client. Sometimes I’ll work with the bride on a special idea for a one of a kind shot. It’s fun and interesting to see what we come up with. When shooting I’m everywhere! You’ll find me standing on chairs or practically on the ground to capture a particular image.” Colleen suggests that brides start planning early. “This allows you enough time to choose the perfect photographer, videographer, florist, band, and venue. I would also advise any bride to be comfortable with whom she chooses. Most importantly, your photographer is the one person who will spend most of their time with you. So it should be someone who relates to you well and

and someone you feel at ease with. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your special day!” “I am always humbled when I am chosen by a couple to capture their wedding memories. I am an emotional person so there are many times that you’ll see me grab a tissue as the bride and groom exchange their vows or perhaps with camera in hand, dance along with a large crowd of people celebrating with them. Many of my clients become dear friends of mine and have in some way or another made an impression on my own life. This to me, is an important aspect of what I do. Creating memories for others is personal. My clients will look back on their wedding day many years down the road and relive that day and I want them to rmember the way they felt; the happiness, the romance, the emotion that they experienced as they joined together two lives, two families as one. It’s the beginning of their lives together and that is a beautiful thing!”, she says. Although, Reflective Images Photography is based out of Houma, Colleen is available for out-of-town weddings. “I only charge additional travel fees if airfare and hotel accommodations are necessary,” says Colleen. All clients will receive an online password protected gallery to view and order their pictures. This makes it especially convenient for out of town clients and friends and family that live abroad. All images ordered online are conveniently delivered straight to their door. In addition to photography services, Colleen, also provides custom invitations, save the date, and thank you cards. Please visit her website to view her work and find out more about Colleen and her services. You may also check out her blog and even find her on Facebook and become a fan. Both links are conveniently on her website.


Phone number: 866-350-1348 Website: Winnie Couture Style: Vinette Strapless satin gown, beaded sweetheart neckline, ruched bodice, pick-up skirt with beaded hem Shown in Cream Pearl and also available in Pearl and White


WINNIE CHLOMIN Phone number: 866-350-1348 Website:

Diamond Label Style: Gwendolyn Strapless silk gown with sweetheart neckline, ruched bodice, low back, dramatic skirt with organza flowers Shown in Diamond White


WINNIE CHLOMIN Phone number: 866-350-1348 Website: Diamond Label Style: Kylie Strapless tulle ball gown, exquisite bodice with fabric flowers and Swarovski crystal embellishments, sash at natural waist Shown in Diamond White



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How do I go about choosing a hair style for my wedding day? Renee says, “When preparing for your wedding day there are many choices to be made. To many brides, the hair style they are going to be seen with is very important. Ultimately you need to choose a style that suits you and makes you happy. To begin you should choose the perfect dress for you. Depending on the shape of the dress and the detailing, decide whether you should go with an up style or wear your hair down. If you go with a strapless dress you may want to wear your hair down with curls or straight, half up or just teased at the crown area. If you choose a dress with any type of strap or detailing at the top of the dress, you may want to go with any type of up style. There are many hair styles out there. To get a good idea of what you would like, you can search the internet and various magazines. Once you gather pictures of hair styles you like, you should consult with your hair stylist. They can help you pick the perfect style for you to wear on your big day.�

What To Consider When Choosing a Hair Style: 1. Dress:

- Shape (ball gown; mermaid; a-line; sweetheart; with or without straps) - Detailing (lace; beading; intricate designs)

2. Type Of Wedding:

- Location (church; plantation; beach; cruise)

3. Facial Shape:

(heart shape; oval; square; round)

4. Hair Type:

(length; texture; thickness)

5. Personal Style

Meet Renee Renee Pitre attended Aveda Institute in New Orleans and works at Mistikal Mirrors Salon in downtown Thibodaux. She specializes in Joico Custom Coloring and uses Joico and Morocin Oil Products.

To Schedule An Appointment Please Call Renee At 985-447-8415. 12


The Savvy Bride’s Secret to Sculpting the Perfect Body From the dress to the flowers, music to the food, the bride-to-be’s schedule is fraught with plans, decisions and problems to be solved. Until recently, this included finding a way to create the body she wanted for “the big day” without spending a small fortune from her bridal budget on personal training. Modern brides in the know do not concern themselves with this last detail anymore, because whether you’re getting married or just shaping up for summertime, a technological advancement in fitness training has made it possible to receive top-notch, personalized exercise guidance at a small fraction of the cost of traditional training. It’s called Koko FitClub, and since its Houma opening in February 2010, the positive buzz has been rapidly spreading Tri-Parishwide. Koko FitClub has been hailed the outstanding fitness solution of the future for so many reasons. This recession-friendly innovation offers virtual weight training in under thirty minutes and guided cardio sessions in under fifteen minutes. Members do not have to navigate a sea of complicated equipment as they reference the same paper exercise routine they’ve been doing for the last six months either. Instead, they are presented with a fresh and tailored routine each time, from programs like “Beautiful Bride,” which focuses on sculpting the upper body while shedding unwanted pounds, or “Beach Body”, which tones the mid-section while burning extra fat. The entire strength training workout is conducted at one convenient machine called the Smartrainer, a revolutionary piece of fitness equipment which performs over 100 different exercises and offers fitness training via a full-color touch screen monitor that swivels and rotates around the machine. Each member is given an advanced computerized jump drive called a Koko key. The Koko key is pre-loaded with the member’s individual goals and information. Once the member plugs the Koko key into the monitor, the Smartrainer proceeds to guide the member through every step of a satisfying and personalized workout. “It’s meant to take the guesswork completely out of the experience of fitness,” said Debbie Denova-Baker,


Co-owner and Manager of Koko of Houma and Thibodaux. “Members are guided in what to do, how to do it, how much weight to use, how fast to go and how many repetitions to perform. For the frazzled bride-to-be, that’s a dream come true.” “No more searching through a sea of endless equipment or lining up your schedule to meet the availability of an expensive personal trainer,” said Denova-Baker, whose own background ironically includes being a Hollywood trainer. “The Smartrainer counts reps for you, gives you performance scores, whistles at you when you’re taking too long between sets and even sends you emails when you don’t show up for a while. It offers programming from the top minds in the fitness industry at a level of precision and accuracy impossible to emulate by any human, no matter how skilled or educated. Celebrity brides-to-be spend thousands of dollars hiring the same people to sculpt their bodies for the big day, but Koko makes it much easier and much more affordable to access the same or better results.” Designed to meet the needs of those who find the “normal gym scene” to be an unsatisfying experience, Koko offers its members a non-intimidating atmosphere designed to be experienced as a “fitness oasis.” For thirty minutes, members are encouraged to shut the world out and allow Koko to work its magic. “We are truly thrilled with the fast results our members

member, and the buzz would suggest that the plans are working. For more information about Koko FitClub, inquire at the front desk of Koko FitClub, go online to or call 985.746.4161.

Is working out not working out for you?!

are seeing,” said Denova-Baker. “People of different fitness levels, with different goals and different lives are seeing unprecedented results on this one incredibly innovative machine. The bride-to-be, the postnatal mom, the golf player and the body builder are working out in the same room and all leaving with a smile on their faces. We’re proud to be a part of something so groundbreaking in this industry, and we look forward to even more great feedback in the years to come.” Denova-Baker and her husband, Paul Baker, co-own Koko FitClub/Houma together and have opened their second FitClub of five in Thibodaux in August of this 2010. Since memberships are limited, they invite the public to act quickly in reserving their place with Koko. Whether you’re looking forward to walking the aisle, bouncing back after the arrival of a baby or just living a fit and healthy lifestyle, Koko FitClub has a plan for each





Koko FitClub 4734 Highway 311 | Houma, LA 70360 985.746.4161|

NOW OPEN 24 HOURS! Houma 4734 Highway 311 985.746.4161 COMING SOON!

Thibodaux 408 N. Canal Blvd. Unit C

For new annual memberships only. May not be applied to existing memberships. Limit one per member. Must be presented at time of purchase.


Fit. Figured out.

Turning into Bridezilla? Take the Stress Out of Planning Your Wedding

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

There is an endless list of choices you must make; however, all decisions are not equal and do not require the same attention. Choosing an amazing wedding dress should be high on your priority list, but napkins for the reception should not be stressing you out. Make a list of what you consider important, if something comes up that isn't on the list, then it's not worth dwelling over, just make a decision and move on. Find one person whose opinion you trust and make them your go-to person. If you're asking five different people for their thoughts on every decision, you'll likely end up with five different opinions and be more stressed out than before.

Tick, Tick, Tick

Time management will be crucial in keeping Bridezilla from sneaking out. If possible, set your date at least a year in advance. Use our Wedding Timeline on page 2 to keep you on track. Many vendors will need to be reserved 9-12 months in advance to secure your date. However, you'll have more time to finalize the details such as menu choices and picture requests.

Zzz, Zzz, Zzz

Combat stress by getting enough sleep. Staying up late or rising at the crack of dawn may give you the illusion that you'll get more done, but you will be much less productive during your waking hours. The brain responds to sleep deprivation as it would to an intoxicating bloodalcohol level. Besides causing stress, lack of sleep alters the way your body responds to daily stressors.

Help, Help, Help!

Ask for help, delegate tasks to friends and family. Those closest to you will be honored that you've trusted them with wedding tasks. Just remember to give clear and precise instructions. If you need someone to make follow up calls with your wedding vendors, be sure to tell them who to call and when. It's also important to give them the details. If they're going to confirm services with your caterer, they'll need more than just the date, time and location of the reception. Be sure to include the menu you've choosen and details such as the layout of tables and any other specifics you may have requested.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Laughter reduces the production of stress hormones and increases endorphines. Laughter also provides a physical and emotional way to release stress. Take time to enjoy yourself. Have a wedding planning free night out with friends, watch a comedy, and remember the saying, "If I didn't laugh, I'd cry". Find the humor in things that may be stressing you out.

Pamper, Pamper, Pamper

Do something relaxing for yourself. Get a manicure or a massage to help melt stress away. This can be a wonderful outing with bridesmaids. Maybe you need a little "me" time, pull out a book and slide into a warm bubble bath. Try aromatherapy, burn candles with relaxing scents such as lavender or chamomile.


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