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Be Safe - Be Responsible...Don’t Drink & Drive See The Professionals

Jeff Hess, Eric Hoffman, Terry Helmick, Mike Braman, Roger Jeff Hess, Chris Chris Finch,Finch Eric Hoffman, Terry Helmick, Mike Braman, Roger Karr, ChadKarr, Gibler, Chad Gibler, Jim Cole, Karen Miller, Rob Sayles, Darrin Hinkley, Marco Gabriele, Jim Cole, Karen Miller, Rob Sayles, Darrin Hinkley, Marco Gabriele & Andrew Monnich Julie Childers, Jeremy Taylor & Dan Hammett


(517) 849-2121 849-2121

M-99 (Between Hillsdale & Jonesville) • www.kenstillwellford.com e-mail: stillwell@dmci.net

BaD CReDIT? We Can Help! Contact Dan Hammett Special Finance Manager Call or stop by today dannyhammett@gmail.com

Gossage Eye Institute and Optical Your Vision is Our Focus

Is Diabetes Hurting Your Eyesight? Diabetes is a leading cause of sight loss so having a yearly eye exam is extremely important even if your vision is OK. Finding problems early can be the key in preventing more serious problems later. If you are living with diabetes be sure to ask your eye care professional to check for signs of cataracts and glaucoma. During an exam the eye is dilated and this allows a clear picture of your entire eye including the blood vessels in the back called the retina. Retina damage happens slowly. The retinas have tiny blood vessels that are easy to damage. These break and leak blood into the vitreous of the eye. The leaking blood keeps light from reaching the retina. Over the years, the swollen and weak blood vessels can form scar tissue and pull the retina away from the back of the eye. If the retina becomes detached, you may see floating spots or flashing lights. You may feel as if a curtain has been pulled over part of what you are looking at. A detached retina can cause loss of sight or blindness if you don’t take care of it right away. Call your eye care professional right away if you are having any vision problems or if you have had a sudden change in your vision.

Diabetes also causes two other eye problemscataracts and glaucoma. People without diabetes can get these eye problems, too. But people with diabetes get these problems more often and at a younger age. a cataract is a cloud over the lens of the eye, which is usually clear. The lens focuses light onto the retina. A cataract makes everything you look at seem cloudy. You need surgery to remove the cataract. During surgery your lens is taken out and a plastic lens, like a contact lens, is put in. The plastic lens stays in your eye all the time. Cataract surgery helps you see clearly again. Glaucoma starts from pressure building up in the eye. Over time, this pressure damages your eye’s main nerve-the optic nerve. The damage first causes you to lose sight from the sides of your eyes. Treating glaucoma is usually simple. Your eye care professional will give you special drops to use every day to lower the pressure in your eyes. Or your eye care professional may want you to have laser surgery. The professionals at Gossage Eye Institute and Optical know the importance of maintaining healthy eyesight while dealing with diabetes. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Dr. David D. Gossage’s unique approach to eye care involves close personal contact with patients at every phase of their eye care process. From the initial consultation through surgery and post operative care, he believes in keeping patients informed about their treatment and progress. He specializes in in general ophthalmology such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, refractive surgery, diabetic eye care. Dr. Karen M. Luparello specializes in pediatric eye care and adult strabismus. Her expertise as a diagnostician and her concern for her patients’ well being, make her highly respected and admired, not only by the individuals that she serves, but also by her fellow colleagues. Dr. Gossage and Dr. Luparello are the only ophthalmologists in Hillsdale County. Dr. Mark E. Kosciuszko specializes in vision therapy, low vision evaluation, and contact lens fitting. He provides comprehensive eye care for the whole family including glasses and contact lenses. He also provides medical treatment of eye diseases and injuries. He is regarded as an expert in fitting difficult contact lens patients.

We are welcoming new patients for eye exams and full optical services at both Hillsdale and Homer locations.

How do I know if I have retina damage from diabetes? You may not have any signs of diabetes retina damage, or you may have one or more signs:

Hillsdale Office HOurs Mon - Thur. 8am - 5pm friday 8am - 4 pm saturday 10am - 12 pm 50 W. Carleton Rd. • Hillsdale


• blurry or double vision • rings, flashing lights, or blank spots • dark or floating spots • pain or pressure in one or both of your eyes • trouble seeing things out of the corners of your eyes

HOMer Office HOurs Mon - Thur. 9am - 4pm Fri & Sat - closed 125 W. Main St. • Homer


Where Your Vision is Our Focustm 04

Most major insurance plans accepted

1-Yr./15K Chrysler Warranty (Eng., Trans., 4 Best selection Driveline, Steering, & AC) on 10 Yrs. Old & Cars & Trucks Newer Upof to Pre-owned 100K Miles. Some Exclusions.

in Southeast Michigan! Over 250 to Choose

4 Best warranty

1-Yr./15K Chrysler Warranty (Eng., Trans., 1 Yr./15K Chrysler Warranty (Eng, Trans, 1-Yr./15K Chrysler Warranty (Eng., Trans., 1-Yr./15K Chrysler (Eng., Trans., Driveline, Steering, & AC)Warranty onAC) 10 Yrs. Old Driveline, Steering Yr.&10 old and Driveline, Steering, &on AC)10 Yrs. Driveline, Steering, && AC) on 10on Yrs. Old &Old & Newer Up to 100K Miles. Some Exclusions.


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4 Bestpriceguarantee We’ll Beat Any Competitor’s Price on Any Like Vehicle! GUARANTEED!


2002 DoDge StratuS

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2007 Chevy Cobalt 2007 Chevy Cobalt

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I f by chance we d o n’t h ave wh at yo u’re lo ok in g fo r, we c a n ge t i t w i thi n d ays usua l l y!




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SHellac the no chip manicure

FALL FUN at Toasted Mud!

zero dry time

14 day wear mirror finish

For the latest in salon services call andrea Thompson today at the Beach House Salon & Spa... • Organic Hair Color • Feather Extensions • Gem Extensions • Gel Glitter Toes • Spa Pedicure


876 E Chicago Rd. Quincy, MI | (517) 617-4455 20 N. Howell St. • Hillsdale • 517-437-4160


adults only - 3rd wed.- 6-9pm call For detailS

story time 2nd & 4th saturday every month

painting Classes 1st & 3rd sunday every month Birthday Parties Business Retreats After Hours available for Baby & Wedding Showers All Ages Welcome Gift Certificates

Most women are wearing the wrong sized bra. Let us help you find your perfect fit.

Toasted Mud

517-439-1677 • 74 N. Howell St. • HillSdale • www.toaStedmud.com moN - wed - 10 am - 6 pm • tH & Fr 10 - 9 • Sat 10-6 • SuN 12 - 6 *adultS oNlY 3rd wedNeSdaY 6-9 pm

4114 Page ave • Michigan center • 800-796-0977 i n f o @ b r a s t h at f i t . n e t

• Natural Jute Rugs & Mats • Sweet Annie & Status • Fragrance Oils

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avoid the stress and get started on CHristmas early!

Be Yourself. .Everyone else is taken.

Oscar Wilde

Jag Jeans feature photo

Maggie anne’s (517) 439-1334 | 50 North Howell • Hillsdale

54 N. Howell • Hillsdale • 517 437-0095

www.facebook.com/MaggieAnnes | www.maggieanneshoppe.com Mon - Wed 10:00 - 5:30, Thurs & Fri 10-6 and Saturday 10-4

Fall Features by Tonya Ellenwood

pam’s pantry dips Gudrun’s Great Glaze Bar-b-Que and dipping sauce

mccall’s canninG candle mulled apple cider

The Plant Nook




www.theplantnookflorist .com

411 Evans St • Jonesville

Change the way you age.

Cindy Padget Your Anti-Aging ExpErt

Call for a free Consultation today. (517) 499-0009

Discover New Horizons Weekly Advertiser and so much more. If your looking for an outlet to respond to your marketing needs call us for • 100% penetration • Mailed • on tiMe Your vehicle to send your message since 1934

a no obligation consultation with a marketing consultant today.

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HILLSDALE BEAUTY COLLEGE Whether you’re choosing a first time career or your second time around Hillsdale Beauty College will help you reach your artistic, technical and lifestyle goals. No matter your age it’s never too late to explore the career of your dreams.


Financial aid available For Those WhoQualiFy 64 Waldron St. Hillsdale, MI 49242

(517) 437-4670



Because We Care About our Neighbors! Full ServICe AuTo repAIr • Foreign & Domestic • 3 year/ 36K mile warranty • pick up and Delivery • Shuttle service available • Free Towing with repair • Free wI-FI

fall Special


frOnt wheel


Oil change

From the


Happy Fall! Can you believe summer went by that fast? It seems like we just started having picnics and camping and now it is time to send the kids back to school. I know they say time goes faster as we age but I never imagined it would happen at this pace.

Marlanea Chestney Owner/Publisher

On a lighter note there are some fun fall fashions on the market and we have discovered Michigan’s beauty secret hat we just had to share! Also, I think two kids keep me busy but our Amazing Mom this month has a few more than two, just wait until you hear her story. For all of our readers who are computer literate I would like to invite you to friend us on Facebook. Our goal is to reach 1000 friends before the next issue. So join us and invite your friends. We will be introducing new advertisers, hosting contests, sharing upcoming events and much more. Enjoy the book and be sure to take in the beautiful fall colors and we’ll see you back here in time for the holidays. Oops... our apologies Last month we missed giving credit to Mike Venturini for the photos used in the Azzuri business spotlight. Thank you Mike for your wonderful photos.




• Courtesy Tire Inspection • All major brands available

Warning to readers... this issue may make you shed a few tears. We have some amazing stories of four local women and their battle against a common enemy CANCER. Cancer touches everyone in our community and we feel we need to keep the fight for awareness strong so women will have the check-ups and screenings that provide early detection in the cancer battle.

Peggie Bildner ............................................... EDITOR ZONYA Foco.......................................................................Health Article Tracy Donohue .......................................................Fashion & Beauty I would also like to Laura Loveberry ...................................................Life is the Berries thank the writers who Jeanine Matlow ........................................................................Home provide such timely and NANCY HASTINGS............................................................Local Spotlight interesting articles PAM Colletta-Benzing....................................Backyard & Beyond Willie Smith ...................................................................Over the Edge AMBER YODER ................................................................Local Spotlight JEAN KARR ................................................................Aging With Attitude James Sheridan ....................................................................Ask a Guy jim pruitt ....................................................................... Local Spotlight


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Accessories are Awesome

Closet Consultant - Sue Cervini

Michigan’s Beauty Secrets


Body by Vi


Eating Healthy on a Budget

LOCAL SPOTLIGHT Pure Energy Cloggers


Mother of 11 shares her secret


Ancient Art Form


Berrys Natural


Battle with Cancer Rages On



35 12

20 42 24 46 26 58 28 54 30 56 32 58 35 60


Why Doesn’t He Understand?


Accessories are Icing on the Cake


Left Brain... Right Brain


Learn to Golf, Kayak or Fish

BACKYARD & BEYOND Pheasant Season Enjoyed


LIFE IS THE BERRIES Obstacles are Opportunities










Why He Won’t Look You in the Eye

Volunteering Keeps us Young

Savory Samplings

Gems of Wisdom



Fancy Colored Diamonds

G r e AT



One of S.E. Michigan’s largest selections of natural fancy colored diamonds.

www.hackerjewelers.com | 888-659-8979 | Downtown Tecumseh

Their coupon is our coupon


Home Decor & more

517-437-0057 97 South Broad St. • hillSdale

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Saturday, Nov. 5 10am - 3pm

Cellulite Reduction. Microcurrent. Chemical Peels. Body Wraps. Eyelash Extensions. Sclerotherapy

Lunchtime Face Lift

The staff at Classic Cuts Plus are here to assist in your transformation. From hair and makeup to anti aging solutions. Call today to schedule your consultation.

American 1 Event Center

Beautiful Image Facial & Body Sculpting Remarkable Results on unwanted Lines & flaws

Classic Cuts Plus

Salon & Spa

38 McC ollum St | Hills dale | (517)437-0302

Jackson Co. Fairgrounds


Over 50 booths with products & information


Bring diapers to help local charities!


CONTEST $1 PHOTO Enter to win our baby don atio n

photo contests:

•Cutest Baby in the Making (ultrasound pictures) •Cutest Baby with Food •Cutest Baby in Costume •Cutest Baby and Pet •Cutest Funny Face



FA S H I O N By Tracy Donohue Simply Hers Magazine

There’s nothing like a new trendy handbag, pair of shoes or (preferably) both to pop up an outfit and make it look fashion forward and fresh. This fall season there are some fabulous new trends that offer something a little sweet, sassy or sophisticated for every fashionista to fall in love with.


Welcome fall!

HANDBAGS Daytime Clutch

This classic handbag looks great, travels great and can easily tuck into a casual or work tote if more storage is needed. This is not a small, novelty evening handbag that barely fits the essentials – this season’s daytime clutch should hold your wallet, lipstick, and technology with a little room to spare. With a detachable long strap, this handbag becomes a perfectly flexible, must have accessory for fall.

Ladylike Classic This structured handbag has a feminine, old school, somewhat vintage vibe and shape, but with an updated edge. Whether you buy new or purchase at a vintage or resale shop, this “ladylike purse” looks trendy, fresh and fun this fall.


THE LADY LIKES RUFFLES Miche Bag, Donna shell, $44.95. Base handbag sold separately. Contact Kathie Ward at www. my.michebag.com/kathie_ward, 517.320.2488.

GREEN WITH ENVY Miche Bag, Jan’ee shell, $27.95. Base handbag sold separately. Contact Kathie Ward at www.my.michebag.com/kathie_ward, 517.320.2488. SEEING RED Julie Lindsay (Michigan designer), Red Stud Pouch, $295, www.julielindsay.com, 810.516.4732.

Reptile Skin Whether real or faux, snake, python and reptile skin patterns make incredibly stylish arm candy this season. In neutral or bright colors, structured or hobo shaped, a reptile skin handbag is an adventurous and exotic way to take a walk on the wild side this fall.

SHOWING SKIN Miche Bag, Melody shell, $27.95. Base handbag sold separately. Contact Kathie Ward at www.my.michebag.com/kathie_ward, 517.320.2488.

Fiery Red RED all about it! While neutrals bags and shoes are still strong this season, this fall is the perfect time to make a statement by accessorizing with a rocking red handbag. All shades of fiery red from orangey and true red to cranberry are red hot for fall.

Long Shoulder Strap A key handbag feature this fall is the long shoulder strap that offers a convenient, hands-free, across body option that is easy on the shoulders and back. Ideally a new handbag will include a detachable long strap option that offers the ultimate in handbag flexibility.

BUCKLE UP! Julie Lindsay (Michigan designer), Kat Man Du clutch, $330, www.julielindsay.com, 810.516.4732. LADY IN RED Jenna Kator Collection, Lake Shore handbag (Michigan designer), $98, www.jennakatorcollection.com, 248.840.8961. Available locally at Serendipity Cards & Gifts in Adrian and Blush Boutique in Tecumseh.

You are cordially invited to my

Doncaster FALL/ WINTER Trunk Show SEPTEMBER 20 - 30 by Appointment


Sue Cervini • (517)439-5840 139 Budlong Street, HillSdale 13



Novelty Design Features

Unique trim design features such as lacing, buckles, zippers and tassels are all the rage in footwear (and many handbags) this fall. These fun design elements are found in a wide variety of shoe designs including flats, platforms and wedges so it’s an easy trend for any fashionista to showcase with style.

All Clogged Up

Fossil Lindsay Clog, $98. Available at Fossil Stores, Michigan locations, www.fossil.com.

Pumped Up Wedge

Fossil Maddox Wedge Pump, $88. Available at Fossil Stores, Michigan locations, www.fossil.com.

Chunky and Funky Heels In addition to still popular flats, wedges and platform heels, the fall focus is on shoes and boots with interesting and unique chunky and funky heels. These fun statement heels will be a focal point to a fashionable fall ensemble.

Suede and Satin

Flashy Metallic Tappers

Smooth and silky satin finishes as well as textural suede finishes are trend right materials for fall footwear. Of course, these materials generally require a little TLC, but the overall fashion impact is worth it!

Fossil Baisley Boyfriend Cap Toe Shoe, $78. Available at Fossil stores, Michigan locations, www.fossil.com.

Menswear Inspired Flat and heeled oxford and loafer styles are everywhere this fall and it’s important for fashion forward women everywhere to be seen loafing around town. This cool, updated retro look is an extension of menswear (or boyfriend inspired) and features fun design details ranging from short fringe and tassels to laces and pennies.

Give boring the boot

Fossil Daphne Boot, $108. Available at Fossil Stores, Michigan locations, www.fossil.com.

THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKING Keep mother nature on her toes with a versatile pair of boots. A stylish high boot will wear perfectly with a twirly skirt or dressy jeans. Be ready for the big game or a night on the town with the stovepipe shaft and distressed leather that is sure to compliment almost any fall outfit.

Together, in the privacy of your own home, we will develop a unique style that will allow you to look terrific, enjoy showing your body type, and feel confident about your age.


CloseT ConsulTanT

SuSan Cervini - Wardrobe ConSultant Appointments (517)439-5840 scervini@sbcglobal.net

Extraordinary AppArel for Extraordinary WoMeN

Doncaster agent/owner Fall/Winter Trunk Show September 20-30.

Closet Consultant Gives Fashion Advice By Nancy Hastings Simply Hers

Feeling great about the way you look on the outside is a reflection of how you feel on the inside. That’s what Sue Cervini, owner of The Closet Consultant in Hillsdale, emphasizes to her clients. Cervini offers advice for those who are career oriented or just need some help organizing their wardrobes. Besides wardrobe consultation she holds fashion seminars and does fashion show production in the Hillsdale area. She got her start in the fashion business while in high school when she worked for a boutique in Toledo, Ohio. There, she learned management and merchandising. She studied fashion show production in Switzerland for a term and after two years at the University of Michigan, she transferred to Northwood University in Midland. There, she completed a degree in fashion merchandising with a bachelor’s degree in business management. Further experience includes working at Marshall Field & Co. in Chicago and Damschroders in Toledo. She also modeled for Jacobsons for 15 years. “When it comes to style, the possibilities are limitless,” Cervini says. “I help women build their wardrobes piece by piece.” While some clients have a good idea of what style they like, others require more advice, she said. Before visiting a client in their home, Cervini asks them to go through their closets to pick out items that no longer fit or are worn out and give them away. “They start the process before I get there,” she said. Along with a collapsible clothing rack, Cervini brings a tape recorder to each consultation to facilitate the process. “If they are not sure about an item, I ask them to try it on for me,” Cervini said. “If it’s outdated, we’ll talk about replacing it with another.”

The client then receives a shopping list in addition to the recording. The consultation can generally be done in one hour. Additional consultation after the first hour is done at a lesser fee. Also a dealer for the Doncaster line of clothing, Cervini said she sells more pants than she does skirts. She believes in having a few quality items that can be mixed and matched and that’s why she likes Doncaster clothing. Everything made in the line is typically the same color of Navy, for instance, that it has been for years, she said. When building a wardrobe with a client, the same shade purchased years ago will inevitably match a newer item allowing different groupings based on color schemes. Client referrals come from dress for success seminars and wardrobe consultations, as well as by word of mouth. As agency owner, she does two in-home shows a year, one for fall and winter and another for spring and summer. “I set up my house like a boutique with water falls and displays that feature up to 350 pieces,” she said. “The two businesses (Doncaster and The Closet Consultant), go hand in hand.”

Susan Cervini - Wardrobe Consultant

Appointments (517)439-5840 scervini@sbcglobal.net

Sue Cervini, owner of The Closet Consultant, displays clothing choices she recommends to her clients. Simply Hers/Nancy Hastings.

Some trends, however, are coming back, she said. Gathering at the tops of sleeves are back, as are shoulder pads, in some instances. A broader shoulder can balance out the lower body, she said. While she prefers to work by season, Cervini will do a complete wardrobe consultation. At this time of year, she helps women concentrate on their fall and winter wardrobes. Once the items are discussed, they are divided by category. “I typically do jackets and blazers first, along with cardigans, then blouses and tops, then slacks and skirts,” she said. As she goes over the items with the clients, she records which jackets can be worn with what pants or jeans, so they can later listen to the tape and learn the combinations themselves. “A lot of people will have a Navy suit together and never break it apart,” she said. “This is such a lack of utility.” Cervini said she enjoys suggesting new ways of putting clothes together as an outfit. She will make suggestions if certain basic items need to be purchased, such as a crisp, white shirt. A shopping list is then created with pieces that need “to be filled in.” Also important during the process is getting accessories out that will compliment outfits. “A scarf can pull two unrelated pieces together,” she said. “They can update a closet and offer flare and versatility.” After coordinating is done, suggestions are made on how to organize the items back into the closet. And though she does not do closet organizing, she’s glad to suggest where to hang certain items.



Cherry Creek Old Schoolhouse Winery

Simply Hilar ious When I had been married 25 years, I took a look at my wife one day and


said, “Honey, 25 years


apartment, a cheap car, slept on a sofa bed and watched a 10-inch black and white TV, but I got to sleep every night with a hot 25 year old




ago we had a cheap ✔ Engine check ✔ Coolant flush ✔ Oil change

✔ Exhaust system test ✔A/C system test ✔Brake inspection

✔ Battery check ✔Tire Rotation

Front End Alignment

Only $59.95


Steering and Suspension Inspection (Must Mention Simply Hers)

Now we have a nice

Ask About Our

house, nice car, big bed, and plasma screen TV, but I’m sleeping with a 50 year old woman. It



seems to me that you’re not holding up your side of things.” My wife is a very reasonable woman. She told me to go out and find a hot 25 year old blonde, and she would




15750 US 12 • Cement City www.Cherr yCreekWine.com


make sure that I would once again be living in a cheap apartment, driving a cheap car, sleeping on a sofa bed and watching a 10 inch black and white TV. Aren’t older women great? They really know how to solve your mid-life problems!

Transmission Service Only $129.95

Flush transmission with 16 quarts of new fluid.

Vehicle Safety inspection Only $49.95

Checking the following...

Brakes • All Lights All Fluid Levels • Tire Tread & Condition • Road Test Vehicle

Quality Service and Fair Prices Always Guaranteed oil changes • tune-ups • emissions • fuel injection • belts & hoses • engine checks • inspections • fluid flushes • shocks & struts • electrical • transmissions • air conditioning • radiators • tires • steering • brakes • exhaust • heating • leak repair • brake service

CR MOTOR SALES 5180 S. Meridian Rd. • Hudson

517-448-2741• 877-814-5337

Skin Blemishes Won’T EvEn

Stand A Chance BBL is a photorejuvenation procedure that uses intense pulsed light (IPL). BBL treatments dramatically reduce freckles, age and sun spots, small facial veins enlarged pores and irregular pigmentation. Laugh lines, blemishes, age spots, and sun damage all detract from your appearance, no matter how young, healthy, and vibrant you feel. BBL, also called intense pulsed light (IPL) photorejuvenation is a new non-invasive process that can treat these types of skin problems without damaging the outer layers of the dermis. This means there is virtually no recovery time - you can even apply makeup and return to work the same day of treatment. BBL can treat the foLLowing skin conditions: * Sun damage * Rosacea * Birthmarks * Melasma * Broken veins and capillaries * Benign vascular lesions

are muLtipLe treatments required? BBL photorejuvenation provides gradual improvement rather than immediate results. Depending on the extent of correction the patient is seeking, we recommend anywhere from three to five sessions, spaced three to four weeks apart. Because the treatments are so brief, they are ideal for patients with active, busy lifestyles.

what is a Broad Band treatment Like? When the pulse of light is delivered, the sensation is similar to a snap of a rubber band. Anesthesia is not required.

how does Broad Band Light work? An intense light is applied in a series of gentle pulses over the treatment area. Without damaging the skin, the light penetrates through the skin and is absorbed by the abnormal pigmentation and broken blood vessels. The heat causes damage to the targeted area and the body begins its healing process as it releases the pigment. The area will darken before it flakes off or the body reabsorbs it.

what improvement shouLd i expect? Expect to see a gradual decrease in hyperpigmentation that is the result of sun damaged skin and a decrease in broken blood vessels. The results will be a smoother, more vibrant appearance. There is little or no down time with this procedure. The usual treatment time is five procedures, four weeks apart.

where is Broad Band Light used? Treatment can be to full face, neck, chest, arm and hand treatments, as well as legs, back and shoulders.

Evolving our Services to Meet Your Needs

Evolving our Services to Meet Your Needs Lawrence


2000 Curtis Road • Adrian

Desjarlais mD,pc

DermatoLo gy

FREE Consultation! www.drdesjarlais.com www.mdcosmeticdermatology.com



Beauty Secret By Tracy Donohue Simply Hers Magazine


he beauty of our state is a bit of a well kept secret to Michiganders and those who at some point in their lives called Michigan home. Our treasured mitten features miles and miles of scenic beaches and woods, lively cities and quaint towns, countless breathtaking views, and many talented folks within its beautiful borders. While Michigan may be world famous for being home to the Motor City, Hockey Town, and Motown, we also have an amazing, high quality beauty industry that continues to quietly grow, expand and gain respect. These days many of us are making an effort to support our local economy and buy Michigan and a great way to do this is to consider purchasing some of the following fabulous Michigan-based beauty businesses and the incredible products they offer locally. The secret’s out. From skincare and spa products to fragrances and cosmetics, these Michigan-based beauty businesses have all your beauty needs covered.


Barb’s Homemade Soap & More Adrian www.barbshomemadesoap.com, 517.605.1543 Barb DeLosSantos produces a fragrant selection of high quality, natural, skin loving skincare products such as soap bars, lotions, creams, soaks and scrubs. Barely Gentle Spa Products Whitmore Lake www.barelygentle.com Barely Gentle has an incredibly large selection of homemade, naturally gentle spa products including soap, lotions, sprays, scrubs, fragrance, bath salts, essential oils, air fresheners and more. Biopelle, Inc. Ferndale www.biopelle.com, 866. 424.6735 Biopelle, a division of Ferndale Laboratories Inc., is an innovative aesthetics company that uses breakthrough technology to develop various skin care products and brands to help discover the skin’s potential. Brittanie’s Thyme Cedar Springs www.brittaniestyme.com, 616.788.8224 Brittanie’s Thyme is dedicated to manufacturing natural and organic products that aid in producing a feeling of well-being. Their product assortment includes organic skin care for all skin types, organic bug spray and organic sinus and cold relief Sweet Dream pillows and Cold Comfort Crystals. Clark Creations Natural Skin Care White Lake, www.clark-creations.com, 248.408.0909 Clark Creations offers a lovely variety of natural vegan skincare creams, lotions, soaps and loofahs. First aid products including natural remedies such as Insect Repellents and Headache Relief Roll are also available. Clinage Skin Care Southfield www.clinage.com, 248.353.6884 The Clinage skincare line boasts research based renewal and long lasting benefits for many skin conditions and challenges. One of their more popular products is their Dermatology developed Vitamin C Home Peel Kit.

Eve Organics Macomb www.eveorganics.net, 888.227.3033 Eve Organics offers a fine selection of the highest quality organic skincare and mineral makeup with an emphasis on the quality of the product rather than the packaging. They also offer quality makeup brushes and accessories. Freda Cosmetics at Faces by Freda Novi www.fredacosmetics.com, 248.349.9000 The Freda Cosmetics collection includes a broad and colorful assortment of makeup options and hues from traditional to trendy to help create a more beautiful you. Get Mint Trading Company, St. Johns www.getmint.com, 800.345.9068 Through four generations and nearly 100 years, this family owned business has been producing pure mint essential oil products with 100% Pure Unadulterated mint oil from Crosby Mint Farm. Get Mint offers a line of peppermint and spearmint beauty and therapeutic products including lip balm, body soak, lotions and more and strives to cultivate friendships, plant dreams and harvest goodness! Joppa Minerals Cosmetics & Skincare Quincy www.joppaminerals.com, 517.227.5057 Renew and refresh with Joppa Minerals natural skincare, makeup, brushes and accessories. Joppa products care about you and the environment. Available locally at Earth Roots in Coldwater, Hair Design Studio in Litchfield, Serenity Salon & Day Spa in Litchfield, and Lasting Images in Brooklyn. Le Pampered Pig Bath and Body Shop Milan www.lepapmperedpig.com, 734.439.7731 Le Pampered Pig offers amazing, nature-based perfumes, potions, soaps and more with an ohsow-cute pig theme. The delightful selection includes Oinkment, Sow So Soft lotion, Porkfume, and more. Oink!

Marmalade Hills Bloomfield Hills www.marmaladehills.com, 888.808.7707 Marmalade Hills specializes in fresh, natural, eco-conscious artisan skin care products including body butters, lotions, olive oil soaps, lip balms, sugar scrubs, body washes, and more. Purely Pro Cosmetics Bingham Farms www.purelyprocosmetics.com, 800.437.9815 Purely Pro Cosmetics line was developed for use by professional models and designed to enhance each woman’s natural beauty and features. Purely Pro offers a wide range of long lasting professional level products including tinted moisturizer, eye and lip color and more. Shower Treat Soap Scotts www.showertreatsoap.com, 269.329.3289 Shower Treat Soap offers natural items such as vegan natural soap, laundry and dishwasher detergents, deodorant, and body wash. The company is also a proud supporter of Women for Women International. Skin Essentials Salem Township www.skinessentials.us, 248.437.5442 Skin Essentials specializes in fresh, natural products made to order by hand. Their product offering includes nourishing creams, bath bombs, natural remedies, therapeutic grade essential oils and more. Teava Skincare Farmington Hills www.teava.myshopify.com Teava’s line of tea-based skincare products utilize the soothing, healing and restorative benefits of tea science to not only act as an anti-aging agent, but also to solve a range of skin problems and conditions. Vitl Waters Birmingham, www.vitlwaters.com, 248.540.3000 Vitl Waters skincare products are made with the mineral-rich, restorative waters from the famous wells in Mt. Clemens – Michigan’s renowned “Bath City”. Vitl Waters tap into this healing water to promote healthy skin tissue and a youthful appearance.




Are you up for the Challenge? Chances are, right now, you want to lose some weight, build muscle and get in better shape. Or maybe, you just want to live a healthier lifestyle. We’re here to challenge you. To challenge the way you think about slimming down and shaping up by introducing you to the life changing Body by Vi 90 day challenge. Ask yourself... what have you got to lose? Weight? Absolutely! Powered by a line of leading wellness products by ViSalus science.The ViSalus Body by Vi Challenge is the Fastest Growing Health Phenomenon in the world today. The Challenge is about you, or people you know, transforming your body over the next 90 days. With over 4 MILLION Pounds lost last year alone, close to 50,000 new people joining every month YOU need to pay close attention to this amazing information! Whether you have a certain weight you would love to reach, want to live a more active lifestyle or are more fitness focused, Body by Vi is challenging you to set a personal goal and make your health a priority for at least 90 days! We all have something that could use a little improving, don’t we? And if you need a little extra motivation, the Body by Vi Challenge is giving away over $100,000 a year in prizes, like free cruises and Hollywood makeovers, to those with the best transformations.

Marlanea Chestney 517-320-9235 http://mchestney.bodybyvi.com/


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It’s SIMPLE, all you have to do is set a 90 day goal and use 1 of 4 ViSalus Body By Vi challenge kits and let the products do the rest! Don’t worry, each kit is centered around their Vi-Shape meal replacement shake ($1.70 a meal, a lot less than a Big Mac!), so you won’t be adding any additional cost to your budget, just redirecting the money you are currently spending on eating out and grocery bills, toward a simpler, faster, and much healthier option!

Most people who start the Challenge end up sharing it with others. Saving money on your food bills is already a great deal. But they have added a little extra motivation here as well. It’s called Refer 3 get your next month free! Simply refer 3 others to the same or greater challenge kit as you, and they’ll ship your next kit for free! Maintain 3 and your products are always FREE! Who do you know right now that may want to lose a few or many pounds, build some lean muscle or maybe just focus on their health with you for 90 days? I bet you know more than 3... so you can earn your product for FREE! For those who really love promoting the Challenge, they have even created a career path where people can earn spare time, part time, or full time income by simply sharing the Challenge with others. Tell enough people about it, and you can even earn a ViSalus BMW! They have had close to 2300 already qualify for their BMW Bonus, and right now are averaging close to 10 BMW qualifiers a day! Let’s be real. In this economy who wouldn’t want to save money on their food, make a little extra income helping people get healthy, and get their car payment covered by ViSalus? So you are probably wondering, what’s the next step? Give one of us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any and all of your questions. Want to attend a Challenge Party? Would you like an invitation to attend a personal Challenge party near you? This will give you a chance to try the products, meet some great people, and learn more how the Challenge can help you and those you care about. The more you learn, the more you will realize that the Challenge is not as much about what you have to lose, but more about what you have to gain in the process. So the last question to you is.........

Are you up for the Challenge?

EEE EVERY occasion


Fall in Love

the word


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with Life Again! Let this past summer be the last summer you have to endure instead of enjoy. Bariatric Surgery can give you back your love of life.

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... i do want to give a shout out to Tilton and Sons Shoes in Tecumseh - hands down the best shoe store - great selection, super helpful (and knowledge-filled) folks, and one great local business involved in their community. No need to peruse the Walmart shoe aisle point yourself to Tilton and Sons.- Jennifer c.

www.tiltonshoes.com | 517-423-2150 | 134 E. Chicago St., Tecumseh

Join us on september 13 or october 11 For a Free seminar Let the staff at Hillsdale Surgical Group assist you in making informed decisions about your weight loss options.

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| nOrris March iV, D.O.

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Annual Exams for Women BAttLINg

Breast Cancer

Dr. Alfred Bediako


start by building a relationship with a doctor you can trust.

Dr. Alfred ourBediako ob-gyn will deal with some of the

Gynecologists (AcOG) recommends that girls have their first ob-gyn visit when they’re 21 years most important health issues in your life, old or they become sexually active, whichever including birth control, childbirth, and comes first. The first visit for teens may just menopause. An ob-gyn can also screen for cancer, Early detection can improve the chances include a talk with the doctor and no exam. treat infections, and perform surgery for pelvic of successful organ or urinary tract problems. Because ob-gyns treatment dramatically. Your appointment will usually start with a deal with such personal and sensitive health general health check. The nurse will weigh you issues, the thought of seeing one, especially for and take your blood pressure. You may have blood the first time, may be troubling to some women. and urine tests done, too. You might be nervous or embarrassed at having There is no known way to prevent breast a doctor see the most private parts of your body. • To make sure you get the best possible cancer. are some thingsyour youmost can Your ob-gyn will by asking you Or youBut maythere be reluctant to discuss mammogram, look forprobably the FDAstart certificate, which do to reduce your risk of breast cancer. some general questions about your personal intimate issues with an ob-gyn. should be prominently displayed at the facility.and family health history.FDA A nurse or other health Facilities not meeting requirements may not Approved in 1998, tamoxifen professional might stay in the room with you and To take the dreadthe outdrug of your annual has been lawfully perform mammography. shown to slash the of breast that cancer high-risk the ob-gyn for the pelvic exam. appointments, it isrisk imperative youinfind an women 50feel percent. Also, preliminary of ob-gynby you comfortable with. Youresults wouldn’t • If you’re in your 20s and 30s and at an average a want 2006 to study postmenopausal found The doctor will first the outside of trustonjust anyone with thewomen most sensitive risk, have your health careexamine professional examine that the osteoporosis drug raloxifene was as your vagina for abnormalities. The doctor will parts of your body. That’s why you need to think your breasts at least once every three years, and effective tamoxifen at lowering cancer then examine your reproductive organs from the carefullyasabout your choice of anbreast ob-gyn. Don’t annually thereafter. risk, with slightly fewer side effects. If you have a inside. Your ob-gyn will also examine the walls of just randomly pull a doctor’s name off your health high-risk forlist. breast talkfrom to your healthfamily care the vagina and cervix. insurance Getcancer, a referral a friend, • Become familiar with how your breasts feel and professional tamoxifen, raloxifene member, orabout your primary care provider.or other what is “normal” for you; examine your breasts similar drugs to prevent breast cancer. A pap test often done during the pelvic exam. periodically andissee a health care professional if Your ob-gyn will remove a sample cells from WhAT TO ExpEcT DurinG OB-GYn VisiTs you feel or see any changes that don’tofgo away Although prevention is difficult, you have a much yourone cervix using acycle. small brush. Those cells will be after menstrual better prognosis if you find and treat breast sent to a lab and checked for cervical cancer and When should youcan start seeing an ob-gyn? cancer early.To docongress that, follow advice: and other abnormalities. The American of this Obstetricians • Eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, • At age 40 for women at an average risk of breast cancer, begin having screening mammograms every year. • For women at high risk of breast cancer, starting at age 30 or an age determined by your health care professional, begin having annual screening mammograms together with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).


maintain your ideal body weight, exercise regularly, and drink in moderation, if at all. A University of Washington (Seattle) study found that exercise and lack of obesity in adolescence significantly delayed the onset of breast cancer, including onset in high-risk women who carried genetic mutations for the disease.

if you are sexually active, the doctor might also test you for sexually transmitted diseases (sTDs) like gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, and hiV. To test for sTDs, the ob-gyn will take a swab of tissue during the pelvic exam and/or check blood tests. Your ob-gyn should also do a breast exam to check for any lumps or other abnormalities. • If you’re at very high risk for breast cancer TO YOur because ofTAlkinG a strong family history OB-GYn of breast and ovarian cancer, an inherited breast cancer gene use yourorannual ob-gyn appointment as your abnormality previous breast cancer, talk to an opportunity to ask questions. Even if your health care professional about a prophylactic questions seem intimate or embarrassing, you can mastectomy. be sure that your doctor has heard them before. it’s Okand to ask aboutare your periods, sex,that or whatever BRCA1 BRCA2 human genes you want know reproductive belong to atoclass ofabout genesyour known as tumorhealth. suppressors. Mutation of these genes has been Your should alsoand ask you a lot cancer. of linked to ob-gyn hereditary breast ovarian questions. These questions might get very A woman’s risk of developing breast and/or personal, but your doctorincreased needs to know ovarian cancer is greatly if she the inheranswers to care for you properly. remember its a harmful BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation. Men thatthese your ob-gyn is your in increased reproductive with mutations alsopartner have an health. carry on that partnership by and risk of breast cancer. Genetic tests aremaking available your annual appointments. in between tokeeping check for BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations. If a visits, let your doctor knowseveral if you have any new harmful mutation is found, options are problems. available to help a person manage their cancer risk. No matter what issues you may face the first line of defense is to have regular exams with a doctor you trust. Call Dr. Bediako today to schedule an appointment. This content was provided by the National Women’s Health Resource Center

• Engage in frequent physical exercise. Some studies suggest it may reduce breast cancer risk.

Cancer ALONE fights

are your health center serving female health needs We We are your health center serving youryour female health needs pre-conception to birth beyond. mission fromfrom pre-conception to birth andand beyond. OurOur mission is tois to provide patients with a high level of obstetric and gynecologic provide patients with a high level of obstetric and gynecologic using proven, effective methods as well as innovative carecare using proven, effective methods as well as innovative advanced technologies a skilled caring manner. advanced technologies in a in skilled andand caring manner. 62

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Zonya Foco is a TV host, author and professional speaker. Visit www.Zonya. com for healthy tips, recipes and her new DIET FREE lifestyle program.

By Zonya Foco, RD, CHFI Simply Hers Magazine

Eating Right When the Budget is Tight Here are 8 habits to keep more than $1,000 in your wallet this year.

When the budget is tight, it certainly makes the job of eating healthy even more challenging than it already is! Why is it that everything that’s good for you seems to cost more? While sometimes this is true, there are certainly ways you CAN eat healthy without breaking the bank. Read on to see how the “Power of One Good Habit” can help you tighten your budget and your belt at the same time!

Habit #1: Bean Booty

Beans are dirt cheap and there is not a single more healthful food for you. Loaded with nutrition, beans are great for lowering both your cholesterol and blood pressure. Not to mention, beans also keep your blood sugar steady thanks to their low glycemic index.

will save $500 while each person drops 9 pounds!

Habit #3: Dog Gone Good Move

Hot dogs are often a low-cost family staple, but are typically loaded with fat and sodium. Buying the low-fat version is healthier, but also can be twice the cost. The adage that “you get what you pay for” is particularly true here. So to help keep hot dogs healthy while staying in your budget, extend the value of the low-fat hot dogs by serving just one (not two) with a healthy side of baked beans and a fist-full of fruits and veggies. Your Dog Gone Payoff: Everyone will be slashing their intake of artery-clogging fat and sodium while not spending a dime more for it.

• Enjoy 3-bean chili (you can skip the meat entirely or just use half the normal amount). • Add beans to your salad for a protein boost. • Include bean burritos as a high-protein staple. Add chopped tomato and lettuce and you have a delicious, satisfying meal. • Make a giant pot of bean soup, freeze and eat for days. • Use your slow cooker to prepare delicious meals with dried beans for the price of pennies.

Habit #4: 12-Month Turkey Tradition Roast a whole turkey once a month (without all the trimmings) then slice, bag and freeze the leftovers in individual lunch servings. A perfect low-budget meat for sandwiches and casseroles!

Even convenient canned beans are a great deal over the high price of meat. For 34 delicious, easy recipes that feature economical beans, check out the index of your Lickety-Split Meals cookbook.

Habit #5: Detour the Snack Aisles One of the biggest challenges with eating healthy on a tight budget is buying all the produce your family truly needs. Just detour the aisles with chips, candy and cookies. Take every dollar you might spend in these aisles and apply it to fruits and vegetables. Fruit truly is nature’s dessert and fresh veggies are perfect for snacking. And because fruits and veggies are loaded with fiber, one apple or handful of carrot sticks will fill you up faster than a bag of chips or stack of cookies.

Your Bean Booty Payoff: Replacing meat with beans can save $1.00 per person for each meal. Doing this 4 times a week for a year, your family of four will save $832 while reducing everyone’s risk of heart disease by more than 20%!

Habit #2: Chop Chop

Believe it or not one 4-ounce chicken breast or pork chop is all we need. Yes, really. So … start chopping your meat budget by: • Limiting your chop to just one instead of two. • Sharing a steak and fill the rest of your plate with economical veggies and grains. • Downsizing your chicken breast to 4 ounces. • Stop “supersizing” your burgers, and keep it to a quarter pound and just have one! Your Chop Chop Payoff: A family of four that “chops” their meat habit 3 times a week for a year


Your Turkey Tradition Payoff: Saves dollars while eliminating loads of bad sodium nitrate for the entire family.

Buy a few frozen and canned varieties for late in the week when your fresh supply runs low, and check your local farmer’s market for the best inseason buys. Your Detour Payoff: Same grocery bill, but you will need to buy a smaller belt! And since you will be healthy and active well into your 90’s, make sure your retirement plan is in great shape too. Habit #6: Bag the Box Tempted to buy that box of prepared scalloped potatoes for dinner? Instead, buy a bag of

potatoes that’ll serve 3 meals for the same price! You’ll be helping your blood pressure and weight while saving money. The same goes for the box of prepared rice dishes. Buy a whole bag of rice (brown of course!) and you’ll get 7 meals for the price of one! Your Bag the Box Payoff: In addition to getting 3-7 more meals for the price of one, you bump up the fiber and nutrients while avoiding the extra sodium. Bye-bye high blood pressure! Habit #7: Whole-Grain Pasta Surprise Savings You know you should buy whole-grain pasta, but it costs 25% more. But, the same amount of whole-grain pasta will actually serve three times as many people. Surprise! The extra fiber in whole-grain pasta helps people “fill up” on just one cup of pasta, while the “empty-calorie” white pasta takes cup after cup after cup!!! And of course, each added cup means added inches to your waistline. Your Whole-Grain Pasta Payoff: In addition to getting more fiber and diabetes-fighting chromium and zinc, the calorie savings of a “moderate serving” of whole-grain pasta twice a week for a year means each person in your family will drop 5 pounds! Habit #8: Sweet Surrender Tightening your budget and your waistline doesn’t have to mean eliminating sweet treats altogether. Even though the low-fat ice cream might cost 10% more than the high-fat containers, you can actually save half the cost and still enjoy sweets 3 nights a week! How? Just serve 1 scoop in a mug instead of 2 scoops in a bowl and you’ll never feel deprived! Remember, there’s freedom within boundaries and this is a perfect example. Your Sweet Surrender Payoff: In a year’s time of enjoying a scoop of ice cream 3 nights a week, you’ll save money, lower your cholesterol, never feel deprived… and lose 14 pounds! As you can see, there are many creative ways to enjoy the food we love while being good stewards of our food budget and our family’s health. Enjoy choosing wisely and reaping the benefits of the “Power of One Good Habit!”

L ayaway now for the hoLidays

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By Peggie Bildner Simply Hers Magazine

The Pure Energy Cloggers


ikipedia describes clogging as a type of folk dance that “emphasizes the downbeat of the music by enthusiastic footwork.” And enthusiastic is also a good way to describe a local group who call themselves Pure Energy Cloggers. Every Wednesday night from 7:00 to 9:00 (with beginners starting at 5:30), this troupe of cloggers work on their steps and routines in preparation for various festivals and fairs throughout the area. Ranging in age from 30 to 70, the size of the group varies with an average of about 17 men and women. Their instructor, Kathy Spencer, attends various workshops to learn new steps and then teaches the rest of the cloggers. With the help of 2 other participants, Linda Lee and Dottie Kizer, she has also started choreographing their own dances. Several members have been clogging for 20 years or more; this particular group has been together for over 10 years. They describe themselves as “laid-back, fun, and friendly.” Of course it is great exercise, but they also enjoy the social bonus of meeting new people and entertaining others. Another added benefit is the low cost. The group collects $5 per person at each Wednesday night practice.


The money collected covers the cost of their practice hall rental, equipment (such as fans, music, and laptop computer), music rights, t-shirts, and other miscellaneous expenses. The shoes they wear are a tennis shoe style with taps attached, and those are purchased by each individual. The “demos” they perform usually last about an hour, where they clog their way through 14-16 songs. Right now they are focused on preparing for 2 performances at the Hillsdale County Fair, on Monday and Wednesday. New classes are starting in October and the Pure Energy Cloggers would love to have you join them. It usually takes about 3 to 6 months for a beginner to get the basic steps down and then move on to simple dances. You are able to work at your own pace and they even offer to let beginners try the classes for a couple of months free, to see if it is something they would enjoy. Their practice hall is at Warner’s Family Restaurant, 3380 Beck Road, Hillsdale. For more information, call Kathy Spencer at (517) 849-2766. Who knows, you might find there is some “enthusiastic footwork” in you- just waiting to come out!

The World’s Leader in Women’s Fitness


ader in Women’s BurnFitness

555 St. ZIP Info

Spotlight on Success

Calories Not Spotlight on Success - Sandra Hincher Cash! Sandra Hincher was familiar with yo-yo dieting. She’d lost weight many times, only to gain it back. So, when sheBurn joined a Curves one morning in 2005, Sandra was on a mission. At 49 years old, it was Calories time to take charge and make some changes. Sandra hit a small bump in the road, however, when she wore flip-flopsNot to her first appointment and was told she couldn’t work out. Undeterred, she made an appointment to come back later in the afternoon Cash! wearing sneakers. Our service fee

was committed to a regular exercise routine, she thought it was also time to tackle her eating habits. A long-time feelings eater, Sandra was used to eating whatever she wanted – especially chocolate anything. She replaced fried chicken with baked chicken, and she added lots of fruits and veggies to her meals. She discovered a secret ingredient for a good salad – Miracle Whip light dressing because it has fewer calories than salad dressing. Sandra even THE WORLD’S LEADER IN WOMEN’S startedFITNESS reaching for healthier frozen fudge pops instead of her favorite chocolates.

Sandra explains her journey, “When you have 100 Before Sandra made it to her afternoon 309-555-5555 309-555-5555 309-555-5555 pounds appointment, involved in a very badSt.car is half but she was309-555-5555 123off, Main St. 123 Main St. 123 Main 123 Main St. to lose you feel hopeless. But if you just City, State ZIP left her City, Stateone ZIP crushed City, State ZIP City, State ZIP stick to it, you can do it!” accident that with ankle and Additional Info still Additional Info Additional Info Additional Info ourother workout THE WORLD’S IN WOMEN’S FITNESS Sandra was the with aLEADER compound fracture. And stick with it, she did. Sandra proved her confined to apart wheelchair following her release from tones every doctors wrong. Not only is she walking, but Sandra the hospital. After four months, Sandra progressed THE WORLD’S LEADER IN WOMEN’S FITNESS of you while now zips around the entire circuit without the help from the wheelchair to a walker. Doctors warned 309-555-5555 309-555-5555 of her circuit coaches. She’s also lost an amazing Sandra not again, but Sandra 123 that Main St.she might 123 Mainwalk St. burning 500 Our service fee not how City, State ZIP City, State 109 pounds along the way too! explains, “That’s theZIPLord saw it.” CURVES.COM Additional Info Additional Info 309-555-5555 309-555-5555 309-555-5555 309-555-5555 New members only. Offer based on first visit enrollment, minimum 12 mo. c.d./e.f.t. program. Discount applies to initial service fee. Not valid with any other offer. Valid only at participating locations. © 2011 Curves International, Inc.

calories. isIn half but was ready 123off, Main St. 123 Main St. 123 Main St.At 290 123Sandra Main St. is so committed to keeping the weight off, 2007, Sandra to rejoin Curves. City, State ZIP City, State ZIP City, State ZIP City, State ZIP that pounds, she slowly limped back into the Curves Info still Additional Info Additional Info Additional she Info has thrown away all of her old clothes. our Additional workout THE WORLD’S LEADER IN WOMEN’S FITNESS She’s promised herself to no longer “beat herself ready for a new start. Initially, Sandra needed the tones every part coaches up” when she slips up. Instead, Sandra relies on her help ofIN her circuit to get on and off some S LEADER WOMEN’S FITNESS motto, tomorrow’s another day. of the machines. Workout by workout, Sandra of you herself while moving CURVES.COM a309-555-5555 little bit better. After Sandra 5555 found309-555-5555 n St. 123500 Main St. 123 Main St. burning e ZIP City, State ZIP City, State ZIP CURVES.COM al Info Additional Info Additional Info calories.

nimum 12 mo. c.d./e.f.t. program. Discount applies to initial service fee. Not valid with any other offer. Valid only at participating locations. © 2011 Curves International, Inc.

New members only. Offer based on first visit enrollment, minimum 12 mo. c.d./e.f.t. program. Discount applies to initial service fee. Not valid with any other offer. Valid only at participating locations. © 2011 Curves International, Inc.

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minimum 12 mo. c.d./e.f.t. program. Discount applies to initial service fee. Not valid with any other offer. Valid only at participating locations. © 2011 Curves International, Inc.

that mixes the moves of Zumba® CURVES.COM with the proven strength training 09-555-5555 309-555-5555 MEN’SofFITNESS Curves for a wildly effective workout. 23 Main St.309-555-5555 123 Main St. sSS 517-486-2000 517-266-7100 ty, State City, State ZIPFITNESS 123LEADER Main St. IN THE WORLD’S WOMEN’S ® ZIP Zumba City, State ZIP dditional Info Additional Info 317 E. Adrian St., Ste. C 1416 S. Main St., Ste. 210 The only 30-minute class Additional Info training ADRIAN that mixes the moves of Zumba® BLISSFIELD 55-5555 ective workout. 517-592-2878 with the proven strength training 517-437-1100 Main St. scount applies to initial service fee. Not valid with any other offer. Valid only at participating locations. © 2011 Curves International, Inc. 517-486-2000 State ZIP 09-555-5555 309-555-5555 317 St. 235 W. Carleton Rd. of Curves forS.aMain wildly effective workout. OMEN’S FITNESS onal InfoSt. 317BROOKLYN HILLSDALE 23 Main 123 Main St. E. Adrian St., Ste. C s 517-266-7100 ty, State®ZIP City, State ZIP 517-486-2000 BLISSFIELD Zumba Info dditional Additional Info 317 E. Adrian St., Ste. C 1416 S. Main St., Ste. 210 517-437-1100 hoffer.training Valid only at participating locations. © 2011 Curves International, Inc. ADRIAN BLISSFIELD 235 W. Carleton Rd. 555-5555 fective workout. 517-437-1100 HILLSDALE Main St.to initial517-592-2878 count applies service fee. Not valid with any other offer. Valid only at participating locations. © 2011 Curves International, Inc. State ZIP 517-486-2000 317 S. Main St. 235 W. Carleton Rd. ional Info 317 BROOKLYN HILLSDALE E. Adrian St., Ste. C BLISSFIELD

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r offer. Valid only at participating locations. © 2011 Curves International, Inc.

235 W. Carleton Rd.


Veronica (27)

Benedict (25)

angela (20) patrick (24)

elizabeth (17)

theresa (23)

gregory (12) dominique (14)

Bridget (9) paul (6)

robert 22 months

We Believe in Life.


janet and david whalen married 1983

By Peggie Bildner Simply Hers Magazine

Amazing moms JANET WHALEN

Janet and David Whalen met at the University of Kansas and married in 1983. Although neither of them had come from exceptionally large families, they both had the same philosophy of being “open to life” and wanted to subscribe to the teachings of their Catholic faith, discouraging unnatural contraceptives. So it was with anticipation and happiness that their family grew….and grew…..and grew…. with baby number eleven arriving in 2009! They are, in order of birth: Veronica (27), Benedict (25), Patrick (24), Theresa (23), Angela (20), Elizabeth (17), Dominic (14), Gregory (12), Bridget (9), Paul (6) and Robert (22 months). The three oldest children are married and the fourth is engaged. They also have five grandchildren (with a sixth on the way) ages three years, three years, fifteen months, one year and nine months. Janet is a full time homemaker (that is an understatement!); David is the Provost and an English Professor at Hillsdale College. They moved to this area about sixteen years ago, wanting to raise their growing family in a rural, more conservative setting. A few years ago, they found a house in the Quincy area that could accommodate them with room to grow. A gathering of the family this summer challenged that when twenty two children and adults filled the nine bedroom/six bathroom home! For the Whalen family, back-to-school preparation this year will mean purchasing clothes and school supplies for six of their children, still living at home and attending school. Factor in the logistics that two will be attending Hillsdale College, two attending Hillsdale Academy and two more attending St Charles in Coldwater, and you may feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. But this challenge doesn’t shake Janet, since she has been handling back-to-school days for over twenty years! In the past, Janet has also home-schooled the children off and on. According to an Associated Press story (Eileen AJ Connelly for msnbc.com), the average American family buying clothes, shoes, sports equipment and school supplies will spend about $530 for an elementary student, $682 for middle school and $1,094 for a high school student in 2011. Janet estimates her family probably spends about $500 total, primarily for the four youngest school children. Clothing costs are helped by the fact that all of the K-12 schools her children have attended use uniforms, and the two college students buy most of their own. An average school day for Janet starts about 6 a.m. She tries to attend mass at St. Charles every day. The Whalens make faith and family their top priorities, putting an emphasis on family dinner time. Even their evening chore time when


they put things in order before going to bed (toy pickup, dishes, vacuuming) is combined with time for sharing and praying. They don’t have cable and watch very little television. Extra curricular activities are limited to only those in which the children really have a strong interest. To accommodate family time, studies, multiple schedules and vehicle sharing, they have to make choices.


CeleBrating 22 Years

Janet admits that she has been on a learning curve with the challenges of mothering a large family, but it is obvious her love of life and family comes naturally. With a B.A. in Humanities, and numerous language and music classes to her credit, she says parenting her children has “still challenged every bit” of her education. Janet has learned to “submit to each of their unique personalities, talents and gifts” and in doing so truly enjoys each one of them individually. Because of the size of their family, they are sometimes criticized or subjected to questions and comments, so here are Janet’s answers to some of the commonly asked questions: -Yes, they know how these babies are getting here! -No, they do not need to take a sex ed. class (in fact, they could teach one!) -With the help of a big garden, and by making most things from scratch, they spend about $250 a week on groceries. -No, they do not feel they are being irresponsible to the environment or leaving a larger “footprint”. In fact, Janet would argue they probably generate less waste than the average size family. They routinely compost and recycle. The whole family practices the conservation of resources. -Yes, they can and do love each child as much as the one before. They have found that love multiplies! -No, they do not expect the older children to be substitute parents or take on parental responsibilities. They do find the younger children learn a lot from their brothers and sisters, just as they do teachers and others outside the family. -No, she does not really know who the Duggars are (of ‘19 Kids & Counting’ fame) so she can’t possibly be trying to keep up with them! And for the answer to the question we all just have to ask…. you’ll have to wait until the end of this story! It is going to be unusually quiet at the Whalen house this fall, when baby Robert will have Mom all to himself for the first time. She knows he will miss all the attention and activity of his siblings. So the natural question has to be asked - Are they done having children? Janet smiles, shrugs her shoulders, and replies, “We are open to life. We don’t know if God is done.”

Specializing in american period lighting Folk art nautical lodge Shop two wonderful StoreS

located 4 mileS eaSt of JoneSville on uS 12 open daily 10-5 | Sunday 12-5 517-849-2477


Gudi works on an intricate pattern.

By Janet Lee Simply Hers Magazine

hidden talents

Silhouette cutting ancient art form... When German artist Gudi Wittgen Gilbert began cutting paper she had no idea it was going to lead to a career these many years later. Today Gilbert spends hours doing an ancient art called Scherenschnitt. In the USA it is called silhouette cutting. A member of the Hillsdale County Art Guild, she is well known throughout the the United States and Europe for her creations. She is also a member of the Hillsdale County ArtWorks board, and as such has created tributes to the persons selected as the Hillsdale County Artist's of the Year for the past four years.

and advertising for the Hillsdale Academy musicals each spring. “I like to customize the silhouettes with the couples,” she said. “I like to do the intricate scenic silhouettes, some that tell the stories of the people who come to me with requests.”

Gilbert has been in the USA for 38 years, as well as 38 years in Germany before coming to the states. She calls it her 38/38.

After that, using paper and scissors, Gilbert produces a full-sized picture for the couple, as well as smaller copies suitable for use on the announcements or invitations that the couple can then take to their printer for color choices and paper selection. All of the work Gilbert does is in black and white, but color can be added during printing.

She likes to custom design works of art for individual clients. Using her scissors and a single piece of black paper imported from Germany, she creates wedding invitations, birth announcements, and pictures that can be used on note paper, a perfect way to honor a friend for a special occasion. Some of her creations are on the walls of doctor's offices, as well as the walls of many Hillsdale area homes. Her work has also been featured in children's books and magazines, as well as on cards sold by a greeting card company in Switzerland. She has also created a picture for the Children's Garden at Barber House at Hillsdale College, and for the past four years she has created pictures used in the programs


But they do have to allow her time to meet their requests. These are not pictures that can be done in 10 minutes. “They need to give me four to six weeks to create and customize their particular request,” she said.

When she first came to Hillsdale she was a housemother at the Alpha Xi Delta sorority house. Then she moved to the McIntyre Hall where she was the housemother for 140 young women. Nine years ago she married Arlan Gilbert, a Hillsdale College professor. Though he is now retired, the couple still resides in Hillsdale. “This kind of art work is something that is very unique and it also gives people something memorable to hang on their wall,” she said. “Sometimes it is their very first picture, and certainly provides a lasting memory of a very special occasion in their lives.

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Bill and Angie Berry enjoy life on the farm.

By Jim Pruitt Simply Hers Magazine

I always thought while buying chicken from the grocery store “We shouldn’t be eating this but what choice do we have?” Then Angie Berry came into our office and while talking about eating healthy, mentioned about raising their chickens. We tried one and it was great! Just knowing it wasn’t filled with hormones and additives we were sold! We are so thankful to Angie and Bill Berry for offering quality, healthy food from their farm to the community. Dr. Dave & Jan Knapp


Berry’s naturally A self-described country mouse and city mouse have hit on a winning formula: raising healthy, high-quality meat for sale.

derness and tastiness. The grass-only diet, no corn or soybean additives, means the meat is much healthier and leaner.

Bill and Angie Berry own Berry’s Naturally on Carpenter Road, east of Reading in southwestern Hillsdale County. Eschewing the traditional approach through commercial agriculture, the couple practices sustainable farming as they raise lamb, beef and chicken on their 40-acre parcel.

The Berrys use a rotational grazing approach that Bill says is unmatched in the area. The goal is to move the animals to fresh pasture every day. For the sheep, that’s a move of 80 feet. Electrically charged tape and wire fences keep the animals moving and the predators out. “It may not look intimidating, but as long as you keep the animals fed and the wire hot, it works,” Bill said. Draft horses are used to work the pastures and hay fields.

Sustainable agriculture is a process that stresses healthy, earthfriendly practices in raising animals or crops. While not exactly organic, the method casts asides fertilizers and pesticides for an old-school approach. So far it seems to be working. “The land produces for us,” Angie Berry said. “We work the land and keep the land as God intended.” Unlike commodity farmers, the Berrys don’t take their products to town and let someone else determine the price. Instead, they sell their meat live by the pound and then ship it off to a local processor where the customer can take home the meat. Bill has been a farmer all his life. He married Angie 30 years ago and found traditional farming to be a struggle. “That was in the mid-1980s when interest rates were high and margins were tight or negative,” he said. “That’s when we bought this little house and decided we were going to do things differently in this place.” That was 23 years ago. During that span the Berrys raised two daughters, transformed their home that came with orange walls into a quaint farm house. The land got a makeover as well with several years spent clearing it of chemicals and time spent on researching what type of grass grew best in this area and which animals ended well on grass. That’s why the couple chose Murray Grey cattle and “hair” sheep. Each thrives on grass and produces a tasty meat. The Berrys raise “hair” sheep rather than wool sheep. Hair sheep produce a lean, tasty meat that is great for grilling. The grass-fed sheep also retain the Omega 3 fats intact. Hair sheep are growing in popularity among producers as wool sheep is not as profitable as it once was. The Berrys raise Murray Grey cattle, which they say excel in ten-

Bill said his system is one of constant adjustments. He tries to add something new, like the beef, every year and throw something away as well. He said other people could probably duplicate about 50 percent of what he does, but the finer points of his operation are the product of years of experimentation. While both Angie and Bill have day jobs – she works for Hillsdale College and him for Towlift- they do not consider themselves to be gentlemen farmers. “We want to make a profit,” Angie said. While they love their animals they know what their purpose is. Even their girls, who grew up in 4-H, understood what the animals disposition would be. Still, Bill has a solemn view on his role. “We are definitely caretakers of God’s animals,” he said. “When you domesticate an animal, their needs come before yours. Once you have penned them up, you better make sure they have water, they have feed.” With their children grown, the couple has had more time to devote to the business and that has meant more time together. “It is so rewarding being out there checking the lambs during lambing season.” Angie said. “We have to do the tagging out there, we’re a team. Nothing is more rewarding than going out there early in the morning, watching and listening to what’s going on outside in Mother Nature’s splendor. As their business takes off, word is getting out. So much so that Bill said he is getting calls from people asking about getting some steaks for that day’s barbecue. Right now, they don’t have that capability, but that could move to the top of the priority list soon.

Berry’S Naturally


We manage our 40 acre farm as nature intended. Grazing our lamb, beef and chicken on 100% natural, no chemically enhanced, grass rich pastureland, results in a quality beyond compare. Savor the taste of locally grown and naturally raised meats.

517-283-2873 Bill & Angie Berry

6351 Carpenter Rd. • Reading

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october 15th 9 aM -1 PM Taking an active role in maintaining your vehicle is best way to avoid costly repairs down the road.

KnowLeS TImber Co.

Layman’s service center 42 Waldron St., HillSdale • (517)437-3821


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Mark Lowry


county faiR septemBeR 25tH - octoBeR 1st

Serving Lenawee & Hillsdale Counties

Rides, Games, HaRness RacinG, pullinG events, fRee BandsHell enteRtainment, Woman’s conGRess pRoGRam and moRe!


Josh Turne

Grandstand Line-up - aLL events BeGin at 7 pM Sunday • 9/25 — Impact Wrestling World Tour Monday • 9/26 — Mark Lowry concert Tuesday • 9/27 — International Demolition Derby Wednesday • 9/28 — Win 98.5 Homegrown on the Road Concert Thursday • 9/29 — Truck & Tractor Pulls Friday • 9/30 — Truck & Tractor Pulls Saturday • 10/1 — Josh Turner country concert

For ticket information contact: Star Tickets, Inc. at (800) 585-3737 or www.startickets.com www.hillsdalecountyfair.org • (517) 437-3622

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Ten commandments for a responsible pet Owner as dictated by the pet. 1. my life is likely to last 10-15 years. Any separation from you is likely to be painful. 2. Give me time to understand what you want of me. 3. place your trust in me. it is crucial for my well-being. 4. don’t be angry with me for long and don’t lock me up as punishment. you have your work, your friends, your entertainments. But i have only you. 5. Talk to me. even if i don’t understand your words, i do understand your voice when speaking to me. 6. Be aware that however you treat me, i will never forget it.

7. Before you hit me, before you strike me, remember that i have teeth that could easily crush the bones in your hand, and yet i choose not to bite you. 8. Before you scold me for being lazy or uncooperative, ask yourself if something might be bothering me. perhaps i’m not getting the right food, i have been in the sun too long or my heart might be getting old or weak. 9. please take care of me when i grow old. you too will grow old. 10. On the difficult journey, on the ultimate difficult journey, go with me please. never say you can’t bear to watch. don’t make me face this alone. everything is easier for me if you are there. Because i love you so.

Take a moment today to thank God for your pets. Enjoy and take good care of them. Life would be a much duller, less joyful thing without God’s critters. Please pass this on to other pet owners. ZAVIER BEAGLE - MALE Zavier is around 2 years in age. He is a very sturdy built little boy. We do not think Zavier has ever been loved or had a good home. He is seeking someone that will teach him to be a great family pet.

Greater Hillsdale Humane society 3881 S Tripp rd • OSSeO • 517-523-2308 www.petfinder.com/49266



Yoshi is a good looking dog. He is around 8 months old. Very attentive and wanting a friend.

Java came to LHS when she was only a few days old. She’d love to live with kids, other cats, or even cat-friendly dogs, so why not take her home to your family?

HumAne SOcieTy Of BrAncH cOunTy 969 WildWOOd rd • quincy • 517-639-4426 www.petfinder.com/49082

Thanks for anoTher greaT season re-open january 1 for winTer season sT

HURRY - 2011 SeaSon endS oct 1 There is still time to enjoy over 300 acres of pristine lakes, rivers, woods and open trails. Perfect for camping, fishing, horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing, walking & more. Cabin rentals available.

The BLuffs

7651 W. Montgomery Rd.| Camden | 517-368-5834

lenawee Humane societ y

705 W. Beecher St. • Adrian • (517) 263-9111


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Homefront Fighting on the

According to The American Cancer Society, there are eleven million cancer survivors in the world. Here are the stories of four very special women ~


Before cancer was ever detected in Darlene Stuchell’s body, it had already invaded her life. In fact, as she went for her annual mammogram early in 2002, her thoughts and concerns were much more with her best friend Bonnie’s battle with breast cancer, than her own test. But Darlene would soon be told she had a cancerous lump, hidden so deep in her chest wall that it couldn’t be felt or seen, except by the mammogram. She was scheduled for a lumpectomy where they removed the tumor and fourteen lymph nodes. At that point she had to make a decision of whether or not to have chemotherapy. With the opinions of 2 different doctors, because the cancer had not been found in the lymph nodes, Darlene chose not to take chemo but did start on a 6 week regimen of radiation. Although she had to take a leave from work and admits to being exhausted, when you ask her how she felt during that time, she seems to downplay what she went through. She chooses instead to talk about how supportive her husband Tom and two sons were; how friends and church family rallied with cards, meals, and prayers. She coped by learning everything she could about her particular type of breast cancer, the stage it was in, and treatment options.

But as she faced her battle armed with support and information, she had to watch her best friend loosing hers. Before 2002 was over, Bonnie had passed away. In the years since, Darlene has had more surgery when additional lumps were discovered (none of them have been cancerous) so in 2009 she chose to have a mastectomy. In 2010 there was another “punch” biopsy on the scar line, which was benign. Through all of this, she has felt she is still here for a reason. She takes that responsibility very seriously as she has championed for the American Cancer Society* with the “Stuchell Clan Relay Team” raising money through various projects over the years. She also works with a support group through the Hillsdale Community Health Center**. In 2006 Darlene became an ambassador for ACSCAN (American Cancer Society-Cancer Action Network) and attended a nationwide event in Washington DC. While there, she was able to talk to legislators about funding for cancer research. She also placed a luminary for Bonnie at the Reflecting Pond during a very emotional ceremony. Darlene’s commitment to help, educate and advance research to find a cure is only matched by her compassion for those who are still in the fight. And she believes Bonnie is right there beside her, cheering her on!

Jill’s Story t

*The American Cancer Society Great Lakes Division, Inc. (includes Hillsdale & Lenawee Counties) 1-800-227-2345 www.cancer.org **Hillsdale Community Health Center Cancer Support Group Contact- Tressa Reniche 517-437-4451

s darlene’s Story Approximately two years ago, at age 47, Jill Cleveland was recovering from uterine cancer. To make things even more difficult, her husband Brian had been away on his 2nd tour of duty in Iraq with the Army National Guard during that time.

But she had gotten past the shock of the cancer diagnosis, through the surgery, and was relieved to have it behind her. By the fall of 2010, her life was full of family, her husband was home safely and she was enjoying her work as a Licensed Counselor. Then on Thanksgiving Day, a selfexam revealed a mass on her breast. Since it was a holiday weekend, Jill had to wait until Monday to make a doctor appointment. Amy Zoll, CNM (at Dr. Bediako’s office) saw her right away and within a few days she had tests and was referred to a surgeon. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. They felt the cancer was stage 1. Jill admits to being angry during this time, not understanding why cancer would invade her body and life again. She had always tried hard to be a good person and considered herself strong, but to be blindsided like this a 2nd time, was almost more than she could handle. Given her options of a biopsy or lumpectomy (partial mastectomy) she had the latter, feeling she “didn’t want to mess around.” The lumpectomy removed the mass and additional tissue (margin) was removed from around the area. Jill also had ONCO typing, which is a fairly new process where they send tissue for various testing, giving them detailed information and a possible course of

treatment. One thing it revealed was that hers was a Grade 3, meaning it was very aggressive. Chemotherapy was started- 4 treatments 3 weeks apart. During that time Jill lost her hair, almost all of her eyelashes and eyebrows. Even though she had always worn her hair longer, she had it cut short in anticipation and when it started to fall out, her husband shaved her head. The physical pain and physiological trauma were very difficult. She was exhausted and had mouth sores, making it difficult to eat. After chemo, radiation was started- 5 times a week for 6 weeks. The day we are meeting is the day before her last treatment. She has gone through so much, including 2nd degree burns on her chest from the radiation. At times the pain has been excruciating. Her hair is just starting to grow back but her head is still covered in a silk scarf. She says at the treatment center she is known as “the lady with the beautiful scarves” and explains that she has a 20 piece collection purchased by her husband when he was in Iraq. Of course when they were sent home to her, he never knew how they would be used or the extra special meaning they would come to have. Jill and Brian have 3 grown children; Janelle, Erica, and William; and 3 grandchildren. Jill says that as her reward for getting through her treatment, they went to Louisiana to pick up their 8 year old grandson and brought him home with them to stay for 3 weeks. She was nervous for the grandchildren to see her without her hair for the first time so fairly early into the visit, she took off her scarf. It broke her heart when her grandson innocently said, “I don’t like it when people look like that” but she welcomed the opportunity to talk to him and help him understand. Jill tells that during the darkest and most difficult time in her treatment she felt she “separated from the world.” But as she comes to the end of this grueling fight, she is ready to jump back in, especially as she looks forward to these next few weeks with her grandson. Although she was always compassionate towards others, she has a new appreciation of what cancer victims endure and has a message for us who watch from the sidelines and wonder how to help a friend. She wants people to know that while kind gestures and good deeds are appreciated, sometimes the best thing you can do for someone going through this is to just be there unconditionally. Because unconditional love can be the strongest medicine of all!

In 2003 Sandra Dufur had recently changed careers and was looking forward to the birth of her first grandchild. For some time, she had been walking at least 5 days a week and was working with her chiropractor Dr. Daniels, taking vitamins and other supplements to naturally enhance better health. In other words, life was pretty good! So it caught her off guard when she thought a new exercise routine was causing pain in her right arm. When it didn’t go away, she consulted with an orthopedic doctor who quickly suspected something serious was going on. Within a few days, she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, already in stage 4. They discovered it had actually started in the lymph gland below her left arm, and had spread across to her right arm. Sandra admits the news was devastating; and that she cried for the first 3 weeks. But with a determination she didn’t even know was in her, she looked in the mirror one day and said out loud, “You are not going to take me without a fight!” For 7 months she took chemotherapy once every 3 weeks, lasting 6 to 6 ½ hours. Because she was determined to be with her daughter for the birth of her grandchild, she insisted they move right on to radiation without a break. That was administered 5 times a week for another month. During the treatments, she lost her hair and eyebrows. She remembers being tired, way beyond normal fatigue. Staying true to form, Sandra approached all of this in an organized, be-prepared kind of way. She had wigs ready, and even stencils for drawing on her eyebrows. Concentrating

Claudia’s Story t Claudia Mesarosh is best known for her successful career as Administrator of the Hillsdale County Medical Care Facility. Back in 1989, she was in her forties, working as a Medical Secretary at the facility. She had never had a mammogram because at that time, there wasn’t an emphasis on getting one before age fifty, and her insurance didn’t pay for it. But when she felt a small lump in her breast, she suspected right away that it was “different.” When Claudia confided in her daughter Kim, who was a nurse, Kim made arrangements for her to have mammograms and ultimately a biopsy, at a facility where the results would be available immediately. So it came to be that when she awoke from the anesthesia, her daughter was the one to first break the news to her mother- she had breast cancer. After that, she met with a surgeon to weigh her options and decided to have a modified radical mastectomy with reconstruction. At that time, the mastectomy and reconstruction were two different surgeries; the reconstruction took place a couple months later. During this time, Claudia remembers feeling like she had two battles going on- one with the cancer and another with the insurance company. Back then insurance companies still considered reconstructive surgery “cosmetic” so Claudia focused a lot of time and energy dealing with that misconception, eventually getting it covered by appealing to the insurance commission.

on what she could control, rather than what she could not, helped her stay focused. But she knows her determination was only part of the reason she got through it and acknowledges that she drew a lot of strength from her husband Jim, children, and friends. She refers to Jim and her friend Diane as the “crutches” that propped her up when she couldn’t stand on her own. She also feels that her previous commitment to exercise and good nutrition gave her body a better chance to not only endure the treatments, but fight back. Following the chemotherapy and radiation, Sandra continued to have routine testing every 6 months. After 5 years with no signs of reoccurrence, she was pronounced a survivor. When asked if she worries about the cancer coming back, she refers to it as “a black cloud that is always there.” But then giving one of her beautiful smiles, she adds, “But I see it as behind me, not over me or ahead of me anymore.”

s sandra’s Story Always one to want to research, and educate herself, Claudia made an effort to learn everything she could about her cancer and what her body was going through. Because the cancer had been found in the very earliest stage, she did not have to take any additional radiation or chemotherapy after her surgery. Claudia credits four things for getting her through this time and beyond: family, faith, friends and a sense of humor. That sense of humor was evident when she and her daughter put sticky notes all over her chest before the surgery, with silly poems and “instructions” to the surgeon to get the right one! In the years since, Claudia has continued to get her mammograms faithfully, needing a specialized one since she has an implant. She smiles as she adds that her husband Adam supports her by always attending these appointments with her; maybe the unspoken inference being that they continue to be a little scary and taken very seriously. Even with Claudia’s cancer over twenty years behind her, she still gets emotional when she remembers how people, some who were just casual acquaintances, supported and encouraged her; reminding all of us to never underestimate what an act of kindness can mean. Claudia can now look back and realize that some positive things actually came from her illness. After going through the cancer, she felt a renewed sense of empowerment and confidence that she was capable of doing more. So at the age of 50, Claudia took classes to get her Nursing Home Administrator license, and her Bachelors degree. In June of 1996, she became the Administrator of the Hillsdale County Medical Care Facility, a career she may never have had without the life-changing diagnosis. So it could be said that it wasn’t just Claudia’s life that changed. Because she took something that could have discouraged or even defeated her and chose to use it as a catapult to bigger and better things, many others in our community were ultimately touched by her work.


lthough these four women are different ages, at different points in their lives, and at different stages of their cancer battles, there seems to be several common threads running through each of their stories. They are all strong, although some didn’t even realize it until it really mattered. And all of them put a lot of emphasis on the love and support of family and friends. But one other thing they have in common that impressed me is their willingness to share these very personal details. They all expressed a hope that it might encourage others, or at least make somebody know they are not alone. Unfortunately, their stories are not rare. These women represent our sisters, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, nieces, friends, or maybe even ourselves. September is National Lymphoma Awareness Month; October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My prayer is that through these courageous women, we might all find the strength to face our battles and help others in theirs- not just during these two months, but all year long!



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SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF BREAST CANCER MAY INCLUDE: • Nipple changes • A breast lump or thickening that feels different from the surrounding tissue • Bloody discharge from the nipple • Change in the size or shape of a breast • Changes to the skin over the breast, such as dimpling • Inverted nipple • Peeling, scaling, or flaking of the nipple or breast skin • Redness or pitting of the skin over your breast, like the skin of an orange Although the majority of breast changes don’t turn out to be cancer, make an appointment to see your doctor if you find a lump or other changes in your breast. Even if you’ve just had a mammogram with normal results, it’s still important to have your doctor evaluate any changes.

SIGNS OF HODGKIN’S LYMPHOMA MAY INCLUDE: • Painless swelling of lymph nodes in neck, armpit or groin • Persistent fatigue • Fever and chills • Night sweats • Unexplained weight loss • Coughing, trouble breathing or chest pain • Loss of appetite • Itching • Increase sensitivity to the effects of alcohol or pain in your lymph nodes after drinking alcohol (From MayoClinic.com)

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When you make a blood donation, you join a very select group. Currently only 3 out of every 100 people in America donate blood. From its beginning, the American Red Cross has formed a community of service, of generous, strong and decent people bound by beliefs beyond themselves. The American Red Cross blood donor embodies this principle. Please join us in our mission to maintain a safe and stable blood supply by making your appointment to donate blood today. To find out where you can donate, visit www.redcrossblood.org/ or call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733 2767). Want to know if you’re able to give blood? Review the donor eligibility guidelines.

Donate time or resources to the Red Cross A hot meal delivered to victims after a disaster, blood when it is needed most, shelter when there is nowhere else to turn, an emergency message delivered to a member of the Armed Forces from their family -- these are just some of the ways that gifts are put to work through the American Red Cross. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the American Red Cross is empowering people to perform extraordinary acts in the face of emergencies. Our supporters have become part of a network of millions of Americans who donate their time, money and blood to the humanitarian work of the Red Cross. We thank them for their gifts and we are privileged to put their compassion into action.

Join us When you provide a hot meal to a disaster victim, or give blood to someone you will never meet, train in first aid, or help a member of our military, you join the American Red Cross. Your support makes the difference. Because of you, the Red Cross can respond to nearly 200 neighborhood emergencies every day. Click, text or call to join today!

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bamboo The New Hardwood flooring


he new wood flooring is bamboo. Bamboo is now the fastest growing wood flooring in the USA and it comes in many colors and looks. Bamboo not only comes in what they call vertical where the grain runs up and down, horizontal with the grain that runs along the length of the flooring, and now the new grain is pulled and or stranded which makes the floor look like an oak or a traditional hardwood flooring. The other wonderful thing about the new bamboo flooring is that it can be stained in many colors for a full rich look. As far as bamboo for flooring, bamboo is a much harder hardwood floor than oak, maple, or walnut. This means, very simply, that bamboo flooring will not scratch and dent as bad or as fast as other hardwood flooring. It is important to remember that all hardwood flooring will scratch and dent. This is what gives the floor their character marks. gReen FlooRIng Is also the new woRD In FlooRIng. Bamboo is the perfect example of green flooring. Bamboo, can grow as much as 47 inches in a twenty-four hour period, up to seventy-eight feet in height in 30 to 50 days, and is ready for harvest at maturity between 3 to 5 years. Hardwood trees reach maturity between 20 and 120 years before they can be harvested. Take a look at Bamboo flooring at your professional flooring store, take a sample home, and see how the floor looks as alternative flooring for you.

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on-sIte cleanIng

on site cleaning for your blinds and drapes! commercial and Residential call today and be ready for the holidays! Monday - Thursday: 9 - 7 • Friday: 9 - 5 Saturday : 9 - 1 • Or By Appointment

By Jeanine Matlow Simply Hers Magazine

icing on the cake Furnishing your home takes time. More importantly, it takes some finishing touches. Not only are accessories the more affordable part of the process; they help to personalize your pad. Though it’s tempting to follow the latest trends, try to avoid buying more than one in each category. Instead, look to pieces with staying power like animal prints and objects that are practical like cool containers. Decorative boxes provide a place to stash the remote and other odds and ends, while wooden bowls can be filled with fruit for a cheerful display. Other functional options include colorful trays to corral magazines and newspapers. Since they are easily transported from room to room, trays can hold bills and other timesensitive materials that require your attention. Storage totes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are ideal for books and toys. Wall clocks bring beauty and function to every area of your home without taking up any surface space. Flea markets offer an endless array of one-ofa-kind finds. Items with a history like vintage typewriters, cameras and globes feel right at home in modern-day spaces. Starting a collection of antique candlesticks or anything else that catches your eye is a great way to accessorize your surroundings. Although accent pieces add instant character, fewer large-scale objects make a greater impact than a bunch of smaller ones. Be sure you give the eye a place to rest. When there are too many items grouped together, it is hard to focus on anything. Remember to edit your accessories every now and then.


Tabletop easels elevate everyday objects such as decorative dishes. Books can do the same, especially when stacked together. Get creative with paperweights and doorstops, which can double as bookends. A matched set isn’t your only option. Sometimes the best results come from unexpected pairings. When it comes to artfully arranging your accent pieces, it’s fun to play the numbers game. While symmetry lends order to a space, it can be rather predictable. Try grouping odd numbers together instead. Repetition can also yield great results, whether it’s a seasonal tribute to flowers lined up along a shelf or a row of colored glass bottles that sit on your windowsill. If your budget doesn’t allow much in the way of new purchases, make the best with what you’ve got. Take a closer look in your closets and drawers or swap accessories with a friend or relative. Glass containers become a lovely focal point when filled with seashells and wine corks. Sometimes the greatest home accents are right outside your door. Look to nature for pine cones, pebbles and branches that can be placed in a variety of indoor settings for a taste of the great outdoors. The details really do make a difference when it comes to decorating your home. Evaluate your rooms to see where you could benefit from adding a few pieces. Scattering a handful of decorative objects around your house is the easiest way to spice up your spaces.

S.O.S. Sort, Organize, and Simplify Your Life!

By Peggie Bildner Simply Hers Magazine

you’ve got personality! A friend and I were commiserating one day about how different personality traits and habits effect our organizing (or lack thereof.) We confessed our weaknesses- mine being perfectionist goals that actually keep me from day to day order. I will not even start a project if I don’t have the time or energy to do it exactly right! On the other hand, my friend tends to keep a very orderly household to the eye of the casual visitor, but cover your head if you open a cupboard door because there may be an avalanche! A few days later I found an article with a similar subject. It explained that understanding our personalities can help determine the best way to successfully deal with organization in our lives. This particular article broke it down by Left-Brained or Right-Brained. It stated, “Some minds are built to create pristine stacks, and others have a natural urge to sprawl and display!” In other words, even if you embrace all the organizing ideas I give you in these articles, they won’t work if they go against your basic personality. If we use our natural instincts to organize in a way that is comfortable with our personalities, the whole process may be easier. For you, it may be finding ways that are more fun and creative to organize your home. Being organized doesn’t have to be synonymous with boring. Just because I get extra heart palpitations when I see a labeled tote, doesn’t mean you want to live that way! So, let’s examine how our unique personalities can best be used to bring organization to our lives. First, take a minute to decide if you are mostly Left-Brained, or Right-Brained. Most of us aren’t going to fit entirely in one category, but I suspect you will recognize yourself more in one than the other ~ You are a “Left-Brained” Person if you: • Put an item away immediately after using it. • Prefer symmetrical design, whether it’s art or a room. • Are the go-to party planner for friends & family. • Love having a designated spot for each item in your closet or drawers. • Have a specific morning routine that you always follow to a T. • Often wear the same jewelry every day. • Tend to order the same dish at a restaurant every time. • Always take a shopping list to the grocery store. • Feel guilty when not following rules while playing games. • Are comfortable with designated locations for everything. You are a “Right-Brained” Person if you: • Love being surrounded by vibrant colors. • Like to move your furniture around. • Keep current projects where you can see them.

• Often have multiple computer windows open at once. • Follow your instincts rather than research, when making major purchases. • Would rather draw a map than give directions verbally. • Often drive with the ‘Empty’ light flashing. • Have a lot of knickknacks around the house. • Have a desk filled with papers, sticky notes and business cards. • Are fine with people making last-minute changes to plans. Based on your answers, here are some SOS ideas that may work best for you ~ KEEPSAKESLB (left-brained): Varied in shape, keepsakes can be a headache for the neatnik. Use matching containers in different sizes for the just-right fit you crave. Inexpensive divided boxes with depth let you sort by item (i.e. matchbooks, seashells) and stack it all nicely in a drawer or tote. RB (right-brained): A memento collage on a bulletin board above your desk can work for you. Start in the center with a bright piece and build out. Fun, vintage boxes or chocolate tins, can catch random objects like ticket stubs. Use glass jars to corral things like shells or even colored paper clips, rubber bands, buttons, or thumb tacks in a creative way. JEWELRYLB: Divided acrylic trays provide options to subcategorize (one tray for rings, another for necklaces). Implement a plan that speeds up your morning routine like putting accessories that you wear together in a row. RB: Since you’re prone to tangles & forgetting what you own, use a display that keeps everything visible and knot-free. Turn jewelry into art by hanging it from insect pins on a foam-core board that’s been covered in material and framed, or a bulletin board. Use a glass bowl for rings and pins. PHOTOSLB: Boxes with photo labels are great for single-subject sorting (like one for each child). They can hold discs too. Flat archival boxes protect larger prints and vintage photos. RB: Load pictures into bright boxes. Use broad themes like “kids” or “holidays” so there’s no pressure for detailed sorting. The idea is to understand that however you choose to sort, organize, and simplify your life; it has to work for YOU. By de-cluttering and finding creative ways to organize the things in your home, it will reflect your true personalityand that is pleasing to both sides of your brain!

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Becker & ScrivenS

Let us help you create the outdoor living space you have been dreaming about. Achieve the luxurious look and feel of granite or stone with a one-of-a-kind piece from Becker & Scrivens. Beautify your outdoor space with quality and craftsmanship you can count on for years of enjoyment.

concrete ProductS


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Love her in the kitchen?

Wait ‘til you see her in the rest of the house.

Hey y’all, I’m bringing my love of hospitality and comfort food to my new furniture collection for every room in your house with Paula Deen Home. Comfort has always been a big part of my life and home has always been my first love. Inspired by Savannah’s charm and my favorite pieces in my own home, there’s no better time that now to let these furnishings welcome your friends and family and bring comfort to your home.

HJ Gelzer & Son, inc 517-437- 3321 • 94 N. Howell • Hillsdale 45

To all of you savvy shoppers out there, if you’re looking for local resale, second-hand, thrift, or consignment shops in your area, you’ve found the right place! Resale Shopping is one of the fastest growing retail categories today and we wanted to introduce you to some of our favorites! Be sure to check the listings in each issue for new updates and special offers exclusively for Simply Hers readers. Happy Trails!



Consignment Gallery

24 E Chicago St. (US-12) | Quincy, MI 49082 (517)639-3807 Summer hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm theconsignmentgalleryofquincy.com FEATURED ITEMS: FABULOUS Full Figure-size clothing, jeans, capris, shorts and gorgeous dresses for all sizes! Curtains and bedding, kitchen items, and various household decor; from vintage to present-day.

In the Key - Consignment & Vintage Center 400 N. Hillsdale St | Hillsdale, MI 49242 (517)437-4490 Hours: M-F 10:00am-5:30pm SA 10:00am-2:00pm FEATURED ITEMS: Furniture, home accessories, kitchen & household items, One of a kind collectibles, eclectic accents, gifts, books, movies and clothing. A Ten Thousand Villages Store

Treasures for Life - Upscale Resale

75 N. Howell St. | Hillsdale, MI 49242 (517)437-4454

FEATURED ITEMS: Gently used as well as many vintage items. Everything from furniture to toys. Donations accepted All proceeds support Life Challenges of Michigan.

Salvation Army

92 N Broad St | Hillsdale, MI 49242 (517) 439-1202 Monday—Saturday 10:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m. http://www.usc.salvationarmy.org/hillsdale FEATURED ITEMS: Gently used clothing for men, women and children, housewares, small appliances, home decor, furniture and so much more Donations always appreciated.

Random Comforts 2984 Treat Hwy. | Adrian, MI 49221 517-265-3545 randomcomforts.com

FEATURED ITEMS: New & gently used, clean furniture and decor for your home or office; New Symbol Mattresses 20% off


146 N Main St | Brooklyn MI (517) 592-8686 Hours: Monday thru Friday 10:30 till 5:00 Sat 10:00 till 4:00 pm Brooklyn’s Leading Fashionable Consignment Shop Closet Overload is a quality Consignment Boutique with high standards. We offer up-to-date new and used fashion and accessories. In order to do this we must be very selective. Closet Overload has 2000 square feet of space and has grown each and every year since opening in 1993. Check us out on the web at http://www.closetoverload.net/ for downloadable coupons

Helping Hands Thrift Store, Inc.

A Lenawee county non-profit organization 795 Division Street | Adrian, MI 49221 (517)266-7002 Hours: M-SA 10:00am-6:00pm

FEATURED ITEMS: Gently used and some new, quality furniture, appliances and other larger and small household items as well art, tools, antiques and clothing. Donations always accepted Free pick-up of your quality used furniture and large working appliances


Threads of Hillsdale is a hip new teen and young adult clothing store in downtown Hillsdale. We buy/sell Abercrombie, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Pink, Mudd, Levi, BKE, Forever 21, Lei, Hollister, Charlotte Russe and many more... 14 N Howell St., Hillsdale, MI 49242 (517)437-4115 Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00am-6:00pm, Sat: 9:00am-5:00pm Enjoy tea at the Tea-ki-Hut for moms/dads and shoppers to sit and enjoy a nice cup of tea, hot or cold and many flavors to choose from.

Clint Barrett A DAY IN THE

Life BROWNS Barrett Insurance 125 W. Chicago, Jonesville 849-1000 or 800-451-0717

Insuring sweet OF THE Success Business

Sarah Stewart knew how to bake. She loved baking cupcakes most, and she was very good at it. Everyone said she could make a living with her talent. Friends from church, mom’s from school and ladies from the neighborhood all told her she should start a business.

So Sarah went to Office Depot and had her business cards made. mom’s to know she didn’t bake them at home. In the Brown household another day has She also had some really cute signs made up for car and even went started fast and furious with Jamie looking for mile with shirts to wear delivered her safely into the car, She gets the cookies athe lostextra library book andadorable John unable to start his when she checking the clock. Oh My... twenty minutes day with theWhat green more bowl his momshe hasneed? on the cupcakes. would

no-fault insurance. What does this mean? lt means that every driver is responsible for his/her own medical expenses regardless of fault. Every driver must carry a policy with PIP coverage. PIP stands for Personal lnjury Protection and provides coverage with medical expenses as well as lost income or funeral expenses. lf you sustain injuries in an auto accident, Michigan auto insurance laws require your insurer to pay the claim for your medical expenses. Take a moment today to check on your auto insurance policy.

table. No, he needs the blue one that is in the dish until snack time! Boy, she’ll have to hurry if she is going to get there on time. No time to put on her washer not clean. Hurriedly Mrs. Brown washes Business was booming Sarahthe couldn’t be happier. Every dayshe there seat belt before starts the car. As she begins to the bowl, pours the cereal and and finds lost book. seemed to be another order, another delivery. Shepull visited the school onto the road sheatreaches for the seat belt.. it is stuck... dinosaurs she gives itto a tug and looks back to see Something is nagging at with the back of her mind least three times a week everything from dangerous asdancing she hurries the kids along. What was it that she what it is stuck on. ballerinas. was going to check on this morning? Oh, that’s BAM! Out of nowhere, a large diesel truck right, her husband had wanted her to check on One busy Sarah hadright two deliveries at the Having the right insurance can make all the slams into the side of her vehicle. The little car the carparticularly insurance and be Friday sure they had the elementary and another at the anything middle school. all wanted difference should anything happen. Call Barrett is tossed into a spin with her along for the ride. coverage. No time to think about extra They Insurance today for a consultation. Together we Helplessly, tries to hang on as the force of the right now, she meant to getbetween it done but the3kids the cupcakes delivered 2 and pm. Sarah made it she to the will find the auto insurance policy that is right for her reeling. couldn’t find their socks andeveryone the dog needed elementary but of course was sotoexcitedhitit sends took her a little Chocolate chip cookies fall your family. all around. Thank goodnessshe no was one was not seriously carrying business insurance on her vehicle. Remember go to the vet. while to get on her way. Looking at her watch sheinjured. knew she hadcould to have been much worse. Things those cute signs Sarah had put on her car? That changed the insurance hurry the middle onwill the other side of town.arrive and begin taking down her Who is your agent? The authorities Rightbecause after everyone gets toschool school,was there requirements on her vehicle but she had no idea until it was too late. information. What type of insurance do you have be time to check on that coverage. Do you have collision on your policy? ... BUT WAIT... forgot about cookies Sarah turned leftshe onto Mains St.taking but she didn’t seeMa’am? the truck in her Small business can be fun and rewarding but it is very important to be sure Ma’am MA’ AM? for theand... classroom snack. Guess the insurance path wham... Sarah managed to hit will him square in...the driver’s have to wait. that you are carrying the right insurance. Everyday decisions like adding door. She quickly exchanged insurance informationThis andstory hurried onthat... to a story, but each of us is just a sign to your automobile can alter your insurance coverage. Don’t guess the middle school. can relate to the family involved. Shopping for Racing to the grocery she gratefully grabbed about your coverage, call the professionals Clint at BarrettBarrett insurance to discuss auto insurance may not be much fun but it is a some chocolate chip cookies from the bakery the dangers toyour your business. Call today for Barrett a risk free consultation. The Insurance necessary step in protecting yourself and and threw them into a bowl from the house. We After the treats were delivered Sarah called her insurance company professionals at Barrett Insurance will design125 an W. affordable insurance loved ones from risk. ln Michigan we have all know how terrible it would be for the other Chicago, Jonesville

to report the accident. Telling them what happened, Sarah was dumbfounded when she learned the claim had been denied because

program to cover your expanding “cupcake”849-1000 business. or 800-451-0717

Carrying Concealed Weapon license course. One Day Class

Quigley’s shooting range & training facility

Carrying concealed weapon license course. One Day Class

Ladies~ if you have adventure in your DNA and you have concerns for the safety of yourself and your family, this CCW class will be your answer. In these times of home invasion, muggings etc you cannot be too careful. With this class you will be taught by an instructor with shooting experience from the police academy to Olympic trials. The class offers half day in the classroom and half day hands on shooting experience on a private, modern shooting range. Call for Class Schedule 517-448-1057.


90 day challenge Transform your life starting today! For everybody, and every body ~ this challenge is customized for you. Save money, save time and reshape your body! The Challenge is geared to help you reach your goals, no matter what they are. From simply losing a few pounds, to getting fit and toned, we have the tools, the products, and the community of supportive people to celebrate your success. Call today for details 517-639-2267 firearms training learn the fundamentals of gun handling ROBERT P. MILLER, DDS under the instructionEating of a certified poorlyinstructor, can take a toll on your health, Robert Miller D.D.S and his staff will work with you to develop a customized dental hygiene you’ll get safe, hands-on training. your image and your budget! Photo:(l)Jack Quigley (r) Beth Pennington

plan for the entire family, incorporating dental examinations, cleaning and x-ray’s to prevent,

Our “shake mix that tastes like a cake mix™” uncover or treat problems as early as possible. Lt. Jack QuigLeyand(Rother et.) NRa FiReaRms iNstRuctoR (cPL) delicious products help burn fat, build lean muscle and boost your Dr Miller is uniquely trained to develop a combination of office and home preventative care to metabolism all while saving you money insure a happy smile. To start your family on a healthy dental regimen call their office today on your grocery bill.

Quigley’s shooting range & training facility (517) 448-1057 Fast, Easy, Affordable. 8450 Acker Highway 90 Days to•aHudson, New You!MI 49247

(517) 439-9394. Theresa: Down 81 pounds and counting!

For Everybody, and Every BODY!

Great Smiles...


Eating poorly can take a toll on your health,

Get the program forandFREE your image your budget! Our “shake mix that tastes like a cake mix ” and win fabulous PRIZES! and other delicious products help burn muscle and boost your Contact me tofat,fibuild ndlean out how.*




Are what we do.

metabolism all while saving you money on your grocery bill.

Eating poorly can take a toll on your health, your image andweight your budget! Fast, Easy, Affordable. • Lose without swaLLowing tabLets Eating poorly can take a toll90 onDays your to ahealth, New You! ™ “shake mix that tastes a cakeand mix Forlike Everybody, Every” BODY! yourOur image and your • easy onbudget! the go and other delicious products help burn WIN ™ Vtastes I S A L U like S I NaD E Pthe E N program D E N T ” D for I S TFREE RIBUTOR Get Ourfat, “shake that cake mix $100K buildmix muscle boost your IN CASH •lean simpLe for and a quick inexpensive & PRIZES* and win fabulous PRIZES! andmetabolism other delicious products help burn Contact me to learn more: all while saving you money meaL for kids on the go Contact me to find out how.* fat, on build lean muscle and boost your Eating poorly can take a toll on your health, your grocery bill. metabolism •your all while saving you earn great money image and yourmoney budget! * Restrictions apply. For complete details, contact your ViSalus Independent Distributor. on your grocery bill. The res™ a:”Down 81 po Our “shake mix that tastes like a cakeand mix Fast, Easy, Affordable. unds • bmw incentive counting! and other delicious products help burn Contact me to learn more: 90 Days toMoney a New You! Look Good Save The resa: Down 81 Fast, Easy, Affordable. pounds fat, build lean muscle and boost your and counting! we offer over hot* Restrictions andapply.cold drinks and 200 Every BODY! For complete details, contact your ViSalus Independent Distributor. Here For Everybody, 90 Days togreat aHere New You! metabolism all while saving you money for losing weight, gaining weight, toning up, on your grocery bill. For Everybody, and BODY! Eating poorly can take a Every tolland on your health, cheap or even free! WIN maintaining eating Get the for FREE OVER $100 your image and program your budget! K Theresa: Down 81 pounds and counting!


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e Money Here Money ere Save Money Good



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(517) 639-2267


* Restrictions apply. For complete contact your ViSalus Independent Distributor. Contact medetails, to learn more: VISALUS INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR

* Restrictions apply. For completeSt. details, contact your ViSalus Independent Distributor. to Home Specialties 87 W. Chicago • Quincy| Next

Contact me to learn more:

* Restrictions apply. For complete details, contact your ViSalus Independent Distributor.

Most Insurance Plans accePted eMergency servIces avaIlable

RobeRt P. MilleR DDS 1 Budlong St., Hillsdale • 517.439.9394


“What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit”. - John Updike Autumn . . . reflections of warm summer days, trees bursting into multicolored hues, friends gathering around the fire, marshmallows, hot chocolate and apple cider. It’s a perfect picture and you can get it at Gallery 49. Rich, cozy colors will re-create your home for the start of the holiday season. A new piece of artwork created by local artists makes a great gift for yourself or someone special. If you are the do-it-yourself type Gallery 49 offers classes in woodcarving, painting, pottery and polymer clay. Come in and Create-A-Gift. Projects that you can do yourself are available with a creative coach. Check our website www.artgallery49.com for classes and times or call us at 517-283-2000.

In the Key - key opportunities

Key Opportunities is a vocational rehabilitation center for people sixteen and older with disabilities and has been serving Hillsdale County for over 35 years. Located on the north edge of town, Key employees have always been known for doing sorting jobs for area manufacturers but they are also able to help with many home chores through Helping Hands. These include lawn cleanups, flower beds, mulching, mowing, car washing, auto detailing and more. Call Key Opportunities 517-437-4490.

it works - Mindy shoemaker

Estro Rhythm System is the world’s first naturally based, daily system for menopausal symptoms, No more hot flashes, night sweats or memory lapses! I have been using the Estro Rhythm for 3 weeks now within 3 days no more Hot flashes and I didn’t feel like i was crawling out of my skin! I love this stuff all natural and I don’t have to worry about the threat of cancer that you have to worry about with synthetic hormones! Julie Caverly- Hillsdale Contact Mindy Shoemaker today for your risk free consultation (517)398-2108

lawn care overwhelming? let us help!



providing Labor to residential and business clients since 1976. 400 N Hillsdale St Hillsdale Mi M-F 10:00-5:30 SA 10:00-2:00


Mindy ShoeMaker (517)398-2108 www.mindys.itworks.net

Getaway to Pure Michigan

It begins with a slow dance of turning leaves and crescendos into a flurry of vibrant reds, oranges and yellows. When the 19.3 million acre woods explode in their annual blaze of glory, the colors of Pure Michigan create the annual fall color extravaganza. Many of Michigan’s hotels and inns offer special fall packages for getaway weekends. What could be better than an autumn day hike with colorful leaves beneath your feet and high in the sky, followed by a comfy room with a fireplace or spa? Create lasting memories this fall at Stafford’s Bay View Inn located in Petoskey. The Fall Memories package includes four nights lodging, breakfast each morning, one dinner for two in the Roselawn Dining Room and round trip tickets to Mackinac Island. Petoskey is the perfect destination for taking in Michigan’s fall color, and for day-tripping to other nearby areas. Escape to one of Harbor Country’s getaways at the Garden Grove Bed & Breakfast. Take in the local scenery and wineries by day, and enjoy a glass of wine in front of your fireplace that evening. Take the Sunday drive and don’t come back til Monday when you book the Michigan Peak Colors Special. Enjoy the dazzling display of fall color when you head to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Fall is the perfect time to hike Tahquamenon Falls, explore the Great Lakes Shipweck Museum and enjoy dinner while cruising through the historic Soo Locks. Make your way to Sault Ste. Marie and book with Kewadin Casino, Hotel and Convention Center to enjoy this fall getaway. The timing of the changing leaves and intensity of the hues are affected by temperature, precipitation levels, the amount of cloud cover, and lake effect warming. To help track the changing foliage Travel Michigan offers a free Fall Color e-Newsletter. The weekly newsletter includes upcoming fall festivities, fall color driving tours, as well as fall color updates. Sign up today at michigan.org. Pack up those sweaters and warm socks and book a fall Pure Michigan weekend.

By Pam Colletta-Benzing Simply Hers Magazine

backyard and beyond In late afternoon, as the slant of the shadows reaches eastward each day, I hear the cackle of a rooster pheasant resonate from the deepest reaches of the willow thicket growing in my back yard. The sound of his voice conjures images of a barrel-chested old boy calling to his women-folk. Occasionally, if I’m very quiet while I go about doing my farm chores, I’ll catch sight of him, his emerald head and ruby neck glistening in the sunlight, as he struts his way across a clearing. All year long I can just about set my clock by the pattern the pheasants follow to cross the road from my yard to the neighbors corn and soybean fields each morning, then again as they return, popping their heads out of the field to zip back across each evening. The plain brown hens and young stick together in a single file line waiting at the side of the road as each one takes its turn to cross. The flashy roosters come along individually, sometimes flying low across the road and our pond to reach the safety of the overgrown grassy field on the other side. My bird hunting dog barks wildly at the bay window as the pheasants strut and fly across the blacktop pavement, then disappear into the fields. On opening day of Pheasant season, October 20th, I’ll be out in the backyard with my German Wire-Haired Pointer, looking for the rooster we’ve been hearing cackle out in the willow thicket all summer. We’ll walk back and forth across the frosted, dewy wet fields of the brown grass of the season - pulling through the blackberry brambles, gathering burdock burrs in our

coats. Forget about chores. Forget the laundry that needs to be folded. Life is short and all too unpredictable to pass up an opportunity to get out into the field in search of dinner. The dog, her nose to the ground, will trot ahead, hopefully pushing the birds to break into flight across a clearing in a mad rush to get back under the cover of the tall grass. She has been practicing following a scent across the back yard all summer long. I’m eager to see her put up the birds and then retrieve them for me after a successful shot. After a successful hunt it’s then time to clean the birds, trimming off the extraneous parts and carefully peeling away the skin and feathers, making sure to remove any birdshot that may lay hidden in the meat of the breast. Then we’ll enjoy a dinner of pheasant roasted with fresh apples from our orchard and onions pulled from our garden, with a wild rice pilaf on the side, and baked acorn squash, also grown in our garden, drenched in butter and brown sugar. The delicious autumn harvest flavor of pheasant makes getting soaked by dew and scratched by brambles well worth the effort. And even if we don’t bring home a bird for dinner it doesn’t really matter when I’m out in the field, I just exult in the crispness of the air and the grass underfoot, the challenge of figuring out where the birds are, getting them to fly and the exhilaration of taking part in the circle of life.

What are you l ooking for?

Someplace close by . . . or someplace to get away? • Located on the Hıllsdale College campus

• Northern retreat located ın Luther, Mıchıgan

• Access to College Sports Complex, lıbrary, and other facılıtıes

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() -

By Laura Loveberry Simply Hers Magazine

life is the berries

Obstacles are Opportunities to Overcome


ot zeal? I mean do you have a true passion to make a difference in life? If this burning in your heart is something new or different, be prepared to have people try to squelch it, douse it, or stomp it out completely. Oh, I recommend pursuing your unique heartfelt desire to bless others, but just know opposition may be around the corner. Even in ministry, you may be shocked at those who attempt to thwart your mission. But I say to follow the God-call on your life, despite the obstacles. Obstacles are merely opportunities to overcome. I have been reading about the life of Nehemiah in the Bible. Nehemiah had a passion to rebuild the crumbled walls around Jerusalem. He motivated, organized, and put together a plan to accomplish this task. Opposition grew against his rebuilding mission to the point where workers had to protect themselves with a weapon in one hand, as the other hand lifted the stones for the wall. In the midst of threats, adversity, and mocking; the task was prayerfully completed to the glory of God. Now that is fortitude, and we all need it. As I studied Nehemiah, I recalled barriers in ministry I have faced. My unique sign language drama set to music had been banned in some places. I was once told by leadership that inspirational speaking is not my gift. Production cost for CDs, DVDs and books seemed too costly a financial undertaking. My techy skills were so lacking, I accidently deleted


a nearly complete book. These were just some of the challenges that at times felt like a mountain too difficult to climb over. Almost 15 years have passed since I first stepped up to the platform with wobbly knees and sweating palms. My heart’s desire has been to touch the lives of seekers, to share the life-changing power of Jesus Christ, and to inspire people to draw strength from God no matter what they are going through. God has moved mountains in ministry. I now minister where I was once banned, have a busy speaking schedule, write this column, and offer life-encouraging products to uplift others. At times my crumbing heart was discouraged, but brick by brick, the LORD built me back up through His Holy Spirit with ladies Bible studies, Christian friends, circumstances, church, personal Bible reading, and a supportive family. How about you? Are you living out your destiny? It is not always easy, but Nehemiah offers encouragement in these verses. “But now, O God, strengthen my hands.” Nehemiah 6:9b NAS “…the joy of the LORD is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10b NAS I encourage you to not quit, but pursue a God-driven life of purpose. Use your gifts to live intentionally, build up others, and glorify God. Read the book of Nehemiah, and be inspired to take your next upward step. Will you follow your calling no matter what stones or obstacles are in your way?

Attention business owners ... are you getting your fair share of the largest market in the world today? Simply Hers reaches more decision - making women than any other publication in the area. The women’s market is economic opportunity number one and there is no close second. Women are the world’s largest market Women are the world’s fastest growing market Women account for 80% of the consumer & business spending

WOMen WiTH FaiTH Presents



Saturday October 15, 2011 • 8:00-4:00 To be held at: Michindoh Conference Center 4545 Bacon Road • Hillsdale For more information and registration please contact Becky 517-639-4929 or email womenwithfaith@yahoo.com Romans 8:17: Now if we are children, then we are heirs - heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his suffering in order that we may also share in his glory.

Women account for 70% of new business startups Women control over half the private wealth in the United States

For your FREE no obligation consultation call today

5 1 7 - 3 2 0 - 9 2 3 5 • w w w. s i m p l y h e r s . n e t

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bring home flowers today! 20 N. Howell St. • Hillsdale • 517-437-4160

The Feeling Every BODY needs.

Relax. Be Well. Life can be stressful... Give yourself a gift that you truly deserve. We offer an array of spa services developed to relax muscles, soothe tension, enhance beauty and promote well-being.

Essential Knead Laura Loveberry is available to speak on a variety of topics for your conference, retreat, or outreach event. For the new workout DVDs and information on booking, visit www.LauraLoveberry.com.


Therapeutic Massage Body Work

CALL BRANDY TODAY 517-607-5511 59

The purpose of this article is to entertain and encourage people to think outside the box about a crazy task. It is written for the readers of Simply Hers and my fellow fiber addicts.

by Katja Szarafinski Simply Hers Magazine

Spinning a life


hen I mention that I like to spin, people sometimes remark how fit I must be because they confuse what I do with that strenuous workout on stationary bikes. No, my kind of spinning has nothing to do with hard work, or telling tales for that matter. As a kid I liked to spin myself around in circles, but, no, now I just like to spin yarn. In my native tongue, German, “spinnen” (the verb, to spin) has two meanings. The far more widely used one is: acting crazily, the other, rarely thought of one, is to make yarn. So, yes, making yarn is what I do, and doing it in this old fashioned way is truly crazy! When I can buy a perfectly good ball of perfectly machine spun wool or polyester at Wal-Mart for a few dollars, or go to a yarn boutique, and spend a few more on some fabulous designer fluff made in Italy, why would I want to sit for hours to make a few yards of sometimes lumpy yarn with hay in it? Because I can! Yes, I know, it’s crazy. Crazy fun! When I first wanted to learn to spin the wheel I inherited from my father, I had a hard time finding a teacher. Then I went to the Spinner’s Flock in Chelsea, and found about a hundred women and three men, who meet once a month to sit around and spin. Wow! The things they made, and what they made them out of, and how they did it, were very exciting to me. There I came across my first Spin Off magazine and found out about the wider world of crazy people. Some of them even spun dryer lint. I like to spin what feels good and what finds me. Yes, I experimented with all the protein fibers from wool to lama, alpaca, silk, angora bunny, to Cashmere goat, and dog hair. And I even grew a sad little crop of cotton in my much too cold Michigan garden, and I had a few lessons in spinning flax. But now I like to meet with my local crazies, and many of them have their own fiber animals. If you have even a small flock of sheep, as I did, you quickly tend to have more wool than you can spin. And, yes, you can spin! There was a time, when more people knew how to spin than ride a bicycle. I think it is about as difficult, and this is how you do it.


Take clean, combed wool and pull some of the fibers out from the bunch, called roving, and pull them through the loop tied at the end of a string which is attached to a drop spindle. I can show you how to make a drop spindle out of a CD and a pencil. Then, holding it up in front of me, I spin the spindle by twisting the pencil, and watch the fiber in my hand twist as I pull some of it out of the roving. That usually lasts about 10 – 15 seconds, and by then most beginners, and I have been one for about ten years, proceed to drop the drop spindle. This is why I like to use a spinning wheel: they don’t fall down. I like to lean back and relax, and not bend down to pick up that darn dropped spindle. I instead attach the little pulled out wool to the string now tied to a bobbin, the spool on a spinning wheel that stores the spun fiber. Then I start treading the wheel’s pedals to do the twisting part with my feet. Next, I adjust the tension so that the wheel does not pull the fiber out of my hands too quickly or too

slowly, and I lose the thread a few times until I get it right. Then the yarn gets a little too thick or a little too thin until it finds its optimal thickness. It might even brake in the really thin places. But don’t worry; as life goes on, spinning goes on, and most times it does so in a magically seamless way. How the wool fibers mesh and hold on to each other, is a trick I never tire to demonstrate. It goes back together like magic, and children and adults alike never cease to marvel at it. Then finally I settle to a steady rhythm and spin consistent yarn. Let the rest of the world do what it must. For a time forget the dishes in the sink, the thank you notes, and the shopping. Listen to the rhythm of the wheel. Feel the texture of the fleece gliding through your hands. Watch the yarn gathering on the bobbin. Meditate and enjoy a time of peace! Or visit with your teenagers while they fix dinner because Mom is too busy. Perhaps I am lucky and get to spin a beautifully dyed bit of fiber and see the colors change and mingle. Sometimes a fleece has a lot of lanolin left in it, and I can smell that scent of sheep, barn, and chores, and it feels extra good to be lazy. My hands will soak up the soothing lotion as I spin. When all the straw is spun into gold, it is with regret I leave the wheel to return to life’s demands. So now what? I wind it off and usually ply it. To ply is to take two spun strands of singles and twist them together by spinning the wheel in the opposite direction. That is a little like when two lives come together. It makes the yarn and people relax and become fuller. People spinning together have the best time. All through the winter I have monthly spinning get-togethers at my house. At the Hillsdale Farmers’ Market I often let children tread the pedal of the wheel as I guide the flow of the fiber. Some are very slow and cautious at this task, and others try to see how fast they can make it go. I love the challenge to keep up with the panting little boys and still maintain a steady yarn diameter. I love to point out that my yarn is made locally from local fibers, but with child labor. That is so funny. What do I do with all that yarn? I knit something, weave with it, or put it in a basket, look at it admiringly, and fondle it often until inspiration strikes. I have quite a stash of beautiful yarns now and sell a little bit of it. Quietly, romantically, and immodestly I treasure the vision of some very distant, very different future, one that totally ignores even the slightest possibility of wool moths, when a great-great-great-great grandson (yes, the first knitters were guys) of mine holds the last little ball of yarn I made. He will have tears in his eyes as he carefully casts stitches onto my old knitting needles for a special, one of kind project. He will feel a connection to his past, as I feel a connection to my little home village in Germany, where my first wheel was handcrafted. He will sense the touch of my fingers on the delicate strands as they flow through his patient, capable hands, and he will wonder if he could make his own yarn too. Perhaps there is a woman in his life, who would want to learn how to do it. Someone, surely, will still know, and will want to teach it. So as the yarn twists and turns, let us spin a tale. Let us spin a life.

Hillsdale, MI 49242 (517) 437-4074

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Moyer’s Dry Cleaning

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AllenDaySpa,LLC www.AllenDaySpa.com Located amidst gardens in beautiful farm country near Hillsdale — 6851 North Weston Rd., Allen • (517) 869-2207



insurance for fields, freeways and everything in between...

auto home life health motorcycle commercial farm randy sanders Owner/Agent

now with a new location to serve you.

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By James E. Sheridan Simply Hers Magazine

ask a guy Why do men always look at a woman’s body while talking to them instead of keeping eye contact? Men and women are equally intelligent and equally hard working. But we’re wired to have a different primary focus. Women are wired to focus on emotional connection and nurturing relationships. Men’s wiring emphasizes solving problems, fixing things, defending our home front, providing for our families and procreating. Eye contact is just one example of these different purposes and it is pronounced, even in early infancy. Starting at a few months, most girls maintain eye contact for extended periods with adults looking into their crib, as if studying their faces is the most fantastic thing imaginable. Baby boys, however, typically look at faces for a short time then look off at the ceiling fan, ceiling tiles and any other neat stuff they can see. They’re already doing what males do: Collecting data to solve, fix, fight and provide. Women naturally maintain eye contact for relatively long periods because it’s a way of connecting with others. With men, however, eye contact is used for the things we’re wired for, only one of which involves emotional connection. Typically men maintain extended eye contact to show aggressiveness; they’re “staring down” an opponent. When men talk to each other, they use very little eye contact, unless they’re in a potentially explosive argument. (This is why telling your man “Look at me when I’m talking to you!” is not a good idea. In male speak it’s saying “Let me beat you up emotionally while I verbally assault you!”)


Of course we gladly gaze into our beloved’s eyes in moonlight-and-roses situations. But that’s the flipside of aggression: We’re intentionally being vulnerable as part of the mating dance. However, we don’t do this in serious discussions about household finances … or that we forgot to call to say we’d be late getting home. In those conversations extended eye contact means aggression, something we don’t want to show.

But, why do we look at your body when you’re talking? The short answer is: We like to. That’s also hardwired into us. Louann Brizendine, PhD, author of “The Male Brain,” explains that men have roughly 6 times as much testosterone as women and 2½ times as much “brain space devoted to sexual drive in their hypothalamus.” Testosterone not only creates the desire to look, it also curbs the impulse control center of the brain, making it easy for men to look first and think later. And to make it worse, our eyes are constructed to estimate distances (while women have better peripheral vision), which gives us something like “tunnel vision,” making it obvious that we’re gawking. When your man is looking at your body while you’re talking, in one way it’s a good sign: He’s focused on you. But, in serious conversations, if he only glances at your eyes every few seconds, don’t worry. He is listening, but in the way men are wired to listen, which doesn’t include extended eye contact.

James E. Sheridan attended the University of Michigan where he received his Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He earned his Juris Doctorate in Law at U of M, where he graduated cum laude in 1969. Mr. Sheridan served as law clerk to the Chief Judge of the Michigan Court of Appeals before moving to Adrian in 1970, when he entered private practice and became Assistant City Attorney. In 1978 he was elected District Court Judge and has served in that capacity since January, 1979. Judge Sheridan and his wife, Sharron, have been married for 44 years and have two adult children.

©2011, All Rights Reserved

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For service second to none visit Lucas 300 for all of your heating and plumbing needs.

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Webster’s Dictionary‘s defines volunteer as one who chooses freely to do something, to offer or give of one’s own free will.

By Jean Karr Simply Hers Magazine

AGING WITH ATTITUDE Volunteer, what does the word mean to you? The Webster’s New World Dictionary‘s definition is one who chooses freely to do something, to offer or give of one’s own free will. Volunteering can be done by anyone young, old, social butterfly or the homebound. Volunteering does warrant you thinking about your likes & dislikes, what age group you like to work with & are you a follower or a leader. The most important thing about volunteering is that you will live longer when you keep your mind & body active. Let’s talk about time, how much do you have an hour a week or 20? If you are on a time budget what about knitting hats for school children while you relaxing with your feet up watching television (can you tell I multi-task), Last week I did registration at Red Cross Blood Drive for the first time it was very interesting. Let’s talk about what ages you like to work with, if you have grand’s like I do volunteering in their classrooms is fun & the little one’s really do say the darndest things. The teenagers think I’m nuts but they like it when I show up. Visit nursing homes & what about the Senior Centers that really need drivers to deliver the meals 5 days a week? What are you interested in? You can volunteer to teach someone what you have talents in or you can learn new activities by volunteering. Do you

have a green thumb? Could you donate extra fruit & vegetables to the food banks. There are festival & parades in every community that could use extra hands on any given day. How about being creative? Have you seen a need that needs to be meant but no one is stepping forward? Step up & do it yourself, ask a friend or one of your children or grand’s to help. The 100 Women project started in such a way as well as the senior men that fix broken steps & build ramps for people that need them ( besides when men are retired they need projects to keep them busy & out of the house besides golf!). What about community service? When there are open positions on county boards ads are ran in the paper, these usually take a few hours a month and they are a great way to learn about what is going on in your county, city or township. The Domestic Violence centers always need items for personal use ( I always bring back samples from hotels for them). What about the Free Clinic in Hillsdale? Last week it said they served 62 new people. Become a Mediator, the training is wonderful. I would rather volunteer than do the dishes, sweep, mop or clean the bathroom & we aren’t even going to talk about cooking. If you need any ideas feel free to give me a call, my husband says that I’m a “professional” volunteer! Jean at 517-270-4851


A Free 24 Hour Telephone Reassurance Program A Free progrAm thAt cAn cAll A senior up to 5 times A dAy. 7 dAys A week. • Reminds senior to take medicine • Checks on wellbeing • Raises alarm if no response

“Have you taken your medication this morning? Please press one and hang up the phone.”

CALL TODAY FOR YOUR LOVED ONE Perennial Park Senior Center

Jane Sanderson - Coordinator• 320 West Bacon Street, Hillsdale 517.437.2422 | 800.479.3348 | www.hillsdaleseniorcenter.org

Life Touch Home Health Care

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Office: 1-877-729-4663 Kim Price: 517-932-8013 www.lifetouchhomecare.net

By Jane Sanderson

CARE Call phone system is one of the most important products providing communities and senior service organizations the opportunity to enable individuals to remain at home, independent, and part of the community. There are many critical reasons to need a support/alert system like CARE Call: • A senior citizen living alone falls and cannot call for help • A disabled person living alone needs daily monitoring • A forgetful senior needs to be reminded daily to take medication • Postpone nursing home care costs for your loved one

Allows seniors to remAin At home, independent And A pArt oF the community

“Healing Touch for a Better Life.”


• Wound Care • Catheter care • Diabetic Teaching • Supervision of Meds • Physical Therapy evaluations • Gait Training • Muscle Re-education • Pain Control • Activities of daily living skills • The use of adaptive equipment • Development of perceptual motor skills • Re-training in oral motor skills • Expressive and receptive language skills • Swallowing Issues • Everyday living needs: bathing, grooming, and household tasks • Healthy living information provided If there are needs required by you, your loved one or patient not listed, please ask us. Our goal is to be a helping hand in our quest in meeting all of our patients’ home care needs.

Medicare and Medicaid Certified CHAP accredited

Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5:30 • After Hours calls will be routed to an on-call nurse

CARE Call is a computer software program that telephones people who live alone. It raises an alarm if the person called does not pick up the phone. It can be used to deliver any desired message, for example, “Have you taken your medication this morning. Please press one and hang up the phone.” The system is always in touch with emergency handlers

because it’s operated 24 hours a day, seven days per week, from Reading Emergency Unit in Reading, MI. All a client needs is a touch tone telephone. All messages played by CARE Call are recorded human speech, not a computer synthesized voice. All information is stored on the system and includes each client’s personal, health, and relative’s information along with notes, for use in an emergency. The CARE Call program features “time calling.” By supporting individually set calling times, CARE Call can call each client up to five times a day, seven days a week. Each call can deliver a customized message. The CARE Call program is administered by Perennial Park Senior Center in partnership with Reading Emergency Services and supported by Hillsdale County Community Foundation. If you or someone you love are interested in registering for this free service or would like more information please contact Jane Sanderson at 517-437-2422 or 800479-3348.

I’m very happy with All care I receive personal care, homemaking & they also make trips to the pharmacy & grocery store for me as well as put up with “Joey” Thanks Jean Sally Porter

light housekeeping - laundry - meal prep - appointments - home care cosmetology - skilled nursing services - general and grocery shopping diabetic monitoring - diet - nutrition - transportation - ostomy care Providing a full range of home health care services serving the tri-state area • Michigan • Ohio • Indiana Care can be provided for a few hours a week or around the clock depending on your needs.

AllCAre, Inc.

24 / 7 call 866-379-8945 • www.allcareinc.biz Call for a free consultation in your home

Guiltless Nacho Supreme by Zonya 1/2 lb extra-lean ground turkey breast 1 small onion, chopped (optional) 1 green bell pepper, seeded and chopped (optional) 1 tsp Zippy Zonya Mexi Mix‡ 1 can (15 oz) no salt added pinto or black beans, drained and rinsed 60 bite size baked tortilla chips (Tostitos - about 8 oz) 1 cup reduced-fat shredded cheddar cheese 1/4 cup salsa of your choice 1/4 cup light sour cream or nonfat plain yogurt

Coat a large nonstick skillet with cooking spray and place over medium-high heat. Sauté until meat is no longer pink and vegetables are soft. Add and sauté 1 minute. Spread out over an ungreased nonstick baking sheet.

Layer bean mixture over chips. Sprinkle on top of bean mixture. Broil 4 to 6 minutes, or until cheese melts and browns slightly. Serve on the side for dipping. Fresh grapes make the ideal dessert.


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THE ULTIMATE APPLE CRISP 1 cup all-purpose flour 3/4 cup rolled oats 1 cup packed brown sugar 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 cup butter, softened 4 cups chopped peeled apples 1 cup sugar 2 tablespoons cornstarch 1 cup water 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Vanilla ice cream, optional

In a large bowl, combine first four ingredients. Cut in butter until crumbly. Press half into a greased 2-1/2-qt. baking dish or a 9-in. square baking pan. Cover with apples.

Women have been faking it for years

House Specialty

Long Island

In a small saucepan, combine the sugar, cornstarch, water and vanilla. Bring to a boil; cook and stir for 2 minutes or until thick and clear. Pour over apples. Sprinkle with remaining crumb mixture.

Oh Man... Ribfest is heRe

Iced Tea

order dinner from Warner’s Family Restaurant and pretend you made it yourself...

Who’ll Know? Take & Bake SelecTion Traditional Lasagna Chicken Lasagna Fettuccine alfredo pluS Many MoRe Starting as low as $15

*Serves 8-10

Casual Dining with

old world charm

Looking for something to sink your teeth into? Try some of the best ribs north of the Mason-Dixon line!


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Pumpkin Soufflé 1/3 cup evaporated milk 1 cup pumpkin purée 1/4 cup superfine sugar 1/2 tsp. vanilla 3 eggs, separated 2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice

Preheat oven to 375F. Mix evaporated milk and pumpkin puree until a thick liquid. Whisk sugar, vanilla and egg yolks with spice. Blend mixture into pumpkin. Beat egg whites until stiff peaks, fold into pumpkin. Immediately pour into a greased 5- or 6- cup ramekin. Bake 25 minutes, then serve immediately. Time: 25 minutes Serves: 4

GAME on!


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Hot & Delicious Apple crisp

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Waldorf Salad 1/2 cup walnuts halves

2 large crisp apples

1/2 cup non-fat yogurt

2 ribs celery, sliced into 1/2” pieces

2 T. light mayonnaise 2 T minced parsley 1 tsp, honey 1/2 lemon, zest finely grated

1/4 cup golden raisins 1/2 lemon, juiced 1 head lettuce

Freshly ground black pepper

Preheat the oven to 350 degree F. Spread the nuts on a baking sheet and toast in the oven for 8 to 10 minutes. Cool and break the nuts up into small pieces.

skin intact. Add the apples, celery and raisins to the bowl, and sprinkle with the lemon juice; then toss with the dressing. Cover and refrigerate if not serving immediately.

Whisk the yogurt, mayonnaise, parsley, honey, and lemon zest in a large bowl and season generously with pepper.

When ready to serve, toss walnuts into the salad. Arrange the lettuce leaves on a large platter, or divide them among 4 salad plates. Place the salad on the lettuce and serve.

Halve, core, and cut the apples into 3/4-inch pieces, leaving the

Owners: Frank & Carolyn Mancino

Quality Second to None! ITALIAN DINNERS NACHOS • SALADS Mon.-Thurs. 11 am - 10 pm Fri. & Sat. 11 am - 11 pm Sunday 12 pm - 8 pm


437-9585 also serving breakfast & lunch

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Gems of Wisdom Have You Read Your Horoscope Today?

LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23

VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 Go for the gold, Virgo. Sitting back and doing nothing will get you nowhere. Feel free to experiment with things you enjoy or want to try.

SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 Scorpio, you could find that all that’s needed is a small spark to rekindle a big flame in the romance department. Focus a lot of energy on your love life. SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21 Sagittarius, you have been going to extremes in your life as of late. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Mellow out and take a more centralized approach.

Libra, your love life is full of complicated patterns and you’re not quite sure in which direction to go. Talk to your partner and find out what he or she desires.

ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 Aries, you must express a great deal of passion in your heart. Find that special someone and let him or her know just how you feel. TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 Trust your instincts, Taurus, even when it seems they may be holding you back. Realize that you know more than you think and have a good handle on the situation.

CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, avoid questioning the motivations of others. Pay such thoughts no mind at all. As long as you trust your instincts, all will work out.

GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 Gemini, now is the time to take a trip with a friend or loved one. You need a break from reality, and this is your chance to get away for awhile. Expect work when you get back, though.

AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 Aquarius, don’t get swept up in old patterns. It’s time to try something new and gain a fresh perspective on your life. All it will take is a few minor changes.

CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 Cancer, seize the day and make the most of what’s at hand. Get outdoors, socialize and be adventurous. You will enjoy what happens as a result. Soon there will be a power day for you.

PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 Pisces, you have a great deal of energy but don’t know where to focus it. Why not visit a friend and spend time together?

LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 Things flow very well for you right now, Leo. Where issues of love and beauty are concerned, you will find great success. Watch out for Aquarius in the days to come.

We Know Your Priorities Real Experts. Real Value. Certified Service at Leutheuser’s

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Creative CreativeDesign Design When it comes to design, our customers

When it comes to design, our customers consider Unilock to consider Unilock be for the industry’s premier be the industry’s premier to source innovative products, and theyfor lookinnovative to us for creative hardscape solutions. source products, and they look Our next-generation collection of paving stones and retaining to us for creative hardscape solutions. walls have given this country’s best designers and installers the tools to create landscapes that go beyond what was even Our thought next-generation collection of paving possible. Explore and be inspired!

stones and retaining walls have given this country’s best designers and installers the tools to create landscapes that go beyond Driveways what was even thought possible. Explore and be inspired!


Walkways Driveways Patios Entrances Walkways Entrances Outdoor Kitchens Pool Decks Outdoor Kitchens

Pool Decks

installation available

PHOTOS: Stonehenge® (Coffee Creek) with Courtstone®, Copthorne® and Umbriano® accents.


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After a knee replacement, the physical therapy team at Hillsdale Community Health Center helped Fran Tipton feel like herself again.

Back on her feet... and Better than ever!

If you’re injured or facing surgery, we provide personalized physical therapy care to help you recover quickly and safely. From hands-on therapy to pain management techniques and aquatic exercise, our expert team will put their extensive training and experience to work for you.

Call us today to schedule an appointment (517) 437-5190

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iLocal bi-monthly women's magazine for Hillsdale, Branch and Lenawee counties in Michigan

Simply Hers 0911  

iLocal bi-monthly women's magazine for Hillsdale, Branch and Lenawee counties in Michigan