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Davon Wilson’s story


InfusIon center

Providing short and long term infusion therapy to patients in a comfortable and private setting.

451 Hidden Meadows, Suite 160 • Hillsdale • 517-437-8388

Hillsdale community

Home oxygen Oxygen - CPAP - BIPAP and all PAP supplies

Friendly, Same Day Professional Service

Hillsdale community

Home care

HCHC Home Health Department Providing Healing At Home: • Registered Nurses • Medical Social Worker • Home Health Aides • Cardiac Rehab Program

451 Hidden Meadows, Suite 250 • Hillsdale • 517-437-8371 Workman’s Comp & Private Insurance Medicare/Medicaid Certified Blue Cross / Blue Shield CHAP Accredited

• Physical/Occupational/ Speech Therapy • IV Therapy • Wound Care

Home Care 451 Hidden Meadows • Suite 140 • Hillsdale • 517-439-5740


2015 fORD fOCUS




Grabbing a cold steering Starting at wheel is a thing of the past with the new available heated wheel


Encourages responsible driving by others when they’re behind the wheel of your focus, by letting you limit top speeds, decrease audio volume and more.


The voice-activated technology that helps you keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel now comes standard on all models.27


The focus Electric is powered completely by a rechargeable stateof-the-art lithium-ion battery. That means it never needs a drop of gas or an oil change, ever.

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(517) 849-2121

M-99 (Between Hillsdale & Jonesville) • www.kenstillwellford.com


From the

Spring Car Care tipS


By Rob Shewman Proper car upkeep takes more than keeping gas in the tank and changing the engine oil regularly. Here are a few other items you should keep in mind... Fuel Filter: this is an item that’s probably as important as it is overlooked. Assuming yours is a fuel-injected car, the fuel filter is more or less on continuous duty whenever your ignition is on and the fuel pump is active, preventing impurities from clogging injectors. So, over time, replacement will be necessary. Power Steering Fluid: on your car-part replacement calendar, it doesn’t get much easier than where your power steering fluid is concerned. Still, give it proper consideration, since it lubricates the system and keeps the steering feel consistent. Periodic checks of the fluid are done with a glance at the reservoir or the dipstick inside it. BAtterY: even if you keep your terminals clean and your charging system works fine, you’ll eventually need to replace the battery. when you do, do it right. use only the battery that matches manufacturer’s specs at the very least. Consider upgrading to advanced-technology batteries that offset higher initial cost with extended life and more consistent performance.

Marlanea McGraw Owner/Publisher

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we want to hear from YOU! Simply Hers is introducing a new segment of the magazine called Community Chat where we pose questions to the community and then put the responses into the next magazine. How easy is that! This month we would like you to email us your answer to... “What is the best piece of advice your mother ever gave you?” To Sarah Gray at graygirl03@gmail.com along with your name and the town you live in and we might feature you in our May/June issue! (Please keep your responses to 50 words or less.) We will pick one lucky winner and give them a beautiful floral arrangement from our friends at Plant Nook in Jonesville! Thank you all again for taking the time to walk through the pages of Simply Hers may you find something that touches your heart, teaches your mind or talks to your soul. Enjoy and I’ll talk with you again in May.


Most often out of sight and out of mind, the air filter deserves better. the air for the engine and airflow sensor has to be free of contaminates and that’s your air filter’s job. Be aware of manufacturer recommendations for replacing related airflow components like the PCV valve and oxygen sensor, if your car has them. AutoMAtiC trAnS Fluid & Filter in cars with conventional automatic or clutchless gearboxes, fluid is to the transmission what oil is to the engine in terms of function and importance. it fights friction and keeps things within safe operating temps. ignoring it leads expensive repair bills. Fortunately, prevention is easy. Check the fluid periodically, top off with the specific kind recommended in your owner’s manual and change it occasionally along with the filter.

517-439-1323 146 Lewis St Hillsdale

Welcome to the March/April issue! It’s that time of year when the days tease us with the promise of spring, and yet remind us we still live in unpredictable Michigan! As I am writing this Michigan is competing with the North Pole in low temperatures, I can only hope when you read this spring has finally sprung.

Darlene Webb ................................................... Account Manager

I would also like to thank the writers who provide such timely and interesting articles


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unbeatable prices! $

as low as


Pennsylvania Made, USA

spring special $ 99* pool openings *chemicals and/or repairs an extra charge



Pool cleanings *Hillsdale County Only

A Wide Variety of Pool and Spa Supplies In Stock. Open by Appointment Only 517-603-1742 until April 1st, 2015; Then every day 9am-6pm 2980 N Lake Wilson Rd., Hillsdale (One mile south of Jonesville Walmart) | (517) 630-1742 | www.perfectpoolsplus.com


Life Can Hurt... We Can HELP!

children and chiropractic care By now you have experienced firsthand the benefits of chiropractic care to your health. But what about your children? Have you ever considered bringing them in for a chiropractic checkup? Surprisingly, the first stress placed on a child’s spinal column is during the birthing process. Equally surprising is the fact that 26% of children surveyed at school reported a history of back pain. A child’s spine is frequently subjected to repeated forces in the process of learning to walk as well as a multitude of childhood mishaps, sports related injuries, and postural strains. Many adults that come to a chiropractor’s office show evidence of childhood injuries to their spine that are a contributing factor for their pain today. This is why it is important to have your child’s spine checked regularly for any signs of spinal imbalances or misalignments. Fortunately, chiropractic has had many positive results in treating some very common childhood maladies. Problems like colic, headaches, ear infections, scoliosis, asthma, and even some cases of behavioral problems and bed-wetting have been successfully treated with chiropractic care. In fact, a recent study showed that children under chiropractic care suffered from fewer ear infections than those whose parents sought medical care alone. Are chiropractic adjustments safe for children? Absolutely! Because a child’s skeletal system is still developing, there is a great deal of elasticity within the joints. Light pressure is usually all that is needed to adjust a child’s spine. So the next time you come to our office, bring your children. The few minutes you invest in your child’s spinal checkup may save them needless suffering now and in the future.

WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK! • Enhanced Range of Motion • Painless & Extremely Effective OffERinG BOTh COmpUTERizEd And mAnUAl AdjUsTinG

millER ChiROpRACTiC miChAEl millER d.C. mAssAGE ThERApY BY miChEllE mOnAhAn 325 Reading Ave | Jonesville, MI | (517) 849-7911


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we’re Celebrating Spring at the Crow’S neSt! Like us on facebook for great specials and sales going on all month long!

The Plant Nook

F l or i s t

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411 Evans St • Jonesville

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Taking time to do it right.

AM/PM BUILDERS, LLC New homes, remodeling and restoration. Specializing in finish carpentry to include custom cabinets, tile work and trim Licensed contractor



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APRIL 18 • 2015


W OMEN all about

EXPO • HEALTH FAIR • SHOPPING & PRIZES 517.265.2320 • adrianareachamber.com


Dr. Desjarlais’ Spring Specials Forever Young BBL® RESULTS NOW. RESULTS FOREVER

Q & A with Dr. Desjarlais Q: What is Forever Young BBL? (FYBBL)

Dr. Desjarlais: FYBBL is a cutting edge new skin treatment utilizing pulsed light. The protocol was developed by Patrick Bitter, JR, Dermatologist, who is considered the world’s topmost authority on IPL/BBL treatments. FYBBL will help eliminate brown spots, redness, etc. It also increases your skin’s reflectivity of light, which produces a much more youthful appearance. Better yet, there is no down time with FYBBL

Q: What makes Forever Young BBL so special?

Dr. Desjarlais: In a study published by the Wall Street Journal conducted at Stanford University by Dr Bitter, FYBBL was shown to literally cause genes to express themselves younger. We are now talking about not just slowing down the signs of aging, but actually reversing it. An independent panel of 400 people was asked to guess the ages of 15 test subjects who had gone through the FYBBL study. The panel guessed the subjects to be 11 years younger than they actually were. It’s the first study to actually prove age delay.

Q: Who is qualified to perform FYBBL?

~Forever Young bbl ~ $100 off a

purchase of two treatments*

Dr. Desjarlais: Once we found out about FYBBL, I wanted to make sure we, I and my staff, learned this new protocol directly from Sciton and the most qualified individuals. FYBBL utilizes the Sciton BBL system to deliver a variety of wavelengths of light, pulse widths, and deep tissue tightening. Only the Sciton system can deliver FYBBL. FYBBL delivers some of the most amazing results I have seen in all my years in Cosmetic Dermatology. This is a procedure that I highly recommend for patients who want to delay the aging process and maintain healthy beautiful skin. This procedure should be added to everyone’s health maintenance regimen, just like your dental, physical, and eye exams.

*With purchase of 1 syringe, not in conjunction with any other offers. Expires 3/31/15

The most advanced skin treatment for age Delay Clinically proven to delay aging with NO downtime.

~Introductory Special~ visit website for more information

Introducing Restylane® Silk, the first and only FDA-approved filler designed specifically for the treatment of lips and the lines around them. Restylane® Silk’s unique particle gel formula, along with an ultrafine needle designed for improved accuracy, helps give you softer, more precise results — just what you need for a natural-looking smile.

$75 off* a

restylane Silk treatment™ *With purchase of 1 syringe, not in conjunction with any other offers. Expires 3/31/15

~Filler Special~

$50 off*

Schedule your complimentary consult with Dr. Desjarlais in Adrian or Ann Arbor today.

www.drdesjarlais.com | www.tatfreemd.com

General Dermatology

517.264.5603 • 2000 Curtis Road • Adrian

any filler

*With purchase of 1 syringe, not in conjunction with any other offers. Expires 3/31/15

two locations

Cosmetic Dermatology

734.761.9696 • 2350 Washtenaw Suite #3 • Ann Arbor

It is about time to shake off the snow boots and put away the parka. The new fashion season has arrived, and it brings with it a slew of new trends to get you ready for the warmer weather. This season’s favorite looks and tips on how to wear them. From the boldest prints to the biggest colors, you’ll find everything you need to get a look you’ll love this spring.



Printed Dresses Here, there, everywhere … the printed dress has arrived! Flattering, feminine, and fun, it’s so easy to showcase your personal style when wearing this must-have. Make sure you select a pattern that reflects your sparkling personality.

Style Tip:

Add a contrast belt to your printed dress- either in a skin or pop color! Nips in the waist and shows your flair!

Flare Jeans Expect to see a variety of flare and wide leg jeans hit the scene this spring … they are definitely making a resurgence! An easy way to keep your look fresh and modern is to do a full front tuck of your top. The higher rise waistline and bottom flare create the perfect balance for a fuller hip, creating a figure-flattering shape.

Style Tip:

Dressing head to toe in the same color palette creates a column of color, which helps elongate your frame. Be sure to use accessories to add color and interest!



Some would say that shoes are the most important must-have accessory for any wardrobe, and who are we to disagree? For spring, we’re seeing sneakers (even couture designers are getting in on this action), nude shoes (perfect for giving you the look of an elongated leg), and the strappy sandal (adds just the right touch of sophistication).

Style Tip:

Pick a shade that closely matches your skin tone to create the illusion of having “legs for days.”


Top-handled handbags are high on our list this season! They have a ladylike appeal and are so easy to carry. Our favorites are bright bags in spring colors, such as mango or lemon lime.

Style Tip:

This polished accent piece is perfect in any color. And, you don’t need to try to match your shoes to your handbag. Have fun with your accessories.

Knit Tops This classic piece keeps you comfortable and covered. The true style comes with the fit … you’ll want your top to have a chic, tailored look to fit and flatter your curves. The knit top is a fresh way to cover up in comfort and style, as these cozy pieces allow movement while still being perfectly tailored. The result is a look that’s super structured, but feels like a sweatshirt!

Style Tip:

Pair opposites for interest! You can use a piece that feels “dressy” and pair it back to casual separates OR take a seemingly casual piece and dress it up with heels and a bright coral lip!


Garden Fresh


Embrace nature with floral inspired scents, soaps and lotions.

1. 2. 3. 5.


4. 1. Lollia “No. 19 Breathe” eau de parfum. 2. Barr Co. fine shea butter lotion. 3. US Apothecary “Juniper and Geranium” therapeutic bar soap. 4. Illume “Cactus Verde” fine bath salts. 5. Lafco “Daffodil” bar soap. 6 . Bliss Michigan Lilac Soap.


Simply Hers & Volume Salon present the

every woman is beautiful

Makeover Contest February Winner - Brenda McKenzie Mota

Hello, scription magazine availble. s & ideas, more than any sub icle art , ine gaz ma r you oy I throughly enj I hope this reaches you. r I do not do much on line, so nst to her, submit her for you a. I would like to, unbeknow are r you in rks wo and ns. s, atio live y situ My daughter al medical, and home/famil n dealing with some person bee has She . test con in ver ul thf keo ma ough you g others, is a grandmother, alth pin hel rs hou ied var and g n neglects herself, She works lon s her attractiveness and ofte get for and r, yea s thi 50 g appearance,will be turnin a good canidate. at for others. I feel she would be uld like to surprise her, even e of her. She avoids that. I wo tur pic t ren cur a e hav not do I ~ Betty McKenzie ded info, please let me know. my own risk.....any other nee

Rebekah gave her a deep violet brown with just a few hidden highlights around her face. The dark color helped to make her green-blue eyes stand out! She cut several inches off the bottom and gave her a bouncy fun cut with long layers and swept her bangs to the side to update her style. Kristen gave her a manicure using a hot pink shade from Vinyl Lux. Kelly used Sorme makeup to conceal reddness in her cheeks. She used plum colored eyeshadow and plum lipstick to go with her new violet colored hair!

Hair, Makeup, Manicure - Volume Salon Wardrobe, Accessories - Marilyn’s off Monroe Dinner for Two - Johnny T’s Magazine Write Up - Simply Hers Magazine


Our Amazing Staff:


Kelly Dunlap | Kim Holtz | Bridget Prater | Lanette Esterline Rebekah Turbeville | Kristen Salyer | Jim Roberts

We can help you be

Prom Wedding

for your next


Walk-ins welcome cut | color / highlights | family hair care | manicures pedicures | shellac/ acrylics | nail art | body/facial waxing Facials up-dos| hair extensions | make up applications special occasion | eyelash extensions

Now hiring licensed stylists, estheticians, and massage therapists, Mo. • 11-5 | Tu. • 9-7 | We. • 10-6 Th. 9-7 | Fr. • 9-5 | Sa. • 9-3 or by appointment

Salon & Spa

8 E Bacon Street | Hillsdale, MI | 517-437-0123 17

Health Matters:

Chiropractic Care After Back Surgery So you went through the trauma of back surgery, and six months later you are still in pain. Can you go to a chiropractor? Is it safe? Will it help? Absolutely!

particular situation before beginning any kind of treatment. This examination will usually involve taking a detailed medical history, doing a careful physical evaluation and (where appropriate) ordering diagnostic imaging such as an x-ray or MRI.

Chiropractic care after back surgery is quite common. In fact, in recent years many surgeons have started referring their post-surgical patients to chiropractors for rehabilitative work. They realize the importance of addressing the needs of the entire back to prevent further trouble. Although surgery may repair some kinds of damage, it can also cause secondary trauma to surrounding tissues.

One common problem that emerges after back surgery is that people tend to shift their posture in order to minimize discomfort. This can create new, chronic stresses on the spine, setting vertebrae out of alignment. This sets off a ripple effect through the whole body, creating pain and soreness in many other areas of the body. Consistent work and stretching to strengthen vertebral muscles will be an important part of regaining back strength and comfort. An experienced practitioner can also help re-train you how to stand, sit, walk etc. in ways that can help reduce and increase mobility. Also getting regular chiropractic treatments that promote healing and prevent further damage can go a long way.

Luckily, surgery is only necessary in a relatively small number of cases involving back problems. Non-invasive methods such as chiropractic care are available for treating a wide range of spinal conditions, including back pain, sciatica and herniated discs. However, in some severe cases, particularly those involving fractured vertebrae, scoliosis, kyphosis, and when degenerative disc disease has progressed to a point where the spinal nerves are being compressed and causing constant pain, surgery may be necessary. Many people ask, “How long does recovery from spinal surgery take?� The answer varies greatly depending on the extent of the surgery and the techniques used as well as the general physical condition and behavior of the patient. Recovery time can range anywhere from two weeks to a year, with the average being about 12 weeks. However, there are some things you can do to help speed recovery, including receiving chiropractic care. While regular chiropractic care can help keep you off the operating table in the first place, it can also help you to recover from back surgery if it does become necessary. Despite what you may think, visiting a chiropractor after back surgery does not have to be a cause for anxiety. Licensed chiropractors are among the most experienced healthcare professionals when it comes to treating spinal problems of all types. They will give you a thorough examination to assess your

After your back has had some time to recover, it’s important to get it moving again, and chiropractic care can help to relax the muscles and realign vertebrae that may have become misaligned from surgery or in the days of recovery following. Chiropractic adjustments can help to stimulate the flow of fluids to the spinal area, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the spinal tissues and carrying away waste material in order to speed healing. Chiropractic care after back surgery is a safe and comfortable way to return to health and live without chronic pain, especially after having an operation. It can prevent complications from misaligned vertebrae including minimizing the stress on surrounding tissues. Chiropractic is the hands on, non-invasive approach to getting back your health and fitness. Contact Dr. Matt Gordon today to find out how he can help you after your back surgery. The consultation is free and there is no obligation. To schedule an appointment call 517-439-9800.

Keeping Families Healthy Chiropractic care is the backbone of a healthy family. Call today to request an appointment.

Chiropractic Care | Corrective Exercises Nutritional Counseling | Lifestyle Advice Massage Therapy | Personalized Treatments Well Wave Therapy

Hillsdale CHiropraCtiC

79 Hillsdale St, Hillsdale, MI 49242 | (517) 439-9800 | www.hillsdalewellness.com


Prescription Sunglasses in the Brands you are looking for... Real Tree - Duck Dynasty Tommy Bahama Harley Davidson Tommy Hilfiger Liz Claiborne Nike Vision Maui Jim Rampage Marc Jacob Carrera Guess Bebe

Get ready for spring with our new maintenance package Regular $185.00 on sale foR $119.95



Layman’s Service Center A Certified Bumper to Bumper Service Center

42 Waldron St., HillSdale • (517)437-3821

ADivision of Newberry & Sons Inc

For All Your Party Needs

Jonesville Eye Care 461 Olds St • Jonesville | (517) 849-9277 www.jonesvilleeyecare.com

• CoCktail tables • Chandeliers • Cathedral side Wall • heaters • stage

• Chairs • iCe tables • Free standing Canopys • 6’ - 8’ banquet tables


517-639-4703 • 517-617-4233


Everything you need to know about

safe spring Cleaning by stephanie ray, Pt, dPt hIllsdAle fAcIlIty MAnAger


ith the first day of spring on March 20th, spring cleaning is up towards the top of my to-do list. I’m sure most of us have had that next-day problem of being unable to stand up straight, unable to walk or lie down, or just general soreness and stiffness after spring cleaning. It is possible to complete your spring cleaning without being sore the next day, and even using it as a form of exercise! As we start to plan our spring cleaning tasks, lets think ahead on proper body and lifting mechanics, along with ways to avoid injury and soreness:

PAce yourself And tAke breAks.

• Don’t overdo it by attempting to clean your entire house in one day. Make a list of what needs to be done, and split the tasks up over several days or weekends. If you are fatigued or exhausted, you are more likely to injure yourself. • If you are painting, keep your brush or roller in front of you and between waist and shoulder level. Avoid excessive neck extension for prolonged periods of time.

sPAce out rePetItIve MotIons.

• Change cleaning tasks frequently to avoid overuse injuries - excessive scrubbing, lifting, or constant standing can cause both muscle soreness and injury.

use good body MechAnIcs.

• When performing heavy lifting, such as lifting a bucket full of soapy water or taking out the garbage, maintain a neutral spine and engage your abdominal muscles prior to lifting to help stabilize and protect your spine. • Squat down with a wide base of support, also by bending at the hips and knees versus your back. lift and carry the load close to your body and at waist level if possible. • Avoid twisting motions, especially when lifting; lead with your feet, and step to place a load instead of reaching out with your arms. • If possible, push instead of pull furniture and heavy objects. Do not hesitate to ask for help. • Avoid excess stretching and awkward positions.

I hurt Myself, WhAt do I do noW?

AvoId fAlls.

• Stabilize a ladder before climbing. • Don’t hesitate to ask someone to help with cleaning eaves troughs, ceiling fans, or those other high and hard to reach places, especially if you do not have the right equipment. • Be sure your path is clear and dry ahead of time when you are carrying objects.

Ice and rest is typically recommended for an acute injury. Physical Therapists treat a wide variety of sprains, strains, and overuse injuries that are both acute and chronic. If you seek treatment early, typically we see a better and faster outcome. We offer free injury screens to determine if there is a need for physical therapy services, or you can see your physician for a prescription for physical therapy so we can safely return you to your active lifestyle!

We’d love to work with you in achieving an active lifestyle! Formerly Gary Gray Physical Therapy

adrian brooklyn Hudson Hillsdale 16 W Carleton St., Ste. 1 250 S. Main St., Ste. 4 325 Railroad St. 1801 W. Maumee St., Ste. 125 517-264-6141 517-439-2376 517-592-8695 517-448-2035

Additional locations in Clinton, Coldwater and Temperance. Visit www.AcceleratedRehab.com for more info. 20

BeAuTiFul BrAS

for every size at gorgeouS prices.

Real Men Rock!

Please don’t shake them - you might break them!

Making rooM for spring arrivals

BrAS ThAT FiT Mon-Fri 10am-6pm • Sat 10am -3pm 4114 Page Ave • Michigan Center 800-796-0977 | www.brasthatfit.net

Photo by

Jim Cole and daughter, Brooklyn

Dave Smith

Hi! This is Jim Cole, proud father of daughter, Brooklyn. Taking care of young children is hard work. When they cry, it may seem even harder. Please don’t shake them - you might break them! At times you may feel angry. Don’t lose your don’tbreak shake them -cool youand. might Please don’t shake themPlease - you might them! . . break them!

RealMen Men Rock! Real Men Rock! Real Rock!

NEVER SHAKE A BABY. Shaking a baby, for even seconds, can result in cerebral palsy, blindness, paralysis, brain damage and even death. Get control, you’re the adult. Ask for help.


Dave Smith Dave Smith

If you need immediate help, call 1-800-4-A-CHILD. For information, call CAPA at (517) 437-3100 Photo by Dave Smithof Hillsdale County Child Abuse Prevention & Awareness

Joe Campbell andand son, Joe Campbell son,Harrison Harrison

Hi! This is Joe Campbell, proud father of son, Harrison. fora ababy baby or young Hi! This is Joe Campbell, proud father of son, Harrison.Caring Caring for or young child child is is email: capahillsdale@sbcglobal.net hard work. Ahard multiple kids can make it harder. It It means hoursand and little work. Aofmultiple of kids can make it harder. meanslong long hours little sleep.sleep. Some Some Joe Campbell and son, Harrison www.capahillsdale.net babies cry a babies lot. Ifcry you’re getting frustrated, taketake a break. someoneyouyou trust to relieve a lot. If you’re getting frustrated, a break.Ask Ask someone trust to relieve you for a while, or put the baby in a Hi! cribThis or playpen for a few minutes. You’re the adult, get Joe for Campbell, proud of son, Harrison. Caring for a baby or young child is you for a while, or put the baby in a crib orisplaypen a few minutes. You’re father the adult, get control, don’t lose your cool.

control, don’t lose your cool. hard work. A multiple of kids can make it harder. It means long hours and little sleep. Some NEVER SHAKE A BABY. Shaking a baby,cry for aeven can getting result in serious injury ortake a break. Ask someone you trust to relieve babies lot.seconds, If you’re frustrated, Shaking a baby, for even seconds, can result in serious injury or even death. NEVER SHAKE A BABY.you for a while, or put the baby in a crib or playpen for a few minutes. You’re the adult, get even death.

Huge ance clear Sale on going now!

Hurry in for the Best ! Selections

Home Decor & more

10 North Howell Street • Hillsdale • 517-437-3113

control, don’t lose your cool.

NEVER SHAKE AA BABY. BABY... NEVER SHAKEA Shaking a baby, for even seconds, can result in serious injury or NEVER SHAKE BABY... death. REAL even MEN ROCK

Hillsdale Pulmonary REAL MEN ROCK


If you need immediate help, If1-800-4-A-CHILD. you need immediate help, call

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need immediate help, call 1-800-4-A-CHILD.

Dr. Karim Kelsey Kimble pa-c Danielle gooding n.p.

For information, call CAPA at (517) 437-3100 Child Abuse Prevention & Awareness of Hillsdale County email: capahillsdale@sbcglobal.net www.capahillsdale.net

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meDical plaza

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Muscle up - live fit.

Want to get fit... maybe its time to try hiit! Hello, again! Seems like it was just yesterday when we were talking about goals and how this simplest staple of all successful routines is so commonly overlooked. Now that you’ve taken ownership of what you expect to accomplish with your routines and put a date on it, let’s talk about one way to get there.

By James Campbell Simply Hers Magazine

There is one form of training that has been picking up steam in the fitness industry and is not slowing down. In fact, HIIT (high intensity interval training) is growing; some reports say it’s increased as much as 28%! If you think about it, this makes total sense. First of all, you give an “all out” effort with minimal rest which allows for a shorter workout duration. However, the intensity is not forfeited by any means, it is actually very demanding. Keep in mind that there is a HIIT routine for ANY fitness level, though. The second benefit of this form of training is that you can do it ANYWHERE! No doubt! You can do this in the privacy of your home with a $5 stopwatch from Walmart and an open space in the living room. Choose four exercises you’re comfortable with performing in proper form and BAM, you have a workout hammered out in 30 minutes. You can set up this training with bodyweight exercises and feel like you’ve accomplished something, trust me! Our lives revolve so much around our phones, computers and tablets, anymore, that you can go to your app store and download a timer app that is already geared towards this HIIT principle. But, for those of you who don’t have one of these devices, here is a basic breakdown of the routine by time. There are four rounds. Each round consists of 4 minutes. Within this 4 minutes you break it into

work and rest pieces. I’ve found that the most common is 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. If you are a beginner to exercise, you may choose a 15 sec/15 sec split instead. At the end of the four minute round, rest anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on your fitness level and the intensity of your exercises. Remember, keep it simple; this style of workout will kick your BUTT and you don’t need extreme lifts to get success. After that rest period, do another 4 minute round. So on and so on . . . . Now, I’ve been playing with this style of workout at my studio, PRIME, for some time and have found several ways to change intensity and focus. You need to think outside the box and experiment with this to mold it, making it yours. Want help? Come check out how we do it! You’ll be hooked for sure! I want people to live fit, ALL of you! I understand how life can be. Kids, work, shoot—life in general— can get so hectic that it’s easy to say, “I don’t have time, James.” My answer, “Who does?!” You have to MAKE time. If you want an excuse there are a million of them out there, viable ones, even. In the end you have to want to be active, you have to want to be fit. NOTHING WORTH HAVING WILL EVER BE HANDED TO YOU, SO GO OUT THERE AND WORK YOUR [butt] (not my first word choice here) OFF FOR IT!! Look at that, all I did is tell you how to do it and didn’t even touch on the rest of the incredible benefits of HIIT with heart rate and increased calorie burn for as long as the next 72 hours! Good luck, and I hope when you see me you can tell me all about your successes with this incredible style of exercise!

Class sChedule Tuesday 5:00pm — Strength (Formerly Tabata) 5:30pm — Core 6:00pm — Strength (Formerly Tabata) Thursday 5:00pm — Strength (Formerly Tabata) 5:30pm — Core 6:00pm — Strength (Formerly Tabata) saTurday 7:00am Hurricane

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A Cluster of Happiness By Stephanie Gordon Simply Hers Magazine

If I were to define the word “cluster,” I would define it as marriage with children. I remember the days before Eloise. Matt and I would make spontaneous plans. It didn’t take 30 minutes to get out the door. We worked out whenever we wanted. I seemed to have my legs shaved more often. We were rested. We didn’t have a care in the world. Before children, we played. Now, we’re a cluster. I tend to be an anxious person. I love plans. Planning makes me relaxed and happy. I also love my routine. Before Eloise, I had my months planned out. I practically had my year planned. My house was spotless and I slept eight hours every night. Nothing is routine, planned or clean about my life with Eloise. Nothing ever goes to plan, which has led me down a road of mixed emotions. I should lie here on the floor and play blocks with Eloise, but look at the pile of dishes and laundry, and what are we eating for dinner?! Ugh, look at my chipped nails! Matt tends to be the complete opposite. He’s relaxed, cool, calm, goes with the flow and is my voice of reason. Don’t worry about the house. Relax and take a nap today. Go get out of the house for awhile. I laugh at him in my head. If only he knew what my days are like.


After the New Year, we knew we were spiraling into a cluster. We were at wits’ end, exhausted and the thought of having more children was crazy talk. We sat down and decided we needed to make the most of every hour, minute and second of each day. We made a workout scheduleand I started meal planning again; I learned to take a deep breath each day and spend some time once a week with girlfriends to keep my sanity. I suppose that’s why Matt and I are life partners. I keep our lives organized, and he puts things in perspective and works hard so I can stay home and raise our beautiful daughter and future child. And, when I’m on the kitchen floor playing with old measuring cups and see Eloise’s smile and big blue eyes, I am reminded that she will never be this young again, and she is my priority, along with my marriage and health. So, welcome to my cluster of a life. I believe it’s normal to feel selfish after having children, and I am still learning and accepting that I can’t have everything I used to, and that’s ok. My life wasn’t quite complete before Eloise, and now it is – unrested, partially cluttered house, unshaved legs, chipped nails and all. You can follow my cluster on Instagram! Find me, stephanienbc!


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listen up Dads...

This message is directed toward you.

In past columns I have spoken primarily about moms. It’s time to talk about dads and what dads do. by Dr. Jon Herbener Simply Hers Magazine

Dr. Jon Herbener Board Certified Pediatrician Fellow of American Academy of Pediatrician Practicing in Hillsdale for 37 years Chief of Pediatricians at Hillsdale Community Health Center

If you have any topic ideas that you would like Dr. Herbener to discuss please email them to us at marlanea@simplyhers.net

26 26

As a father, or a partner, you play a key role in your baby’s healthy development. Positive interactions and shared activities between infants and dads enhance children’s mental development and improve their social and emotional outcomes. Even when mothers and fathers share equally in the parenting duties, dads bring their own style to the venture. While moms often can calm an upset baby more easily, fathers tend to play with their children more. The games men traditionally play – vigorous, active games – help babies develop physically as well as intellectually. Fathers do well in a teaching or coaching role, setting goal – oriented tasks for their children. Being actively involved with your infant not only benefits your baby, but also enhances your own well-being. Dads who spend time with their infants and children report an increased sense of competence, greater satisfaction with parenting and a new found sense of maturity, personal growth and responsibility. As one dad told me, “taking care of my children is the toughest challenge I face, but facing it strengthened me and enlarged my life.”

After childbirth, along with the physical changes your partner is experiencing, she may seem to be on an emotional rollercoaster – and taking you along for the ride. One minute she’s beaming with joy and then next she is crying. Mood swings are common, and most new moms experience the baby blues, triggered in part by major hormonal shifts after birth. Symptoms include tearfulness, anxiety and irritability. Your partner may have trouble eating or sleeping, and she might become angry or upset with you or the new baby. The baby blues usually pass within a week or two. A more serious issue is postpartum depression which lasts longer and includes more severe symptoms. Because you know your partner better than anyone else, you’re in the best position to notice changes in mood and behavior that might indicate a problem. Be patient. It takes time for your partner to recover physically and emotionally from pregnancy while caring for an infant. Be patient with her, and ask for her patience with you, too. This is a new experience for both of you. One of your most important jobs is to provide support and help create a nurturing environment for her. In the next column I will go into detail about some of my ideas about how to do that.

infants | children | adolescents


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Strap up the boots

It is time for Annual Training.

by Sarah So Simply Hers Magazine

Hello, again! As I sit here and type this, I find myself trying to remember the last time I checked in with you readers. I honestly can’t remember, so let me do a brief recap of the end of last year. I had our usual Summer Annual Training. It was one of my more tragic ones, as we had a soldier who was killed in a car accident on his way to training. Presenting the flag to his family was the most difficult thing that I have ever done in the military. It was a sudden and violent reminder of the ephemeral nature of life, and why each day is important even when it doesn’t seem like it. We had a statewide QRF exercise in Muskegon in September, in which I commanded over 150 soldiers who worked together with civilian law enforcement, government and military WMD assets to respond to a simulated chemical threat on a boat in Lake Michigan. The exercise went very well, and the picture above my name is actually from that exercise. The exercise was over my wedding anniversary, making my husband and me three-for-three on wedding anniversaries missed due to military service. I always tell my husband he can’t be angry, because I am spending our anniversaries making the So name epic. This year will mark four-for-four wedding anniversaries missed, as I will be at Fort Leonard Wood doing Phase II of my Captains Career Course. The holidays marked the end of the year, and, although I was as excited as I always am, I was also very sick. I unfortunately spent much of the holidays in bed. That brings us up to the present. It is currently early February as I write. Yesterday I completed a very important inspection for my unit, in which the state comes in and inspects all of my equipment and the maintenance program that I have implemented to care for that equipment. This inspection happens every few years, and my unit has not passed in almost a decade. We passed with an astounding 98%! I was very proud. Next week, I leave for Annual Training 2015. Annual training, the two weeks that we spend in the field, normally occurs during the summer months. This year they decided, with six months’ notice, that we are going to do Annual Training in February. I, for one, despite having been born and raised in southern Michigan, absolutely abhor the cold. So, I was definitely not a fan of this mission. However, at the end of the day, it is my job as a soldier to go where I’m needed, and it is my job as a commander to show my soldiers the value in all training events. I have begun working around the clock to prepare them for this event, and am including several films and vignette-type moments throughout the training to show them that the American Army has often fought in cold weather conditions, and that frequently our unpreparedness for the condi-


tions has been disastrous. I plan on showing films and documentaries showcasing veterans from the Korean War and WWII, where cold weather battles were fought and had an impact on American troops. I’ve also planned some non-traditional training events, like non-standard M4 and pistol ranges, and a Snow Shoe Land Navigation event. So, I suppose that the in next Simply Hers you read, I’ll be detailing to you how that goes, even if I’m typing without all of my fingers. Much of the training that we do get the chance to do has been heavily impacted by the sequestration. I have always taken the stance that I never want this article to turn into a political article, but mainly just let it stand as a modern testament to what it is like to be a female in the United States Army in this day and age. However, I can say that we are on the dawn of a whole new era in the National Guard. Many people tell me that this is similar to what the guard looked like in the 1990s. There is little to no money available for training events, and in order to get soldiers to the military schools that they require, we have to sacrifice having them attend their Annual Training. I completely understand the necessity for military cutbacks, but also fear what the recourse will be should we need to enter another theater of combat quickly. Over fifty percent of the soldiers who have deployed over the past 15 years of war have been guardsmen and reservists, with 700 Soldiers/Marines/Airmen from the Guard making the ultimate sacrifice. We have proven that we are just as much professional soldiers as the active component, with the added benefits of being more civilian-friendly (because most of us live our lives full time as civilians, just not me), and having additional skills outside of what we practice in the military. Unfortunately, I think that this article is going on too long. I will leave you for now and be seeing you again, hopefully during warmer months. I welcome any feedback on the things that you would like to see discussed in these articles, as I hate the idea of them just being nothing more than diary entries. Your feedback or questions are always welcome at my civilian email address: sarmstrong31b@gmail. com. Stay safe and warm until next time! Captain Sara So 177 MP BDE C2CRE Project Officer MIARNG QRF Commander 144 MP CO Commander

Spring is in the “hair”

KicK those winter blues

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My Journey

I choose to fight with a vengence.

By Ashley Price Simply Hers Magazine

As oil prices plummet and uncertainty rises in America’s energy industry, I’m actually feeling more secure and steady. If you read the last column, you’ve probably become aware that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for me, but, such is life. With each set back is the desire to move past it and prove my negative thoughts wrong and to welcome the opportunity for new growth. Feeling lost is such a scary feeling. And, that word pretty much sums up my past year. That, and learning the fact that I have no control over life. It’s hard stay grounded when life is constantly changing and throwing you curve balls. People say, “Oh, embrace the change!” and I say, “Way easier said than done, people!” And it is. Way easier said than done. But, it can be done, and I do believe it is the only way to come out on the other end of life alive. You really don’t have a choice, anyway. Life is always going to be like trying to catch a slithering snake. It’s constantly writhing and slipping out of your control, trying to get away. The only way to hold on is to embrace the inevitable, regroup and get a new foothold. But what they, those people, don’t tell you is that the changing isn’t even really the hardest part. Yes, change is inevitable, but knowing how to embrace the change is another challenge altogether. It’s picking up the wreckage of what was and deciding


what to let go of and and what you should cling to. How to carry on. I’m a believer in finding my “true north,” but there are a lot of roads presented to you at any given time and consequences to each. How do you know which direction to head, especially when all you really need is time to grieve what was? Well, I’m still trying to find the answer to that question, but with the help of a little therapy and my life/business coaching, I am now feeling refreshed and optimistic about my life. I have very clear goals that I want to achieve this year. I’m no longer afraid to get out of bed each day, no longer afraid of choices, and no longer going to be a slave to my own self-sabotaging. I’m trying to sift through the pieces of my past and add them to the vision of my future to build a new, stronger me. So with all that being said, I can’t wait to see what this year brings. Hell, it can’t be any worse than last year. I’m ready to face this year with a warrior spirit instead of acting like a victim! I still have control over myself, my attitude, and my actions, and it’s time for me to show life what’s up. To show her that she can throw anything at me, and I’ll come back with a vengeance. Stronger and more fierce than ever. Because at the end of the day, that’s really all we can do. We can choose to fight or to give up. And I choose to fight.


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My eight-year-old

is my hero.

By Sarah Gray Simply Hers Magazine

It seems whenever my family and I visit with someone we haven’t see in a while, especially if they are people who knew me when I was young, they can’t help comparing my children to me. It’s a natural thing to do – they are a combination of my husband and me, so they more than likely have a number of our traits.

But, I think what impresses me most is her independence. She is not a clingy kid, never has been. She is a let-me-do-it-myself-I-don’t-need-anyhelp-from-you kind of kid. When it comes to trying something new, she jumps right in and doesn’t look back.

Usually, they are physical traits. This is especially true of my youngest, who, I must admit, is darn near the spitting image of me when I was her age. (Sorry kid, the early teen years are going to be AWKWARD! Just try and stay away from a crimping iron.) My son has a lot of Dad’s features, and our oldest is a sort of perfect mix of the two of us. (Her initials just happen to be EKG, so we’ve been told she is going to be a heartbreaker.)

For example: We moved to Jonesville just before the start of her first grade year. We were nervous for her, as it’s hard to start in a new school in a new town. She didn’t know anybody in her class. We tried to meet some kids during the open house, but it just didn’t happen. So on the first day of school I expected tears, sadness or worry. Nope, not one bit. She ran down the driveway to the school bus never looking back. When she came home, she bounded off the bus ecstatic about her first day, excited to go back for day two.

While physical attributes are certainly a big part of what you hand down to your kids, personality traits are also something that gets passed on from generation to generation. For instance, my younger two are quite shy, something both me and my husband were when we were young. Then there is our oldest. She has a tenacity and fire inside her that is very impressive for a girl her age. She’s not intimidated, she’s not scared; she just goes out and does it. I love her for that. I admire her for that. When I was her age, I was pretty quiet and just followed along with everyone else. Not my daughter. She stands up for herself, makes her feelings known (sometimes quite loudly) and is not afraid to speak her mind – even to adults. While I sincerely hope all those interactions with adults are respectful, I give her a lot of credit for being able to talk to them. I know I couldn’t do that when I was a second grader.


Over the summer we moved to a different church, and, just after we started, the church had their Vacation Bible School. We asked our oldest if she wanted to go and she was very excited. Again, she didn’t know anyone from the church as we had just started going and it was in a different town than where we lived. On the first day, my husband and I signed her in and dropped her off where everyone was getting a bite to eat. She said goodbye, got in line, sat down next to some kids she had never met and introduced herself. This is just how she is. (I, on the other hand, would have cowered off in a corner until I was specifically asked to join.) It seems in a time when girls are growing up faster and faster, falling into “what everyone else is doing” is coming at an earlier age. I am proud that my daughter stands up and won’t be swayed by peer pressure. That girl is fierce. I pray she never loses it.




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ecumseh Take a Stroll Through

By Melissa McCance Simply Hers Magazine

Photos provided by Tecumseh Economic Development 34


you’re looking for something different to do, how about exploring a diverse and distinctive downtown? Find that perfect item for your home, score a yard or two of fabric for your current sewing project, purchase a miniature carousel for your father’s model train layout and discover a new and wonderful wine. You might just fall in love with the BEST boots you’ve ever seen, enjoy wandering through an amazing aisle of kitchen gadgets, taste (and purchase) some delicious artisanal cheeses, buy some sheet music for your budding musician and add a few “made in Michigan” goodies to your treasures.

Open fo r lunch da i l y 11 am M i d n i g ht 124 W C hicago B lvd Te tecumse cumseh hbrewin gco.com

Of course, you’ll need a lunch or dinner break, so . . . where to eat? Well, do you want a specialty hotdog, panini, beef pasty, pizza, wings, amazing sandwich, great burger, succulent omelet, sizzling steak, delicious salad, quiche or a fabulous soup? All are available! “OK,” you’re thinking, “sounds terrific, but I don’t want a long drive. I need something to do that’s nearby!” Surprise! Everything described above—and far more—can be found in Tecumseh, Michigan. Tecumseh boasts an interesting downtown with many independent, locally-owned businesses, plus a variety of great restaurants and a host of recreational and cultural attractions. In addition, Tecumseh hosts numerous festivals and special events throughout the year that are well worth investigating, starting with the Ice Sculpture Festival in January and continuing with holiday parades, Downtown Divas at Dusk (a spring and fall event), Easter Egg Hunt, farmer’s market, Music in the Park (summer through early fall), Art in the Park, En Plein Air Paint Out & Quick Draw, Appleumpkin Festival and the Candlelight Home Tour, to name only some. Enjoy the Art Trail Tecumseh, an outdoor sculpture exhibit that you can explore as a self-guided tour. The Art Walk is a cooperative venture that brings artists out onto the sidewalks of downtown to demonstrate their work, while participating retailers offer extended hours and complimentary refreshments.

“We’re anxious to share with our community - our passion for craft beer and great food! See you soon. Cheers!” - Tim Schmidt & Kyle DeWitt

• 16 Hand-crafted Brews • Tap Room • game Room • Biergarten • Live Music



Tecumseh offers recreational opportunities as well, including over 6 miles of trails for biking, hiking and walking in the Tecumseh area. Canoeing and fishing are also at hand, and canoes can be rented from the Tecumseh Paddling Company. Winter activities include skating at Adams Park next to City Hall and snowshoeing. Snowshoes and poles can be rented from the Recreation Department for a day or a weekend. Contact them at 517-423-5602. The more than 360 acres of parkland welcome visitors, as do two local golf courses. If you’re feeling seriously adventurous, you should visit Skydive Tecumseh! They provide a wide range of skydiving opportunities for everyone from firsttimers to advanced jumpers. With over fifty years in the business, the staff at Skydive Tecumseh has the professional qualifications to make your experience a great one. Reach them at 517-SKYDIVE.

Holly DeWitt REALTOR®

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T i lT o n & S onS

Available in a variety of styles and colors.


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Curious about where to find the items mentioned in those opening paragraphs? The list below highlights some of what downtown Tecumseh offers. For more detailed information, including a number of links to retail sites, visit www.downtowntecumseh.com and www.mytecumseh.org. Some of the businesses have websites, some have Facebook pages; an internet search will help you find out more. The downtowntecumseh. com site also has a downloadable map you can print.

Antique & Vintage


Explore Items for Every Decor ... • Primitives • Industrial • Retro • Shabby Chic • Rustic • & More

Mon. - Sat • 10 - 6 | Sun. 12-5 138-140 E. Chicago Blvd. • Tecumseh • 517-301-4747

116 S. EvanS St. • tEcumSEh MICHIGAN WARES Flowers & Plants LeCrema Coffees Pam’s Pantry Products Giftware Memorial Tributes

Over 30 Michigan vendors making products in Michigan!

Jewelry, Photography, Authors, Fused Glass, Soaps, Quilted Items, Home Decor, Women’s Accessories & More

Grey Fox Floral / MichiGan WareS

tEcumSEh coinS

Buying & Selling Coins Appraisals Nuismatic Supplies

tecuMSeh coinS

517.423.3735 | Mon.-Fri. • 8:30aM - 5pM • Sat. 8:30aM-2pM | Mon.-Fri. • 10aM - 5pM • Sat. 10aM-2pM | 517.423.7972

Uptown Looks with Hometown Service

112 E. Chicago Blvd • Tecumseh



Blush Boutique—young women’s clothing and accessories, casual to dressy Great Ideas—stylish women’s accessories




154 E. Chicago Blvd. (517)301-4700 Tuesday-Saturday 10-5






Tilton & Sons Shoes—full-service, family shoe store offering casual, dress and athletic shoes plus boots and handbags


Antiques & Vintage on the Boulevard —Items for every decor. Primitives, industrial, retro, shabby chic, rustic & more. August Company—beautiful home accents from whimsical to elegant, plus florist services DGII—unique home décor and gift items Great Ideas—besides offering interior design services, Great Ideas also has repurposed furniture


Martin’s Home Center—indoor and outdoor furniture, appliances and electronics, as well as an Ace Hardware Tecumseh Antiques & More!—browse through a lovely assortment of vintage and antique items The “kid at heart” children’s gift shop


Wine and Gourmet Foods Go Together Bring in this ad for a free jar of wine jelly!

free samples Daily!

What a Find! —Consignment store offering everything from tiny collectibles to books, artwork, home accents and furniture


(menu items at these restaurants are NOT limited to what’s mentioned here!) Basil Boys—pizza, salads, sandwiches and more British Tea Garden—varied English menu (light and heartier items), plus imported groceries, specialty foods and gifts City Limits Diner—salads, burgers, omelets, wraps The Daily Grind—coffee and coffee drinks, pastries, salads, sandwiches The Dog House—wide variety of hotdog topping combinations, paninis, salads Evans Street Station—creative, distinctive menu with an emphasis on locally-sourced foods JR’s Hometown Grill & Pub—specializes in steaks, also offers ribs, sandwiches, salads Marco’s Pizza—pizzas, subs, salads

Two Great Businesses Under One Roof!

Muk’s Sports Pub—large appetizer menu, burgers, sandwiches, nachos, wraps, salads

131 E Chicago Blvd. • Tecumseh • 517-423-9000

The Spotted Cow—soft-serve and hand-dipped ice cream, shakes, sundaes, flurries

Hours: Mon - Sat 11 - 6:30 and Sunday from 12 - 5 38

Tecumseh Brewing Company—a craft brewery offering housebrewed ales and lagers plus a varied menu (slated to open in March, 2015)


Boulevard Market—extensive stock of artisanal cheeses you can taste before you buy (including their in-house Four Corners Creamery cheeses), bread, gourmet items, wine and beer. Their own line of stone-ground chocolate was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal. Dip Stix & Stuff— gourmet goodies, plus gift basket and corporate gift services (located inside Pentamere Winery) The Doll Cottage—a must-stop for doll lovers, this shop has current market dolls and toys, and rare handmade vintage dolls Grey Fox Floral & Gifts—full-service florist with many gift items available for accenting arrangements; fruit and goodie baskets are also available Hacker Jewelers—extensive inventory and knowledgeable service offer a nice change from impersonal chain jewelry stores Hopscotch Kids—creative, quality toys carefully chosen for all ages; playgroups and special events, too. Call for more information. J. Trees Cellars—besides their own wines and ciders for purchase, the tasting room offers a variety of plates and paninis J-Bar Hobbies—the largest hobby store in the Midwest offers trains, science kits, books, models and much more Lev’s Bakery—a full service, old-fashioned bakery that serves up bread, soft pretzels, cakes, cookies, pies and famous doughnuts Mac’s Traxx’s—Tecumseh’s source for instruments, sheet music, lessons and supplies Material Obsession—long-arm quilting services for your quilt projects Michigan Wares—located inside Grey Fox Floral, this retailer has a variety of food and gift ideas that are Michigan-made

888-659-8979 | Downtown Tecumseh | www.hackerjewelers.com

Get relief from sinus pain and discomfort. Samantha Mucha, MD

777 Kimole Lane, Suite 240 Adrian, Mich. 49221

Ousterhout’s Flowers—a family-owned florist creating traditional or contemporary arrangements with your choice of fresh, dried and silk flowers


Pentamere Winery—innovative wines, and the chance to tour and witness the winemaking process. Tastings available.


200 E. Russell Road, Suite C Tecumseh, Mich. 49286

The Quilt Patch—a quilter’s dream destination, with thousands of bolts of quality fabric, patterns, books, tools, notions and classes Sweetlynni’s—interesting gifts in a wide range: jewelry, candles, lamps, purses, tables, etc. Tecumseh Coins—antique and collectable coin dealer Timeless Stitches—everything for the cross stitcher: patterns, fabric, threads, notions, magazines, etc.


If you experience frequent sinus headaches, pressure and nasal congestion, you could be suffering from chronic sinusitis or other sinus disorders. Experienced ear, nose and throat specialist, Samantha Mucha, MD, offers the latest treatments for sinusitis, including balloon sinuplasty – a safe and effective procedure that can be done right in her office. Call today to make an appointment to learn more.

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Photo from Hillsdale Historical Society

Celebrating Historical Women of Hillsdale County


By Sarah Gray Simply Hers Magazine

arch is National Women’s History Month, and what better way to honor women who have made – and continue to make – history in the United States than to learn about the women who helped to settle our community?

Hillsdale County has a number of historically significant women; in fact, someone has written a book highlighting many of them. Dan Bisher’s “Faded Memories: Examination & Profiles of Hillsdale County, Michigan’s Pioneer Period,” captures life in Hillsdale County from when it was first settled by Moses Allen in 1827 through its first few decades of development. The following are excerpts from Bisher’s book Mary (Barnes) Allen 1802-1877 Mary Barnes was born on July 21, 1802, in New York State. On August 9, 1818, the 16-year-old married Moses Allen at Brownstown, near Wyandotte on the Detroit River, south of the city of Detroit. She gave birth to five children while living in Brownstown. When her youngest was merely seven months old, she, her husband and their family made the long ox-drawn wagon journey through the wilderness to Hillsdale County in early April, 1827, upon the Chicago Trail, now U.S. 12. Allen chose to make the trip early in the month over a still-frozen trail to avoid having the wagon stuck in the mud. The following year, on October 26, 1828, Mary gave birth to their sixth child Adelia, probably the second white child born in Hillsdale County. Tragically, Moses Allen died suddenly from exposure to the elements on November 19, 1829, at the age of 43. Two years after his death on July 16, 1831, he received a land patent for 160 acres in section 10 of Allen Township from the U.S. government. Mary, his widow, took sole ownership of the property. She worked to take care of herself and her family, and, in 1829, Mary finished building a block tavern on Chicago Road, east of the Village of Allen. In 1830, Mary married a second time, to Hiram B. Hunt, the township’s first justice of the peace. This union had an interesting twist resulting in the couple being married twice on the same day. Originally, the engaged couple called upon Branch County Justice of the Peace Jabe Bronson to perform the ceremony, which he did. However, when Benaiah Jones heard of the union, he quickly got on his horse and rode over to Allen. He argued with Bronson that he was the legal magistrate for the area and he was the one who needed to preside over the marriage. So, Mary and Hiram were married again – paying each magistrate ten dollars for their service. Together they had two children. Hiram died four years later of hydrophobia. In 1838 or 1839, Mary married William J. Folyer and bore him a son. As years passed and part of the family relocated to Sumpter (in Wayne County), several of Mary’s children died of illness or during the Civil War. She may have gone to live with one of her remaining children, but she was far too independent to consider that action. She later married a Mr. Jones at an un-

36 36

known date. On January 7, 1877, Mary Barnes Allen Hunt Folyer Jones died at the age of 74. ### Chief Baw Beese was the leader of the Potawatomi Indian clan that inhabited Hillsdale County before English speaking white settlers arrived and within a little more than a decade saw the Indians removed by the federal government. Much of the history of these people is legend, but the stories of two of Chief Baw Beese’s daughters are both heroic and heartbreaking. The following story about his daughter Winona has many versions; however, the tragic ending remains the same. The following excerpt from the March 2, 1892, edition of the “Reading Hustler” recounts one of these versions. The Legend of Winona In 1838 or ’39, a comely young brave by the name of Ne-gaus-qua, sought and won the hand of Winona, the beautiful daughter of the Chief Baw Beese. At the time of her marriage, her father, Baw Beese, gave his daughter a creamcolored pony, which he took to the wigwam of Na-gaus-qua and Winona. For a while they lived peacefully together, until Ne-gaus-qua, like many Indians (and white men as well) fell victim to the excessive use of fire-water. To gratify his raging thirst for the strong drink, he pawned everything he had to a man by the name of Nickols, who kept the liquid essence of hell to sell to white men and Indians alike. When he had pawned everything belonging to himself, he finally, unknown to Winona, took her beloved pony and pawned that also for whiskey. When Winona found that her beautiful pony was gone, her grief and rage was beyond control and she threatened to take his life, at the same time flourishing a dagger she held in her hand. The drunken brave tauntingly bared his bosom and dared her to strike, probably thinking she would not do it. But Winona wild with rage and grief plunged the dagger to his heart and he fell dead at her feet. According to the Indians, for the crime of murder, of which Winona was guilty, she had to be tried by the chief of the tribe, who in this case was her father. Though it was a severe test upon his parental feelings, Baw Beese sternly did his duty and sentenced her to death. She was executed about a half-mile west of the present (1892) residence of John G. McWilliams in Camden. ### These two stories only scratch the surface of the historical and brave women of Hillsdale County. To read more about historical women from the area, check out Bisher’s book “Faded Memories: Examination & Profiles of Hillsdale County, Michigan’s Pioneer Period” at a local library. Books can also be purchased at the Mitchell Research Center in downtown Hillsdale and through Amazon.com.

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Robert E Schall, MD is committed to providing patients with convenient access to high-quality care. He believes that providing high quality care is not only about the medical advice that is dispensed, but more importantly about the relationships he has with his patients. He continues to strive to be a leader in innovative medical practices andis one of the first clinics in the area to offer online health services to patients.

accepting new patientS SaMe Day appointMentS walk-inS welcoMe

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Hillsdale Medical Associates, PLC is committed to providing patients with convenient access to high-quality care. We believe that providing high quality care is not only about the medical advice that we dispense, but more importantly about the relationships we have with our patients. We continue to strive to be a leader in innovative medical practices and are one of the first clinics in the area to offer online health services to our patients.

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Drews Place Assisted Living for seniors

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BUT DO YOU KNOW WHAT LOVE ISN’T? With February came Valentine’s day and we all spent the month being told what love is. An extra hug, a thoughtful gift, a wonderful surprise dinner, the list goes on and on. But while we are all striving for that special thing that love is, there are many women trapped in what they think love is. They are content with an old dating habit, stuck in a mind set or worse - stuck in an abusive or controlling relationship. With movies on the market today portraying women in toxic relationships believing the simple act of love can change an abuser, women are tricked into believing love is angry, stubborn and controlling. I think it is time we discussed a few things that love isn’t. First, love isn’t about you. Many people believe love is the emotional response to how the other person makes you feel. Have you ever thought you were in love because you got butterflies when he was around? Only to later realize that it was a false love that just didn’t seem to last? To avoid this it is important that we understand love is not about what you get out of a relationship but how you each can serve the other person. If you are in a relationship where the focus is always on the other person - their wants, their hobbies, their interests - then it is time to reevaluate. Secondly, love isn’t a roller coaster Sadly, women are raised to believe all relationships have their really good days and their really bad days. That is the way it works, right? Everyone has their ups and downs. Well, I have to disagree. While we all have disagreements with one another, this should not be a normal occurrence. If your go-to action is to fight and argue, something more is causing friction. If your significant other is fun-loving one day then completely downhill the next, something is wrong. I understand that it is much easier to sweep the bad days under the rug and not deal with them but trust me, they will not go away. If you find yourself doing things to avoid another bad day you are making yourself emotionally exhausted. Love should protect, hope and persevere. It shouldn’t be a momentary sense of 42

happiness while in the back of your mind you are waiting for the next emotional downfall. Roller coasters are fun to ride - just not in a relationship. Third, love isn’t selfless. I know, you are questioning this statement. Let me be more clear. Love isn’t selfless when done out of fear. Women tend to want to nurture, it is in our nature, but when it stems from a genuine fear of displeasing your partner it is not a healthy nurturing. Ask yourself if you are you are trying to make him happy because his unhappiness will result in him doing something to make you unhappy? That is not being selfless out of love. You should never be made to feel as though you are not “good enough” because you are not doing what is expected of you. If you are in a relationship where you are being dishonored with angry temper tantrums, then I’m here to tell you.. That is not love. Lastly, love is not fast. You met a month ago, had your first date a couple of weeks ago and he is all you can think about. Constant texting, phone calls and time spent together - you must be in love! Sorry dear, love doesn’t work that way. Love is patient, love is slow. Getting to truly know a person - body, soul, and mind - takes time. If someone is telling you they love you after a short period of time then that should be a red flag. Now, don’t get me wrong, he may truly believe he loves you, but perhaps as I have been explaining, he just doesn’t know what love is. I have had past relationships where I wish I had taken the time to get to know the person better. Seriously, where’s the fire? Take your time. Just like a tree takes time to grow before producing fruit, a relationship needs time to grow before producing love. Keep in mind that love isn’t smiling through pain to make another person happy. If you are with someone who tries to convince you otherwise, or are asking you to prove your love to them, then it is not love. That is pride and self-centered manipulation. Love is not pushy, selfish or hurtful. It is kind, honest and full of hope.

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Book and Author Reviews

My last article asked readers what books they are enjoying. So, here we go!

By Nancy Ryan Simply Hers Magazine

Kathy just read Bittersweet by Colleen McCullough. If you are wondering why that author’s name should ring a bell, it’s because she is the author of the famous novel The Thornbirds. (I read today that she just passed over to the Lord’s hands.) Like The Thornbirds, this story also takes place in Australia, the author’s homeland. Growing up in the 1920s and 30s, it is the tale of four sisters, two sets of twins. Together, they begin to study nursing to escape their controlling mother/step-mother. Edda wants to be a doctor, but finds her goal hard to attain for women in the 30s. Grace wants to marry, so she promptly falls in love at first sight and marries, leaving her nursing career behind. Beautiful Kitty is unhappy in her life as a beauty, feeling she is judged solely for her looks. She becomes a political wife, leaving nursing behind. Twin sister Tufts never wants to marry, and becomes a nurse and then top administrator at the hospital. I will not divulge how these sisters progress in their respective careers and all that happens to them after they begin their separate lives. No spoiler, me! Vicki really enjoyed Moonrise by Cassandra King. This is a modern day gothic romance of the ilk of Daphne duMaurier’s Rebecca. It is the story of Helen, a beautiful, but shy, successful television cook. She meets world famous tv newsman Emmett. He is grieving the loss of Rosalyn, his wife of 23 years, who died in a tragic, mysterious car accident. Helen and Emmett fall in love within that year and marry. They move back to his historic mansion in the Highlands of Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, where Emmet lived with his first wife. Naturally Helen is resented by all of the friends of the deceased Rosalyn. The story revolves around Helen’s move to Emmett and Rosalyn’s historical, gloomy mansion, where things go “bump in the night”. Peter introduced me to author Elizabeth Goudge, and her novel Green Dolphin Street. Now this was written in 1944 in a somewhat different prose style than what I am used to. However, her writing is timeless, and her fan club includes men and women extending from back then right up to these modern times. This book’s plot is about William, who emigrates from New Zealand to the new world of North America and writes home for a bride. Uh oh, he mistakenly asks for the wrong sister. Being an honorable man, he marries her and holds his tongue throughout their life. His accidental wife, Marianne, is a mean-spirited, prideful woman. Her sister, Marguerite, is the kind and gentle soul whom he really loved. Redemption comes at the end of this story, which I will not spoil for you. This author’s famous works include The Heart of the Family, Pilgrim’s Inn, The White Witch, The Valley of Song, and The Scent of Water. One of her constant themes is suffering, evil, and the response of the ordinary Christian. Reviewers note, “her strength as an author lies in her amazing portrayal of human nature in all its garishness and glory.”


My husband read The Arsenal of Democracy by A.J. Baime, and remarked that it is a fascinating work of Michigan history. The historical account details the role Ford Motor Company played in World War II and brings its people and their struggles to life. From Ford’s fascination with Hitler, through the building of the Willow Run bomber factory, to the Detroit race riot of 1943, he says no Michigander should miss it. The story starts with young Henry Ford and his son, Edsel, in an idyllic setting on Bagley Avenue in Detroit. They design their first car in the garage and drive it into history at the dawn of the 20th century. Baime traces the many twists and turns of the Ford family dynasty as the world hurtles toward war. The Fords and the American military machine thrust Detroit from its reputation as the “Paris of the Midwest” to the nation’s fourth largest city – and a churning social and economic cauldron. Franklin Roosevelt, Walter Reuther, Charles Lindberg, J. Edgar Hoover, and assorted other players of the era spring to life in these pages. I read local author Dan Bisher’s book Faded Memories. It is a compelling look at the pioneer period in Hillsdale County. If you are a history buff, this one is not to be missed! From the beautiful cover by artist James M. Wildt, to the amazing chapters behind that cover, you will not be disappointed. For instance, did you know in 1838 attorney James Kinmen emigrated from England and founded the first newspaper here, the Hillsdale County Gazette? Ever wonder about the true story of Captain Moses Allen? Did you know he first settled in an abandoned fur trapper’s cabin at US12 and M49? How about Jonesville’s founder, Benaiah Jones pitching his tent on the banks of the St. Joseph River in Jonesville in 1828, and then being hung in Texas 33 years later? How about some of the tales of our own Robin Hood, more commonly known as the notorious outlaw Silas Doty? A lot of stories follow his escapades throughout the country. Yes, I said country and not county! There is also a lengthy, descriptive and informative chapter on Hillsdale’s “first people”, and, of course, we read about the Potawatomi and our own beloved and famous Chief Baw Beese. Did you know that in 1840 soldiers forced them from their village on Squawfield Road into wagons and marched this proud Indian nation down what is now named Maumee Street to Jonesville, as hundreds of pioneers witnessed their tragic removal? Finally, did you realize that our own Highway US 12 is known as one of the nation’s oldest roads? The Great Sauk Trail! When Europeans arrived in Michigan in the 1600s, the Sauk Trail became important for fur traders between Lake Erie and Lake Michigan. Of course, Hillsdale County was right smack dab in the middle of that route. British troops, along with “rogues, rascals and wanders,” traveled along it. Riveting reading… I hope you take advantage of some of these scoops and pick them up! Please email me with your favorite books at nancyryan47@gmail.com

See you at the library!

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Legal matters: DO I NEED A TRUST? Trusts are often promoted as the ultimate estate planning solution. The basic proposition is that trusts solve every conceivable problem while wills lead to horrific results. Sensational stories about fighting children, ignored wishes and excessive costs promote this conclusion. By Timothy E. Dixon Simply Hers Magazine

Trusts offer many advantages over a will, but they are not necessary for everyone. It is important that your personal circumstances, your beneficiary’s circumstances and your plans for the distribution of your estate are considered when you are deciding whether or not you need a trust. As a general rule, trusts cost more to establish than wills, but trusts avoid the costs of probate. In Michigan, however, probate is not as expensive as often believed. Most estates are administrated without problems and require minimal court involvement. Even so, there are multiple situations when a trust may be a better choice.

Timothy E. Dixon Licensed Michigan Attorney Law Office of Timothy E. Dixon 27 N. Broad St. Hillsdale, MI 49242 Ph: (517) 437-4070 Fx: (517) 437-4062


A trust is often preferable when you have children from a prior relationship. This is because your surviving spouse may claim a spousal election, which is paid before your will is honored and may leave little, if anything, for your children. Alternatively, you may leave everything in your estate to your spouse and expect him or her to include your children in his or her estate. This agreement may change after your passing, though, because relationships and circumstances change. Trusts can also be written to distribute inheritances under controlled conditions. A trust is often a better choice when beneficiaries are minors, cannot manage money, or when creditor or personal injury judgments are possible.

For instance, instead of a minor receiving an inheritance at 18 years old, their inheritance could be distributed through a trust upon graduation from college, or upon reaching a certain age or even in portions over a number of ages. Trusts can also protect an individual’s inheritance from a creditor’s claim, a judgment or from their selling their inheritance at a discount to receive immediate cash. A trust is also a better choice when a beneficiary is receiving needs-based government assistance, such as Supplemental Security Income or Medicaid. An inheritance could disqualify the beneficiary from the government program causing the beneficiary to have to reapply after the inheritance is spent. Under these circumstances, a special needs trust can be utilized to provide an inheritance and protect the beneficiary from losing governmental support. Trusts are also a better choice when estate taxes are possible. For the 2015 tax year, estate taxes begin when your assets are greater than $5.43 million. (This number changes for inflation and also may change by acts of Congress.) For tax purposes, your estate includes real estate, life insurance, retirement accounts, personal property, etc. Basically, everything you have absolute control or potential control over is included in your estate for tax purposes. There are many other reasons why a trust would be beneficial, such as asset protection and financial management. Nevertheless, a trust is not for everyone, and it is important to consider your particular circumstances when deciding whether or not you need a trust.

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Have you ever done something really nice for someone? Something that made you feel good every time you thought about it? With Valentine’s Day just over, it reminded me of a truly romantic thing I did once. Unfortunately, it was that thing that just about put me over the edge.

By Willie Smith Simply Hers Magazine

A few years ago I worked with a woman named Donna. Such a sweetheart! She started dating a guy named Frank who was one of my husband’s best friends. We thought it was a match made in heaven, but, unfortunately, they had a falling out and stopped seeing each other. A year or so after the breakup my husband ran into Donna and they started chatting. Out of the blue she asked, “How’s Frank?” My husband replied that Frank was fine and started talking about something else. A few days later my husband remembered to tell me about his conversation with Donna and how she had asked about Frank. What!? Why hadn’t he told me this immediately? He said it was a simple question, he told Donna that Frank was fine and the conversation was over. He wondered what the big deal was. Men!! Women spend years trying to make them understand what we’re saying in plain, simple words, and they still don’t get it. It was SO obvious what Donna really wanted to know. She wanted to know if Frank still thought of her, if Frank ever asked about her, if Frank still cared about her, and, most important, if Frank was still available for her. My husband looked at me like I was crazy. He couldn’t figure out how I got all that from “How’s Frank.” Like I said, men!! Our conversation later that day went like this. Me: “Did you call Frank, yet?” Him: “Why would I call Frank?” Me: “Because Donna wanted you to.” Him: “No, she didn’t.” Me: “Sure, she did.” Him: “I’m pretty sure she didn’t.”


Me: “I’m absolutely, positively sure she did and if you

don’t call Frank this minute, I will.” He made the call, and guess what? Frank got it! Frank was interested! Frank called Donna! That Frank is so smart! Fast-forward a couple of years and guess who got married? Yep, Frank and Donna. And who deserved the credit for this love match? I did, but you know what happened? We’re at the wedding, and Frank’s sister gets up to toast the bride and groom. She told us that Frank and Donna were great together and they were meant to be. Then she started relaying the story of how they broke up and later patched things up thanks to someone very special to both of them. Oh, my gosh! She was talking about me! I was on the verge of tears, but I couldn’t cry. It would ruin my makeup, and everyone would be looking at me in just a moment. I hoped my hair looked okay. I was getting ready to stand and take a bow because I deserved this moment. If it hadn’t been for me, my husband would not have made that all-important call. If it hadn’t been for me, there would be no wedding. If it hadn’t been for me, there would be no Frank and Donna. If . . . what? What did she just say? Cletus Smith, would you stand, please? Wait! What? Cletus Smith? Surely, she meant to say Willie Smith, right? Wrong! She went on and on about what a great guy Cletus was. What a great friend he was to Frank and Donna, and how this wedding would never have happened if it hadn’t been for him. She even called him a saint. A SAINT!? Oh, really now, of all the things I could think to call him saint was not one of them. I was on the verge of throwing up when she finally stopped with the St. Cletus this and the St. Cletus that garbage. Thank goodness the toast was over, but now I had to listen to everyone at the reception come up and tell Cletus what a great guy he was. Do you think that man ever said my wife deserves more credit than I do? No, he didn’t. Do you think he even remembered I was standing right beside him? Nope, he was sucking up all the glory that should have been mine. I wondered how many of these people had an extra couch for the “saint” to sleep on ‘cause he was gonna need a place to stay. It’s going to be a while before I get over this one. I’m telling you, it’s enough to put me over the edge.

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life is the berries

Missing Peace of a Masterpiece.

By Laura Loveberry Inspirational Speaker and Author

Is something missing in your life? Do you long for a relationship to give you peace, purpose, and passionate belonging? Do you know you are loved right where you are with whatever form of personality, faults, and failures you have? It does not matter how long you have ran away from right. It only matters you put your faith in the ONE TRUE GOD through Jesus Christ. Putting your faith in the God of the Bible does not promise you an easy life. My life actually got much harder when I put my faith in Jesus, but God gives me the strength to climb upward through reading the Bible, talking to God (praying), having friendship with Believers, and growing in Bible teaching churches. In Jesus, I have peace, purpose, and a passionate belonging with an out-of-the box, over-the-top, and I-will-overcome zest for life in Christ! Is your life missing a piece? You can not be fully you without Jesus. Christ completes you. If God is speaking to your heart, I encourage you to get real with God right now. The Bible says Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. You can talk to God and put your faith in Jesus Christ today based on the John 3:16 NIV Bible verse, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” The Bible, also, explains in Ephesians 2:8-9 NIV, we cannot earn our way to heaven by being good enough because faith is a free gift, “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— 9 not by works, so that no one can boast.” So, YOU can talk to God today, and put YOUR faith in Jesus. It does not matter if you are good enough or what sins you have committed. What matters is Jesus loves you enough to die to pay the cost of your forgiveness. Jesus loves YOU. JESUS loves you. JESUS LOVES YOU! Perhaps you will use this similar Bible-based prayer I prayed when I put my trust in Jesus Christ: “Dear God, Thank you for sending Jesus to die on the cross for me, so I can be forgiven of my sins. Thank you for Jesus rising from the dead, so I can have eternal life and live forever in heaven with You. Right now I put my faith in Jesus Christ.

48 50

Thank you for saving me and making me a Christian. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.” (I added, “Please don’t make me a Jesus Freak,” but God did…and I love being a Jesus Freak ever since. LOL.) If you put your faith in Jesus today, welcome to the family of God. The God of the Bible is the One True Almighty God who can give your life purpose, passion, peace, and the power to overcome. For those who sincerely put faith in Jesus, you have God’s assurance from the Bible you are His child, loved, forgiven, and have the promise of life in heaven with God. I encourage you to study your Bible daily, talk to God by praying every day, and find a Bible teaching church that fits you well. I encourage you to share your newfound faith and the life-changing power of Jesus Christ with everyone God leads you. You’re welcome to email me at loveberry@charter.net, and let me know you made a decision for Christ today. I would love to give you words of encouragement. Reading the book of John in the Bible will be a good start to help you understand and grow. Before I became a follower of Christ, I had a missing piece in my life and was missing peace. Now the void is God-filled, and I have overflowing peace. I did not think I fit the culture of Christians with my exuberant, energetic, and over-the-edge personality. I came across the Bible verse found in Ephesians 2:10 NLT, “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” I realize God designed and prepared our personality in advance to live out the God-driven calling in our lives. I believe God had a plan I would be a bold personality, so I can be bold for Christ. Oh yea, I so need a bridle at times, but God is working on me. And He is working on YOU. God desires for you to realize the masterpiece YOU are when created anew by faith in Jesus, so you can do the God-things He planned in advance for you to do. God designed YOU as HIS creation. YOU are a masterpiece. Now go paint your world in the bright vivid colors or the soft muted hues of God’s palette and share your newfound faith in the style God designed! You be YOU… fully at peace…God’s masterpiece!

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(517) 437-0057 97 S. Broad St. Hillsdale, MI

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(517) 437-0057 97 S. Broad St. Hillsdale, MI

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take them swimming - weather or not!

No matter what the groundhog says...

Spring is HErE!


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Understanding Autism: Davon Wilson’s story By Sarah Gray Simply Hers Magazine

By the time her son Davon was 15 months old, Tania Wilson knew something was not right. He wasn’t walking or hitting any of the milestones a 15-month-old should be reaching. Her daughter, Mia, was just 18 months older than her brother, so Tania knew what he should be doing developmentally. She and her husband David started Davon in the Early On program at Greenfield school, and when he reached 17 months, Davon’s teacher suggested he be tested for autism. “At first I had denial,” Tania says. “I said, ‘No, he’s not.’’’ At that time, a child was not able to be tested for autism until age three. Davon turned three on a Friday, and Tania had him tested at the University of Michigan on Monday. He was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) and Asperger syndrome. “He was not totally put in just one category or the other,” Tania says “But he is more toward autism.” According to Autism Speaks, an autism science and advocacy organization, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and autism are both general terms for a group of complex disorders of brain development. These disorders are characterized, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors. April is Autism Awareness Month. Over the last five years, scientists have identified a number of rare gene changes, or mutations, associated with autism. A small number of these are sufficient to cause autism by themselves. Most cases of autism, however, appear to be caused by a combination of autism risk genes and environmental factors influencing early brain development. Now 13, Davon has made a lot of progress. He is in seventh grade at Hillsdale’s Davis Middle School in the MoCI (Moderately Cognitive Impairment) room. He is verbal now, something he wasn’t doing until he was eight


years old. Tania says he doesn’t say a lot of words and it is a big deal if he says five words in a row. When he does, the family gets excited and says, “Yay, high five!” Twice a week for the past 10 years, Tania, who is the computer teacher at Williams Elementary in Jonesville, takes Davon to Jackson for speech and occupational therapy. “The first time he said ‘Mama,’ I cried.” Tania said. “The next time it will be when he says ‘I love you’ unprompted.” Autism appears to have its roots in very early brain development, according to Autism Speaks. However, the most obvious signs of autism and symptoms of autism tend to emerge between two and three years of age. Statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identify around 1 in 68 American children as being on the autism spectrum–a tenfold increase in prevalence in 40 years. Although he was delayed in walking, Davon does not have any physical limitations now. “He doesn’t stay still,” Mia says. Tania adds, “If it’s quiet and you don’t see him, you need to be worried.” About 40 percent of people with autism have average to above average intellectual abilities. Others with autism have significant disability and are unable to live independently. About 25 percent of individuals with ASD are nonverbal but can learn to communicate using other means. The Wilson’s have kept Davon, who also has ADHD, integrated with kids his own age and grade level his whole life going to Early On, preschool and Williams Elementary in Jonesville until he was in fifth grade. Even though he is in seventh grade, Tania thinks he is mentally more at an eight-yearold’s level.

“He knows things, he just doesn’t let anyone know that he knows things,” she says, recalling how he answered all the questions correctly on a kid’s TV show without being prompted. Davon will stay in his program at Davis Middle School one more year, and then move on to a similar program at Hillsdale High School. Because it is not outwardly clear that Davon has autism, Tania says that being out in public can be difficult. “It’s not like Down Syndrome. Davon looks atypical. We get a lot of stares at Walmart,” she says. “Sometimes we just go about our business, while everyone stares. Sometimes we have to pack up and leave. People react differently.” Mia says she has a difficult time when kids and adults make fun of her brother. Even though Davon does not know it is happening, she tries to protect him and let others know their comments are not okay. Tania says this is just how their family life is. The kids have never had a babysitter outside of family, and she can’t remember the last time she and her husband went out together for a meal. He just started sleeping through the night, and he doesn’t like the rain or wind, so overcast and raining days are rough. Still, Tania and David are determined to give their other two children Mia, 15, and Kolby, 9, as many opportunities and experiences as possible. “I want to give them their sports and interests,” she says. Tania says Davon is usually a happy kid. “He loves riding the bus to school. He loves school and is social to his friends there. Davon also likes being with Mia’s friends, and she says in the beginning some of them were nervous to be around him. Now, however, they will give him a hug when they see him, and text her to ask how he is doing. Tania says she doesn’t know what the future will hold for her son. “I know he’s with me forever,” she says. “I want him to be successful at whatever he wants to do.” Here are some signs of autism from the National Autism Association. If you are concerned about your baby’s development, ask your pediatrician or family doctor for an evaluation.

Signs of autism:

No big smiles or other warm, joyful expressions by six months or thereafter No back-and-forth sharing of sounds, smiles, or other facial expressions by nine months or thereafter No babbling by 12 months No gesturing (pointing, waving bye-bye) by 12 months No words by 16 months No two-word meaningful phrases (without imitating or repeating) by 24 months Any loss of speech or babbling or social skills at any age

Early signs of autism:

Doesn’t make eye contact (e.g. look at you when being fed) Doesn’t smile when smiled at Doesn’t respond to his or her name or to the sound of a familiar voice Doesn’t follow objects visually Doesn’t point or wave goodbye or use other gestures to communicate Doesn’t follow the gesture when you point things out Doesn’t make noises to get your attention Doesn’t initiate or respond to cuddling Doesn’t imitate your movements and facial expressions Doesn’t reach out to be picked up Doesn’t play with other people or share interest and enjoyment Doesn’t ask for help or make other basic requests


Love and learning at Greenfield School By Sarah Gray Simply Hers Magazine

Stepping through the doors at Greenfield School it quickly becomes very clear – the staff and students love their school. “I tell my mom every day I’m going to Disney World,” says CJ Huussen, a teacher at Greenfield for more than 15 years. “I love my job. These kids are treasures.” Greenfield School, located on Beck Road in Hillsdale, is primarily a school for children and young adults with special needs – specifically physical and cognitive impairments. Students range in age from three to 26 and have a wide variety of needs. Principal Loretta Tobolske-Horn says the staff tries to make the school day here as much like any other school. “We try and make it as typical school experience as possible,” she says. “For many of the kids this is their only experience at a school.” Classrooms are broken down both by age and need. Students with both cognitive and physical disabilities are in a class together. There they receive both the traditional image of education – with circle time, lunch and recess – and a specialty education designed specifically to their needs. “We are very outside the box,” says Stephanie Hines, Greenfield’s teacher for the Severely Multiply Impaired. She added her students participate in a lot of sensory activities and therapies. Physical and occupational therapists come to the school regularly to work with students, and the staff has the latest technology and equipment available to help students grow and achieve to their highest level. For Hine’s students, that may be learning to eat and how to act in public. “We use a lot of sensory stimulation,” she says. “Part of our education is positivity, to keep them in good physical condition. We want to make their lives and their parents’ lives better.” Once a month, the school has a wheelchair and orthotics clinic for families to help fit the students for wheelchairs and orthotics. The school also has a nurse on staff to administer medicine and help with feeding tubes.

Students with higher cognitive function learn vocational trades to help them live more independently when they graduate from Greenfield at age 26. This year the school will have two graduates. Huussen, who teaches the cognitively impaired, works with her students on daily living skills such as laundry, grocery shopping and money management. “We want to give them everything they need to be independent,” she says. Greenfield School runs a typical school day from 8:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Any child from Hillsdale County is eligible to be a student so long as he or she meets the requirements. Busing is also available to those who qualify. Along with teaching those with disabilities, the school also has a classroom of Head Start students. New this year, the class of 16 is composed half of students with special needs and half without. Tobolske-Horn says the integration is going very well. Greenfield School offers free community programs through the Intermediate School District, Community Action Agency and Early Head Start. Parents Learning About Young Children (PLAY), a play group for infants and toddlers, meets at the school on Mondays from 10 a.m. to noon. They also offer a Mommy and Me (and Daddies Too!) Dance Class for parents and children age birth to six from 10 a.m. to noon Wednesdays at the Stadium Roller Rink in Hillsdale. Registration is not necessary. Volunteers are an essential part of Greenfield School and currently many Hillsdale College students are working at the school. All volunteers must go through a background check before working at the school. Once a month the entire school comes together for an all-school assembly where the school’s mascot Artie the All-Star Bear makes an appearance. Last month’s assembly was a Super Bowl theme and the cheerleaders from Hillsdale College came to perform. The school also has a prom at the end of the year for all the students. “We are like one big family,” says Hines. For more information about Greenfield School and the services it provides, call 517-437-0990, or visit www.hillsdale-isd.org.

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With your generous support, we are able to give hundreds of scholarships to children in our community and fund various programs at Kimball Camp. Please contact Kimball Camp YMCA for more information.

Benefit Auction MondAY MARCH 23, 2015 Silent Auction 5:30 pm Live Auction 6:30 At Johnny T’s in Hillsdale Sports Memorabilia, Event Tickets, and other donated items and certificates from area businesses will be auctioned. There are several ways you can help : Donate GooDs • Donate Money • Donate Gift CertifiCates attenD the auCtion

AnnuAl cAndy sAle Going on NOW! Call for more info. 517-283-2168

Because you have more important things to do than your income taxes….


Tanya McCullough 517-265-2323 800-833-1992

KIMBALL CAMP YMCA Nature Center 517-283-2168

4502 Berlin Drive | Reading | 517-283-2168 | www.Kimballcamp.com

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step 1: Review the “Love Your Community” ideas submitted by your friends and neighbors who are looking to  improve or engage their communities. Finalists’ ideas will be promoted on the HCCF facebook page. 

step 2: Visit the HCCF facebook page between March 2 - April 1 to “like” your favorite idea for a community improvement or engagement project. Encourage others to do the same! While you’re at it, “like” the HCCF page so that you can hear all of our latest news!

step 3: Join the HCCF at a community reception honoring all finalists, and announcing grant award winners.

You’re Invited!

Thursday, April 9, 2015  Welcome & Refreshments: 5:15 ‐ 6 pm  Presentation of Grant Award Winners: 6 pm  at the Hillsdale College Dow Center  51

The cast of “Love, Loss and What I Wore,” clockwise from left: Meg McNamee, Diane DuRussel, Joyce Collins-Cameron, Wendy Bender, Becky Freligh and Deveny Rosebrock.

Clothes and the memories they trigger Croswell Opera House presents the Ephron sisters’ ‘Love, Loss and What I Wore’ By Amanda Eggert, Simply Hers Magazine

If you’re like many women, you probably have something in the back of your closet that you don’t wear but hang onto anyway. A dress from the prom, jeans that haven’t fit in months, a blouse that went out of style years ago. Maybe you’re hoping to fit into it again. Or, maybe it’s just sentimental. Those clothes, and the memories they evoke, are the focus of “Love, Loss and What I Wore,” a play by Nora and Delia Ephron that opens March 21 at the Croswell Opera House in Adrian. “Nora Ephron was a wonderful writer and wonderful director and very intelligent, savvy woman who I think really knew how to create and shape materials for an audience,” said Becky Freligh, an Ann Arbor resident who plays the role of Gingy, the play’s central figure. The show is presented in reader’s theater style, in which actors read from scripts and rely on vocal expression rather than sets and costumes to tell their stories. Cast member Diane DuRussel of Manchester said experiencing theater this way lets the audience “enjoy the words.” “You’re not looking at the costumes . . . you’re not looking at the set . . . you’re just involved in the words,” DuRussel said. “You become more involved yourself and you can say, ‘Oh,yeah, that is so me.’ You’re not distracted by other things, you’re just feeling that character.” So how do the stories in Nora and Delia Ephron’s play relate to the actresses’ own lives? For DuRussel, there’s a particular resonance to the stories about how a mother and daughter’s relationship relates to clothing. “My mother’s 56

taste was so different from my own, so I relate to how these mothers and daughters love each other, but they’re different,” she said. DuRussel said school uniforms were a big part of her life because she attended a Catholic school for 12 years and took comfort in the regimented style. “I still have my uniform skirt hidden away in a box,” she said. “I can’t believe I was that small.” Cast member Deveny Rosebrock of Adrian thinks women associate clothing with memories because “we all want to look our best and we all feel good when we look attractive. The perfect clothing article can make you feel empowered, it can make you feel sexy, it can make you feel confident when you know that you look good,” she said. And on the flip side, she said, a “comfort item” like tattered pajama pants or a high school varsity sweatshirt can be a security blanket: “You can have that as your sort of go-to when you’re not feeling well or you’re having a bad day.” Freligh said she thinks the show will move the audience and make them laugh. It’s “funny and well-written and touching,” she said. Rosebrock said the play is heartfelt and will hit home for a lot of people, even men. “A lot of men can relate as well, whether it’s vicariously through their significant other in their lives, witnessing this struggle as a bystander, or in their own personal decisions about clothing and image and confidence,” she said. “Love, Loss and What I Wore” runs March 21-29 at the Croswell Opera House, 129 E. Maumee St., Adrian. Friday and Saturday shows are at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday matinees are at 2:30 p.m. Tickets range from $10 to $25 and can be purchased online at croswell.org or by calling 517-264-7469.

Loss, Love, and what

ignant!” o p d n a “Funny Press d e t ia c o – Ass ise!” w d n a y “Witt Fa ir – Vanity


BY NORA & DELIA EPHRON “Funny, powerful, sweet and saucy! Goes directly to the heart, soul and

vanity of every woman, young and old.”

– Variety


SAT. MARCH 21 @ 7:30PM SAT. MARCH 28 @ 7:30PM SUN. MARCH 22 @ 2:30PM SUN. MARCH 29 @ 2:30PM FRI. MARCH 27 @ 7:30PM “Michigan’s Oldest Continuously Operating Theater”

129 E. MAUMEE ST | ADRIAN, MI 49221 | 517.264.SHOW WWW.CROSWELL.ORG 57

Add Color Without Paint


You don’t have to lift a brush to brighten up your spaces with color. Vibrant window treatments, furnishings, and accessories are simple ways to add a little color to your decor.

Artsy Addition A big bold painting brings serious flair, and can instantly change the vibe of any space. Whether hung above a fireplace, sofa, or elsewhere in the room, a painting can create a focal point with impact and add both color and dimension. Pick up a few of its colors in accessories, like pillows, to highlight the piece even more.

Personalize with Art Don’t see anything at the gallery that grabs you? It’s easier than ever to get exactly what you want on the walls -- by making it yourself. Pick up a prestretched canvas and some paint at a crafts store and splash on the colors you desire. Or blow up a favorite vacation print on canvas via an online service. Some big box photo services also offer printed canvases.

Plant Matter Love ‘em or hate ‘em, plants and miniature trees are making a comeback -- and we’re not talking trailing philodendron in a macramé holder. Top designers and bloggers are putting plants and trees into living spaces not just as an afterthought but as an intentional part of the design -- think fiddle leaf figs, succulents, lemon trees, air plants, hibiscus, amaryllis, or orchids.

Mix it Up Throw pillows are a simple way to add a splash of color and comfort to any room. Mix and match patterns and solids to create a dynamic contrast. Combining colors that are direct opposites on the color wheel intensifies their impact.

Paper Trail The popular trend of removable wallpaper has landed this fun product in stores everywhere. Peel the backing and press it to the wall, then peel if off if you tire of the look or if you are a renter. You can use big graphic colorful prints behind a bed as a headboard, on a hollow-core dore to make it dimensional or ove ra fireplae without a big commitment.

Accent Furniture Add a chair or ottoman in a bold print to perk up a mellow layout. Take your time and find the pattern that you like best, holding up swatches against the walls and existing furniture. Look for a pattern that has colors used elsewhere in your room so that the new piece looks right at home.


Advice from the Experts:

Live With Color Before You Buy You can always try before you buy. Get samples and leave them in a room for a few days so you can see them in different lights. When shopping for upholstery fabric, furniture finishes, window treatments or rugs, always ask for a sample to take home to see in the space you are decorating. Then leave it in the room for a couple of days and see what the color looks like in the different kinds of lighting used in that space. Pay careful attention to how the samples look during the times when the room will be used the most.


If the room is used most often at night, after everyone is home from work and school (under the “artificial” light of lamps), check out the color during the late afternoon and evening hours. If the room is used during the day, when there is an abundance of natural sunlight, check out the colors during the morning and early afternoon hours. The direction the room’s windows face (where the natural light is coming from) will also impact how a color appears in the room. Dark colors tend to look darker in rooms with northern exposures. You may want to lighten the color values of your choices a bit to reflect this in such spaces. The opposite is true for rooms with southern exposures: colors appear lighter.

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asphalt paving Asphalt Repair • Milling Asphalt Curbing • Crack Repair Infrared Repair • Resurfacing Seal coating • Line Striping

Plumbing - Heating - air Conditioning


1401 Vera Dr. • HillsDale, mi 49242

Antiques ~ Primitives ~ Furniture Architectural Salvage ~ & Much More

FULLY INSURED • FREE ESTIMATES serving most of southern michigan northwest ohio & northeast indiana family owned & operated www.belsonasphaltpaving.com belsonasphalt@core.com COMMERCIAL • INDUSTRIAL • RESIDENTIAL

Awesome Finds Downtown ADriAn 123 w. Maumee Street | 517-920-4433 awesomefinds@comcast.net

Hours: Mon - Fri • 10 am - 5 pm Sat • 10 am - 3 pm

5651 BANkERS RD • READINg 61

Walter’s Limousine Service, LLc Lets you arrive at your destination in style By Sarah Gray Simply Hers Magazine

Walter Hewlett enjoys working with people and considers himself a people person. As the owner of Walter’s Limousine Service with his wife Kay, customer satisfaction is very important to him “My name is my business,” he says. “It is something I am proud of. I like taking care of people here locally.” Hewlett, a Hillsdale County native who also works at Spratt’s Trading Post and Wal-Mart Distribution Center, came into his third job through a chance encounter. Having collected different types of vehicles all his life, he decided to have a look when he passed by a limousine for sale one Thursday afternoon 27 years ago. After taking it for a test drive, he decided to buy it. The next day Walter was washing the limo when a friend stopped to inquire on renting the car for his wedding that weekend. “I didn’t have a tuxedo, or anything,” Hewlett said. He took the job anyway, wearing a suit instead. His friend’s wedding led to more referrals and his business has been progressing since. “Most of my advertising is by word-of-mouth.”

“I get to meet a lot of nice people and go to a lot of neat places,” he says. Hewlett keeps his limousine in a heated garage and makes sure it is cleaned and stocked with glasses and napkins before he goes out for a job. Alcoholic beverages are allowed to be brought into the limo as along as everyone is of legal age. His limousine seats eight to ten guests. Being the only limo service in the county, dates can go quickly, and Hewlett advises calling as soon as you know the date of your event. He can, however, accommodate last-minute events. “People book a year ahead, a month ahead, even a day ahead,” Kay says. Hewlett rents his limousine by the hour, so he says he can be very flexible to whatever the customer needs. For more information or to book an event, contact Hewlett at 517849-7234.

The only limousine service in Hillsdale County, Hewlett says he keeps pretty busy, especially during prom season and in the summer with weddings. But his services reach far beyond proms and weddings. Hewlett says he also drives for bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthday parties, concerts, sporting events, trips to the casino, nites out for dinner and even divorce parties. He has taken clients to places in Kalamazoo, Mt. Pleasant, Battle Creek, Jackson, Lansing and Detroit.

517-849-7234 62

Is your family prepared for a

storm? Let us help you create a lasting storm shelter that you can depend on to keep your family safe when the weather gets rough.

Becker & ScrivenS concrete ProductS 517-437-4250

3340 Beck Rd. | Hillsdale | www.beckerscrivens.com




Dream Big. Pay Less. With so many seating choices

available, we’ll have you sitting pretty in no time.

Located On M-34 In Pittsford, MI


523-2178 bob@kellysfurniture.comcastbiz.net

Daily 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Friday Until 7:00 PM Closed Thursday & Sunday

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To all of you savvy shoppers out there, if you’re looking for local resale, second-hand, thrift, or consignment shops in your area, you’ve found the right place! Resale Shopping is one of the fastest growing retail categories today and we wanted to introduce you to some of our favorites! Be sure to check the listings in each issue for new updates and special offers exclusively for Simply Hers readers. Happy Trails!



La Dominique

Consignment Boutique

235 W. Maumee Street | Adrian Tue. - Fri • 10am- 6pm

Featured Items: New and gently loved womens clothing, purses, shoes, jewelry, home decor and so much more

Mention this ad and receive 20% off your purchase

In the Key - Consignment & Vintage Center

400 N. Hillsdale St | Hillsdale, MI 49242 (517) 437-4469 Hours: M-F 10:00-5:00 • Sat. 10:00– 2:00

FEATURED ITEMS: Furniture, home accessories, kitchen & household items, One of a kind collectibles, eclectic accents, gifts, books, movies and clothing. A Ten Thousand Villages Store

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation center 250 W. Carleton Rd. Hillsdale MI 49242 Located in the Kroger plaza 517-439-1202 Monday-Saturday 10:00am-7:00pm

Featured Items: New and gently used items including Clothing for Men, Women and Children, Housewares, kitchen wares, home decor, furniture, books, electronics, jewelry, collectibles and much more. Donations are tax deductible, always accepted and appreciated.

146 N Main St | Brooklyn MI (517) 592-8686 Hours: Monday thru Friday 10:30 till 5:00; Sat 10:00 till 4:00 pm Brooklyn’s Leading Fashionable Consignment Shop Closet Overload is a quality Consignment Boutique with high standards. We offer up-to-date new and used fashion and accessories. In order to do this we must be very selective. Closet Overload has 2000 square feet of space and has grown each and every year since opening in 1993. Check us out on the web at http://www.closetoverload.net/ for downloadable coupons

64 64

Helping Hands Thrift Store, Inc.

A Lenawee county non-profit organization 795 Division Street | Adrian, MI 49221 (517)266-7002 Hours Mon-Fri 10am-6pm Sat 10am-4pm

FEATURED ITEMS: Gently used and some new, quality furniture, appliances and other larger and small household items as well art, tools, medical beds and antiques. Donations welcome. Free pick-up of your quality used furniture and large working appliances

Crows Nest

86 N. Howell Steet | Hillsdale, Michigan 49242 | (517917-6436

Home Decor, Antique & Handmade Items

Like us on facebook for great specials and sales going on all month long!

Legacy cLub

Carhartt for kids

offering a nutritious meal in a safe environment. all staff are CPr and first aid certified. We work with adults with a variety of disabilities including alzheimer’s, dementia, and stroke related issues.

Activities include: • MeMory retention • Chair exerCises • soCialization Planned outings • Crafts • Movie days • CoMPuter aCCess • indoor gardening • Cooking Legacy Club is open Legacy open – 4 pm Mon -Club Fri •is 9am Mon Fri • 9am – 4 pmCare with with- Individualized Individualized Care Plans. Plans. Transportation Transportation available available

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TOTal puRCHase OF CaRHaRTT FOR kids*

Your Guide to Adult dAY respite services

Perennial Park Legacy Club

320 West Bacon Street, Hillsdale 517.437.2422 | 800.479.3348 | www.hillsdaleseniors.org

*Only applies to kids Carhartt. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Does not apply to clearance merchandise. Other exclusions may apply, see store for details.Expires 4/30/15

Burnips EquipmEnt

15838 Carleton Rd | Hudson | 517.448.2071 www.burnips.com

Spring can get soggy... be sure you are ready for anything!

Most people dread the wet spring weather, but even if you’re not ready for the rainy season, you need to make sure that your vehicle is. Don’t wait until it’s too late to change your wiper blades and refill all of your fluids.

I shop at Performance Automotive because they offer amazing service like FREE INSTALLATION of wiper blades. That means a lot in my busy schedule ~ Sarah R.


490 Olds Street - (517) 849-7500 M- F 7-7 | Sat. 8-5 | Sun. 9 - 5

Locally Owned

We’re “Better Because We Want to Be!”


30 Union Street - (517) 437-4465 M- F • 7AM-7PM & Sat. 8AM-4 PM 65


Meet the


A Few Good Men

A Few Good Men serving the community There are selfless acts of service happening in Hillsdale County every day. One organization doing its best to serve our community started as a friendly dorm competition at Hillsdale College, and has grown to be the largest active club on campus. It sends out more than 40 volunteers into the community to lend a hand seven days a week. A Few Good Men is an organization of men and women from Hillsdale College whose mission is to serve the community any way it can. “Our motto is ‘See the need, meet the need,’” says Jacob Thackston, the Executive Director of the organization. A sophomore at Hillsdale College, Thackston took over as director after the group’s founder, Ben Holscher, graduated last spring. Holscher began the organization during his sophomore year when he saw a need to help those less fortunate than he in the greater Hillsdale community. When his semester-long service competition came to a close, he realized that there were people in the community who were now depending on him and his classmates. Holscher styled A Few Good Men’s name after the Edmund Burke quote that “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” “We live and exist in a community and are called to serve that community,” says Thackston, a philosophy major at the college. “We want to share the blessings we’ve been given with the community at large.” Inspired by the love of Christ, A Few Good Men helps members of the community with projects they are unable to complete themselves. From raking leaves to moving heavy items, replacing flooring, painting interiors and exteriors of houses, fixing cabinets and even installing siding, the group provides all its labor for free and does its best to make sure the materials are also free. The organization receives some funding through the college but also appreciates donations to help offset the cost of materials. “We want to show people that there are still people out there who care,” Thackston says. Last semester the group completed more than 45 projects in the community in just three and a half months. Crews are out every day of the week helping wherever they’ve been called. Local nursing homes, government, churches and other non-profit organiza-

tions have partnered with A Few Good Men to find and pass along projects, but the organization’s biggest advertisement has always been word of mouth. They have a sophisticated organizational chart with board members, five different divisions and crew chiefs to make sure no project falls through the cracks. “We are passionate about doing something that makes a difference,” Thackston says. During the winter months, A Few Good Men organizes a special group they call SALT – the Snow Assault Lead Team – which works solely to clear snow off driveways and sidewalks. Crews are out mornings from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. and evenings from 10 p.m. to midnight every day there is snow to clear. Thackston says that while they want to meet the physical needs of the community, A Few Good Men ultimately seeks to meet emotional and spiritual needs. “We want to show people they are cared for.” As part of that mission, they have an initiative called CORD: Community Outreach Reaching the Defenseless. They take community members out for errands or simply just sit and talk with them. Anyone who needs assistance is encouraged to contact A Few Good Men at 517-398-1949, email them at info@afewgoodmen.org or visit their website at afewgoodmen.org. They can also be found on Facebook. “We welcome any project and any questions,” Thackston says, “Anything we can do to meet a need, we will do. We’ve been loved with the greatest love of all; the least we can do is to love others well.”

This message brought to you by these community minded businesses CHUCK NEWTON INSURANCE AGENCY

SIMPLY HERS S im ply He rs JAN/FEB 2011


Empowering Today’s

Frank Beck Chevrolet

66 50

170 E South St Hillsdale 800-624-8296

3750 W. Carleton Rd Hillsdale (517) 849-2886


CHUCK NEWTON 203 South Main StAGENCY • Reading INSURANCE www.farmersagent.com/cnewton/ 203 South Main Street 517-283-1510 Reading, MI 49274 Auto-Home-Life-Commercial www.farmersagent.com/cnewton/


Your business here...call

Local: 517-283-1510 Toll Free: 866-344-1510




A Word For



Wise WISEwomen

Offer FREE






Simply Hilarious One day a little girl was sitting and watching her mother do the dishes at the kitchen sink. She suddenly noticed that her mother has several strands of white hair sticking out in contrast on her brunette head. She looked at her mother and inquisitively asked, “Why are some of your hairs white, Mom?” Her mother replied, “Well, every time that you do something wrong and make me cry or unhappy, one of my hairs turns white.” The little girl thought about this revelation for a while and then said, “Momma, how come ALL of grandma’s hairs are white?”



Shirley A. Fowler

Broker/Owner/REALTOR® 3203 Beck Rd., Suite C Hillsdale, MI 49242 Office: 517-437-4471 Cell: 517-250-0915 Fax: 517-437-3843


Complete Real Estate With A Personal Touch “Serving All Of Hillsdale County” The highest compliment my clients can give is the referral of their friends, family and business associates. “Thank You For Your Trust”

Condon, Hecht, Bisher, Wade & Co., P.C. is a full-service certified public accounting firm that has been in business since 1961 serving South Central Michigan small businesses, estates & trusts and individuals. Our professional staff has a combined 100+ years of tax experience. As CPAs we offer simple solutions to the complex tax laws enacted by congress. In addition to preparing tax returns for indviduals, estates & trusts, and small businesses (Partnerships, LLCs, C-corps, and S-corps) we also provide small business advisory services that include mergers and acquisitions, startups and liquidations, financial forecasts and projections, etc.

Our principals (l-r): Tom Condon, Donna Hecht, Steve Bisher, Jason Wade

“We invite you to meet with one of our experienced professionals for a first-time consultation, free of charge.”

184 W. Carleton Road, Hillsdale, Michigan | 517-439-9331 | www.chbwcpa.com



Welcome to our craft/DIY project column. You suggested- we listened! In each issue, we will feature a person who will share a step by step project. Our area is bursting with talent and creative ideas and we can’t wait to share them with you! Our creative contributor for this issue is Sue from Wakefield, MA. She runs a blog at countrydesignhome.com Here is what Sue had to say: My latest DIY project is an old, beat up wood hamper and transforming it into a paris inspired painted hamper ooh la la. The look...vintage Paris... was achieved using paint, stain, crackle glaze, stencils and some Paris printed burlap.

Step 3: Lightly sand the trim, just for a bit more distressed look. Paint on the Americana Creme Wax, then wipe some of it away, leaving it in the cracks and crevices.

Step 4: Sand, then re-stain the top in a slightly darker color.

Step 5: Finish the top using crackle glaze and a top coat of Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint.

PROJECT: Laundry Hamper Step 6: Stencil the top with a Paris stencil from Americana. You can pick these up at Michaels for less than $10!

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner TIME: 1 Hour WHAT YOU’LL NEED Old cabinet


Chalk paint


Creme Wax

Old door pull/feet


Elmer’s Glue All

Step- by-step Instructions Step 1. Choose a piece to work with. Don’t worry if it is weathered and chipped.

Step 7: Embellish the front with this Paris printed burlap (Michaels-again less than $10 for 1.5 yards!!) When you cut burlap, it frays very easily, making it somewhat difficult to work with. I solved this by ironing some fusible interfacing on to the back, making sure I pressed all the way to the edge. That will stop the fraying.

Step 8: Cut the burlap, then attach to the hamper front using Elmers Glue-All. Just paint the area with a thick coat of glue, then pressed the fabric into place. Step 2. Paint the base with Annie Sloan French Linen Chalk Paint.


Note:Handles can be added to the sides for easy lifting and feet for easy sliding, and now its ready to hold some dirty laundry while looking magnifique!

Bretty’s In General


Open to Public All Patients Wel come No Appointment Needed


Look. M - F • 8:45am -4:45 pm Listen. (closed 11:45am - 12:45pm) Care. Sat. 9:00 am - Noon CURE. JONesvILLe 517-849-7166

HeALtH CAre PLus

206 Olds St. • Jonesville

ExpErt advicE to hElp you navigatE through today’s digital world!

SPRING DECORATING ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR HOME, COTTAGE AND CABIN.. Window & Bath Treatments • Goumet Foods • Gifts Open: Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sat 10-5 517.849.1049 • Brettys.com 2980 E. Chicago Rd. • Jonesville ~ 4 Miles E. of Jonesville on US-12

• Surveillance & Security Systems • Automation Systems • Remote Control Systems • Computer Network Setups • Network Maintenance & Repair • Computer Security Software • Home Theater Installations s e c u r i t y s y s t e m s • V i r u s m a lwa r e r e m o Va l


18 N. Howell St. • Hillsdale • 517-437-9000 n ot e b o o k s • d e s k to p s • s o f t wa r e • acc e s s o r i e s

If you have an Injury or Illness that results In physIcal ImpaIrment or loss of functIon, a physIcal therapIst can help.

JAke NeukoM


Some common problems that physical therapists evaluate and treat include: • Stroke • Fractures • Spinal cord injury • Carpal tunnel syndrome • Sports injuries • Amputations • Arthritis • Meniscal tear/ACL tear • Rotator Cuff Tear Regardless of age, if you have impaired mobility, a physical therapy evaluation may be warranted to offer treatment and a strategy to improve function.

Appointments available after work & school

Indoor GrowInG SupplIeS Seed PotatoeS • Garden SeedS • eaSter FlowerS


Athletic Training / Sports Medicine

Orchard GreenhOuse Farm market Bakery

38 E. CarlEton road, HillsdalE 517 437-2222 or 517 437-7702

Visit us on Facebook

Affiliated with Hillsdale College

cOldwater 464 n. willowbrook (517)278-1400 www.gliesinc.com hillsdale 3500 milnes rd. (517)437-4495 69

t a e r T f l e s r You

to a Pure Michigan Wine Tour


As winter winds down and spring begins to spread throughout the state, indulge in the beauty of Michigan wineries. With an ideal climate for growing a variety of wine grapes, Michigan wines provide a unique tasting experience. Whether you prefer a bold taste or a sweet wine, Michigan wineries offer the perfect glass to toast any season.

For more information on Michigan wine tours, visit www.michigan.org/wineries. To find information on specific tours mentioned, listed below are their websites: Wineries of Michigan’s Old Mission Peninsula: www.wineriesofoldmission.com Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail: www.lpwines.com Southeast Michigan Pioneer Wine Trail: www.pioneerwinetrail.com Thumbs Up Wine Trail: www.thumbsupmi.com Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail: www.miwinetrail.com

Old Mission Peninsula/Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail –

When traveling to the Traverse City area, a visit to one, or more, of the local wineries is a must. The area boasts two wine trails. Old Mission Peninsula is surrounded by sparkling blue waters of Grand Traverse Bay and features award-winning wineries including Chateau Chantal and Black Star Farms. Two new wineries – The Villa Mari Vineyard and Bonobo Vineyards – are new additions to Old Mission Peninsula.

Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail -

On the other side of the bay, the Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail offers three mini-trails for easy touring of 25 wineries: the Sleeping Bear Loop, the Northern Loop and the Grand Traverse Bay Loop. Aurora Cellars is a new addition to the Leelanau Peninsula wineries.

Southeast Michigan Pioneer Wine Trail -

A great place to spend a few hours, or a few days, this trail features wineries along rolling Irish Hills, many lakes, and Hidden Lake Gardens. Top off your wine tour at one of the many unique Bed & Breakfast inns close by or head to Tecumseh to find antique treasures and visit the newest winery on the trail – J. Trees Cellars, located in the historic Hayden-Ford Mill.

Thumbs Up Wine Trail –

Michigan’s newest wine trail, the Thumbs Up Wine Trail takes you to thumb of the mitten, as its name suggests. The 275 mile trail includes vineyards, wineries, a meadery and a cider house. Stop into the charming, distinctive tasting rooms to sample and learn about the variety of products available.

Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail –

A short ride from the harbor towns of New Buffalo, St. Joseph, South Haven, and Saugatuck lies the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail. Region grows more than 10,000 acres of grapes and is home to 24 different vineyards, wineries and cellars – each with its own style. Your tour is what you make it – from a romantic getaway or a leisurely road trip with friends along Lake Michigan’s beautiful shores.

Sunrise Side Wine Trail and Hops Trail Alliance –

Running along Michigan’s sunrise coast, follow along Lake Huron to experience more than a dozen wineries, breweries, and attractions. Wine and hops aficionados will discover beautiful scenic views, one of a kind attractions, eateries, and quaint towns rich in history and flavor. 71

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Offer Expires May 31, 2015 Offer good only at McDonald’s in Adrian and Hudson, Michigan. Not good with any other offer, coupon or discount. Limit one coupon per customer per order. Coupon may not be copied or duplicated in any way or transmitted via electronic media. Cash Value 1/20th cent. Simply Hers˜© 2013 McDonald’s Corporation.

Offer Expires May 31, 2015 Offer good only at McDonald’s in Adrian and Hudson, Michigan. Not good with any other offer, coupon or discount. Limit one coupon per customer per order. Coupon may not be copied or duplicated in any way or transmitted via electronic media. Cash Value 1/20th cent. Simply Hers˜© 2014 McDonald’s Corporation.

Offer Expires May 31, 2015 Offer good only at McDonald’s in Adrian and Hudson, Michigan. Not good with any other offer, coupon or discount. Limit one coupon per customer per order. Coupon may not be copied or duplicated in any way or transmitted via electronic media. Cash Value 1/20th cent. Simply Hers˜© 2014 McDonald’s Corporation.


hudson - adrian www.mcmichigan.com


Super fun! Easter egg lunch www.flickr.com

EASTER EGG CENTERPIECE Add pretty spring flair to your home Found on midwestliving.com

Sock bunnies

Move over sock monkey! These little sock bunnies are so easy and cute! www.lilblueboo.com

Get Into The Spring Season With Easter Decorations Found on decoholic.org


These little bunnies made out of Pillsbury Cream Cheese Cinnabons are sure to be a hit on Easter morning! www.recipebyphoto.com/cinnabunnies/

Put spring into your little girl’s step marthastewart.com 73

Simple Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Wings 4 pounds chicken wing drumettes, frozen 1 cup buffalo sauce (I used Frank’s) 2 tablespoons unsalted butter 6 tablespoons honey In a 5 quart slow cooker on low add buffalo sauce, butter and honey. Stir to combine. Add chicken wings. Stir until wings are well coated. Cook on low 6-8 hours or high for 3-4 hours. Remove wings from slow cooker and place on a baking sheet lined with foil. Drizzle sauce from slow cooker over wings. Set oven to broil. Place baking sheet in oven and bake for 2-3 minutes until the sauce starts to caramelize. Remove from oven, serve and enjoy. COOK’S NOTE: If you like a thick sauce coating, transfer the sauce to a saucepan and boil it until it cooks down, approximately 5-8 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then brush or drizzle the sauce over the wings.

Prime Rib Perfection

Wine Tasting 101 March 28th • 6-9pm $30 per ticket

A wine tasting that replaces formality with FUN! Olivia’s prime rib is slow cooked for 10 hours making it tender, juicy, and delicious.

517-849-3663 | 205 East Chicago Street | Jonesville, MI 49250 http://www.facebook.com/oliviaschophouse


imported & domestic wine Gift & custom samplers ciGars, pipe tobacco & accessories premium liquor

Humidors • Cutters • Lighters • Cases • Ashtrays

David’s Dolce Vita

Wine Merchant • Tobacconist • Galleria

34 n Howell st | Hillsdale, mi | 517-437-335 | www.davidsgalleria.com

Grilled Cheese Rollups

~ From Spend with Pennies ~ 8 slices of bread, crusts removed 8 slices of cheese or 1 cup+ grated cheddar 8 slices precooked bacon ¼ cup butter

1. Using a rolling pin, roll slices of bread flat. 2. Place one slice of cheese (or 2-3 tablespoons grated cheddar). Roll up bread & cheese. 3. Wrap one slice of bacon around each roll securing with a toothpick. 4. Place in a pan over medium-low heat. Add a small spoonful of butter & using tongs, rub the rolls in the butter ensuring the bread edges are covered. Continue adding bits of butter and turning with tongs until all sides are browned and cheese is melted. 5. Serve immediately.

also serving breakfast & lunch Owners: Frank & Carolyn Mancino

Quality Second to None! ITALIAN DINNERS NACHOS • SALADS Mon.-Thurs. 11 am - 10 pm Fri. & Sat. 11 am - 11 pm Sunday 12 pm - 8 pm



• R ich h ot c hocolate • F Resh - bRewed c oFFee • i mpoRted t eas • c Reamy c appuccinos • l uscious l attes • h omemade p astRies • d elicious d esseRts 2 N. Howell St. • Hillsdale • 517• 437• 3338 Mon-Wed • 6:30 am-6 pm • Thu-Fri • 6:30 am-9 pm • Sat 9 am-6pm • Closed Sunday

Lucky You! 17 BEERS ON TAP

Here’s To You

Open 7 Days

Mon-Thu Fri & Sat

10:30 am - 9:00 pm 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

( 5 1 7 ) 8 4 9 - 2 1 2 0 • 4 1 7 W e s t C h i C a g o s t. • J o n e s v i l l e

Mon-Sat 11am-2am, Sun 12pm-12am

pub & grub 45 North St., Hillsdale

(517) 437-4002 75

Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage 4 large carrots, peeled and cut into matchstick pieces 10 baby red potatoes, quartered 1 onion, peeled and cut into bite-sized pieces 4 cups water 1 (4 pound) corned beef brisket with spice packet 6 ounces beer 1/2 head cabbage, coarsely chopped 1.Place the carrots, potatoes, and onion into the bottom of a slow cooker, pour in the water, and place the brisket on top of the vegetables. Pour the beer over the brisket. Sprinkle on the spices from the packet, cover, and set the cooker on High. 2. Cook the brisket for about 8 hours. An hour before serving, stir in the cabbage and cook for 1 more hour.


Join us for our Holiday Feasts EASTER

Traditional Ham Dinner with all the fixings!

St. Patrick’s Day • BREAKFAST Corned Beef & Cabbage • LUNCH with a little good luck • DINNER on•the side! DESSERT


ArtesiAn Wells Sports Tavern U.S. 12 & U.S. 127 • Cement City • 517-547-8777



Breakfast lunch dinner dessert ice Cream

6 a.m.-10 p.m. Mon.-Sun. 7575W.W.Carleton rd • Hillsdale •(517) 437-3470 Carleton Rd., Hillsdale

Spiced Pork Roast 1 rolled boneless pork loin roast (about 2-3 pounds) 2 garlic cloves, cut in lengthwise strips 2 tablespoons flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon prepared mustard 1/8 teaspoon pepper Remove all excess fat from roast. Cut slits in top of roast. Insert garlic strips. Mix flour with salt, sugar, mustard, pepper. Rub over roast. Place meat fat side up in pan. Bake at 325 degrees F. for 30-40 minutes per pound or until internal temperature reaches 160-170 degrees.


Cherry preserves (or whatever you have) 1/4 cup red wine vinegar 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon cloves 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg 1/4 cup honey Bring to boil for 2 minutes. Cover cooked roast, put back in oven for 10 minutes.

Let’s do LuNch.


not only do we have Great burgers, salads and sandwiches... Now You can get one


Receive a lunch punch with each lunch purchase of $4.99 or more. After 5 punches receive a 50% discount or after 7 punches receive a 100% discount.





173 E. South St., Hillsdale • 439-1100 77

BPU ... GivinG

yoU the Power to save money did you Know

Gems of Wisdom Have You Read Your Horoscope Today?

if you use a/C , a ceiling fan will allow you to raise the thermostat setting about 4°F with no reduction in comfort.

try this... Open your windows while sleeping. When you wake in the morning, shut the windows and blinds to capture the cool air..

PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 Your demeanor makes it easy for others to enjoy your company, and that will come in handy as your social schedule fills up in the days ahead.

ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 You impress everyone with your creativity, Aries. Allow this creativity to be the inspiration behind projects you have been putting off of late.

did you Know if every american replaced the five most-used light fixtures and/or bulbs with enerGY Star® products we would save $8 billion per year in energy costs.

try this... Select light-colored or opaque lamp shades. Place lamps in corners so they reflect light from two walls

Check out our website at www.hillsdalebpu.com and analyze your usage with our energy calculators.

45 Monroe St HillSdale (517) 437-3387 customerservice@hillsdalebpu.com

TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 Keep your goals relatively simple for the next little while, Taurus. You can benefit from the positive reinforcement of completing tasks and getting things done. GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 Gemini, you have been immersed in work and are starting to show the ill effects of keeping long hours. Now is a great time to take a few days off or enjoy a mini-vacation. CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 Cancer, you have a lot to get done, but resist the urge to micromanage every detail, as this could be a surefire path to burnout. You need to take a few breaths. LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, avoid the temptation to get started on another new project. You already have plenty of other things on your plate. Finish those tasks before moving on to something new. VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 It is sometimes easy to miss the forest for the trees, Virgo. Try taking a step back so you can look at a puzzling project from a new perspective.

LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 Libra, you may be searching for a new adventure, but try to appreciate the here and now as well. It’s easy to get swept up in fantasies, but don’t let them carry you too far away. SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 Scorpio, you suspect that someone is hiding something, and that very well may be the case. Perhaps a welcome surprise is coming your way. Resist the urge to dig too deep. SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21 You can probably talk your way out of trouble, Sagittarius, but this time it’s better to let things play out. Keep conversations light and free from controversy. CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, find balance between your personal ambitions and things you have to accomplish at work and at home. Finding a middle ground is the best approach. AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 Aquarius, you need a few extra people to contribute to a special task, but you do not know who to ask. If you think hard enough, you will know who you can depend on.

Floors, windows and walls ... We cover them ALL!


WALLPAPER! Because We Care About the Safety of our Children...


*Some restrictions apply. See store for details

517-523-4111 • 3391 Hudson Rd. • Hillsdale • w w w. h i l l s d a l e i nte r i o r s. co m

When it comes to Happy Babies...

we deliver!

What could be better than delivering your precious new baby in a warm, caring environment that’s so much like home? At HCHC, our new birthing suites offer all the comforts of home… in a tradition of “Total Family Care”. This special time will be spent in luxurious surroundings, in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, one

that will always take careful consideration of you and your baby’s needs.

We’re so committed to making this the most wonderful experience; we’ve devoted an entire floor to you and your family.

Now it’s possible to spend labor, delivery and recovery time all in the same comfortable suite. The way you’ve always hoped it could be:

Your baby…so dear. Your stay…so suite!

168 South Howell Street • Hillsdale • 517.437.5280 • www.hchc.com

Profile for Angela Blake

Simply hers 0315 lr  

Local women's magazine for Branch, Hillsdale and Lenawee counties in Michigan.

Simply hers 0315 lr  

Local women's magazine for Branch, Hillsdale and Lenawee counties in Michigan.