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Porta del Paradiso

Process of Tapetto


In 1921 the then director of the Royal Academy of Art bought a copy of the world famous ‘Porta del Paradiso’ doors by Lorenzo Ghiberti (1378-1455). These plaster doors are the basis of part of Nynke Koster’s graduation collection. Within this still developing collection Nynke Koster makes imprints of various spaces that she subsequently incorporates into objects. In LIVE FACTORY MAKE MY DAY part of a carpet can be seen. It is a negative of the eighth panel of the doors, The Fall of Jericho. The soft carpet is the result of a comprehensive reproduction process. After applying wax to the Ghiberti panels, Nynke Koster made a rubber mould, which she subsequently cast and lathered. In this work in progress Koster shows the current relevance of an art historical panel, while at the same time giving her own interpretation to the original object. This project is sponsored by Oscar Paanen.

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Sponsored Oscar Paanen Graphicdesign Niels Berk


Porta del Paradiso (Paradijspoort) naar Tapetto del Paradiso (Tapijt van het paradijs) Uitgevoerd door: Nynke Koster, Oscar Paanen, Peter L...

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