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How to Add WordPress Blog to Your Website WordPress is complex and simple too. Utilizing various functionalities of WordPress depends on your skills. If you wish to add your WordPress blog to your existing website, then you are free to do so. WebEdges offers all kinds of services related to WordPress web development which take care of your websites and blogs in a professional way making your daily working easier and more comfortable.

Adding WordPress blog to your website is quite a simple task provided you know how to go about it. Even a layman can do it without putting in much effort. Here is a simple step wise procedure mentioned below which will give you a clear set of instructions to be followed. Incorporating blog to your website will not take you more than five minutes. 1. Go to the Control Panel of your website. Control panels look almost same across all websites. Click on Fantastico De Luxe (a blue colored smiley face) under the Software/ Services category.

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2. On the Fantastico De Luxe page, there are different links given under Blogs category. Click on WordPress. 3. WordPress page opens up and displays different installations made on to your website. Click on New Installation.

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4. On this page, you are required to fill the Installation Location. 5. Choose Install on Domain from the drop down menu. Pick the domain from which you want to add blog to your website. 6. Add Install in Directory. Add only the directory name to install in the directory or leave it blank to get installed in the root directory. Make sure that the directory by that name doesn’t exist already. 7. Fill in Admin Access Data like Admin Username and Password.

8. Now fill in Base Configuration details like Admin Nickname. Other information like Admin email and Site name will be filled automatically. 9. Click on Install WordPress. 10. Your URL will be created and you can click on Finish Installation. You have successfully added your WordPress blog to your website. This is a simple process of adding your WordPress blog to your website. You can see how user-friendly it is to use WordPress. Follow a few steps and your task is done. Visit on:-

How to add wordpress blog to your website  
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