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Step up your gift game

by shopping small in Michigan

Sending giftS to those who give so much


The suites are so popular...

It took nIne monThs just to get in! What could be better than delivering your precious new baby in a warm, caring environment that’s so much like home?

and a warm and relaxed atmosphere, one that will always take careful consideration of you & your baby’s needs.

Now it is possible to spend labor, delivery and recovery time all in the same comfortable suite.

At HCHC, our new birthing suites offer all the comforts of home in a tradition of “Total Family Care.” This special time will be spent in luxurious surroundings,

We’re so committed to making this the most wonderful experience; we’ve devoted an entire floor to you and your family.

The way you’ve always hoped it could be.

Your baby…so dear. Your stay…so suite!

168 South Howell Street • Hillsdale • 517.437.5280 • www.hchc.com

2016 Ford ExplorEr Starting at



Get the BEST offErS of the season before it’s Too laTE! See The Professionals

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M-99 (Between Hillsdale & Jonesville) • www.kenstillwellford.com


Surviving Snow Covered roadS

From the


By Rob Shewman

The best way to survive a skid on a snowy road is to avoid getting in one. In the face of really bad weather, it’s sometimes best to stay home, or, if you’re traveling, grab a motel room if it starts to snow. At the least, remain where you are until snowplows and sanding crews have done their work. If you crash on a snowy or icy road, you’ll certainly be late — or worse. Successful race drivers know that tires are often the difference between hero and zero. The same is true in choosing tires for snow. To have adequate snow traction, a tire (even a winter tire) requires at least 6/32-inch deep tread. New passenger-car tires usually begin life with 10/32-inch of tread. In my opinion, back-of-the-pack winter tires are better in the snow than the best-in-snow all-season tires. Summer tires should more accurately be known as three-season tires. They are of the type that are often original equipment on high-performance all-wheel-drive cars, and have little to no grip in snow. However, if you opt for winter tires, get a full set or stick with all-season tires. Mounting winter tires on the front of a front-wheeldrive car will make it prone to spinning out in the snow and plowing straight off on wet or dry roads. Putting winter tires only on the back of a rear-drive car will make the car difficult to turn in snow and eager to spin in the dry. Regardless of your vehicle preparation, there are some winter conditions that can’t be conquered. Because of that, you should carry a sleeping bag and other survival equipment in the winter.

Marlanea McGraw Owner/Publisher

Yes, I know it can be daunting to contemplate what lies ahead. Let’s face it—preparing for all of this festive fun is a LOT of work! Cleaning, shopping, cooking, baking, decorating, wrapping, sending cards . . . . (I’m going to stop adding to that list, because quite frankly, it’s starting to make me hyperventilate!) But, don’t focus on the work—focus on why we do it: to create special times for those we love and value in our lives. Don’t make yourself crazy. There is no such thing as a “perfect” holiday. The world will not end if your home doesn’t look like a magazine spread and if you don’t put out food that would knock Gordon Ramsey out of his socks. Make it nice, but aim for doable, fun and filled with love.

And, I would also encourage everyone to remember that for many people, this is not a time of bounty. There are so many ways to help those less fortunate, whether it’s adopting a family and providing them with gifts, volunteering to ring bells for the Salvation Army, donating to local food banks and shelters or helping to staff crisis lines (the holidays are a peak time for calls) to name a few. If you have children, get them involved. It’s never too early to learn to care about others and to experience the gift of helping. As we close another year of publication, I am again amazed and humbled by the support of our readers. With every issue, we strive to bring you articles that will inform, amuse and entertain you. Thank you for continuing to pick up and read “Simply Hers,” and for providing the feedback that helps us make the magazine better. A huge thank you to our advertisers, who quite literally make this publication possible. Please take time to read the ads and visit the area businesses that keep us going! A final thank you to my staff for your work and dedication. I am so grateful to you all. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season, and best wishes for the new year!

Marlanea Simply Hers is published by and is the property of

Chestney Publishing For information on how to submit story ideas, concerns or information on how to advertise, please contact

Marlanea McGraw 517-320-9235 marlanea@simplyhers.net www.simplyhers.net

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Is it really possible that we’ve come to the end of another year? Wasn’t I just writing about planning beach trips and backyard barbecues? But, the calendar doesn’t lie, and we’re now moving into the heart of the holiday season. Families and friends gather, special meals are prepared with traditional foods, homes are decorated, gifts exchanged and new memories are made.

Simply Hers Magazine makes every effort to provide accurate information in advertising and editorial content, however, does not make any claims as to accuracy of information provided by advertisers or editorial contributors and accepts no responsibility or liability for inaccurate information

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LOSEY roger


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Life Can Hurt... We Can HELP!

StreSS free for the holidayS As the holiday season picks up steam, so do our stress levels. Often it’s only after we start to feel stress’s effect that we attempt to correct it. Between all the family and friend gatherings, shopping, and everyday life it’s no wonder we feel like we were hit by a truck by the time the holiday season is over. With all the events going on, it is important to stretch and stay hydrated. The last thing we want is to get run down and sick just in time for presents to be opened. Our bodies, too often, get overwhelmed by the activities of the season. One simple trick while shopping is to consider a break every 45 minutes to an hour. Other simple solutions include: • Carrying no more than absolutely necessary when shopping. • Plan trips to your car to drop off a load of presents. • During your break have a light snack try to avoid the mall foods. • Avoid the coffee and soda stands in the mall too. • If you have children, leave them at home! • Wear flat, comfortable shoes. • Don’t lift by bending over. Instead, bend your hips and knees and then squat to pick up the object. • Don’t twist your body while lifting. • Push, don’t pull, when you move heavy objects. • When wrapping presents, use a big table instead of the floor. Lastly, a small plug for chiropractic! It reduces stress in the body and joints that otherwise would lead to discomfort and disease. Don’t put it off during the holiday season because you are busy and running around all the time. That is one of the most important times to receive treatment. Preventing the pain is always better than treating it after it has arrived.

WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK! • Enhanced Range of Motion • Painless & Extremely Effective OffERinG BOTh COmpUTERizEd And mAnUAl AdjUsTinG

millER ChiROpRACTiC miChAEl millER d.C. mAssAGE ThERApY BY miChEllE mOnAhAn 325 Reading Ave | Jonesville, MI | (517) 849-7911


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NOV - DEC 2015


64 it’s a woman thing!


On the Cover:


Rene Kullman who opened Kelsey’s in 1999. Originally from Chelsea, Rene spent the first part of her working life in the restaurant business owning several Little Caesar’s franchises including one in Saline. She has twins Kelsey and AJ and decided to name her boutique after her daughter. Kelsey’s Boutique offers a selection of women’s apparel, jewelry, shoes and purses. She has also recently begun selling a selection of unique baby apparel. Read more of Rene’s story on page 50.


Step up your gift game

by shopping small in Michigan

Sending giftS to those who give so much FREE

08 08

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Bring it on!



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09 09


it’s beginning to

look like a lot

Christmas! We all want to look our best during the holidays; it is one of the few times a year we reunite with the good majority of our family and friends. This year, instead of wallowing in sheer, what-to-wear panic, we’ve gathered some ideas to help you dress your party best this season.


Holiday Dinner with the family

A fun, sophisticated look is key here. Grown up but not so buttoned up you can’t have some fun. If all goes well, you might even graduate from the kids’ table.


Cocktail party at your BFF’s

No need to censor your style for this holiday get-together among friends, so you and your guy can show your best selves. Think sexy and fun!

Office Party

You may be tempted to let loose and go crazy here but remember, Monday morning you’ll be back in the office with your fellow partiers. We suggest you keep your attire professional and versatile.

Brunch with the In-laws

Baby, it’s cold outside. Take our advice and bundle up in a comfy sweater. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

When in doubt, wear black.

It always looks chic. From a casual top and high heels to the ever popular LBD, black will always be in season.



e here at Viaggio Salon & Spa family would like to wish everyone a beautiful holiday season. Remember, whether you need the perfect gift, or a simple pick-me-up, we have just what you are looking for. ~ The ladies of Viaggio

The Ultimate Spa DaySignature Spa Pkg- $150 Relaxing Spa PkgMini Spa Pkg$200 (5 hours) (4 hours) $100 ( 2 1/2 hours) $50 (1 1/2 hours) custom Blend facial 1/2 Hour Massage custom Blend facial Toes on the Go spa Manicure spa Manicure 1/2 Hour Massage spa Manicure spa pedicure spa pedicure spa pedicure shampoo & style Makeup paraffin Hand Dip There are many services we offer here Blend at Viaggio! 1 Hour Massage custom facialWe take pride in being a full service salon as well as educating you the & best experiences! Call to schedule your next appointment! emergency Hair our team to give shampoo style Treatment shampoo & style

full-service salon:

Haircuts for men, women, and children highlights | colors | perms | facials up-dos | massage |extensions | shellac manicures | pedicures 14

Gift certificates available

V salon


2370 Hudson Rd. | Hillsdale MI 49242 (517) 610-5869 | viaggiosalonspa.com

Meet Santa at the farM

and have your picture taken with him.

Take a horse drawn wagon To selecT your perfecT holiday Tree. Warm up by the fire Sip hot chocolate, mulled cider or coffee Taste roasted chestnuts & homemade kettle corn

Promotion begins on Black Friday!

© 2015 Vera Bradley Designs, Inc.

Visit The Berry Patch Gift Shop for Amazing Christmas Treasures!

165 S. Ray Road • Quincy, MI 49082 517-639-8360 • www.loveberrystreefarm.com

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open the day after thanksgiving until december 23. Tuesday - Friday • NooN-5:30pm saTurday -suNday • 10am-5:30pm

Thymes Frasier Fir & Gingerbread Candles

Maggie anne’s

www.facebook.com/MaggieAnnes | (517) 439-1334 | 50 North Howell • Hillsdale

Open Year rOund Distinctive gifts

for your home anD your lifestyle

jeweLry, APPAreL, HoMe AccessorIes, LocAL Art BAtH & BoDy & MucH More

FREE gift wrapping with purchase!

20% OFF any One item* in stock with mention of Simply Hers

*not valid on custom paintings & artwork. Offer expires 12/31/15

517.252.5287 | www.devilslakeviewliving.com 200 Devils Lake Hwy, Manitou Beach, MI 15




Mint Chocolate Whipped Body Butter 16

Ingredients: 1/2 c organic cocoa butter 1/2 c organic mango or shea butter. 1/2 c coconut oil 1/2 c jojoba or a mild olive oil. 1-2 t peppermint essential oil 2 T pure cocoa or cacao powder. If you would prefer a “white chocolate� version that is not a bronzer, substitute arrowroot powder or non-GMO cornstarch. 2 t naturally derived vitamin E Directions: 1. Prepare an ice bath by filling a large bowl with ice and fitting a smaller bowl inside. The inside bowl needs to be able to hold at least 4-5 cups of liquid. 2. Using a double boiler or a pot of boiling water with a smaller pot fitted inside, melt cocoa butter and mango butter over a low simmer.

3. Add coconut oil and melt until completely liquid. Remove cocoa butter/coconut oil mixture from heat. 4. Measure 5 teaspoons of cocoa powder into a small bowl and gradually add several tablespoons of jojoba/olive oil. Mix thoroughly and then add to cocoa butter/coconut oil mixture along with remaining jojoba/olive oil. 5. Place mixture in chilled bowl (which should still be resting above the ice bowl) and allow to cool for 10 minutes. 6. Remove mixture from ice bath and whip until stiff peaks form. If after a few minutes it does not seem to be thickening return the bowl to the ice bath and whip there. Store in an airtight jar – amber or cobalt are best, but a clear jar is fine if kept out of direct sunlight (which promotes oxidation).

Almond hand scrub Ingredients: 1/3 c almonds 1/2-1 t organic olive oil 1 t honey or agave nectar Directions 1. In a blender or food processor, grind the almonds into a coarse meal. This won’t take long, be sure not to over-blend. You’re going for the consistency of bath salts. 2. Stir in olive oil & agave, mixing well to combine completely. Directions for use To exfoliate, rub the mixture on your hands, massaging into your skin for a few minutes. Wash off the almond meal and any excess oil with warm water. For extra hydration, you can put on a pair of gloves to help your hands really soak in the moisture.


POWDER Ingredients: 4 T bentonite clay 2 t baking soda 1½ t finely ground unrefined sea salt ½ t clove powder 1 t ground cinnamon 1½ t ground peppermint leaves, or 5-10 drops peppermint essential oil 1½ t unrefined stevia powder- optional ¾ t activated charcoal – optional Directions Using a stainless steel or plastic spoon, mix all ingredients in a clean glass jar. To use, add a little to a wet toothbrush and brush as normal. * If you don’t have peppermint leaves, just grind some peppermint tea in a coffee grinder. Voila!

Peppermint Bath Salts POM

Ingredients: 2 c sea salt 3 c Epsom salt Food coloring of choice Peppermint essential oil

Directions Mix sea salt and Epsom salt together well. Separate mix into four bowls. Add 3-5 drops of peppermint essential oil to each. Leave one bowl of salt white. Use a different color food coloring in the other three bowls. Grab a thin jar and use a funnel to layer the colors on top of each other. Top off with a pretty ribbon.


Ingredients: 2 c petroleum jelly 1 scoop or 2 packets of Natural Cherry Pomegranate Crystal Light 1 t water Directions Mix petroleum jelly and Crystal Light in a bowl Add water until the gloss is a berry color. Use a spatula to spoon into jars. 17

Everything you need to know about

avoiding pain from carrying a too-heavy bag

By Stephanie Ray, PT, DPT HIllSDAle FACIlITY MAnAgeR

Over-sized bags can be very fashionable, but they can be a killer on our necks, shoulders, and backs. In recent years, women have gone from carrying cute miniature bags to large purses and handbags. The compensating shift in posture we make to carry a heavy bag day after day places stress on certain muscles and joints that can result in injuries such as scoliosis, tension headaches, upper back and neck muscle strain, or arm and neck numbness and tingling. If leaving home with just the bare essentials isn’t an option, here are some tips to minimize and avoid injury that may result from carrying a too-heavy bag. Take weighT ouT of your purse. According to the American Chiropractic Association, a handbag should weigh no more than 10% of its owner’s body weight. For a person weighing 150 pounds, this would mean to limit your bag or purse weight to 15 pounds. avoid carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder. Using a bag that has two straps, such as a backpack or messenger bag, can help to distribute the weight so that one shoulder is not overloaded. Using both straps helps to balance and evenly distribute the load and avoids placing too much stress on one side of your body. have even weighT. If you typically carry your purse or bag on one shoulder, make sure to use your other shoulder as well, so you are not overusing muscles to permanently alter your posture. If you are carrying groceries, make sure to divide the bags up evenly, putting even weight on both arms.

avoid Talking on your cell phone while holding a heavy bag. When we talk on the phone, we tend to tilt our head to that side and hike the shoulder, which can intensify the pain. carry bags close To The body. Carrying a bag closer to the body reduces the stress placed on the spine and spine stabilizing muscles. Wearing your bag on your shoulder versus carrying it in the crease of your elbow not only places it closer to your body, but you can also avoid elbow overuse injuries such as tendonitis. sTrengThen your core If carrying a heavy bag is unavoidable, work to strengthen the core, shoulders, and lower back. Hold your stomach and lower back muscles tight, “setting your core”, while lifting and carrying your bag. You can also use a a thicker or wider strap. For any aches or pains, check out a nearby Accelerated or Athletico facility where a licensed Physical Therapist can help anyone with pain decide the appropriate next steps! To find the nearest location, visit Athletico.com/ locations. Be on the lookout for our signage changing from Accelerated to Athletico Physical Therapy this month!

We’d love to work with you in achieving an active lifestyle! Formerly Gary Gray Physical Therapy

adrian Hillsdale brooklyn Hudson 16 W Carleton St., Ste. 1 250 S. Main St., Ste. 4 325 Railroad St. 1801 W. Maumee St., Ste. 125 517-264-6141 517-439-2376 517-592-8695 517-448-2035

Additional locations in Clinton, Coldwater and Temperance. Visit www.AcceleratedRehab.com for more info. 18


s u o H n e p O th y 5 a i d Hol ec. 3rd D

In-store Financing Available 517-439-0100 www.hillsdalejewelers.com

77 N. Howell Street • “The Wedge” • Hillsdale


Muscle up - live fit.

Keeping fit over the holiday season Keeping fit over the holidays may seem like an impossible task. All of the tempting foods that are a part of the holidays are hard to resist. Holiday shopping, party planning, getting ready for company and other errands combine to weaken resolve and send willpower out the window. But a few strategies can help you navigate the holidays with no regrets, preventing that “holiday hangover”!

By James Campbell Simply Hers Magazine

STEP 1 Set the achievable goal of simply maintaining your current weight, and consider yourself a success if you make it to January without any extra pounds. Losing weight is notoriously hard during the holiday season. Holiday weight gain, while averaging only 1 pound overall, is as much as 5 pounds for those already overweight or obese. But don’t think you’re off the hook if you only gain a pound. That extra pound usually does not go away, and may account for more than half of that creeping annual weight gain. STEP 2 Choose wisely during those holiday meals. Have a high-protein snack ahead of time; for example, carry a small bag of almonds in your car or purse, which will help you feel full. You will eat less at the dinner or buffet table. STEP 3 Save the best for last. Keeping fit doesn’t mean you have to go without holiday goodies, just save them for last. Eat the salads, fruits and vegetables first, with low-fat dressings and dips; you will be less likely to binge later on the sweets that usually accompany holiday meals.


STEP 4 Cut back on what you eat at the holiday meal itself to save calories. If you’re going to have pumpkin pie after dinner, skip the mashed potatoes and gravy (personally I’d eat EXTRA potatoes and skip the pie, Hahaha). Keep in mind, the season is full of potlucks and parties, and skipping meals to save room for them is NOT the answer and WILL backfire on your fitness goals. You’ll likely end up so hungry by the time the potluck rolls around, you will overeat, and let’s be honest, nobody likes that feeling. STEP 5 Reward yourself for exercise. Stay motivated to exercise by giving yourself a reward for the dedication. The little things you do for yourself are often the first to go to accommodate the holiday rush. So, when you succeed in fitting your workout into your over-scheduled day, pamper yourself…a little! In all of the holiday commotion, remember to take care of yourself, too. STEP 6 Stay active. Some days, you just won’t be able to fit exercise into your holiday schedule. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Don’t drive if you can walk. Every little bit adds up to keep fit and keep the holiday pounds at bay. STEP 7 Exercise early in the day, when you are more likely to be motivated. If you’ve already burned some calories, you will feel less guilty when you plop down on the couch with a sugar cookie after a long day of holiday hustle and bustle.

We’re moving! PoWered bY: ll James CamPbe Ce from

WiTh assisTan


sPenCer bono

• Personal Training • grouP Training Classes: • strength • Core • Yoga • TrX & much more!

517-817-6475 96 E CarlEton rd. | HillsdalE — likE us on faCEbook for sCHEdulE s & updatEs


What the New Mom Needs By Stephanie Gordon Simply Hers Magazine

So many of my daily conversations with my “village” (mom, friends, husband, etc.) start with “omg,” “lol,” “I’m crying,” “help,” a plethora of entertaining emojis or photos of our children crying and throwing tantrums. Being a mom is hard, and we need those closest to us more than ever. As I prepare to birth another child this month (yes, this month!), I am going to need these people more than ever. Whether this is a mom’s first or fourth child, she really needs three things. She needs support. She needs her village close. She’s tired and overwhelmed. Before giving birth, mom is exhausted, especially if she’s chasing a toddler around the house. She wants to know that you’ve thought about her – that you offered to help her scrub behind the fridge and stove, or simply asked, “What do you need?” After birth, she wants space and time with her new family, but she wants you near. She’ll need a shoulder to cry on and someone to talk to. She is lonely, even though she has her babe(s). She wants you to listen about how hard and amazing it is, and how her body is functioning after baby. She wants you to let her nap with her new babe while you play with her older babe. And please, let her new family have at least 24 hours alone before visiting. Let them bond and adjust at home.


She needs food. Meals that are friendly to the family’s diet are the best gift. Those first few days/weeks are a blur. The last thing mom (and dad) want to think about is what’s for dinner. If mom is breastfeeding, she will be especially hungry (hangry). Comfort food is treasured, but personally, I wanted to eat as healthfully as possible while breastfeeding. My body had just been through

its biggest workout, and the last thing I wanted to do was stuff it with things I don’t usually eat that made my tired body feel worse. Hands off, please. Some moms are hesitant to say “no.” Sometimes “helpers” will offer to “watch the new baby” so mom can do something like an errand. In actuality, she really doesn’t want you to hold or watch her baby. She needs your hands for something else like washing the dishes. I remember not wanting to pass Eloise around for a long time. If someone in public felt the need to touch her, I kindly put them in their place. The same went for someone wanting to hold her. Admire the new bundle from your seat, and if mom grants permission to share her babe, great. But, don’t be offended if she doesn’t. The stories I’ve heard among friends after giving birth are sometimes quite shocking. Some people may feel entitled to come around after baby is born. Some people feel the need to overstay their welcome. Or, there are those really great people in your village who understand just what to do like giving a hug, scrubbing your floors, letting you nap or bringing food. It’s important to realize that mom is fragile after birthing baby. Love her and let her be with her babe. I can’t wait to share my birth story after baby girl arrives! Keep up with Stephanie via her lifestyle blog at www. thewholesomehouse.net for motherhood, food and fitness ramblings.


• CoCktail tables • Chandeliers • Cathedral side Wall • heaters • stage • Chairs • iCe tables • Free standing Canopys • 6’ - 8’ banquet tables

Happy Holidays Please think of us for all your party needs

Want to learn more about becoming a Consultant? Contact me today!

Tonya Ellenwood

ADivision of Newberry & Sons Inc

by Tonya Ellenwood

517-610-3692 | www.pureromance.com/tonyaellenwood

517-639-4703 | canopysrusmi.com | 517-617-4233

Vincent, Krystal, Erin, Lauren, Jenna & Teresa.


517-437-5006 • Downtown HillsDale

Taking time to do it right.

AM/PM BUILDERS, LLC New homes, remodeling and restoration. Specializing in finish carpentry to include custom cabinets, tile work and trim Licensed contractor



30 years experience


Coping with cold and flu season

by Nichole Ellis, D.O. Simply Hers Magazine

As the winter weather is upon us, we move from bumps and bruises to colds and coughs. I jokingly tell many parents that I have two seasons in my house: “summer and snot.” As the summer has passed into fall and our days getting shorter and cooler, we have already gone through our fair share tissues—and all before the first frost. To assist our doctor moms and dads in their crusade against the creeping crud, I have a few suggestions. 1. Encourage hand washing. Soap, scrub, wash, and dry. Repeat. This is one of our best defenses against the spread of disease. I do not recommend antibacterial soaps for everyday use. These soaps are not any more effective in killing harmful bacteria than good old elbow grease and regular soap. The actual act of scrubbing and washing is the greatest bacterial and viral reducer. 2. Coughing technique. Teach children and adults (and adults, for that matter) how to cover their mouths and noses when they cough and sneeze. The best method, “the vampire method,” involves coughing into the crook of your elbow. This leave hands free of the viruses and bacteria so that we reduce the spread of germs on doorknobs and surfaces.

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3 Vicks VapoRub or Skinners for cough. I apply it on the chest and back. My grandmother put it on the bottom of the feet as well, “as a thick mustache.” I am pretty sure the mustache technique is not recommended by the Vicks Company, but rarely do I argue with my grandmother.

4. Honey. For children 1 year and older this is the best cough suppressant. It has been proven not only to be safer than over-the-counter cough syrup but also more effective. I find 1 tsp gives my children 4-5 hours of sound sleep before I have to give another dose. Please remember that due to the risk of Botulism do not give honey to children under the age of 1 . 5. Be patient. It is hard to have a child who is clearly miserable with a constant runny nose, a cough or a fever. Though we live in a world of quick fixes and immediate gratification, it is much better to allow our children to fight these infections than to use needless antibiotics. Bronchitis, sinus infections (unless specific criteria are met), ear infections and even most pneumonias are all viral infections, which means antibiotics will not treat them effectively. What these antibiotics will do is increase antibiotic resistance, which may lead to more harmful autoimmune diseases. Of course, we must keep in mind rule 1: when in doubt, see your physician. Ideally, this is someone who has an ongoing relationship with your child and knows him or her when healthy and so can better assess the severity of the illness. This doctor-patient familiarity will also allow your doctor to partner with you as you patiently observe your child’s symptoms and changes in health. With this “watchful waiting” approach, your child will become healthier faster, you will become more confident in treating your child, and those winter months will soon melt away in no time.

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Old stomping grounds... fresh start

By Ashley Price Simply Hers Magazine

I’m sitting here in my apartment in Williston packing all of the material things that make up my life. Wondering how in the world I’ve accumulated this much junk over the past three and a half years and knowing that aside from my family heirlooms and pictures, none of it means a damn thing. Three weeks from today I will be moving home to Michigan and closing the chapter on my life in North Dakota. It’s bittersweet, to say the least. North Dakota has taught me a lot about life and about myself. I’ve never felt more lost nor more found than during my time out here on the prairie. I’ve made life-long friends from all over our great country. I’ve learned what it means to work hard, make good money and how to spend it! I’ve learned that not everyone in the world is good and honest. I’d like to think my sense of naivety is gone and that I’m a wiser woman than when I first came here. But most importantly, I’ve learned from my time here that happiness isn’t the destination but the journey. We will never reach a final destination until they bury us in the ground. So, instead of focusing on where you want to be, “should” be, or where you aren’t, we should be enjoying the ride. Reveling in it’s unpredictability and meeting that with excitement and appreciation instead of anxiety and worry.

28 28

For someone like me who is goal-oriented and a planner to a fault, I really think that is the most important lesson to take away from this experience. I’d also say that I’m still learning that lesson on a daily basis. I get so caught up in the little things that I miss out on living life. I need to know what’s coming next. I have a list of every conceivable action that can take me from A-Z and I focus on nothing but that and guilt and berate myself if I don’t achieve it fast enough. I write and re-write lists, budgets, plans until they’re etched in my memory. I have a strong idea of what my life should be and I leave no room for spontaneity or fun. I’m wound so tight it’s a wonder I can even breathe! But that has to stop. I can’t keep living life this way. Life is a continual balancing act, and it should be light and fun! With that in mind, it’s time to turn the page and set off on a new adventure. It’s time to surround myself with my family and to figure out what my next move should be. It’s a time to trust that every ending is followed by a beginning. To trust that even though the next chapter isn’t written yet, that your story is nowhere close to being finished. We’re just getting started! Thank you, readers, for going on this journey with me. It is an honor to be able to share my thoughts and frustrations about life with you all. Wishing you all good tidings and blessings for this holiday season and beyond!

to winter fashion! 1 2 0 N . M A I N • A D R I A N • 5 1 7 . 6 7 3 . 8 3 0 7 • E X T E N D E D H O L I D AY H O U R S 29

Cleaning shines spotlight on kids’ personality Our house has a finished basement. Our kids’ play room is in said finished basement, which I love. This means that if the moon is in the right orbit and they have all been properly fed and have had enough rest they may actually play down there quietly with each other for an hour – sometimes more!

By Sarah Gray Simply Hers Magazine

Along with the many toys we have in the basement, the three of them (usually instigated by the oldest) come up with elaborate stories and games to play. I love that they have vivid imaginations. Then I go downstairs to check on them and see that their vivid imaginations have been strewn all over the basement and are sometimes climbing the stairs. My kids are not the put-something-away-when-I’mdone-playing-with-it variety. They are more of the move-on-to-clear-floor-space variety. They’ll dump out a bag of action figures looking for Superman and once he’s located leave Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Ironman in a heap on the floor. I take responsibility for that flaw. I wasn’t a big stickler for putting things away when they were little so that bad habit can be blamed on Mom. And, honestly, most of the time I don’t mind too much. The mess is in the basement, so I can just shut the door and leave the mess there. But after awhile it becomes more than I can bear, and it’s time to clean up. I’ll send them downstairs grumbling that it’s “too much” and “it’ll take forever,” and within five minutes they are bickering and tattling on each other until mama’s about ready to pop her lid.


Recently I dug deep and tried to think of a way that could make clean up time more fun and help it get done more quickly. Since I do not possess Mary Poppins’ finger snapping magic, I decided to have each kid spend two minutes cleaning up as much as they could and at the end the winner would get a prize. I realize am bribing here and (spoiler alert)

they were ALL winners, but they were excited and I was hopeful. My oldest went first. She quickly picked up some Barbie paraphernalia and ran to put it away, but instead of throwing in a drawer or bin she delicately put the item in her Barbie house where it went. And this continued through her two minutes of clean up time. Tea cup and saucers were matched together and put on the tray, Legos were placed in their proper bin and so on. She got a lot picked up and did it the way she wanted to – just like she does everything. When it was my son’s turn, he whipped around like a mad man, picking up two and three things at a time and throwing them in the vicinity of where they were supposed to go. Cars were dumped, super heroes thrown and play food was whipped into the play kitchen refrigerator. When his time was up the room had the appearance of being cleaner, but if you looked a little closer it was still kind of a mess. He moved as fast as he could to get it done and still be in my good graces. He’s a pleaser, my son. The youngest, bless her little heart, is just four, but wants to be a big kid like her siblings. So when her turn came, she quickly picked up something to put away but then realized she wasn’t quite sure where it went. Still trying to keep up with her brother and sister, she proceeded to run around in circles (literally) with the toy in her hand until I told her where it went. I don’t think she put more than two toys away in the two minute span. Trying to be big but still little – that’s my baby girl. Eventually the basement was cleaned and everyone had a bit of fun doing it. And, they all got a sucker. It was less than 72 hours before the space was trashed again, but that’s ok. That’s life. Things get messy. Then you play a little game, get a Dum Dum sucker and that gets it all cleaned up again.


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Simply Hers takes our readers to the waterways visiting neighboring Michigan locations.

TRIP on a TANK Celebrate the season in Shiawassee County By Sarah Gray, Simply Hers Magazine

Take a train ride to the North Pole, step back in time at an historical village or visit a castle. All this and more is waiting for visitors in Shiawassee County. Located on M52 and M21, 100 miles north of Hillsdale and 85 miles north of Adrian, Owosso and neighboring county seat Corunna have many local attractions visitors of all ages. Take a ride on the Polar Express to the North Pole this holiday season, leaving from the Steam Railroad Institute in Owosso. Based on the book “The Polar Express” by Chris Van Allsburg which was made into a movie starring Tom Hanks, the famous Pere Marquette 1225 Steam Engine takes riders on a four hour round trip to the “North Pole” in Ashley, Michigan, for a 1950s Christmas experience. Once there, guests can enjoy shopping, food, horse drawn wagon rides, face painting, kids’ activities including building a toy in Santa’s workshop and, of course, meeting Santa Claus himself. Tickets for the North Pole Express vary in price, and trips are Friday night, Sunday afternoon and two trips on Saturday beginning November 20. For more information or to reserve a seat on the Polar Express, call 989-3397589, visit michigansteamtrain.com or find them on Facebook. Travel back to nineteenth century with a trip to Corunna’s Historical Village. Created through the efforts of the Corunna Historical Commission and the Shiawassee County Historical Society, the village includes more than 10 buildings from throughout the county which date from 1840-1904. Newly added to the village is the Lawson Bicycle Museum featuring eight to ten “high wheelers.” The village also has a school, church, tinsmith shop, blacksmith shop and several houses including a log home. The village will host an open house the first two weekends in December. Come and see history preserved December 4-6 and 11-13. Friday hours are 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday’s are 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday hours are 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. For more information visit corunnahistoricalvillage.org or call 989743-3650.

Take a break from the day with a relaxing cup of tea at Shiawassee County’s hidden gem Abiding the Vine Tea Room on East Main Street in Owosso. The quaint and elegantly furnished business features teas, award winning jams and jellies, breakfast, lunch and desserts. For more information visit abidingthevine1.com, call 989-723-5746 or find them on Facebook. View the talents of local artists and famous American artist Fredrick Carl Frieseke at the Shiawassee Arts Center (SAC). Located along the Shiawassee River, the gallery showcases works in many mediums including several pieces from Frieseke, who was born in Owosso and went on to become a famous Impressionist painter. From November 15 through December 31, SAC will celebrate its 27th annual Holiday at the Center where Michigan artists will be displaying and selling their artwork, unique gifts and holiday decorations. For more information, visit shiawasseearts. org, call 989-723-8354 or find them on Facebook. The SAC is open Tuesday through Sunday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Expand your trip to an overnight stay and take in some local theater with the Owosso Community Players at the Lebowski Center. Horribly damaged during a fire in 2007, the Lebowski Center reopened in 2014 with a state-ofthe-art theater. November 6-15, OCP will proudly perform “Ghost the Musical,” inspired by the film starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. Celebrate the season December 11-13 with “Holiday at Lebowski,” a magical program of song and dance for all ages. Owosso’s most iconic landmark is Curwood Castle. Named after famed novelist James Oliver Curwood, the castle sits along the Shiawassee River and served as a writing studio for Curwood from 1923 until his death in 1927. Curwood penned 33 books during his career, 18 of which became movies. The most famous of these is “The Bear,” released in 1988. Tours of the castle, which is now a museum of Curwood’s books and movies, are available Tuesday through Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Surviving the email avalanche! by Melissa McCance

You’ll have to excuse me if I seem a little shaken. I recently escaped being buried under an avalanche. No, not the classic snow, ice and rock avalanche . . . an email avalanche. You probably know what I’m talking about. You do some online shopping, and the site always has this option: ”Sign up for our email notifications! Get advance notice of sales, receive coupons and enjoy special offers available only to people on our email list!” So, you figure, why not? This is a retailer I like and shop with often, and saving money is great, right? So, you check the little box. (Or, you don’t UNcheck the little box; these people are crafty!)

many can you cross off? Probably quite a few, if you’re like most people. Once you’ve decided who stays and who goes, find an email from each of the companies that didn’t make the cut, and unsubscribe. Open the email and look for the unsubscribe link. (Hint: it’s usually at the bottom in a teeny, tiny font. I told you these folks were crafty!) Click on the link and follow the directions to get off the email list. Sometimes there’s an option to stay on the list but receive emails less often or only certain types—sales, for example, or special promotions. If that works for you, click on whatever frequency or type of email you still want. Or, just unsubscribe completely.

It’s great at first, until you realize that some of these companies are sending you emails several times a week, a few even daily. (Which makes me think that there must be full-time positions at these companies devoted entirely to writing promotional emails!) And, you’ve apparently been shared with OTHER retailers—companies you never buy from and don’t really want to patronize. Before you know it, every day brings a raft of new messages, all of which are commercial, not personal. And, since clearing out the inbox is not usually anyone’s idea of fun, the emails sit there until the moment comes when you discover you have hundreds—if not thousands—of emails clogging up your inbox, most of them unread. It makes it hard to find the emails you do want to read and keep, and, honestly? . . . after awhile, it’s just depressing. Seriously, do I need to hang onto 187 messages from Jo-Ann Fabrics? Or 93 from World Market? 62 from Keepsake Quilting? An almost innumerable collection from Kohl’s? Probably not.

Now, you need to get all those emails OUT of your inbox! Even for retailers whose messages you want, there’s usually no reason to save anything but the most recent one or two. Going through pages and pages of emails, clicking on each one you don’t want and deleting them can take forever. Instead, try this trick! At the top of your inbox page, there is a search window. Enter the name of a company that’s sending you emails and start the search. All the emails from that retailer will appear, and there will be a small, empty box in the taskbar above the emails. If you click on it, it will select all the emails pulled up by your search. Click on the delete button, and, poof!—every email from that company goes into the trash folder. If you want to save the most recent one or two from that retailer, just click on the check marks next to the individual messages you want to save to “unselect” them before hitting “delete.” Using this method, you can easily delete hundreds of emails in very little time. This was how I discovered I had 187 messages from Jo-Ann’s in the first place! (No, that wasn’t an exaggeration, I’m sorry to say.)

Dealing with this barrage of electronic correspondence is possible if you follow a few simple steps. I admit that the task of email taming can take awhile, especially if you’ve been using Scarlett O’Hara’s approach to disagreeable things for the few last months (we’ll hope it’s not years!) and telling yourself, “I won’t think about that now. I’ll think about it tomorrow, when I can stand it.” Just acknowledge that it has to be done and it’s going to stink, at first. Believe me, once things are under control, you will be MUCH happier! The first step is obvious: don’t sign up for promotional emails unless you really do want them! Think about it for a moment and decide if this is a retailer you patronize with enough regularity that it’s worth dealing with their promotional messages. If you only shop with them once or twice a year, it’s not likely that you really want to be on their mailing list. Second, go through the emails you’re already receiving and make a list of the retailers who are sending them. Then, subject that list to hard scrutiny. How


I also recommend using the folders function in your email! Moving emails from your general inbox to specific folders means no more scrolling through pages and pages of messages or having to run a lot of searches to find a particular one. What folders you need will depend on what tasks you do via email. Some possibilities are family, bills, online orders, charitable donations, travel, church and volunteer work. If you don’t know how to create and use folders for your particular email provider, you can go through the “Help” link from your email or search online for instructions. Trust me—being able to go straight to the “Bills” folder beats scrolling through or running a search to find what needs to be paid in a given week! I hope these hints will help you get control of your exploding inbox. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a little work to do, myself. A new bundle of messages has recently landed in my Gmail inbox!

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Sending gifts

to those who give so much

By Sarah Gray Simply Hers Magazine

Penny Sarles tells the story of an eight-year-old boy from Litchfield who saved his allowance money so he could buy items to send. She also mentions churches, schools and individuals who write cards and letters to include in the care packages. People all over Hillsdale County and beyond give happily when they receive a letter, get the call or just hear about it.

Penny, her husband Jim and three daughters first began sending packages overseas in 2006 when their son, Tony was deployed with the Marines. He would write letters home and mention the number of people in his troop who did not get anything. “Tony is a compassionate person,” Penny says of her son.

And have been for the past nine years.

“He would let us know of people who did not receive anything.” The Sarles then began adding more packages to their mailings – five or six a week.

This year, like the many before it, community members from throughout the county will gather in the gymnasium at Jonesville Middle School to help put together 700 care packages to send to troops and veterans all around the world and throughout the state. Penny says they always send the packages during the holiday season. “It is very emotional being away from home,” she says. “We want to show our support for what they do and have done for us.” 36

“With the help of John Barrett, who he and his wife, Jill, are both partners in the Troops and Veterans Holiday Care packages, we went to the (Jonesville) Middle School the first year. We gathered items and put 100 packages together on the second floor hallway with the help of the eighth graders.”

By the second year, the number of care packages grew, as did the number of volunteers and items. The group moved to the Jonesville Presbyterian Church. That year the group sent its first bulk mailing of 1,300 care packages to Iraq. “If we can touch them by the way of a package or words of gratitude, we know it will make their day a little brighter. These soldiers are so dedicated to each other and have a love for their fellow men. We want them to know they are not forgotten,” she says of the troops and veterans. Care packages include a Christmas stocking full of toiletries, snacks, candy, books, games, movies, playing cards and phone cards along with letters and cards. Boy Scout troops from Jonesville, Hillsdale and Quincy fold small flags that are included. The students and scouts include their name along with the school or troop’s address when writing a card or letter. Many students have received a note back from military men and women thanking them for their cards. Penny says they have received commendations from many of the bases that received the care packages, sending their gratitude to all. Packages have been sent to every branch of the military including the Coast Guard, which they added last year. They also send to area veterans at the VA in Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, Hillsdale Medical Facility and the Veterans Home in Grand Rapids.“We want them to know they are not forgotten and should never be forgotten – ever.” Machinery Technician Senior Chief George S. Dunn wrote: “I recently received a ‘care package’ with a very professionally folded American Flag in it with a tag from BSA Troop 247. This brightened my day more than you can imagine. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to show your patriotism and support for forward deployed service members.” Army Veteran James D. Klemp also voiced his gratitude to the Boy Scouts saying: “Thank you for remembering the Silver Star Veterans of Battle Creek, with your gifts of U.S. flags. You are the kind of young men America and the world needs, now more than ever.” Command Master Chief Matthew Valenti with the United States Coast Guard RAID team wrote Penny sending his thanks from his team. “Your generous gift has greatly boosted the team’s morale and serves as a reminder that folks back home appreciate the work we do.” “To date we have sent 8,200 care packages all over the world. This would not have been possible without each and every one who has ever taken a part.” She goes on to say she and Jim are so thankful for their family, and all who have donated and volunteered their time to assemble the packages, especially her staff at Shear Magic and their dedicated clients. Preparation starts this time of year by way of bagging Lions mints, candy or just signing cards, and her clients are on the forefront, ready to volunteer when they enter the salon. She says there are many people in the community who look forward to helping with the care packages every year. “They tell me, ‘It’s the only thing I need for Christmas.’” Those interested in contributing to the care packages for the troops can call Penny Sarles at Shear Magic (517-849-9782) or John Barrett at VanHorn – Eagle Funeral Home (517-4373160). Donations will be taken until November 21. This year the packing day will be Sunday, November 29 at 2 p.m. in the Jonesville Middle School gymnasium located on US 12 just east of downtown.


Breath in a Book

By Laura Loveberry Inspirational Speaker and Author

Do you ever feel like you need more living in your life? Maybe you need a kick out of the mundane and into an adventure. When I need a little inhale into exhilaration, I turn to the pages of the best-selling book of all times, the Bible. Do you realize the B-I-B-L-E is God-breathed and full of inspiration to ignite your life? Check out this verse found in 2 Timothy 3:16 of the NIV Bible: “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” The Message Bible translates this into modern language for ease of understanding. “There’s nothing like the written Word of God for showing you the way to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. Every part of Scripture is God-breathed and useful one way or another—showing us truth, exposing our rebellion, correcting our mistakes, training us to live God’s way. Through the Word we are put together and shaped up for the tasks God has for us.” (2 Tim 3:15b-17, The Message Bible) What I understand to be true is that we can actually hear from the mouth of our almighty God as to how we should live, and what God has for us to do for our days. Imagine this, the God who created the world into existence, the God who knows every heart of mankind, the God of the heavens and earth . . . is giving us instructions on how to live, love and laugh through life so we can do the living he called us to on this orb called earth. God inspired the 40 writers (shepherds, scholars, fishermen, prophets, priest, military, exiled, wilderness wanderers, prisoners, palace kings, etc.) of the 66 books within this compiled timeless book over 2000 years ago, and yet we are moved to action when we take in the God-breathed pages today.


We want to be ready for the adventure God called us to do and for which He gave us the instructions we are to follow. The correcting course is NOT always easy. It is downright harder than imagined in seasons, but our purpose on earth is to live out our God-given calling. In the middle of God’s will for our life is our sweet spot, no matter how sour the lessons are on the journey. Trust me, I experience the raw, rough, real-life struggles, but it is all just preparing me to encourage others going through similar situations. The Word of God, the Bible, is our source of strength and inspiration to live out life not wasting our pain but using it for gain. A record number people have watched the War Room movie and are converting closets to focused prayer rooms. They are reading their Bibles daily in a place of fewer interruptions so they hear clearly what God is speaking to them. Many are following reading plans to study through the Bible in a year. I am currently in two Bible studies and meet once a week with women in coffee houses to share what God is teaching us. This is sweet fellowship, keeping us accountable to live God-focused and building each other up to move in the direction God leads. For you, Simply Hers readers, God-guided living is an expedition of epic callings. The Bible is God’s breath in a book. Let’s absorb the Word, inhale God, and, whooooooosh, exhale while living fully the Author’s plan for our being. If you’re empty, this is the more you are looking for, and it comes through inhaling His breath from the pages of the Bible. I encourage you to grab your Bible, join a Bible study group, clear out a prayer closet and draw Breath from the pages to live out your breathtaking adventure with instruction book in hand.



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Book and Author Reviews

As I write this, summer has waned and the leaves are tumbling around me on a windy October day. I count myself lucky to have come upon some really great reads these past two months, and want to share them with you.

By Nancy Ryan Simply Hers Magazine

40 36

Author Laura Dave has written another great book entitled 800 Grapes. Our heroine, Georgia Ford, flees to her parents’ home/vineyard in Sonoma County after she learns fiance’ Ben has a four-year old daughter with a famous British actress and did not tell her. Upon arriving home to lick her wounds, she discovers her dad is selling their beloved vineyard and her mom is leaving him for a famous symphony conductor. Georgia’s brothers are also at odds with each other, further complicating matters. Now I will not divulge how she resolves these problems, just know it’s a good story! This is Laura Dave’s second book, and her debut novel The First Husband is also an enjoyable way to spend quality time with this author. Author Graeme Simsion has written back-to-back novels about nerdy Spock-like geneticist Australian Don Tillman. In The Rosie Project, Don is in his 30s and has decided to find a wife. Don is a gentleman who understands he is different, unable to show emotion and with rather robotic personality. He goes about his search in a most scientific way, of course! With the help of his colleague, he designs a 16-page survey to find a wife. He filters out smokers and drinkers and late arrivers. After some hilarious first dates, his colleague sets him up with “normal” Rosie, a part-time bartender while working on her doctorate. She is all of those things Don has filtered out of his survey. Rosie is involved in searching for her biological father, and the two of them collaborate on what they call ‘The Father Project’. Despite their differences, they fall in love. It’s a cute and funny love story. In The Rosie Effect, Don and Rosie are married and have moved from their Australian homeland to New York City, where Don has accepted a job at Columbia University. Rosie has become pregnant, as she is a scatterbrain and did not routinely take her birth control pills. Don is meticulous and organized and is coping in his new marriage with the woman whom he loves,

but has trouble understanding. Rosie is disturbed by Don’s apparent lack of enthusiasm for their upcoming baby, Bud, ‘Baby Under Development’ and they go through a rough spell. It is a cute story about this couple’s first year of marriage in a new country and some comical developments. Two of my favorite guy authors are back with their new releases. Nelson DeMille has written a new “John Corey” book entitled Radiant Angel and John Lescroart has penned a new “Dismas Hardy” book, The Fall. Retired NYPD cop John Corey, who is now on special assignment for the FBI, and his partner Tess discover a Russian diplomat is preparing to nuke NYC using a yacht owned by a Saudi prince and blaming the Saudis. It is a real page-turner, right up to the end. Also, John and his wife Kate are having marital problems and the ending is a surprise for John Corey fans like me. In The Fall, Dismas Hardy’s daughter ‘the Bec’ is all grown up and working in her father’s lawfirm. Her first client is charged with murder, and I couldn’t decide if he was actually guilty or not, right up until the end. Also a page-turner. The usual cast of characters are back, and the dialogue flows just as I had hoped. All of the John Lescroart books are worth reading! I’ll share one more of my five star reads with you for this time around from best-selling author of 28 novels, Barbara Delinsky. In Blueprints, Caroline and Jamie are as close as a mother/daughter can be. They star on a home-improvement show called ‘Gut It’. At 58, Caroline is fired, as she is “too old”. Jamie is next in line, but not ready for the job. She has become engaged and has a job as an architect, in addition to being part-time on her mom’s show. In this novel both women must ask themselves “who am I?” as the blueprints they’ve built their lives around suddenly need revising. In January of this year, I reviewed some of my fivestar favorites, including British author JoJo Moyes. Kathy writes me she recently read The Girl You Left Behind by Moyes, and loved it! What are you reading? Write me at nancyryan47@gmail.com See you at the library!


Providing for Our Children

in the Event of Tragedy

By Timothy Dixon Simply Hers Magazine

The news is riddled with stories of young parents dying in many ways, such as injuries sustained in car accidents, cancer, or being shot during a robbery. In addition, many of us have heard stories, or even known someone, who suffered poverty and hardship, or whose children became wards of the state following a parent’s untimely death. What would happen to your children if either you or their other parent died unexpectedly? What would happen to your children if both you and their other parent died while they were minors or still in college? Most of us acknowledge that our life expectancy is unknown and our lives could change instantly from a spectrum of ills that befall humanity. These unexpected events sometimes cause families and children to suffer hardships; however, there are steps that can be taken to lessen the suffering if something bad and unexpected did happen.

Timothy E. Dixon Licensed Michigan Attorney Law Office of Timothy E. Dixon 27 N. Broad St. Hillsdale, MI 49242 Ph: (517) 437-4070 Fx: (517) 437-4062


Michigan allows parents to designate a guardian for their children in the event that one or both parents die while the children are minors. A guardian takes care of the children’s personal needs and upbringing; a conservator takes care of money and other assets inherited or received by the children. The appointment of a guardian can be placed in a will or in other writing. A will has the advantage of providing for the disposition of the testator’s assets, and a will can be used to nominate a conservator. Another writing designating a guardian would not have these advantages, but it would be simpler and less costly for an attorney to prepare. In either case, the document must be properly witnessed by at least two

persons. Designating the person you want to rear your children helps ensure that they are reared in a home that adheres to your wishes and is consistent with your beliefs. Without such an appointment, court hearings and family turmoil may occur. One of the problems that a child’s guardian often faces after becoming responsible for another’s children is paying for their clothing, medical care, extracurricular activities, education and vacations. To ensure that enough money is available to rear the children, parents will often purchase life insurance. A life insurance policy can be made payable to the surviving parent, the children, the guardians, your estate, or the trustee of a trust. There are positives and negatives to each of these choices, so the beneficiary designation should be thoroughly considered. Another problem that a child’s guardian faces is how to follow your wishes concerning education, gifting of money, travel experiences and religion. Parents will oftentimes establish a trust, either in the will or as a standalone document, to provide guidance and support. The trust may also include the hopes and dreams the parents have for their children for guidance. None of us knows the future. Beyond taking reasonable precautions, we cannot prevent tragedy from striking our families unexpectedly; however, we can make plans to provide for our children in the event that tragedy occurs.

Law Office of


TimOThy E. DixOn


Business Formation and Law



Real Estate Wills and Trust Probate Key opportunities ATTORnEy LAuRA RAhE FAmiLy LAW

Consignment & Vintage Center


(517) 437-4070 | 27 N. Broad St. | Hillsdale, MI 49242

400 N Hillsdale St., Hillsdale MI | M-F 10:00-5:00 • Sat. 10:00– 2:00

your chalk paint headquarters

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“Home Alone” is the most successful Christmasthemed movie ever. Let that sink in a little and then we’ll move on. Done? OK, so people like violence, comedy and Christmas. Smash those three things together and you get a movie that is now played a million times between


Thanksgiving and Christmas. All right, maybe not a million times, but it gets played a lot on television. The movie brought in a ton of money and made Macaulay Culkin a star. Not only that, but the movie will always be around, so get used to it. Anyhow, here are some interesting facts about “Home Alone.”




1. “HOME ALONE” CAME OUT IN 1990 AND LEFT THEATERS IN SUMMER OF 1991 “Home Alone” was so popular that it had 12 weeks at the number one spot at the box office. The move was doing so well that it pretty much never left theaters. It came out in November of 1990 and didn’t leave theaters till about June of 1991. After all those months in theaters, “Home Alone” made $533,000,000 internationally, landing it in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Highest Box Office Gross – Comedy.”

\ 2. JOE PESCI WOULD FORGET HE WAS IN A FAMILY COMEDY Joe Pesci kept dropping the F-bomb on the set of “Home Alone,” but would you expect anything less from him? After a few F-bomb incidents, the director told him to substitute the word “fridge.” 3. “KEEP THE CHANGE, YA FILTHY ANIMAL” The gangster flick footage was created specifically for “Home Alone,” although it is heavily inspired by the James Cagney movie, “Angels With Dirty Faces.” 4. THE INFAMOUS NAIL SCENE Daniel Stern actually stepped on the nail, but luckily for him, it was planned out, and he was wearing rubber feet when it happened. Looks pretty good for rubber feet, right?



7. HOME ALONE ORIGINATED FROM JUST ONE SCENE FROM “UNCLE BUCK” It all spawned from Macaulay Culkin interrogating the baby sitter through the mail slot. The scene gets recreated in “Home Alone,” except this time with Culkin uses Daniel Stern’s face for target practice.

8. KEVIN MCCALLISTER WAS WRITTEN FOR MACAULAY CULKIN Even though Chris Columbus knew that the role was written for Macaulay Culkin, he had over 100 kids audition for the role just to be sure he was getting the right person for the part.

5. HOME ALONE IS A NATIONAL TREASURE IN POLAND No, Nic Cage won’t be trying to steal this National Treasure, but Poland pretty much worships this movie. “Home Alone” became one of the first western films shown in the country, and it has aired on national TV every year since 1990. 6. JOHN CANDY’S ROLE WAS FILMED IN 23 HOURS John Candy filmed his role for the movie in a continuous 23-hour day. Obviously, he wasn’t working hard enough—he didn’t make it to the 24th hour. He completely improvised the story about forgetting his son at a funeral home.

9. SPIDER TO THE FACE! Daniel Stern didn’t actually scream during this scene. They didn’t have him scream because that would have frightened the spider. He also let them do only one take of this and later dubbed his scream for the scene. 10. “THE SCREAM” Macaulay Culkin screaming is based on the Edvard Munch painting, “The Scream.”

As the holiday season approaches, we would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your business. Our business would not be possible without your continued support. May your holiday season and 2016 be filled with much joy, happiness and success. We look forward to working with you in the coming year and hope our relationship continues for many years ot come. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from all of us at

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Dr. Maria Bidny now offering

Orthobiologic Injection Therapy Dr. Maria Bidny is excited to offer two cutting edge treatments in her Hillsdale office: plasma-rich protein injections (PRP) and amniotic tissue graft injections for treatment of painful, chronic foot conditions such as heel pain/plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and tibialis posterior tenosynovitis that may have failed to be alleviated with conventional therapy. PRP is generated from the patient’s own blood. In the office, blood is extracted from the patient, centrifuged and the critical components removed and injected into the problematic site. These proteins release growth factors that, through a series of cellular events, stimulate the inflammatory cascade and the healing process. Research has shown outstanding results with chronically painful foot conditions, including dormant wounds. Amniotic tissue graft injection is another orthobiologic treatment Bidny offers - and its success has already been seen locally in Hillsdale with the early return of a Hillsdale College football

player who sustained a serious heel injury and was expected to be out for the season. “It promotes healing by infusing the area with growth factors without the inflammatory response,” Bidny said. “This gives people the opportunity to heal without surgical intervention. It is nice to be able to offer this treatment option.” Patients who can benefit from orthobiologic injections (PRP or amniotic tissue) include those whose pain level has plateaued or have had an unsatisfactory response to conventional therapies. “Orthobiologic injections are safe and really speed the recovery rate,” Bidny said. Other conditions Bidny can treat and products and services she offers include: • Neuromas • Heel pain - fasciitis/Achilles • Diabetic shoes • Tendon and joint pain • Arthritis • Sports injuries • Infections • Custom Orthotics • Calluses • Diabetic care/ulcers • Fungus • Foot and ankle injuries • Skin disorders • Nail disorders

Maria A. Bidny, DPM has been practicing podiatry in Hillsdale since 1997. She completed her doctorate (1988) and residency programs in Chicago. Her medical illustrations can be seen in several surgical texts and manuals. The office is located at 1340 S. Hillsdale Rd, Hillsdale To schedule an appointment call 517.437.4777



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Wrap them in


American country at it’s best, feather trees, on-of-a-kind santas and snowmen - Starting at $24.98 Luminaries - $27.98-32.98 Brettys 2791 E. Sterling Jonesville, MI (517) 849-2477

this christmas Large selection of toppers, wraps & scarves . Prices vary BOUTIQUE DE JOIE

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city pages

Another event is the MIS Charity Track Drive. Donate a non-perishable food item or a new, unwrapped toy and take a lap around the track in your own vehicle. The event helps the Brooklyn Food Pantry, Toys for Tots and MIS Cares. Photos with Santa are available.  Refreshments donated by Americrown will be available. Weather permitting, no motorcycles. Go to mispeedway.com for more information.   Hidden Lake Garden’s Holiday Festival (Dec 6 from 4 to 8 pm) and Evening of Lights are back again this year. Over 2,000 candle-lit luminaries light the gardens during the Evening of Lights while the Holiday Festival features musical entertainment, crafts, visit with Santa, decorations and refreshments. Call 431-2060.  The Distinguished Young Women of the Irish Hills Scholarship Program will be held at Addison High School this year on Saturday, December 5 beginning at 3 pm. This program will showcase talented high school junior and senior young women competing for scholarship opportunities, also performing with Jan’s Dance Connection in a holiday program. Visit distinguishedyw. org for more information.

Brooklyn holiday in the hills Experience a weekend full of holiday joy and festivities in the Irish Hills. During the weekend of December 4 through 7 there is so much to do in the Irish Hills we have created a weekend called Holidays in the Hills. Come enjoy a full weekend filled with open houses, a Charity Track Drive, a Christmas Gala, a Festival of Lights, live entertainment, Santa visits, concerts, children’s activities and so much more. One of the events going on during the Holidays in the Hills weekend is the Oh These Irish Hills Christmas Gala. Oh These Irish Hills has paired up with the Irish Hills Eagles to hold this event at 9500 Wampler’s Lake Rd, Brooklyn for the entire weekend. This event is also a showcase of holiday trees and decorations including door prizes, children’s drawing and more. Call 4035358 for more information or how to participate. 48

Stop by Brick Walker Tavern, owned by Thomas Lee on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm. The Irish Hills community churches will be decorating the various rooms of the third floor of the newly renovated Brick Walker Tavern building. Children will be making old-fashioned ornaments, watching movies and visiting with Santa. The Irish Hills Community Legacy will be holding a fundraising Holiday Ball the evening of Saturday, December 5 with a Mistletoe Market for exclusive shopping at the Brick Walker Tavern beginning at 5:30 pm. Tickets are limited to only 100 available, so call 938-5116 or visit IHcommunitylegacy.com. Cherry Creek Old Schoolhouse Winery will also be holding their Christmas open house. So stop in for wine tasting, appetizers, music and more. They are located on the corner of US-12 and Silver Lake Hwy in the Irish Hills, 592-4663.    Check out the Irish Hills, Michigan Facebook page and IrishHills.com to keep up the events in the Irish Hills and to find a place to stay while visiting.

by Cindy Hubbell Executive Director

The perfect winter style — without the price.

Something for Everyone Furniture Home decor Fab gifts DIY paint Painting workshops Craft classes and so much more...

Gift Certificates Available 517.938.8550 salvaged-decor.com

2015 Fall/ Winter Events NOVEMBER 1 Day of the Dead Dash 5K at the William G. Thompson House Museum & Gardens 7 MHSAA State Cross Country Final at Michigan International Speedway 20-22 Pioneer Christmas at YMCA Storer Camp 27 Tree Lighting Ceremony & Activities at the Downtown Village of Brooklyn Square 27 Holiday Parade with Santa’s arrival at the Downtown Village of Brooklyn Square DECEMBER 4-6 Holidays in the Hills 4-6 Oh! These Irish Hills Christmas Gala at the Irish Hills Eagles 4 Evening of Lights at Hidden Lake Gardens 5 Holiday Festival at Hidden Lake Gardens 5 Charity Track Toy Drive at Michigan International Speedway 5 Holiday Ball & Mistletoe Market at the Historic Brick Walker Tavern 5 Distinguished Young Women of the Irish Hills 8th annual Scholarship Program at Addison High School 6 Evening of Lights at Hidden Lake Gardens

Check out other fun Irish Hills area events at IrishHills.com or follow us on our Facebook page!

124 South Main St, Suite D | Brooklyn (Entrance off Randolph St)

49 43

on the cover


that’s anything but ordinary at Kelsey’s Boutique

wanted to own a boutique. I thought ‘how cool would that be?’” says Rene Kullman who opened Kelsey’s in 1999. Originally from Chelsea, Rene spent the first part of her working life in the restaurant business owning several Little Caesar’s franchises including one in Saline. She has twins Kelsey and AJ and decided to name her boutique after her daughter. When she started Kelsey’s, Rene focused on home accessories and gifts. One fall she added some Halloween sweaters and they flew off the shelves. “From there I started selling clothes,” she says.

ooking for that perfect wardrobe addition to dress up a look or ready to step out of the cookie cutter “box” store mold and find something a little more unique? Take the scenic drive east on US 12, turn north on Brooklyn Road and drive to beautiful downtown Brooklyn to Kelsey’s Boutique. Walking inside is like a breath a of fresh air. Brightly colored walls, high tin ceilings and friendly faces behind the counter give customers the feeling of a warm hug from an old friend. “I always

48 50 50

Kelsey’s Boutique offers a selection of women’s apparel, jewelry, shoes and purses. She has also recently begun selling a selection of unique baby apparel which has been very successful, and she plans to add more to her store. “I enjoy buying it” she says of the one-of-akind baby onesies with embroidered sayings like “Daddy says I can’t date until I’m married.”

“It’s not something you are going to see in the box stores”

Past the adorable baby items are a wide selection of women’s fashions. Rene keeps a close eye on the fashion trends of the season and is careful to pick items that can be worn by women of all ages and for all occasions. “I do my homework,” she says of keeping up with the trends. “I talk to vendors and clothing reps to find out what colors and what styles are fashionable.”

“It’s not something you are going to see in the box stores,” she says of her pieces. “The clothes we sell are comfortable. You can dress it up and dress it down. Our clothes are for all ages. I have customers in their 20s and 60s.” Hot colors for this fall and winter are blacks, grays and oranges. Leggings are big again this season, and Kelsey’s has them in prints, plain and boot leggings. Rene says sweaters are very popular now, as well. Kelsey’s has their customers covered from their heads to their feet offering a range of footwear including boots – both short and tall. Jewelry can also change a look from everyday to a night out, and Kelsey’s has a wide selection of fashion jewelry in silver and gold – which Rene says is coming back. Chunky jewelry is all the rage now and statement necklaces such as these can be found at Kelsey’s. Rene knows, however, they are not for everyone. “Jewelry is a very personal item,” she says. This is why they carry a variety of necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Purses are also a very personal item, and whether big or small, loud or subtle, purses of all kinds can be found at Kelsey’s. While the styles and selections change with the season, one staple at Kelsey’s Boutique is Lake Girl apparel. Rene says with the number of lakes around Brooklyn her store has many customers from out of the area and out of state who vacation around Brooklyn. She has been selling Lake Girl for the past seven years and says the brand’s t-shirts, sweatshirts and thermal long sleeved shirts are always big sellers. Quality customer service is something Rene says she and her staff strive for every day. “We ask a lot of questions,” she says of trying to find the right and look and fit for her customers, adding she has many customers who come in looking for something for their upcoming trip to Italy or cruise to the Bahamas. “Not looking like everyone else – that’s what it’s all about,” Rene says. She mentions one customer who came into shop stating she knew she would find something different and unique at Kelsey’s. She says she is proud her shoppers are “taking a little bit of Kelsey’s with them,” when they travel. “I love when people come in and tell me their stories.”

It’s the customers and the support of her community that keep Kelsey’s Boutique thriving. “I get a lot of customers from word of mouth,” Rene says. She is quick to add that the downtown community works together to help Brooklyn succeed. “Everybody helps one another out,” she says, adding that if a customer cannot find what they are looking for businesses will refer them to other areas downtown that might have it. “We have a great little town.” Local artist Cindy Wixom painted all the murals inside Kelsey’s. While named after her, Kelsey only works at the store in the summer, and Rene says her almost 24-year-old daughter has a “flair for putting things together and making them look great.” She also has many other staff who have worked with her over the years and is quick to mention the store would not be here today without them. Her adorable dogs Minnie and Charlie often accompany her to work and greet customers as well.

Take the drive to downtown Brooklyn and find a fresh new look at Kelsey’s Boutique. The store is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Sunday in the summer. Kelsey’s Boutique can also be found on Facebook.



OPEN Every Weekend of the Month — on — Fri. 12-8 & Sat. 10-6 or By Appt idkcreativedecor.com 517.938.8147 146 1/2 North Main St. Brooklyn 52

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Mon - Sat • 10-5 | Sun 12-4

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2971 E. Sterling • Jonesville • 4 Miles E. of Jonesville on US-12 • 517.849.2477 • Brettys.com

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December 30 - January 1 Join us as we bring in the New Year in style.

Kimball Camp YMCA

4502 Berlin Drive | Reading 517-283-2168

Valentine’s Day WeekenD Enjoy a fun filled weekend at Kimball Camp.

Contact for Reservations 517-283-2168 office@kimballcamp.com www.kimballcamp.com


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Hear what the Folks at Drews Place are saying “I am glad I chose Drews Place to live when I started needing help after my wife, and best friend, passed. The staff quickly became my friends and family.” ~ Richard “I definitely made the right choice when I moved to Drews Place. I knew the Drews family when I moved here, and I knew they would take the best care of me.” ~ Carolyn “This is not just a place, this is home to me. They offer a variety of activities. I was able to bring all my treasures from home to make my apartment feel like mine. ~ Marcelyn

Drews Place Assisted Living for seniors

drews Country Living 517-437-0239 | www.drewsplaceal.com 1127 N. Lake Pleasant Road Hillsdale 59

Business Spotlight: Ann’s By Design By Melissa Willnow, Simply Hers Magazine Photos by Brittni Collins

Walking through Ann’s By Design is like walking through a beautiful rainbow, with yarns and fabrics of all colors tucked in every nook and cranny throughout the shop. Located at 118 W. Maumee St. in downtown Adrian, this needlearts store offers everything a fiber artist could want: supplies and tools for quilting, knitting, embroidery, crochet and wool applique, as well as books, cards and gifts.

Ann’s By Design also carries wool charm packs, felted wool, pattern books by Primitive Gatherings and project kits for wool applique. “Wool applique has really become a popular form of needlework in recent years,” Hughes says, “as needleworkers realize the stitching and color selection that comes from working with wool can be used to complete truly unique projects.”

The shop’s overall strategy is to have a diverse product Ann Hughes, who opened the store in April with her line designed to attract a broad customer base. “The husband Phil, described the shop as the perfect blend store is constantly being rearranged to make room for of various forms of needleart. Besides products and new products and seasonal merchandise,” Hughes says, supplies, the store also has a classroom used for teaching “and our customers love it – every time they come in there’s something new to look at, touch, feel and try out. new and intermediate classes on fiber arts, technique demos, social activities and product introduction events. Many of our patrons have described their experience in our shop as being like a kid in a candy store.” Current classes include the popular Learning-to-Knit series and quilting technique demonstrations. With a quiet, relaxing atmosphere and a dynamic vision, Ann’s By Design continues to grow. New When asked what her average customer is looking for, Hughes says many of her patrons are in search of products arrive regularly, and future plans include a quality knitting supplies. Ann’s By Design is an exclusive series of basic sewing and apparel classes, a multi-week Cascade Yarns® dealer, a brand known for their quality, learning-to-crochet class and monthly social events rich colors and regular introduction of new products. allowing participants to mingle and share projects with “We started with just six types of yarn, and now we each other. Embroidery and wool applique classes will have almost twenty.” Hughes said. “The yarn has really begin in January, and customers will also be able to buy proven to be one of the most popular items in the shop, products online beginning January 11, 2016. along with our knitting classes.” Ann’s By Design is open Mondays from noon-6 p.m., But this store isn’t only a yarn shop. Ann’s By Design Tuesdays from noon-7 p.m., Wednesdays from 10 a.m.also carries over 300 bolts of high-quality cottons from 6 p.m., Thursdays from noon-8 p.m., Fridays from 10 designers such as Wilmington and Maywood, hand a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. More embroidery patterns from Blueberry Backroads and information can be found at www.annsbydesign.com or Crabapple Hill, rulers, templates and a full range of by calling 517-438-8459. accessories for each activity. 60

BeAuTiFul BrAS for every size at gorgeouS PriCeS.

A Needle Arts Store Nov. 13 & 14 • Downtown Adrian Holiday Open House Pre-made gift kits, easy gift ideas and short demos! Nov. 27 & 28 • Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Demos, sales, gift kits and prize drawings! Dec. 4 • Adrian First Fridays - Men's Shopping Night Refreshments, pre-made gift kits and free gift wrapping! Dec. 11-24 • Twelve Days of Christmas at Ann's By Design Daily sales and discounts on great gifts - for yourself or others!

118 W. Maumee, Adrian | 517-438-8459 www.annsbydesign.com

Women knoW hoW to multi-task ... SAVINGS - SERVICE - SATISFACTION Hillsdale • 517-437-7334


BrAS ThAT FiT Mon-Fri 10am-6pm • Sat 10am -3pm 4114 Page Ave • Michigan Center 800-796-0977 | www.brasthatfit.net

• Flexible seating • Easy in & out • Large back-up camera • 4G LTE wifi hotspot: buiLT-in

... so does

GMC Terrain

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YYYYYYYYY COMMUNITY YYYYYYYYY BANK Jonna Macy had a dream of owning her own business. County National Bank is deeply committed to the community and its success. Together, they brought Toasted Mud to reality, giving us one more thing to love in our community. We build strong communities together.

888-322-1088 CountyNationalBank.com

County National Bank Banking that stays in the community

Member FDIC NMLS #399979


Helping your relationship survive the holiday season. ‘Tis the season to be jolly. Yeah, right! It is more like the season to be stressed, grouchy, and completely tired of spending time with just about everybody. Let’s face it, the holiday season can be very stressful on a relationship. It doesn’t matter if this is your first Christmas together or if you have been doing this for more than a decade as a couple, the stress can get to everyone. Here are a few suggestions to help you do more than just survive; you might actually have a Merry Christmas. 1. Do one tiny thing for each other every day. This doesn’t have to be anything major, it is simply a way for your partner to know that they are important to you. Make him a cup of coffee before you head out on your shopping trip, go for a walk together, or give him a mini-massage to relieve the stress. 2. Help your shopping-challenged guy get it all done. Come to his rescue and you’ll not only have a grateful man on your hands, you’ll also score more couple time. Hit the mall early or late, when it’s less crowded. Be sure to steer him toward appropriate gifts and away from the remote-control cars he thinks everyone likes as much as he does.


3. Pull him aside at a party and make a private toast. Creating a quiet moment in the middle of a crowd can help you reconnect when you’ve both been making the rounds.

4. Take advantage of our high-tech world. Send a random text or funny picture when you know the stress is starting to wear on him. Another great use of today’s technology is shopping online. The mall is fun, but shopping in your PJs in front of a warm fire is pretty great, too. 5. Plan a down day at least once a week. The schedules get crowded very quickly this time of year; by planning some time to stay in and chill you won’t feel guilty when you’ve had enough and decide to blow-off your friend’s invite. 6. Be considerate of both sides of the family. This is one of the hardest parts of the season; deciding where to spend your time. Although you may have spent every Christmas with your family in the past, keep in mind that may be true for him as well. Compromise is the key to happiness here. Really talk about it and come up with the best plan possible to keep the peace. It is important to point out that your decision may not make everyone happy, but the ultimate goal is to make yourselves as a couple happy with the decision and let everyone else come to terms with it. Trust me, there is no one out there who hasn’t gone through the same dilema. Now go out there and have yourselves a merry little Christmas.

Before you head to Grandma’s house, you need tires that can get you there.

If you have an Injury or Illness that results In physIcal ImpaIrment or loss of functIon, a physIcal therapIst can help.

JAke NeukoM


New Tire Sales & Installation General Auto Repair

Some common problems that physical therapists evaluate and treat include: • Stroke • Fractures • Spinal cord injury • Carpal tunnel syndrome • Sports injuries • Amputations • Arthritis • Meniscal tear/ACL tear • Rotator Cuff Tear Regardless of age, if you have impaired mobility, a physical therapy evaluation may be warranted to offer treatment and a strategy to improve function.

Appointments available after work & school Affiliated with Hillsdale College Athletic Training / Sports Medicine

Gene’s service

17 Hillsdale St. | Hillsdale |(517)439-1221 |M-F 8-5

38 E. CarlEton road, HillsdalE 517 437-2222 or 517 437-7702



Pet tales From Kacie’s Korner By Kacie Keeshond, Simply Hers Magazine

64 64

I usually try to keep things fun here in Kacie’s Korner. After all, Keeshonds are sometimes called clowns or Smiling Dutchmen. But, for about a year now, my “mom” has been following a situation in New York State, and we feel it’s time to share the story. We’ll apologize upfront if you find this information and pictures upsetting, but unfortunately, it is true and still going on, right here in the United States! To present the facts accurately, we’ve invited a Keeshond friend, Dee Wingfield, to write this issue’s column. Dee Wingfield says first and foremost she is “A follower of Christ, without Whom I could do nothing.” She makes her living as a graphic designer. She calls Florida her home but is more often found in her motor home. Dee is the mother of two adult sons, grandmother of three grandsons and “dog mom” to her Keeshond, Scotti Biscotti. But, she is probably best known for her love of the Keeshond breed, especially her rescue efforts and tireless advocacy for the Keeshondon still held as prisoners in Marjorie’s Kennels ~

Freedom . . . A Time To Thrive! By Dee Wingfield

In October 2013, Keeshond rescuers were contacted by a self-identified veterinary technician, John, about Marjorie’s Kennel, a high-volume commercial breeder, a puppy miller, located near Binghamton, in Harpursville, New York. John indicated that Mrs. Ingraham wanted to stop breeding and to retire, but she needed to place her dogs. This gentleman was working with the New York state inspector and the breeder, Marjorie Ingraham, to try to close this facility. Mrs. Ingraham was not a willing participant, per se, but she wanted to get out from under the scrutiny of the New York State authorities. This breeder routinely fails state inspections, but little had been done to improve the lot of the dogs at the kennel, even though Marjorie’s Kennel has been under public scrutiny for years. When the vet tech began his efforts to assist the breeder, and he was assisting the breeder, not the dogs, he counted over 200 Keeshonden in horrible and deteriorating conditions. Mrs. Ingraham has been breeding Keeshonden for over 30 years, and is arguably the largest single-site Keeshond breeder in North America. To close this kennel would hugely benefit not only the Kees currently in the kennel, but also reputable Keeshond breeders and potential owners. This situation had been kept somewhat non-public to help ensure Mrs. Ingraham’s continued cooperation on a voluntary basis. In November 2013, Keeshond rescuers began to accept Keeshonden released from the breeder. John initiated the kennel pulls, and John and I coordinated transports and foster care for each Keeshond. We encountered a variety of health issues. Each dog was caked in dried urine and feces. There were untreated bacterial, yeast and fungal infections, lameness, parasites of almost every known kind, coccidia, giardia, campylobacter, bite wounds, abscesses, hip dysplasia, demodex, luxating patellae, sarcoptic mange and malformed limbs. By Christmas of 2013, we had a virtual army of volunteers transporting dogs, soliciting corporate donations, holding fundraisers, networking, running a website, taking care of dogs, planning, executing plans, and most importantly, praying for all of the dogs and people involved. Keeshond people from around the world were mobilized, energized and determined. The vet tech indicates that around 50 of the original Kees have been euthanized, purportedly for illness and possible fear aggression. However, based upon our hands-on experience

with the dogs, we believe the behavior assessments could have been questionable. The vet tech has also come to question whether most of these dogs were truly aggressive once out of the pack environment. He also reported that approximately 50 of the Kees were sent to auction, which is a very sad occurrence, if true. This veterinary technician has been a savior for these Keeshonden, even though his purpose was to help the breeder. Since he assisted with procuring 60 Kees from Marjorie’s Kennel and getting them to us, we appreciate his efforts immensely. In early January, we initiated a transitional prep program for dogs that were released from the kennel. We made that decision because of the variety of health issues we encountered. And it wasn’t just the physical aspects; one hundred percent of the dogs that have been surrendered from Marjorie’s Kennel have been unsocialized, often fearful of human contact. The path to mental health will be ongoing. In the interest of the health and safety of the dogs and of the foster homes, the dogs were pulled and temporarily placed in a boarding kennel approximately 20 miles from the breeder’s facility. All of the dogs which followed this program were pulled and transported into foster homes. We saw a marked difference, a definite improvement, both in health and in socialization, from the original dogs received into foster care directly from the breeder’s kennel. In March 2014, the breeder, Marjorie Ingraham, reneged on her surrender of the remaining dogs at her kennel. Although the number of dogs was initially over 100, only 64 dogs have actually been received. Mrs. Ingraham has chosen not to retire, but to continue breeding puppies, and continue to keep the dogs imprisoned in small enclosures on cracked concrete with minimal care.

precious Kees and the frontline volunteers who are working for their release, transporting them, providing foster care and adoptive care. The generosity of those who support our breed is outstanding. I am humbled and blessed by Keeshonden and by those who support them. The volunteers directly involved in this effort number in the dozens, and the overall supporters number in the thousands. For the dogs at Marjorie’s Kennel, we are prepared to go forward, regardless of cooperation from the breeder. We have been working for more than a year to broadcast to the world the plight of the dogs at Marjorie’s Kennel. We are a small breed group, but we have petitioned the New York State government elected officials and legislators, those in charge of the animal industry in New York and have personally met with them in Albany with the signatures of over 220,000 people who have been outraged by the pictures and information on the dogs at Marjorie’s Kennel. We are contacting news outlets throughout the globe. We are raising our voices for these dogs, whose voices have not been heard by those assigned to protect them. As a worldwide community, we have a history and success in caring for and rehabilitating these dogs. We have proof that we can financially care for them. We believe it is in the best interests of the dogs and the taxpayers of New York for us to be awarded all of the dogs at Marjorie’s Kennel. Our commitment remains strong, and will continue, regardless of obstacles. We would love to have your support. You can find more information at www.keesrescue.com. By God’s grace, all of these Keeshonden are coming out of Marjorie’s Kennel.

We are in the process of taking steps to procure the remaining Keeshonden still with this breeder, who is exhibiting hoarding issues. Our plan was to offer to take every dog from her kennel at one time, which would have immediately eliminated her from state oversight. Since Mrs. Ingraham did not cooperate, our goal has been to apply pressure on the governor of New York to shut down the kennel immediately. We have seen miracle after miracle with each of these Kees. We have seen the worldwide Keeshond community rally behind these

Final note from Kacie~ It was Christmas time, two years ago, that the Keeshond world was rejoicing because 100 Keeshonden were to be released from the deplorable conditions at Marjorie’s Kennels. As you’ve read from Ms. Wingfield, the celebration was stopped short when only 64 were actually surrendered. As we approach another Christmas season, I would like to appeal to my friends and followers to please consider giving your support to this cause. You can find more information and photos (beautiful success stories) at their website and also on Facebook at Karing Keeshond Kristmas. It’s not just about Keeshonden but goes to the very basic humane treatment of animals. No dog, no breed, should have to live like that! I am so thankful that my dog-sister, Katie, and I live in a warm, safe, loving home. My Christmas wish is that all dogs will find their forever homes where they can have that, too! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! 65


The Brands You TrusT for The Whole familY

It’s getting cold outside and Burnips is the perfect place to stock up on great gifts for the whole family.


Burnips EquipmEnt

15838 Carleton rd | hudson | 517.448.2071 | www.burnips.com


The Hillsdale County Community Foundation is pleased to announce an event aimed at encouraging all of Hillsdale County to give to local nonprofits on one specific date, to be the largest single day of giving in Hillsdale County. On December 1, 2015, HCCF will be hosting the Great Give. Select Hillsdale County nonprofits will be raising funds on December 1 and will be eligible for bonus pool dollars from the Foundation on this date. Please keep these organizations in mind as you think about your charitable giving, as this opportunity is not to be missed! Online gifts are encouraged using the HCCF website, www.abouthccf.org; walk-in gifts will be accepted on site at 2 South Howell Street in downtown Hillsdale from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm on Giving Day.


DON’T LOSE OUT ON LIFE BECAUSE OF ARTHRITIS. Turn to the orthopaedic specialists at ProMedica. Our expertise in the latest diagnostic services and treatment for osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and all forms of arthritis makes us unrivaled in the region. Life is incomplete when you’re not running at full capacity. Call 844-LIVE-100 to make an appointment, and live the life you were meant to live. Live 100%.

844-LIVE-100 promedica.org/ortho © 2015 ProMedica


city pages sehchamber.org. Our lighted parade attracts hundreds of people to welcome Santa to town. Santa stays around for a couple of weeks and will be at the Santa House located in Adams Park, right next to City Hall. Watch our website for Santa’s hours. Looking forward to 2016, we have our annual Ice Sculpture Festival on January 16th & 17th. You can come out and watch the sculptures do amazing things with a block of ice. The annual ladies night out fundraiser, Wine, Women, Chocolate and Shoes will be on Friday, February 26th. Tickets go on sale December 21st at the Tecumseh Big Boy. (Tickets make great stocking stuffers). We are always accepting donations of gently used purses, shoes and accessories that are cleaned up and displayed for a fun night of shopping.

Tecumseh Holiday to do List We have lots of great things happening in Tecumseh. Our 22nd Annual Appleumpkin Festival was held on October 10th & 11th and what a weekend we had! The weather was beautiful and the crowds came out in droves. The downtown Holiday Open House is just around the corner on November 13th & 14th. There will be a streetscape lighting ceremony and Friday night candlelight shopping. The ever popular recipe walk

68 68

By Vicki Philo, Executive Director Tecumseh Area Chamber Of Commerce

will be back with a number of merchants having samples of their delicious recipes available.

For further information, you can reach us at the chamber office at 517-423-3740. Nov 13 & 14


Tecumseh tradition with fantastic selections & savings Fri • 10am–9pm • Downtown Lighting 7pm Sat • 10am-5pm • Open House continues Dec 4 Fri • 7pm


The 2015 Christmas Parade is quickly approaching, coming up on December 4th at 7:00pm. Every year we have a contest that is open to the public to come up with the theme of the parade. This year’s theme is Inside Santa’s Workshop, submitted by Jocelyn Domschot who will be our Grand Marshall. Entries are coming in but we still have room for more. Entry forms are available at the chamber office or on our website at tecum-

Dec 4 & 5 Fri 5:30pm-Sat 8pm


Historic Tecumseh homes, dressed for the Holidays Dec 6 • Sun • 4pm


Tecumseh Pops Orchestra & Community Chorus Dec 11 • Fri • 5pm-10pm


Late night downtown shopping at it’s best!


As k u s about As kouur sM about asc oo ur M asc o employeesemployees ’ Frie nds a’nd Frie nds a nd Family P urchase Family P rograms! urchase P rograms!

w w ww w.cla w .cla s s icca s s icca b inbein ts ea ts n da in n dteinr t

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JACKSON JACKSON 807 S. 807Brown S. Brown 517.817.5650 517.817.5650

Give a one-of-a-kind Gift this


Tecu Tecu m sehm sehA drian A drian Jack son Jack son

118 W .118 Chicago W .Chicago112 N .M112 ainN .M ain 807 S.Brow 807 S. n Brow n 517.423.2600 517.423.2600517.265.1111 517.265.1111517.817.5650 517.817.5650

• Custom Rhinestone Apparel • Custom Screen Printing •Logos, Fan Gear & Spirit Wear We Ship everyWhere!

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Located On M-34 In Pittsford, MI

Beautiful on a Budget.

Delivered in time for Christmas

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10 thru 90 Cubic Yard Roll-off Containers Available


517-523-2809 | 3380 Hudson rd | Hillsdale

HealtH Care advoCaCy

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BoTh LoCATIonS Gift Certificates Available | www.nashdrugs.com nASh dRuGS - hILLSdALE 30 n. howell St. 517-437-4497

best metal recylcling Our goal is to offer the best service and prices in the tri-state area. prices in the area

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Advocacy Care Connection, LLC Health Care Advocacy & Concierge

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Many homeless

need more

than shelter by Sarah Gray, Simply Hers Magazine


This is the last of a three-part series Simply Hers featured about homelessness in our communities.

The issues facing the homeless are so much more than what is on the surface. A warm, dry place to sleep, food to eat – those basic needs are important, but there can also be so much more that we do not see. Mental illness is a major issue facing the homeless. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration states 20 to 25 percent of the homeless population in the United States suffers from some form of severe mental illness. In comparison, only six percent of Americans are severely mentally ill according to a 2009 survey by the National Institute of Mental Health. “There is a rise in number of clients who are homeless and chronically homeless who have mental illness,” says Maxine Vanlerberg, Hillsdale County Director for the Community Action Agency. She adds that agencies may not always have an accurate count of the number of homeless with mental illness because many clients are not forthcoming with their illness or they have not been diagnosed. “It comes with a stigma,” she says of mental illness. “We see it on a regular basis and we can recognize it; however, many clients we see have mental health issues but don’t have them treated.” The 2010 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Community Planning and Development, states approximately 26 percent of homeless adults staying in shelters live with serious mental illness, and an estimated 46 percent live with severe mental illness and/or substance use disorders. Vanlerberg says while housing is the number one priority of all the clients CAA sees, she and her staff also help connect those with mental health or substance abuse issues with the help they need. “Clients with mental health issues require a lot more case management,” she says “and working closely with the client’s mental health worker.” Mental illness is not something that is readily seen or apparent and so clients who need housing and are mentally ill can often have more trouble getting and keeping permanent housing. Vanlerberg mentions a client she has had for the last eight years who suffers from a mental illness. Her client is constantly worried about bugs – in their residence and on whomever they are with – including Vanlerberg. Her client also does not do well with people and has trouble when someone drops by unannounced, even people they know. Her client has been evicted from many places due to this illness. Vanlerberg recalls an incident when the

landlord showed up at her client’s home unannounced to change the furnace filter. The event made her client so uncomfortable they began to say inappropriate things and disturbed the landlord. Shortly after that event, they were evicted. “People don’t always understand these issues,” she says. “We advocate for people who have these issues. We have to mediate on their behalf.” The National Coalition for the Homeless states in a 2009 report that poor mental health may also affect physical health, especially for people who are homeless. Mental illness may cause people to neglect taking the necessary precautions against disease. When combined with inadequate hygiene due to homelessness, this may lead to physical problems such as respiratory infections, skin diseases or exposure to tuberculosis or HIV. In addition, half of the mentally ill homeless population in the United States also suffers from substance abuse and dependence according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. A 2014 Point-In-Time Count from the National Alliance to End Homelessness states on a given night in 2014, nearly 20 percent of the homeless population had serious mental illness or conditions related to chronic substance abuse. Vanlerberg says that many of the homeless who have mental health issues turn to drug and alcohol as a coping mechanism. “Clients with mental health issues often self-medicate, whether it’s over the counter drugs, illegal drugs or alcohol.” One way agencies such as CAA are working to help these clients is with supported housing. This type of extra case management helps the homeless not only get the housing they need but access to mental health services and other resources on a regular basis to help them succeed. In addition to helping the homeless get to the resources they need, Vanlerberg says we as a society can do our part to help by showing compassion. “Mental illness is a health condition – it’s real,” she says. “It’s not just in their heads. Be kind – we don’t know how these people got to where they are at.” She sites grief and depression as two areas where it may be difficult to see what someone is dealing with or understand that it may take one person more time to deal with their issues than another. Some may never get over it. “Many may think ‘just get over it,’ but they might not be able to,” she says. “Everyone has their own way of dealing with things.” For more information about services available to those facing a housing crisis, or other assistance contact the Hillsdale Community Action Agency at 517-437-3346 or Housing Help of Lenawee at 517-264-0782.


winter A

long with cold temperatures, comfort food and cozy sweaters, November and December also bring the season of holiday festivals. Michigan’s cities and towns put on a wide variety of holiday events for our enjoyment. Below is a partial (yes, only partial!) list of what’s coming up during the next two months. Wherever you live or travel in our great state, there will be something special going on!

Many of these holiday festivities include more than one attraction. For example, the tree lighting ceremonies often have group carol singing, special refreshments and holiday markets. Some of the larger festivals feature sleigh rides, appearances by Santa, special dining and shopping, home tours, etc. Besides what’s mentioned here, there are many arts and crafts shows, parades and musical and theatrical events on tap. For a more complete list, as well as website information for what we have highlighted, visit www. michigan.org/events. You can search for holiday events by date, name and/or location. Most listings include clickable links for detailed information. As always, we recommend checking the event’s current online information before making your plans! 74

festivals & Schedules By Melissa McCance

11/13-11/14 Streetscape Lighting, Tecumseh 11/19-11/29 Festival of Trees, Muskegon Museum of Art 11/20 Holidays in the Heart of the City, Saginaw 11/20 Light Night, Grand Haven Silver Bells in the City, Lansing (lighting the state Christmas tree) 11/20 11/20-12/31 Wild Lights at the Detroit Zoo 11/20-12/27 Wonderland of Lights at Potter Park Zoo, Lansing 11/20-11/22 Christmas Through Lowell One-Eyed Betty’s 3rd Annual FestivALE, Ferndale 11/21-11/22 Dutch Winterfest & Kerstmarkt, Holland 11/21-12/12 11/24-1/3 Christmas & Holiday Traditions Around the World, Grand Rapids 11/27 Holiday Celebration & Candlewalk, Frankenmuth 11/27 Santa Parade & Downtown Open House, Boyne City 11/17-12/30 Nite Lites, Jackson Festival of Trees Kick Off & Parade, South Haven 11/27-12/6 Festival of Lights, Pentwater 11/28 11/28 Holidays in the Cities, Muskegon 11/28-12/13 Holly Dickens Festival 12/1 Holiday Walk, Flint Parade of Lights, Holland 12/1 Saline’s Christmas Tree Lighting 12/1 12/1-12/30 Christmas Tree Festival, Monroe 12/2-12/5 Christmas in Constantine 12/3-12/6 Sleighbell Parade and Old Christmas Weekend, Manistee 12/3-12/5 America’s Tallest Singing Christmas Tree, Muskegon 12/4 Buchanan’s Annual Holiday Lighting 12/4 Santa’s Arrival, Tree Lighting & Open House, Traverse City 12/4-12/27 Holiday Nights in Greenfield Village, Dearborn 12/4-12/5 Promenade Candlelight Home Tour, Tecumseh Winter Holiday Festival, Augusta 12/5-12/6 Holiday Parlour Tour & Christmas Market, Boyne City 12/5-12/6 12/5-12/6 Christmas in the Village, Escanaba 12/5-12/6 Christmas on the Farm, Grass Lake 12/5-12/6 Christmas Festivities, Lowell Holiday Home Tour, South Haven 12/6 ZooLights at Binder Park Zoo, Battle Creek 12/18-12/23 12/20 Henderson Castle Live Nativity, Kalamazoo 12/31 Jackson’s Eve on the Ave 12/31 New Year’s Eve CherryT Ball Drop, Traverse City 12/31-1/3 New Year’s Eve & Weekend, St. Ignace

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city pages Then local people started thinking outside the box. Could a retired carpenter and a retired teacher and a hot-dog cart owner start a retail store for refurbished and upcycled items? Why not! Could an auto parts store owner start a restaurant? With the right support from someone with experience in the food service industry, of course it could happen! Could milk truck haulers with a vision for something more and a love of the community start a sports practice complex and event venue? Certainly! In the weeks ahead, this Gateway to the Irish Hills will once again be a thriving, full-service village.

Onsted on the move By Chris Bryan

A couple of years ago downtown Onsted was mainly composed of empty buildings. The Downtown Development Authority re-organized and began looking at ways to bring business back to the struggling town and find ways to support the existing businesses, but the task seemed daunting.

The Onsted Chamber of Commerce became very active in helping local businesses and promoting events for the community, such as our recent Halloween Spooktacular with incredible floats and prizes. And next up are the Chamber Holiday events: the Onsted Craftapalooza at the Onsted Middle School Saturday, December 5 from 9 am to 3 pm and the Onsted Christmas Open House in our village on Friday, December 11 from 4 pm to 7 pm. Frosty the Snowman will be stopping by. 74 76

Changes started happening over a year ago with the opening of Candy’s Flowers and Gifts, followed by Gooseberry Crafts, and most recently Borchardt’s Market. Soon to come at the south end of the village will be Simply Found Creations, LLC, which will carry unique items such as repurposed jewelry, homemade teddy bears, upcycled home, and garden décor and much more. Many items are made by local community members with an artistic flair. At the north end is The Mill. This is an indoor multi-sports practice center, rental hall complex and events center. It is set up to accommodate sports team practices, weddings, parties, and business meetings. It is large enough that several events can be going on at one time. The old laundromat will soon become Clean Britches Laundry and the old restaurant in the center of the village will be opening as Rosie’s Diner of Onsted. Newly renovated and looking classy and inviting, the Diner will feature home-cooked daily specials, and don’t forget the homemade pies!

The DDA’s facade grant has helped to give the business district a new look with new doors, windows, and paint from one end of town to the other. Be sure to see the beautiful mural on the side of Rosie’s Diner depicting scenes from the Irish Hills and some of Onsted’s history featuring 1940 Chevys in memory of Phillip Hubbard, a long-time community leader. Hopefully more murals will be in the works in the coming year. This quaint village has been around since 1883. It may be small in number but residents and businesses are mighty in effort and dedication to the community. A trip to Onsted is worth your time! We look forward to seeing you soon.



December 30 - January 1 Arrive at 1:00 pm Depart at 1:00 pm Cost: $69 (ages 6-12)


February 12 - 14 Arrive at 6:00 pm Depart at 1:00 pm Cost: $69 (ages 6-12)

Join us as we bring in the New Year in style. We will climb Goliath, ride the Giant Swing, and make your own pizza!

• Ride the Giant Swing • Climb Goliath • Sledding • Create awesome crafts • Silly Skits • Games • Campfire Songs • Make Smores • Make snow sculptures • Snow carnivals • Make your own pizza • Ping Pong • Foosball • Snow Ball Games • Ice Hockey • Make Friends • Make Memories

Enjoy a fun filled weekend at Kimball Camp. We will go sledding, climb Goliath, ride the Giant Swing, and play fun games.

BOTH EVENTS for $125.00

EduCatIonal day PRoGRaMS FoR SCHoolS : GRadeS K - 8 tRadItIonal tHanKSGIvInG

teaches the history of the Pilgrims

InteRnatIonal CHRIStMaS

GiFt CArDS AvAilAblE

teaches the history of Christmas traditions.


Students play games from the “wild west”, make a craft and even go on a hay ride.

Contact for Reservations

Kimball Camp YMCA

4502 Berlin Drive | Reading | 517-283-2168


517-283-2168 office@kimballcamp.com | www.kimballcamp.com download a full brochure at www.kimballcamp.com

'tis the season

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Refreshments provide by Back Door Pizza & Oak Haven Party Store Tree of Healing will be providing Free Hand Massages with oils

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Over The



This column is for anyone who has a dog that sleeps in their bed. You’ll be the ones who will totally understand and sympathize with my situation. I love my dogs, but when you put them in the same bed with me, it’s enough to put me over the edge.

By Willie Smith Simply Hers Magazine

Our dogs are brothers from the same mother. If you want to get technical, our vet insists they’re litter mates. I don’t care what you call them; they’re a pain in the bottom when it comes to sleeping. About 14 years ago, my husband brought two puppies home and told me to pick one. I liked the calmer one, but he liked the squiggly one, so we compromised and kept them both. They are JRTs, Jack Russell Terrors, and no, that is not a typo. Those dogs are hyper. Kozmo had cancer and went through chemo twice in the last four years and he’s still full of it. Kramer is even worse. He puts the capital T in Terror. We let the dogs sleep in our bed so we have no one other than ourselves to blame. Wait a minute! What am I saying? I can blame my husband 100% ‘cause he’s the one who let them in our bed that first night against my better judgment. The problem really is not the dogs themselves, it’s how they sleep. They don’t sleep head to foot on the bed, they sleep from side to side. Every night I, the eternal optimist, go to bed thinking I’ll get a good night’s sleep. Every morning I wake up an ornery, angry pessimist. Why? I’ll tell ya why. I wake up to a dog butt every day. Once in awhile they switch it up and I’ll wake up to a nose on my pillow which is attached to a dog. E-w-w-w! I don’t even want to think about where that nose has been. Disgusting! I cannot even begin to type the images that are running through my mind right now. My husband and I discussed it and thought the extra room in a king size bed would help, so we went to the furniture store and talked to a salesman. He showed us some of his best mattresses because, after all, he was a dog person, too, and he knew we would want only the best for our dogs. I began to wonder who he thought this bed was really for. Naturally we ended up buying


the best money could buy, and guess what? Didn’t help one little bit. I still got a butt shot every morning. Our friends, Bill and Dinah, suggested we get a trundle bed. They have one they affectionately call their bed in a box. With two separate sleeping areas, we would have our own space and the dogs would be close enough to hopefully keep them happy. It was worth a try, so we went back to the furniture store and spoke to the same salesman. He listened sympathetically as we explained our problem. No, he stated emphatically, you do not want a trundle bed. You want the best for your dogs, don’t you? They’re old; they should have luxury for the few short years they have left. You couldn’t live with yourselves if you did any less, right? Well, yeah, I could actually, but my husband was nodding his head in agreement with the salesman. He wanted the best for his dogs. Kirk, Chris, Dean and Samantha, did you read that? The best! No matter the cost!! This was your dad/ step-dad talking. The same man who shopped for your mattresses at garage sales. A little Lysol, a little duct tape and all was good . . . for you, but not his dogs. I think it’s safe to say this will be a family discussion at Christmas this year. What did the salesman suggest? The newest, top of the line, even you could sleep on it dog bed. He never knew a dog that didn’t love this bed. It’s a little pricey, he said, but it would be well worth the money when we saw how much our dogs were gonna love it. He even showed us a picture of his dogs sleeping on the very same bed. My husband whipped out the credit card so fast I thought he might be a secret Ninja. Like it or not, the dog bed was ours now, no return on this baby. We took the dog bed home and threw it on the floor next to our bed. We crawled in our bed and the dogs hopped on their bed and we all went to sleep. Hallelu . . . wait, what was that in my face? What happened, you ask? Let’s just say I now have first-hand knowledge that the dog bed was definitely worth the money. I’m telling you, it’s enough to put me over the edge.

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Profile on Renae Shircliff By Melissa McCance

If you can imagine the power and energy of a whirlwind, harnessed and focused, you will have an idea of what it’s like to talk to Renae Shircliff, deputy director of Hillsdale County’s Department of Veteran Affairs. A vital, energetic woman, Renae works in tandem with director Ken Benge to help area veterans receive the services they need. Raised in the Addison area where she excelled athletically and received All-State recognition for multiple sports, Renae knew at a young age that she wanted a career dedicated to helping people. A U.S. Army veteran, she served in Germany as a tank mechanic and truck driver. Renae even had the opportunity to drive a tank, and has a photo of herself in a tank to silence those who doubt it. Earlier jobs as a restaurant manager and CNA (certified nurse assistant) gave her lots of experience in taking care of others. When Ken came on board as director in February of 2013, he quickly realized that if the office was going to do a good job of caring for the county’s veterans, he was going to need help. Funds were approved, and Renae joined the department in August. “Our goal is to go above and beyond what is expected,” said Renae. “We will do whatever is needed to help our veterans.” The range of services provided by the office is extensive. Renae explained that their primary function is to help veterans file compensation claims, enroll for health benefits and pensions and obtain aid and attendance for widows and veterans. Rides are available by van to VA medical facilities in Jackson and Ann Arbor. Those in wheelchairs can be transported by Key Opportunities, and, if needed, Reading Emergency will provide ambulance transport. Hearing aids and glasses can be procured through the Ann Arbor VA medical services.


Renae emphasized that the office is sensitive to the needs of their clients. “The VA and this department recognize the reality of PTSD, and we are there for veterans who struggle with this disorder.” The hospital in Ann Arbor can usually see people within three weeks, and Renae said that she can arrange for someone to be seen by a female physician, if that is preferred. Psychological services can be obtained at the VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic in Jackson. Help settling in is available for veterans moving into Hillsdale County Medical Care. If a veteran is starting a new job and needs special clothing like steel-toed boots, the department can get them. The office has also paired with Michigan Works! on a veteran-specific program to get veterans back into the work force. Liaisons with other organizations and services expand what the Hillsdale department can offer. Renae listed the Department of Health and Human Services, the Community Action Agency (which aids homeless veterans), Perennial Park, Meals on Wheels and the Detroit American Legion as partner groups. She and Ken work with the prosecutor’s office to avoid incarcerating veterans whenever possible, particularly if it’s an issue of the individual needing mental health services. If a veteran has to go to court, someone from the office will accompany him or her as a friendly advocate. And, if the Office of Veteran Affairs cannot help directly, it will facilitate the process of obtaining food stamps, day care services, Medicaid, WIC, connecting with a food bank or perhaps enlisting Key Opportunities or the Salvation Army for their assistance. Renae emphasized that many times widows of veterans do not realize that they, too, can receive help through her office. Help with things like propane bills or car repairs and food and gas vouchers are some of the forms of aid

given. Grandparents raising grandchildren and single parents have received school clothes to ease the financial strain. There has been a move towards increasing and expanding the outreach of the Hillsdale County Office of Veteran Affairs. Renae stated that the radio spots, home visits and the fair booth have done a lot to make area veterans aware of what the office can do for them. Reinstating the Veteran’s Day event in downtown Hillsdale has also raised awareness; this year’s event will feature the band and choir from Hillsdale Community Schools and attendance by approximately 1000 students. The office will provide speakers for school programs, as well, to help younger citizens understand the importance of recognizing and honoring our veterans. On a personal note, Renae spoke proudly of her three grown sons and daughter-in-law, who are clearly very dear to her. “And,” she said, laughing, “you have to mention my two Jack Russell terriers. Anyone who knows me and reads this article won’t believe that I didn’t mention them!” Even a brief time spent talking to Renae about her job reveals how seriously she takes her responsibilities and how much she loves helping the veterans who come through the door. “I want to treat people the way they should be treated. I like to meet and help people, and I learn something new every day.” Veterans who contact the office will appreciate their policy of returning phone calls as soon as possible. Her commitment to helping even led her to dog sit a veteran’s pet for a few days. “I didn’t think that was an odd thing to do; he needed to know his dog was safe and cared for, so I did it.” Renae Shircliff is truly on the side of our area veterans.

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LENAWEE COUNTY (517) 266-5627

Equal Opportunity Employer/Program. Auxiliary aids and other accommodations are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. Administrative Entity: South Central Michigan Works! Funding Source: Workforce Development Agency, State of Michigan


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Consider a tax tax--deductible gift in the name of your loved one. A gift to the Hillsdale County Community Foundation will make an impact in Hillsdale County for years to come. Every year we grant thousands of dollars to agencies and organizations that make a difference in Hillsdale County.

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City, State, Zip: ________________________________________ 

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HCCF also offers a secure, confidential online giving option. Simply visit www.abouthccf.org  and click the yellow “Donate” button. 

Address: _____________________________________________   

Please make checks payable to:  Hillsdale County Community Foundation (HCCF)  PO Box 276  Hillsdale, MI  49242  All donations are tax deductible. 

Name: _______________________________________________   

The Warm the Children Fund provides financial support for children in need in Hillsdale County to receive new warm, winter clothing. Program coordinators work with a local social service agency to determine eligibility for program participation and make arrangements with a local store to coordinate the shopping.

Enclosed is my donation to the Warm the Children Fund 

2 S. Howell St. •PO Box 276 •Hillsdale, MI •49242

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treats everyone like family.


hen your dad is your boss and your sons are your employees, it can be hard to separate job from family. Not so with John Griffiths and his sons Ryan, Eric and Mark. The four men work together all day and then leave work behind when they are out fishing or hunting on their family’s property in Hillsdale. “We’re able to leave it here,” says John of the business side of the family business.

The business, of course, being Griffiths Mechanical, a mainstay in heating and cooling in Jonesville, Hillsdale County and beyond since 1983. “We are fortunate to be able to work with our dad every day,” says Eric who has worked with the company for 13 years. But, the sons were not just given a title and an office on day one. Ryan, who has worked for Griffiths for 14 years, says their dad encouraged them to further their education and maintain employment elsewhere before joining Griffiths Mechanical. “We had to learn work ethic and show we could come to work on time, and not take days off,” he says. “We are held to a higher expectation—and that’s good.” Ryan now works in the business’s operations and sales department. Located at 1250 E. Chicago Road, Griffiths Mechanical holds itself to a high standard, and quality, service and commitment are not something they compromise. “Customer service is important,” John says. “We get a lot of compliments about the service we provide.” He adds that customers are impressed with how clean his staff leaves houses after a job. “It’s the little stuff that builds your business up.” After working for his dad and several other small businesses in the area, John decided in 1982 to work for himself and started Griffiths Mechanical, incorporating the business in 1983. “I started in my house, in the family room,” he says. “When


By Sarah Gray Simply Hers Magazine we moved to the basement it was a big step up.” More than 20 years later, Griffiths Mechanical has become known throughout Hillsdale for its quality, professionalism and service. In the beginning, John says the name was confusing to people. “They thought we worked on cars.” Many also don’t realize their knowledge and expertise in residential heating and cooling, as well as commercial installation and repair. Griffiths Mechanical provides heating, cooling, refrigeration, water heater, radiant floor heat and generator installation to both residential and commercial properties. They also offer sheet metal fabrication, energy audits, preventative maintenance and design builds. Continuing education is important to Griffiths, and they make sure their employees are up-todate on the latest technologies and services. “It’s all digital controls now, everything is controlled by computer,” John says. “We want to make sure everyone is trained and knows what they are doing. There’s a lot more to it than people realize.” Griffiths Mechanical sells Mitsubishi and Rheem products, both high quality and highly rated. They are a diamond contractor for Mitsubishi, and the only dealer in the area. Mitsubishi offers ductless heating and air conditioning, which is a perfect option for homes with radiators. They have been a top Rheem contractor for the past two years, achieving outstanding ratings for quality of installation and attention to detail with the highest customer service rating. Eric, a service manager with the company, says they also install tankless water heaters, heat pumps and standard water heaters. They continually strive to make their customers’ homes energy efficient. “We want to make sure you are able to get all the energy rebates possible,” Eric says, adding the company was recently able to get a customer $1,100 more in rebates than she had

been offered by anyone else. “We want to give the customer the most energy efficient system and provide them the most comfort in their house.” When it comes to do-it-yourself work with heating and cooling, Eric suggests leaving it to the professionals. “When people tinker on their own, most of the time they don’t get anywhere,” he says. In the process they can do more harm than good. He does recommend having the systems maintained twice a year. Mark, who has worked with Griffiths Mechanical for the past 11 years, is a member of the company’s service department which provides service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no matter how bad the weather is outside. “When a customer calls, you go,” John says of providing prompt quality service. Ryan adds, “When the weather is at its worst, we are the busiest.” They are quick to add they have great employees who consistently go above and beyond to help their customers and make sure the job is done right. “We have the best group of guys,” Ryan says. John says his staff does not just install and leave. Unlike the big box stores, they work with the customers to make sure they understand their new system before completing the job, and, if they have questions later, all they have to do is make a quick call to get someone out to help. “Without our employees, we can’t do it,” he says. “They are an integral part of the business.” Griffiths Mechanical takes pride in their work and pride in their community, giving back to schools, sponsoring teams and being there when a customer is in need. “It is rewarding helping a customer in the middle of the night,” Eric says. For more information about Griffiths Mechanical, the services they provide or a free estimate, visit griffithsmechanical.com or call 517-849-2632. Paid adv.


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Want to make the exterior of your home just as classically welcoming with holiday cheer as your interior? Check out these tips for giving your home’s landscape a festive, timeless look you’ll love. 88

Think Outside the Box While looking at the architecture of your house, consider a non-traditionally shaped wreath, such as a square boxwood wreath adorned with faux fruit and berries, and hang it on an angle. Sometimes this twist can bridge the season from Thanksgiving to Christmas and on into the New Year. A simple boxwood wreath with a blue or silver satin ribbon would be a welcoming Hanukkah touch.

Highlight the Yard’s Natural Beauty

Utilize Summer Planting Pots

Dress Up the Doorway

Illumination of a solitary tree in the landscape can make a subtle and elegant statement. The Mariani firm suggests highlighting the natural structure of the tree with intricate branch wrapping. Be careful not to disturb spring blooming branches. Create a pathway of light that leads to your front door.

In colder climates, it’s important to remove your summer or fall plants and soil from your outdoor pots. If the pots are weatherproof, the holidays are a great time to fill them with cut evergreen boughs, branches and berries. Look around your yard and use found items such as pine, boxwood, yew, and holly, or try dried hydrangea flowers and seedpods. A winter display arrangement adds the finishing touch to your garden and looks beautiful under a light dusting of snow.

Use live trees to dress up your front entrance. Smaller specimens, such as Frasier fir and Alberta spruce, are readily available in potted containers. Slip the tree into your existing pots and cover the edges with evergreen boughs. When the season is over, you will have a beautiful evergreen for that perfect spot in your garden—thus multiplying your investment.

Give Guests a Welcoming First Impression

Natural Beauty

Go with Garlands

Create an inviting holiday mailbox—a pretty swag of pine tied on with wire adds a seasonal flourish. Enhance it with red accents and pinecones.

Natural materials are the easiest to work with for an exterior display. Embellishments such as holly, berries, or small ornaments, add a punch of color. A bright red velvet bow on a fir wreath is a classic we love.

When the long nights of winter arrive, fresh evergreen garland draped on a front porch creates a traditional, polished look. When lit with white lights, the garland creates a festive welcome.

All tips and images found at Traditionalhome.com



Playing with


Portable Indoor And Outdoor Fireplace. Unique brushed nickel base holds up to 3 cans of liquid ethanol, and burns them safely and cleanly behind the floating glass panels to provide an unobstructed view of the magnificent flame.

There’s nothing cozier on a crisp fall day than sitting in front of your fireplace, enjoying its warmth and the hypnotizing play of the flames. Add in some good company, your favorite munchies, and maybe a faithful four-legged friend snoozing on the hearth rug, and you’ve got a recipe for total relaxation. A fireplace heater is an excellent combination of attractiveness and functionality. When looking to add a decorative touch to a room, choose this type of heat source for warming the temperature and adding coziness to a room, as opposed to an ordinary space heater. These heaters simulate the look of a fireplace, but clearly do not actually burn gas or wood like a traditional version. As a result, there are no added inconveniences or expenses from storing firewood or installing gas lines into your home.

Real Flame Chateau Electric Fireplace – White The fireplace has a classy look with an all veneer and solid wood construction. Plugs into standard outlet and comes complete with remote control and programmable thermostat.

Wall-mounted Electric Fireplace

Energy Efficient Infrared Fireplace Heater

Briefcase Style Travelling Firebox

With a real 3D flame effect achieved through the latest technology, a wall-mounted electric fireplace helps you create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.

Enjoy that fireplace look without the fire! Infrared heaters are the most efficient, effective heaters and produce healthy, comfortable and Get warm fast with an efficient infrared heater.

Made from weather-resistant black powder coated steel, the design mimics a briefcase with glass partitions. Briefcase design with the handlebar is meant to convey that it is portable anywhere. Travelmate Portable Fireplace by Conmoto


Your Complete Custom Tile Center

StonePeak HigHtecH Porcelain • Marazzi VeSale Stone

SMall ProjectS to entire kitcHenS... call tHe exPertS today!




Securities offered through Sigma Financial Corporation, member FINRA/SIPC. The Taylor Agency is independent of Sigma Financial Corporation.

Legacy cLub

take time to build the memories

We live where you live™

offering a nutritious meal in a safe environment. all staff are CPr and first aid certified. We work with adults with a variety of disabilities including alzheimer’s, dementia, and stroke related issues.

Activities include:

3 fully-licensed staff and an agent with over 50 years with State Farm like a good neighbor

state farm is there™


Bill Pavka, Agent Lori Leggett, Office Manager 102 S Howell St. Hillsdale

• MeMory retention • Chair exerCises • soCialization • Planned outings • Crafts • Movie days • CoMPuter aCCess • indoor gardening • Cooking Legacy Club is open Mon - Fri • 9am – 4 pm with Individualized Care Plans. Transportation available

Your Guide to Adult dAY respite services

Perennial Park Legacy Club

320 West Bacon Street, Hillsdale 517.437.2422 | 800.479.3348 | www.hillsdaleseniors.org

Dr. James Daniels Dr. Sasha Griffis Dr. Matt Gordon

Keeping Families Healthy Chiropractic care is the backbone of a healthy family. Call today to request an appointment.


*Items not exactly as pictured.

720 E Chicago Rd., Coldwater, MI

517-278-4487 Chiropractic Care | Corrective Exercises Hours: Mon-Sat 9:00-5:00, Nutritional Counseling | Lifestyle Advice Wed 9:00-7:00 Massage Therapy | Personalized Treatments Well Wave Therapy CONNECT WITH US! www.facebook.com/longstreetliving

79 Hillsdale St, Hillsdale, MI 49242 | (517) 439-9800 www.hillsdalewellness.com


*Items not exactly as pictured.

720 E Chicago Rd., Coldwater, MI



Hours: Mon-Sat 9:00-5:00, Wed 9:00-7:00

CONNECT WITH US! www.facebook.com/longstreetliving *Items not exactly as pictured. LOCATION:

720 E Chicago Rd., Coldwater, MI




*Items not exactly as pictured.

720 E Chicago Rd., Coldwater, MI

Hours: Mon-Sat 9:00-5:00, Wed 9:00-7:00


www.longstreetliving.com Knox CONNECT WITHLauri US! www.facebook.com/longstreetliving CONNECT WITH US! www.facebook.com/longstreetliving EA/ABA LOCATION:

Hours: Mon-Sat 9:00-5:00, Wed 9:00-7:00


*Items not exactly as pictured.

720 E Chicago Rd., Coldwater, MI


Hours: Mon-Sat 9:00-5:00, Wed 9:00-7:00

LOCATION: The holidays are coming,

CONNECT WITH US! www.facebook.com/longstreetliving

*Items not exactly as pictured.

720 E Chicago Rd., Coldwater, MI



we c

Hours: Mon-Sat 9:00-5:00, Wed 9:00-7:00

CONNECT WITH US! www.facebook.com/longstreetliving *Items not exactly as pictured. LOCATION:

825 W. Beecher Street • Adrian, MI 49221 517-278-4487 517.263.9571 or 517.547.5606 CONNECT WITH Pro US! www.facebook.com/longstreetliving Fax: 517.263.9425 • QuickBooks on Staff

720 E Chicago Rd., Coldwater, MI



www.longstreetliving.com *Items not exactly as pictured.

720 E Chicago Rd., Coldwater, MI

Hours: Mon-Sat 9:00-5:00, Wed 9:00-7:00

w w w. k n oxa c c o u n t i n g. n e t

an h



Hours: Mon-Sat 9:00-5:00, Wed 9:00-7:00

CONNECT WITH US! www.facebook.com/longstreetliving






To all of you savvy shoppers out there, if you’re looking for local resale, second-hand, thrift, or consignment shops in your area, you’ve found the right place! Resale Shopping is one of the fastest growing retail categories today, and we wanted to introduce you to some of our favorites! Be sure to check the listings in each issue for new updates and special offers exclusively for Simply Hers readers. Happy Trails!


La Dominique

Consignment Boutique

235 W. Maumee Street | Adrian, MI 49221 517-265-3923 Tue. - Fri • 10 a.m.- 6.p.m. | Saturday 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Featured Items: New and gently loved womens clothing, purses, shoes, jewelry, home decor and so much more

Mention this ad and receive 20% off your purchase

In the Key - Consignment & Vintage Center

400 N. Hillsdale St | Hillsdale, MI 49242 (517) 437-4469 Hours: M-F 10:00 -5:00 • Sat. 10:00 – 2:00

FEATURED ITEMS: Furniture, home accessories, kitchen & household items, One-of-a-kind collectibles, eclectic accents, gifts, books, movies and clothing. A Ten Thousand Villages Store

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation center 250 W. Carleton Rd. Hillsdale MI 49242 Located in the Kroger plaza 517-439-1202 Monday-Saturday 10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.

Featured Items: New and gently used items including Clothing for Men, Women and Children, Housewares, kitchen wares, home decor, furniture, books, electronics, jewelry, collectibles and much more. Donations are tax-deductible, always accepted and appreciated.

146 N Main St | Brooklyn MI (517) 592-8686 Hours: Monday thru Friday 10:30 till 5:00; Sat 10:00 till 4:00 pm Brooklyn’s Leading Fashionable Consignment Shop Closet Overload is a quality Consignment Boutique with high standards. We offer up-to-date new and used fashion and accessories. In order to do this we must be very selective. Closet Overload has 2000 square feet of space and has grown each and every year since opening in 1993. Check us out on the web at http://www.closetoverload.net/ for downloadable coupons


Helping Hands Thrift Store, Inc.


A Lenawee county non-profit organization 795 Division Street | Adrian, MI 49221 (517)266-7002 Hours Mon-Fri 10am-6pm Sat 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.

FEATURED ITEMS: Gently used and some new, quality furniture, appliances and other larger and small household items as well art, tools, medical beds and antiques. Donations welcome. Free pick-up of your quality used furniture and large working appliances

Crows Nest

41 E. Bacon Steet | Hillsdale, Michigan 49242 | (517917-6436 Home Decor, Antique & Handmade Items

Like us on facebook for great specials and sales going on all month long!

Worth repeating inc.

charity resale shop

201 East Main Street, Manchester, MI 48158 734-428-9088 Tuesday through Friday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. A quality resale shop located in the historic Manchester Mill • All proceeds support community services and scholarships • All items are donated • Staffed entirely by volunteers

Wherever you use water, Culligan® can make it better.


Worth Repeating


charity resale shop

A quality resale shop located in the historic Manchester Mill • All proceeds support community services and scholarships • All items are donated • Staffed entirely by volunteers

201 East Main Street Manchester, MI 48158 734-428-9088 Tuesday through Friday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. www.manchestermill.com/worthrepeating facebook.com/worthrepeating.manchester

Decking halls t h e

beautifully since 1918

Softer skin & easier cleaning

Softer, brighter laundry

Longer-lasting appliances

Refreshing drinking water

Holiday pies - ready to bake at Home! Christmas trees • Gift Baskets Christmas DeCorations Poinsettias • fudGe & more selection of craft beer & wine ~ coldwater location only.


hillsdale 3500 milnes rd. (517)437-4495

Orchard GreenhOuse Farm market Bakery


ATER FREE W SIS ANALY Culligan Hillsdale & Albion

cOldwater 464 n. willowbrook (517)278-1400

Visit us on Facebook

129 Mechanic Street, Hillsdale, MI 49242

517-437-4391 517-425-0328 CulliganHillsdale.com



Our creative contributor for this issue is Breanna Koch, Co Owner Salvaged Décor. (517) 938-8550 www.salvaged-decor.com, www.facebook.com/salvageddecor Here is what she had to say: I have a great project just in time for the holidays. Simple enough to be conqured by the novice crafter yet beautiflul enough to impress the in-laws.

Step 1. Choose a piece of Barnwood or other scrap wood that is long enough to accommodate the amount of knobs/hooks you will need. You will want room for at least 8-10” between each one. Step 2. Lightly sand the wood to remove any peeling paint or splinters. You should always wear a mask to protect yourself whenever sanding something old. Step 3. Paint your board using a color of your choice. Here we used Country Barn from American Paint Company (APC), an all natural chalk & clay base paint. Water down the paint to a thin consistency in order to create a wash over the board. A wash is a very thin, almost translucent coat which allows for some of the natural wood to still show through & create more depth.

Project: Barnwood Stocking Hanger Skill Level: Beginner Time: 1-1½ Hrs Supplies: Piece of Barnwood Sandpaper or Palm Sander Mask Paint (We used American Paint Company chalk/clay base in Country Barn & Home Plate) 2 paint brushes (cheap chip brushes work well) Stencil (or other embellishment) Hardware knobs Wax or topcoat for finishing (we used American Paint Company topcoat) Hangers for back Drill


Step 4. Embellish your piece. For our piece we used a “Let it Snow” stencil found online and white paint from APC. Dab your paint on your stencil using a stencil brush (round with short, stiff bristles). Thinner is better, if you have too much paint on your brush it may bleed under the stencil. You can find stencils at the local craft stores. Step 5. Seal your piece using a finishing product of choice. Here we used topcoat from APC. Topcoat is all natural, no fumes, and very easy to use. Using a chip brush, simply brush a thin coat on & leave it to dry. Step 6. Measure for your hardware leaving 8-10” between each knob/hook. Drill holes and attach hardware Step 7. Add saw tooth hangers to the back. Now you are ready to hang it on the wall and add your stockings! Note: Get creative! Instead of using barnwood use an old cabinet door, window frame, old window casing, etc. In place of a stencil, decoupage a fun Christmas paper onto your piece. At Salvaged Décor we carry fun Monahan Papers and APC topcoat, both great for decoupage projects but other craft paper or wrapping paper work as well. We do prefer the topcoat as it’s thinner and easier to work with than decoupage mediums.


Quality is not in the name, but in the workmanship

M-99 & Beck Rd.| Jonesville

Offering a full line Of Husqvarna including Chainsaws • Pole Saws • Leaf Blowers • Lawn Mowers • Generators • Bars • Bar & Chain Oil • Files • Chains • Safety Equipment

517-283-3584 • 800-934-2500 Homeowner & Contractor Rentals Insulation Blowers

Brush Cutter

Drain Augers (Snakes)

Mini Excavators

Flooring Nailers

Log Splitters

Floor Sanders (Drum & Orbital)



Stump Grinder


Hours: Mon - Fri • 8 AM - 5 PM | sAt • 8 AM - 1 PM (suMMEr sun 9 - 11 AM)

asphalt paving Asphalt Repair • Milling Asphalt Curbing • Crack Repair Infrared Repair • Resurfacing Seal coating • Line Striping

w e P a L

Septic tank cleaning • portable toilet rental

Sanitation ServiceS


• Repairs & Augering • Risers & Lids • Multiple Tank Discounts • Senior Citizen Discounts • Team up with a neighbor & both of you will receive a discount!

24 Hour emergency Service moSt credit cardS accepted

FULLY INSURED • FREE ESTIMATES serving most of southern michigan northwest ohio & northeast indiana family owned & operated www.belsonasphaltpaving.com belsonasphalt@core.com COMMERCIAL • INDUSTRIAL • RESIDENTIAL

Locally Owned Serving ALL southern Michigan counties since 1984 517.549.8292 | Jonesville | 517.437.7510

5651 BANkERS RD • READINg 97

Christmas in Michigan


Ready or not, the holiday season is upon us. This year, knock out your Christmas list by shopping small across Michigan! With charming downtowns and historical districts throughout the state bustling with unique gift shops and family-owned businesses, shoppers can find locally sourced, handmade products that are personable and one-of-a-kind. Grab the girls, turn up the Christmas carols, head out on a road trip and prepare for a perfect Pure Michigan outing at one of these holiday shopping destinations.

Marshall Marshall is known for its rich history and 19th Century architecture. Its downtown district may have more gift shops and boutiques than a girl can handle! Popular stops include The Mole Hole and Serendipity, which sell unique products ranging from coffee beans and Christmas ornaments to clothing and home décor. Conclude your day with a stop at Dark Horse Brewery and a pint of their famous Michigan brews!

Rochester Little Traverse Bay (Charlevoix, Harbor Springs, Petoskey) These popular tourist towns have something to offer guests yearround, not just when the weather’s hot. Charlevoix features northern charm and a wide variety of specialty shops, galleries and restaurants that line downtown Bridge Street. Petoskey’s gaslight district is known for its decorated streets and Christmas celebrations, including their much-anticipated Holiday Open House on December 4. With more than 170 unique shops and fine restaurants, you’re bound to find that special gift. A short drive from there is the postcard town of Harbor Springs, which is known for its chic boutiques and world-renowned galleries.

Marquette Spend a few days taking in the spectacular views around Marquette, while checking off your Christmas shopping list. Downtown Marquette is a bustling commercial district with one of the largest collections of small shops in the Upper Peninsula. Stop into Che Bello and Getz Department Store or head to Down Wind Sports to outfit the adventure lover in your life. Don’t forget to grab a bar of Donckers famous fudge for the car ride home!

Each year, downtown Rochester is covered with more than one million points of glimmering holiday light. Witness this striking display up close while you stroll from shop to shop. There are many stores to choose from including Home Bakery, Plain & Fancy Gift Shop, Urban Merchant and Moon River Soap Company.

St. Joseph This picturesque beach town is nestled on a stunning strip of Lake Michigan shoreline. With a treasuretrove of unique clothing and gift shops, you are certain to leave St. Joseph with some fantastic finds! Find a new set of kitchenware at Perennial Accents, unique stocking stuffers for the kids at The Toy Company and something special for your four-legged friend at Fuzziebutz. Visit michigan.org/shopping to help plan your holiday shopping getaway in Pure Michigan. Additional Information www.visitcharlevoix.com www.petoskeyarea.com www.travelmarquettemichigan.com www.thechambermarshall.com www.downtownrochestermi.com www.stjoetoday.com


& Celebration

Wine Spirits fit for a

Remember when all we needed to know about matching food and wine was that red wine went with beef and white wine went with chicken or fish? Well, times have changed -- and in more ways than one. Even that basic rule no longer holds true. Forget color. When pairing wine with food, body is the first consideration. Body refers to the texture or substance of the wine and the way it feels in your mouth. It often correlates with the alcohol content; heavy-bodied wines tend to have more alcohol. Generally, the darker the color, the fuller

the body. A light-bodied wine will feel thinner or lighter in your mouth. Usually, a full-bodied wine will overwhelm a delicately flavored food. A lightbodied wine such as Riesling may taste like water when paired with a steak or roast. On the other hand, you don’t want a medium full-bodied wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon or a heavy wine such as port with a delicate fish dish. But Beaujolais, a relatively light-bodied red wine, can match fish well. Rosé, an often overlooked wine that’s between red and white, also pairs well with seafood.

Serve spirits like a pro Spirits can be served in a variety of ways, and different people prefer their drinks certain ways, so when entertaining this holiday season it is important to be familiar with some of the most common serving techniques: • Neat: Spirits are served and consumed at room temperature with nothing added. • On the Rocks: Spirits are served and drunk over ice. • Up: Spirits are shaken or stirred with ice or chilled but drunk with the ice filtered out.


If you want to make wine pairing really easy, then always go with a Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is a red wine, but it has a light-medium body.

• With a mixer: Some spirits lend themselves well to mixing with ingredients such as tonic water, cola or juice. • With a twist: Spirits are served with a thin strip of citrus peel, traditionally lemon, on the rim of the glass.

Champagne is generally light and acidic, with varying degrees of dryness. The bubbles in champagne help cleanse the palate, another characteristic that makes it go well with a meal. Champagne goes especially well with salty snacks.

All Under One Roof...







Area's best entertainment venue

New Feature menu with $6 lunches & $9 dinners

Full service catering menu

Live entertainment every Thursday, Friday & Saturday

7 large screen TVs Avail. for private parties, select days Pool Table, Shuffleboard Table & more Check out what’s coming up at www.undergroundhillsdale.com

Underground HoursThurs. 7pm-1am and Fri & Sat. 7pm-2am

Lunch served : 11 am-4 pm

Party Trays available for pickup to take to your holiday party

$9 dinners daiLy.

Area’s largest wine selection • Over 400 craft & domestic beer • 32 quality beers on tap • Keg orders are not a problem • Gift cards available

Tavern & EateryMon.-Thurs. 11am-11pm and Fri.-Sat. 11am-1am

Catering in the “Underground” available on select days Appetizer trays Off-site Full Bar Service available

Call for more details today — 517.439.1921

w w w. b r o a d s t r e e t d o w n t o w n m a r k e t . c o m | 5 5 N B r o a d S t • H i l l s d a l e | 5 1 7 - 4 3 9 - 1 9 2 1 | F i n d u s o n F a c e b o o k


who can resist that snowman smile? hungryhappenings.com

Let’s get the holidays started off right. These little cuties are simple to make and will be the hit of any party. We recommend not keeping these around for more than a day before eating them as they will get soggy from the berries.

Great idea to keep the kiddos busy! www.pinterest.com


Found on facebook.com 102

style & sass in one place


winter fun, anyone? Found on mylifeandkids.com

Happy Holidays! From Our Family to Yours...

And, Thank You for allowing us to care for you.

Our principals (l-r): Tom Condon, Donna Hecht, Steve Bisher, Jason Wade

529 College Savings Plans Start Saving In 2016 Even if your little one has just graduated from Kindergarten, it is never too early to begin saving for a college education. Section 529 college savings plans are tax-advantaged college savings vehicles and one of the most popular ways to save for college today, offering tax advantages and more. • Federal tax advantages: Contributions to your account are not tax deductible; however, they grow tax deferred and earnings are tax free if the money is used to pay the beneficiary’s qualified education expenses. • State tax advantages: Many states (like Michigan) offer income tax incentives for state residents, such as a tax deduction for contributions. • High contribution limits: The Michigan plan lets you contribute $235,000 over the life of the plan. • Unlimited participation: Anyone can open a 529 college savings plan account, regardless of income level. • Professional money management: College savings plans are offered by states, but they are managed by designated financial companies which are responsible for managing the plan’s underlying investment portfolios. • Flexibility: Under federal rules, you are entitled to change the beneficiary of your account to a qualified family member at any time, as well as rollover the money in your 529 plan account to a different 529 plan once per year without income tax or penalty implications. • Wide use of funds: Money in a 529 college savings plan can be used at any college in the United States or abroad that’s accredited by the Department of Education and, depending on the individual plan, for graduate school.

Information on Michigan’s 529 college savings plan Michigan Education Savings Program (MESP) can be found at www.misaves.com or call 877.861.6377

, Dr. Smith, Teresa,

L to R: Chrissy, Jessie


Look to us for Expert Eye Care

Jonesville Eye Care 461 Olds St • Jonesville | (517) 849-9277 www.jonesvilleeyecare.com

coming soon...

lodging at raybas!

• Tennis Lessons

• Water Aerobics

Weddings, Showers, Reunions

PaRtieS of all kindS

• Yoga

• 100 Seat Reception Hall • Kitchen Available • Hall and Pool Rentals

MeMberships AvAilAble

184 W. Carleton Road, Hillsdale 517-439-9331 | www.chbwcpa.com

Rayba’s Tennis Retreat Coman Rd. & Squawfield Rd. | Hudson | 517-383-2215 www.raybastennisretreat.com


Gift Wrapped Shrimp Bites Ingredients: • 12 medium uncooked shrimp, shelled and deveined • 1 tbsp. canola oil • 1 tbsp. favorite spice rub • 1/4 tsp. each salt and pepper • 1 jar (6 ounces) roasted red peppers • 6 to 12 green onions, depending on size Directions Roll each shrimp into a round shape, with tail on outside. Skewer each rolled shrimp with a toothpick, so that shrimp hold their round shape. Heat a saute pan to medium high heat. Add oil. Coat shrimp with spices and then saute just until opaque, about 1 to 2 minutes per side. Remove from pan and let cool to warm. Cut 12 strips of the green portion of the green onions off, keeping the green portion intact and as long length as possible. Heat green onion strips in pan until just softened and bendable, about 1 minute, turning frequently. Remove from pan and let cool to warm. Cut bell pepper strips into long thin strips and wrap strips around shrimp. Wrap green onion strips around shrimp and tie in a bow or in a knot. Serve warm

417 West Chicago St., Jonesville


Sha Crisp jala Hal

Breakfast - Lunch Featuring Thai Curry Hours: Tues-Fri 6am-2pm | Sat 7am-2pm | Closed Sun- Mon • 72 N Broad St, Hillsdale | 517 439-0140


517-849-3663 | 205 East Chicago Street | Jonesville, MI 49250 http://www.facebook.com/oliviaschophouse

Cre Crisp Half Cho sour E A

Ch Corn chee

Southern Cornbread Dressing Ingredients: • 4 cups crumbled yellow cornbread • 1 medium onion • 2 bunches green onion • 1 bell pepper • 1 cup celery • 1 stick (or more) butter • Chicken broth • Salt and pepper to taste • 1 lb. Chicken pieces Directions All vegetables are to be finely chopped. Boil chicken (thighs or legs with skin). When cool, remove skin and cut into smaller pieces. Set aside chicken broth. Bake cornbread. When cool, crumble. Mix all ingredients together and place in large baking dish. Bake at 350 degrees until vegetables are tender. Before serving, stir to mix flavors and add extra broth as needed to keep dressing moist.

It’s Back in Season! Spiced Glei’s Orchards apple cider! Served in a cinnamon caramel rimmed glass.

Small Business Night


Includes full upscale buffet & comedy club entertainment!

173 E. South St., Hillsdale • 439-1100 105

Red Wine Beef Stew Ingredients: • 1/2 pound beef, cut into chunks (splurge on the cut if you can) • 1/4 cup butter • 1 can tomato soup • 1 can water • 4 carrots, cut into chunks • 4 large potatoes, cut into chunks • 2 stalks celery, cut into chunks • 4 onions, cut into chunks • 2 tsp. salt • 1 tsp. black pepper • 1/4 cup fresh parsley, chopped fine • 1/4 cup good quality red wine, cooking sherry or Guinness beer • 2 bay leaves Directions Preheat oven to 300 degrees F. In a heavy skillet brown the beef in the butter over medium high heat. Add the soup and water and stir well. Add remaining ingredients and cook for about 5 minutes, stirring once. Transfer to a cast iron Dutch oven or ovenproof pot and bake, covered, for 5 hours, stirring occasionally. Remove from oven, remove bay leaves and serve with Irish Soda Bread and butter.

There’s more to the holidays than turkey... Let us cater your next event! pulled pork specialty pizza bbq ribs chicken wings grinders & More

House of

Pizza & BBQ 350 Hillsdale St | Hillsdale | (517) 610-5578

Owners: Frank & Carolyn Mancino

Quality Second to None! ITALIAN DINNERS NACHOS • SALADS Mon.-Thurs. 11 am - 10 pm Fri. & Sat. 11 am - 11 pm Sunday 12 pm - 8 pm



COMPLETE GLUTEN FREE MENU • Catering • On-Line Menu and Ordering • Carry Out & Delivery • Birthday Parties with Playland • Fresh Salads Made to Order • Fresh Bread for 6” and 12” Subs • Fresh Pizza Dough Made Daily 182 W CarLetOn rD, HiLLSDaLe COttageinn.COM | (517) 439-9191

Flourless Peanut Butter Oat Bars Ingredients: • 1 cup creamy peanut butter • 3/4 cup brown sugar • 1/4 cup sugar • 1 egg • 1/2 tsp. baking powder • Pinch of salt • 3/4 to 1 cup oatmeal • Chocolate chips (optional) Directions Spray an 8×8 pan with Pam. Preheat oven to 350. In a medium bowl stir together peanut butter and sugars. Add egg and baking powder. Stir to combine. Add salt and oatmeal. Stir until mixed. Gently fold in chips if using. Press into prepared pan. Bake for 15-22 minutes (do not overbake)

let us cater your next event!

“I’ll be late. Still putting the finishing touches on the tree.

Hand Made Savory or Dessert Crepes

Proceeds benefit local charities Tue. & Thu. 9AM - Noon | Wed. & Fri. 9AM - 1PM 300 E. Chicago Rd. • Jonesville

We BaKe

Our own Breads, Pies, Cakes & Cookies

! s a m t s i r h C y r r e M

We MaKe

Unique Sandwiches and Salads Food by the pound. Family dinner Packages available Now Open at 9 a.m. Mon - Friday and 10 a.m. Sat.

517.437.2527 146 State St. | HillSdale

27 beers on tap! Here’s to you...

pub & grub ...

45 North St., Hillsdale

(517) 437-4002

also serving breakfast & lunch

Jilly Beans coffee house 2 N. Howell St. Hillsdale 517• 437• 3338

Mon-- Thu • 6:30 am-5 pm • Fri • 6:30 am-7 pm • Sat 8 am-2 pm • Closed Sunday


Dilly Cheese Ring with Spinach Dip Ingredients 1-1/2 cups (12 ounces) sour cream 1 package (10 ounces) frozen chopped spinach, thawed and squeezed dry 3/4 cup chopped green onions 1 can (8 ounces) water chestnuts, drained and chopped 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1 package vegetable soup mix 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese 1/4 cup butter, melted 1 teaspoon dill weed 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 12 ready made biscuits Directions To make the dip, combine the first six ingredients. Cover and refrigerate until serving. In a small bowl, combine the Parmesan cheese, butter, dill and garlic powder. Cut each biscuit in half; arrange half of the pieces in an ungreased 10-in. fluted tube pan. Sprinkle with half of the Parmesan mixture. Repeat layers. Bake at 400° for 20-30 minutes or until golden brown. Cool for 1 minute before inverting onto a serving platter. Serve warm with spinach dip.

You can’t miss the awesome smell of our



GOOD TASTE. Gift Certificates...

The perfect gift for any budget


ArtesiAn Wells Tavern ArtesiAnSports Wells Sports Tavern 108

U.S. 12 & U.S. 127• •U.S. Cement 517-547-8777 12 & U.S.City 127 •• 517-547-8777 Cement City


75 W. Carleton rd • Hillsdale •(517) 437-3470


erry erry christmas Get a FREE Large Sandwich of equal or lesser value with purchase of any Large Sandwich Redeemable at: McDonald’s® of Lenawee County • Adrian Hudson Valid for product of equal or lesser value. Valid only at participating U.S. McDonald’s®. Prices may vary. Not valid with any other offer, discount, coupon or combo meal. Cash value 1/20 of 1 cent. Limit one coupon per person per visit. Tax may apply. Price of required purchase posted on menu board. Coupon may not be transferred, auctioned, sold, copied or duplicated in any way or transmitted via electronic media. Valid when product served. May not be valid for custom orders. © 2015 McDonald´s Valid Validthru Thru: 12/01/2015 01/31/16

Get a FREE Large Sandwich of Free Small McCafé® Coffee equal value withor thelesser purchase of awith purchase of any Large Sandwich FRESH Baked Muffin. Redeemable at: Redeemable at: McDonald’s®ofofLenawee LenaweeCounty County••Adrian Adrian McDonald’s® Hudson Hudson Valid for product of equal or lesser value. Valid only at participating U.S. McDonald’s®. Prices may vary. only Not valid with any other discount, Prices couponmay or combo meal. 1/20offer, of 1 cent. Valid at participating U.S.offer, McDonald’s®. vary. Not validCash with value any other Limit one coupon coupon or percombo personmeal. per visit. may1/20 apply. required purchase posted onper menu discount, CashTax value of 1Price cent.ofLimit one coupon per person visit. board. may not be transferred, auctioned, sold, copied or Coupon duplicated in not anybe way or Tax mayCoupon apply. Price of required purchase posted on menu board. may transferred, transmittedsold, via electronic Validinwhen product served. May be validmedia. for custom auctioned, copied or media. duplicated any way or transmitted via not electronic Valid orders. when product May not be valid for custom orders. Void where prohibited. © 2015 McDonald´s © 2015served. McDonald´s Valid Thru: 12/01/2015

Valid Thru: 12/01/2015 Valid thru 01/31/16

Get a FREE Large Sandwich of Free Small McCafé® Coffee equal or lesser value with with the purchase of a purchase of any Large Sandwich FRESH Baked Muffin. Redeemable at:

Free Happy Meal® with the purchase of an entrée salad and drink or Extra Value Meal®. Redeemable at: McDonald’s® of Lenawee County • Adrian Hudson Valid only at participating U.S. McDonald’s®. Prices may vary. Not valid with any other offer, discount, coupon or combo meal. Cash value 1/20 of 1 cent. Limit one coupon per person per visit. Tax may apply. Price of required purchase posted on menu board. Coupon may not be transferred, auctioned, sold, copied or duplicated in any way or transmitted via electronic media. Valid when product served. May not be valid for custom orders. Void where prohibited. © 2015 McDonald´s

Validthru Thru: 12/01/2015 Valid 01/31/16

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Gems of Wisdom Stress of the holidays getting you down? How about a relaxing pedicure! Let us make your Holiday Shine with a new style, and cool manicure!

Have You Read Your Horoscope Today?

SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 Scorpio, this may be the best your social life has been in a long time. If you have opportunities, try moving in different social circles by joining clubs or becoming part of a volunteer group.

SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21 Sagittarius, your desire for adventure could soon see you booking a cruise or taking a trip around the world. For now, there’s plenty to keep you occupied at home and work.

hair Salon

(517) 849-9072

402 W Chicago Rd | Jonesville

We are skilled home care professionals providing services 2-24 Hours/Day 7 Days/Week, 365 Days/Year Our services range from Homemaker/Companion Care, Home Health Aid/CNA, through Skilled Nursing, with On-call Personnel 24 Hour/Day 365 Days a year Insured & Bonded Contact us today.


www.crossroadsoa.com 576 Olds Street Jonesville, MI 49250

CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, explore new avenues in your life, even if it makes you feel a little nervous to branch out. You might be surprised with what you find if you give things a try.

GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 Home may feel like a personal retreat after the last few weeks you have been experiencing, Gemini. If you need rest, take it. It’s not a sign of slacking off.

AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 Aquarius, research all of your options before making a big decision. Figure out the details before you make any changes that could have long-term effects.

CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 You are bogged down by menial tasks and hope that something more exciting will come your way, Gemini. If you play your cards right, the weekends could be a blast.

PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 Try to exercise more vigorously and regularly right now, Pisces. Not only is it good for your body, it’s good for relieving stress.

LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, a financial boost may compel you to go on a spending spree. Just be sure you keep track of those purchases so you do not go overboard.

ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 Creativity will help you achieve much, but it’s also important to maintain a practical outlook. These two factors combine for a greater measure of success. TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 Romance is on your mind and you have to find a way to fit it prominently in your agenda, Taurus. If you have been busy lately, slow down to spend time with a loved one.

We don’t just care for you, we care about YOU! 110

VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 Virgo, your confidence peaks and you take a leap of faith in a new arena. It may be a new job or a thrilling hobby. Travel is another option that may require bravery. LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 Libra, mingling can bring out the best in you, so get out there as much as you can. Show off your people skills and converse with people from various walks of life.

Adura® Tile Mix


It’s our goal to make floors that are both beautiful and durable. Designed for real life and built to last, Mannington vinyl, laminate, hardwood, and tile floors have something for everyone.


Porcelain Tile

Woodland Maple



Dry Kindle

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Floors, windows & walls ... we cover them all!

Carpet• Laminate • VinyL • Wind oW treatments • WaLLpaper

517-523-4111 • 3391 Hudson Rd. • Hillsdale • www.hillsdaleinter iors.com


AwArd winning nursing FAcility

HHHHH Our facility is designed to offer a continuum of professional care after surgery or illness when the patient is unable to return home because skilled rehabilitation care is necessary, but hospitalization is not.

Admissions: 517.437.5440 Nurses’ Station: 517.437.5441 517.437.6266


Rehab Facility All new or recently 39 Private Rooms renovated private rooms. Care Provider 24/7 Hospital Based Program Chemo/Radiation Patients Close proximity of Dialysis Center Able to Accept Higher Acuity Patients

nursing Facility

McGuIrE & MacrItchIE unItS

1 6 8 S o u t h H o w e l l S t . | H i l l s d a l e | w w w. h c h c . c o m

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Simply hers 1115 lr  

Women's lifestyle magazine celebrating local women making a difference in our community.

Simply hers 1115 lr  

Women's lifestyle magazine celebrating local women making a difference in our community.