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JUNE 1938









Dr. L E. Steward,


Earl Ferryman Ben L Feuchter

DeForest Wead Bruce Black Bob Steele


OFFICERS AND COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN President Frank L Hazen Vice-President R. C. Frederick Secretary DeForest E. Wead Treasurer Charles Leber Governor Harold W. Lund House Committee Sports and Pastimes, Men Caddy Committee Picnic and Playground Committee Swimming Pool Committee Grounds and Greens Committee Sports and Pastimes, Ladies Tennis Committee Insurance Committee Entertainment, Men Entertainment, Ladies Auditing Committee Membership Committee Finance Committee


L E. Amberg B. C. Fitton W. R. Kiefer Alfred Anderson R. F. Coningham, Dr. J. F. Herman, G. E. Mendenhall, Dr. M. T. Easton, F. H. Barthell. H. G. Swearingen, Mrs. George T. Lundberg. -. R. G. Hubert. Alfred Anderson. W. H. Steele, Mrs. Arch Aimen, George Loeffelbein. J. H. Flora, George T. Krider,

Governor Governor Governor Governor Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman

• •• PRESIDENrs MESSAGE TO MT. HAWLEY MEMBERS: The Board of Governors consider it a pleasure to present to the members of Mt. Hawley-"HOOKS and SLICES" in a new form. This medium should serve to better acquaint each one with the many activities at the Club. In this first effort to produce a Club magazine, we realize many improvements can and will be made and with a little more experience, hope to give you a publication of which you will be justly proud and glad to receive each month. To Dr. L. E. Steward, Chairman of the Publication Committee and his capable assistants, Mr. Earl Ferryman, Ben Feuchter, DeForest Wead, Bruce Black, and Robert Steel, no end of credit is due, after several weeks of planning and hard work, for their splendid maiden effort. The members can also be of considerable help in improving this paper by offering worth-while suggestions and submitting interesting news items that they would like to have published. So let us, each and everyone, lend a hand to make this latest Mt. Hawley feature a permanent and interesting part of the Club. ~~ (

f L)

Yours very truly, FRANK L. HAZEN.

r~8~Mt. Hawley


Welcomes . 25 Additional Members

The President and Board of Governors have decided that inadequate facilities for the dissimination of information pertaining to the various functions and activities of the club have produced a need for a magazine to replace our present bulletin. To accomplish this, a publishing committee has been created to promote and publish, monthly, an official club magazine, to be known as "Hooks and Slices". It shall be the purpose of this magazine to carry to the membership all news of the club, reports of all Chairmen of various committees on past functions, announcements of coming events, and many other feature articles. Any member having a news item or announcement of interest, is invited to submit the same to the club auditor for publication. Inasmuch as it will require perseverance and experience to build up a publication worthy of our organization, we request your indulgence in our embryonic attempt. Especially, we will appreciate constructive suggestions designed to further the instrumentality and success of this magazine. The committee wishes to publicly express its thanks to those loyal members whose advertising, business and professional cards have made this possible at a minimum expense to the club, and request that the membership extend its thanks by reading the list, that each may become acquainted with other members' business or profession. In conclusion, may we enlist your cooperation to the extent of increasing our good fellowship and loyalty for the common purpose of a bigger and better Mt. Hawley Country Club. Publishing Committee, L. E. Steward, Chairman.



HMt. Hawley



as taken

by Bruce Black.

(AIl pictures

in this issue are by Bruce).


Of all the events which have rolled into the Mt. Hawley "Doins' Calendar", not for many a day has any inspired such curiosity as Playday, up June 9. No laggards in the seeking of the inside dope, the perennial Mt. Hawley curiosity seekers are speculating on the whatabouts of this new event. Reposing grandly in the Grille Room is a large signboard scheduling the golf foursomes, Brother Sherertz Mimeograph has turned out yards of paper calling the attention of the faithful to the party, and round-table discussions fill in a few informational gaps. However, try to get the Committee to divulge what surprises and what events lie in wait for the unwary - what to expect or not to expect on this Day of Daze! This much, at least, is knownthe entertainment starts at noon and is to continue long into the night without interruption. Considerable of the fun will take place on the greensward of the tees and holes pasture. However, that's as far as Dr. J. F. Herman, Chairman of the Sports and Pastimes Committee, and Howard Steele, Chairman of the Entertainment Committee would go.

"You will have to wait and see," the latter said with a faraway gleam in his eye. "Good games will go to pot; confirmed potters may rise to the magnificent heights of the gay nineties. Only time will tell."

For those whose wont is to play their shots from the arid wastes of desert sands, the news that several Oases will be established at strategic points on the course will be particularly welcome.

The Committee did reach down into their long grey beards (grey from worrying about how much HOOKS AND SLICES would find out) to quote the following prizes: one dozen golf balls for every eagle; twelve merchandise prizes for the lowest three scores in each of the following handicap groups1-6, 7-10, 11-15, and 16-up. This is to insure that even the grave diggers and snake killers will have a chance to bring home the bacon.

The daytime piece de resistance being the ancient and honorable game of golf, the first of the large caravan of foursomes will get under way at 8 A.M., and succeeding ones will follow at seven minute intervals throughout the morning.

There will be a Blind Bogie prize and a Door Prize (or rather a Tee Prize). The awards will be on display that all may see -- both winners and the rest of us. "Plavdav" itself of course is for the entertainment of guests of the members in addition to the members themselves. Since the expectation is that over 90% of these guests will be from out-of-town, a special prize will be given to the guest arriving from the farthest point from Peoria.

In the evening, typical Mt. Hawley goodfellowship will hold forth once again in a huge stag dinner. Thus, the Committee isn't secretive to the vanishing point. It is easy to see that there are many hours of fun to be had June 9. The more guests present, the more successful the party. Well worth the $5 per person (which includes luncheon at noon, dinner, plenty of drinks, and all entertainment) is Mt. Hawley's Ple yday. All is in readiness - the parade is ready to begin. 'Twill be a day of Carnival festivity - the goose hangs high all day and night on

the dale of June 9.

Fun from Morn 'till Morn Play Day, June 9


~l' ~r \ ~I


Roamin' in the Heather ...

Puttin' on the Bent

With Art Andrews, Pro.

THINGS I SEE AND HEAR: Gene Modieska's follow-thru cn his putts -ii's marvelous; Kenny Ames, the club's longest hitter (with apologies to Harold Pinnell), occasionally hooking or slicing one clear across three fairways; Dr. Garrett knocking them into the gulley, and asking Bill, the Pro's assistant, the price of a bushel of balls.

On orders from President Hazen, your Pro has turned columnist. We will say this, though - that aside from the literary efforts of Yours Truly, this magazine is going to be entertainment plus. Congratulations to Mt. Hawley, and everyone concerned in bringing out this brand new HOOKS AND SLICES. The 1938 golf season started out with a bang 'way back in March, but the recent wintry winds of the week-ends have slowed us up. However, you can't stop our Mt. Hawleyites from playing when the season of spring comes around. Rainiackets, windbreakers, and multi-colored umbr~llas have dotted the course. Regardless of the weather, your Pro hasbeen busy on the teaching grounds.

George Lundberg, Al Anderson, and Walt Stein to the practice tee.

PUZZLE OF THE MONTH: How did Jim Barbee break his spoonswinging or throwing?

Our congeriiel Pro Art Andrews has turned columnist lor once a month. However, it hasn't hurl his golf form as this picture shows . note his two assistants Bill and Zeke.

Mrs. George Lundberg, the efficient chairman of the Ladies' Golf Committee has not let her duties keep her from working on her game. She is going to improve her game - and how! Also Mrs. Walter Wesselhoft.

regular attendant. Mrs. Clark Evans, Mrs. Francis Powers, Mrs. Edward Nelson, Mrs. William Brannum, Mrs. Ford Schusler, and Mrs. Charles Verkler are all taking the game more seriously this year.

It has been a real pleasure, also, to instruct some of the new women golfers. Mrs. Ray Berry is now a

Here's a little suggestion to you men who are still trying to break into the 80s. Follow the trail of


recently shot a 74 in a 50 mile gale to cop the week-end - and do we dislike him!


This directory finances to a large extent the cost 01 this ma.gazine. If you have not been solicited for a card lack o路ftime was the cause. We need yo,ur support. Please call Jim Scherertz at the Club, 2-3204, and leave your listing.

ASTRACTS OF TITLE Def'orest E. Wead, Secy. Title and Trust Company, Commercial Bank Bldg., Phone 4-4183. AGRICULTURAL EQUIPMENT Ola J. Thomas, Manager Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Co., 1000 S. Washington St., Phone 5133.

By Tom Davis

Hope Art Herschel brings back tl~aLbig Muskie he says he'll catch. We can hardly wait.

And now, "HOOKS AND SLICES", a magazine of your own tribe is brought to you to create another step forward.

--Joe Herman has been declared the champ of Medina Township, which honor he fully appreciates.

Warren Lawson, a fine fellow and a great golfer who travels for Spalding, was seriously hurt recently in an auto accident, and we are glad to report that he is well on the way to redovery. (Ed notethe rate on this space, Warren, is 3 PGA golf balls.)

With the advent of some good golfing weather, "we hope" the Eskimo Club which meets Saturday afternoons in the Grille during the winter will forego these guessing contests until further notice.

ATTORNEYS Edwin L. Covey, Jefferson Bldg., Room 1129, Phone 3-1313. Frederick & Frederick, Roscoe C. and Otto Frederick, Central National Bank Bldg., Phone 9870. Ernest J. Galbraith, Galbraith & Monk, 404 Lehmann Bldg., Phone 4-8125. Thos. S. Hession, [r., O'Connor, Daugherty & Hession, 1014 Jefferson Bldg., Phone 5522 .. Wayne B. Miller, White, Miller and Sweat, Alliance Life Bldg., Phone 4-4747. Harry Dale Morgan, 912 Central Bank Bldg., Phone 5186.


Cad E. Phillips, Phillips & Kitchell, 1000 Alliance Life Bldg., Phone 5812. John H. Royster, 805 Central National Bank Bldg., Phone 8184. AUTOMOBILE AGENCIES Harry A. Egolf, Pres. Egolf Motor Company (Oldsmobile), 1311 Main St., Phone 9149.

L. E. Brown is a man of rare judgment. When it comes to proper golf attire, he even goes so far as to sport knickers. There's only a few of us left, L.E.

On this, our first attempt at doing an imitation of Arch Ward or Grantland Rice, let us remind you that this old Mt. Hawley of ours has been advancing by leaps and bounds during the past few years, and today holds its place among the better clubs of the country. ___ ---- -

When our one and only Pro "Lil' Artha'" assured our Prexy that a new bag was all he needed to reduce his score, Frank blossomed out in as flashy a piece of steer hide as ever trod the pan-handle. There' is a certain Swede who misses most of the beauty of the layout because he never strays from the middle. The one to whom we refer is a lad called George who

The saddest thing we ever saw was a man trying to shuffle one 0) poker chip at 3 0' dock in the morning. This old locker room of ours be brimming with plenty of and good fellowship on June when our first annual Playday be held.

From every side, only enthusiasm for this event is heard, and, take our word for it, the day will long be remembered. We'll be looking for you, and you, and you.

Earl Johnson, Pres. Earl Johnson Chevrolet Co., 1618 Main St., Phone 4-2166. Gus J. Kaemmerling, Kaemmerling Motor Co. (Studebaker), 813 Main St., Phone 4-5153. AUTOMOBILE PARKING Wayne' G. Broehl, Pere Marquette Garage, 109 N. Madison Ave., Phone 8807. AUTOMOBILE REPAIR SERVICE John Fried, Pres. Peoria Auto Body Repair Co., III Second Ave., Phone 4-5159. AWNINGS AND TENTS Robert W. Tippett. Treas. Peoria Tent & Awning Co., 611 Franklin St., Phone 4-1128. Dr. th!ee ,of Dl1!er S eeristied

will fun 9th, will

"Coroner" Herold Diller, WaIt Stein, and Ed HBig Moose" Terry ... t/l.e wolves ngU!lng who ,owes who and who pays, after a hot battle. uSing the pencil . . . he II probably come out alright. Stein looks . . . understand he had a seventy-four last Sunday.

Memorial Day Opens Summer Season The summer social season got under way with a "bang" Decoration Day weekend. Saturday night, a large group of members and guests danced to the sophisticated rhythm of Jack Davis' band, a newfound Mt. Hawley favorite. Dancing was preceded by dinner, and special entertainment was furnished by the "Sweet Girl Trio;'. On Memorial Day itself, the shimmering aquamarine of Mt. Hawley's swimming pool officially received the season's first plungers. The tennis courts, picnic grounds, and playgrounds were already in midseason popularity. Golf events included the finish of the Governor's trophy tournament, and driving, approaching, and putting contests for both men and women. The evening's entertainment consisted of a variety moving picture show for children and adults. Both comedy and travel pictures were enthusiastically received. It was a full day and a fitting prelude to summer. As a curtainraiser, the Decoration Day entertainment was a good preview of the good things in store for this summer.


r:It) ~J.~~J~:'. ~ ~~ ~( I

~- ..




J. B. Black. Asst. Trust Officer, First National Bank of Peoria, 131 Farmington Road, Phone 9235. BEVERAGES (Wholesale) Walter H. HilL President Fayette. Phone 4·8294.


Hill-Luthy· Co., llO

BOWLING ALLEYS Wm. F. Grawey, Peoria Auto Parts Bowling Alley, 815 South Adams St., Phone 4-9101. BRICK MANUFACTURERS Victor H. Cartwright, Mgr. Hydraulic Press Brick Co., 205 Lehmann Bldg., Phone 7680. OUT Prexy, Frank Hazen, and Mrs. Hazen look well pleased. Maybe they're the first ones on the tee!

You Can't Win, If .....•.. Yeu can't win if you don't turn in your score. Just the other day, a group of our lady golfers all had a spot of tough luck on a certain hole, thus bringing out such remarks as, "Scratch my score" and "I don't know, or care, what I had". One of the ladies nonchalantly said, "Oh, throw away the score card." Now, the caddy was a very literal chap, so he did just that. Tiny flakes of score card fluttered into the No. lOgulley. Games being obstinate things, one of the foursome was in a positien at the end of the match to want to turn in her score. But there was no score-at least there wasn't until the literal caddy went scurrying into the gulley after the. pieces. Fortunately, he found them ail, and the score was saved. However, it's not always so easy as that ("easy" in the relative). To make a correct distribution of prizes, and to keep the handicaps correct, all scores, good or bad, should be turned in. In this way there can be no mistakes.

The two gentlemen shown about to tee off on number Feuchler


and Al Wagner.


wins our nomination

one are

as Mt.



best dressed golfer. However, we understand he'd rather talk about that 77 he shot recently. AI's buddies claim that as a golfer he's a swell piano player. Listen girls he's a bachelor! Mi. Hawley's most eligible.

CHEESE Charles W. Norton, Distributor, Kraft-Phoenix Cheese Corp., 2323 S. Washington St., Phone 2·4034. CLOTHING (Retail) Harold W. Lund; Controller, Adams St., Phone 6144.

Kleins, 222 S.

CONTRACTOR. GENERAL Ellis Rainey. 500 West Phone 2·4559.


Hill Ave.,

GROCERS, WHOLESALE Bertron C. Filion, Treas. Oakford & Fahnestock, 318 S. Washington St., Phone 4·3121. DENTIST Paul W. Clopper, D.D.S., 3030 S. Adams si., Phone 4·3813. Joseph F. Herman, Bldg., Phone 4-1471. Clarence N. Newlin, Bldg., Phone 6766.




D.D.S., 627 Jefferson

L. Earl Steward, D.D.S.. 103 N. Madison Ave., Phone 7311. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT (Wholesale) Walter R. Kiefer, Pres. Kiefer Electrical Supply Co., 318·20 S. Washington St., Phone 4-4189. FOOD BROKERS (Wholesale) Frank E. Glatz, Glatz Bros., 324 S. Washington St., Phone 4-3114. FURNITURE A. E. (Gus) Stonebock. Cohen Furniture 333 S. Adams' St., Phone 4-921 I.




GASOLINE AND OIL Burt H. Taggart. Vice-Pres. Sweney Gasoline and Oil Co.. Commercial Bank Bldg., Phone 719L Charles L. Verkler, Vice President VerklerPeyer Co., Washington & jackson, Phone 4-5148. GOLF GLOVES (Manufacturer) Kenneth L. Burgette, Pres. K. L. Burgette Co., 1217 S. Adams St., Phone 4-4714. GRAIN DEALER Robert F. Mueller, Pres., Mueller Grain Co., Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Phone 6751. GROCERY (Wholesale) Richard F. Coninqham. Oakford and Fehnestock, 302 S. Washington St., Phone 4-3121.

Bridge Chairmen Named

Question Of The Month

Every other Wed n e s day throughout the summer season the bridge devotees will hold forth in the living room. Recollections of successful parties in the past has whetted the anticipation of the ladies for Weekly Bridge Day to roll around.

Who was the first president of Mt. Hawley?

The first committee consists of Mrs. Arch Airnen. Mrs. N. E. Born, Mrs. Ola J. Thomas, and Mrs; Ray Defenbaugh. The chairmen of each Bridge Day, who will appoint their own committees are: May 25-Mrs. J. L. Herman. June 8-Mrs.

F. L. Hazen.

June 22-Mrs. July 6-Mrs. July 20-Mrs.

A. N. Robinson. Allan Foster. J. A. Righter.

August 3-Mrs. son. August l7-Mrs. August 3l-Mrs. . September rett.

Alfred AnderH. E. Pinnell. E. J. Galbraith.


E. A. Gar-

September 28-Mrs.

M. A. Hoag.

We No Longer Have With Us-The Stymie! Heinie TriebeJ, as caught by the Hooks and Slices photographer . . . look at that follow tbru,

INDUSTRIAL Tom Davis, Sales, Eng., W. Q. O'Neall Co., "Armco" Pipe, 107 Roanoke Ave., Phone 2-4568. Roy Z. Eaton, Traffic Mqr., Keystone Steel & Wire Co., 116 Summitt Blvd., Phone 5670. Art Herschel. Secy. R. Herschel Mfg. Co. E. H. Nelson, Salesman, Mid-States Steel & Wire Co., 405 East McClure Ave., Phone 2-4591. INSURANCE Geoffrey L. Hubbard, State Agent, Boston Insurance Company, Old Colony Ins. Co., 319 Alliance Life Bldg., Phone 3-1274. Henry F. Tuerk. Leonard Fritz, Special Agent, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co., 706 Commercial National Bank Bldg., Phone 4-5606.

Good news for those golfers whose bane of the game is having to putt over, around, or under their opponent's ball is the new rule on putting.

Mr. Lynn Tracy was the first president of Mt. Hawley. The sterling silver Tracy Cup was won permanently in 1936 by Mrs. Joe Herman. In town for the luncheon on the day the cup was won, Mr. Tracy, now a resident of Chicago, gave another cup. This is the one for which the ladies are currently playing. The trophy must be won twice in succession for permanent possession-Mrs. DeForest Wead won one leg on it last year.

Congratulations The following Mt. Hawley members have been honored by other organizations. H 0 0 K SAN D SLICES here expresses the hearty congratulations of the entire Mt. Hawley membership to them. Dr. Paul W. Clopper, Vice President, Illinois State Dental Society . Lee W. Hazard, President, Peoria Rotary Club. H. Dale Morgan, Awarded Zeta Pi key at Bradley College in recognition of "Outstanding Contribution in Civic and Business Activities in Peoria During the Past Year." Dr. C. N. Newlin, Reelected Secretary, Illinois State Dental Society.

From now on, the U.S.G,A. requires that when all players' balls are on the green, the one nearest the hole should putt first. Following him should be the next nearest, on down the line to the farthest. Moreover, this necessarily provides for. the holing out of each player before the next player putts. No putts are to be conceded. Pro Art Andrews, the Golf Committees, and the U.S.G.A. all have a few grey hairs from this putt conceding, And the self-conceding makes the greyest ones! The bridge of sighs. Could Harold Pinnell,' "Doc" Herman; Pinnell; and Mrs. Herman be. looking intently for an aquatic bat1?

t Mrs.


PLEASE OBSERVE For several years the Club has had a rule, prohibiting the parking of cars in front of the House, and as a large parking lot is available close by, ask that every member please observe this rule.

INSURANCE (Accident. Hospitalization)


E. A. McCo'rd, Pres., Illinois Mutual Casualty -Co., 835 Jefferson Bldg., Phone 5143. INSURANCE (Fire)

Also, for safety sake, due to the many people, particularly children, crossing the road in front of the house, that all cars be driven slowly, between the pump house and parking lot. A little caution may prevent a serious accident. Every member MUST observe the above rules. Board of Governors.

Lawrence V. Drury. State Mor.. Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada, 935 Jefferson Bldg., Phone 4-2107. Lyle H. Gift, General Fire and Casualty Insurance - Surety Bonds, 208 S. Jefferson Ave., Phone 6127. INSURANCE (General)

A Woman's Place Is On The Tee

Wead; Maxine Merrill over Hubbard; Hazen by default; Black winning from Power; Cleta Merrill from Rainey; Ferryman over Ritson; Hinnen defeating Drury; and Borah over Anderson.

"Weather or not", the lady golfers of Mt. Hawley have been coming out regularly for the Tuesday round. May 17th, for instance, the Mrs. Walter Wesselhoft was "qullers" could just as well have Chairman for the month of May. launched a Coast Guard boat down She appointed Mrs. Frank Hazen, the fairway. Mrs. Lloyd Dickinson, Mrs. Ed The upper classmen of the noble Thornberry, Mrs. Roy Eaton, and game are going to have to look to Mrs. Howard Haungs as Chairmen their laurels with a Freshman class . o! the day for the various events of of from twenty-five to thirty rapidly the month. Mrs. Howard Proehl learning how to swing and putt. will be the Chairman for the month Weekly instruction by Art Anof June. drews is bringing down their Already II women have their scores bit by bit. claim to fame for 1938, the followTraveling to Pekin on June 7 to ing being the winners of the do battle with the Pekin Country weekly prizes to date: Club, a team of 25 Mt. Hawleyites April 26-lst 'Division, Mrs. Dewill welcome any additional memForest Wead. 2nd Division, Mrs. bers. The regular prizes for>that E. J. Terry. 3rd Division, Mrs. Howdate will be awarded to the winners ard Haungs. of the stay-at-homes who are unMay 3-lst Division, Mrs. Frank able to make the Pekin trip. Hazen. 2nd Division, Mrs. Ellis With pleasant recollections of the Rainey. 3rd Division, Mrs. Allan fine time had last year, the ladies 'Robinson. \ are looking forward to the Decatur May 1O-lst Division, Mrs. J. E. trip on June 22, where they will Merrill., 2nd Division, Mrs. Walter play the Sunnyside Country Club. Wesselhoft. 3rd Division, Mrs. (Art Andrews made the trip last Howard Haungs. year, and burned up the course May 17-lst Division, Tie: Mrs. with a hot 68 - some shooting on DeForest Wead and Mrs. Harold that hilly layout!) Pinnell. 2nd Division, Mrs. Alfred First round matches for the Tracy Anderson. 3rd Division, Mrs. Cup resulted in Pinnell defeating Frank Glatz.

House Committee Particularly Active

Glenn E. Mendenhall, Mendenhall, Iliff Bros. Hauser, 707 Jefferson Bldg., Phone '7189.


William H. Tuerk, Callender & Co., 605 Commercial Bank Bldg., Phone 9191. INSURANCE (General) and SURETY BONDS Carlton Agency, 6184.

M. Hogan. Commercial

Carlton M. Bank Bldg.,

Hogan Phone

INSURANCE (Life) James L. Hack, Agent, New York Life Insurance Co., 1107 Jefferson Bldg., Phone 4-8134. Don B. Murphy,

Mutual Benefit Life Insur-

ance Co., 1007 Jefferson Bldg., Phone 7525. Harold J. Plack, General Agent, Midland Mutual Life Insurance Co., Central National Bank Bldg., Phone 3-1234. JEWELRY A. G. Wilhnann, 7307.

103 S. Adams St., Phone

LOANS (Cha!tel) W. G. Holden, Secy., General Investment Corp., 207 Central National Bank Bldq., Phone 8844. LOANS -


Louis E. Ambe,rg, Trustee, Buehler Christian Memorial Home, 2801 Sheridan Road, Phone 2-5250.

J. E. Meerill, Agent Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance ce.. Commercial Bank Bldg., Phone 4-3433. Royal E. Pierce, Secy., The Workingmen's Loan and Homestead Association, Alliance Life Bldg., Phone 4-1106. Iohn A. Olson, Secy., Commercial Travelers Loan and Homestead Association, 311 S. Jefferson Ave., Phone 4-8165.


popularity with young girls in cars on Mt. Hawley Road. It was Doc's sad experience a few short days ago to be in the company of Mrs. Steward when the aforesaid hailer called "Hel-lo-co, Dr. Steward" a la Portland Hoffa. To date, 'tis said, the affable Doc has not submitted a suitable explanation.




C. Harmon Andre,en, Pres" Ware·Andreen Co., 127 S. Jefferson Ave., Phone 3-2553.

MONUMENTS Albe'It TriebeL Triebel & Sons, Adams St., opposite Court House, Phone 6474,

OFFICE SUPPLIES Arch Airnen, Aimen's, 112 N, Madison Ave" Phone 5200.

PAINTS AND VARNISH N. E. Born. Mgr., The N. E. Born Paint Cornparry. 536 Fulton St., Phone 5159. Walter H. W€sselhof~, Model Wall Paper and Paint Co., 331 South Adams St., Phone 5179. PHOTOGRAPHERS


james W. Barbee, Barbee, Sheeler and Co., Jefferson Bldg., Phone 3-1269. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS Orville E. Barbour, M.D., Disorders fants and children, 528 Jefferson Phone 5454. Harold F. Diller, M.D., 919 Bldg., Phone 7230.


Milo T. Easton, M.D., 909 Lehmann

of InBldg.,



Phone 5882. Allan Foster, M.D. Emmett A. Garrett, M.D., 800 Alliance Life Bldg., Phone 5040.

By Bob Steele

Wonder how many of you Eagle Eyes noticed the illustration on that Memorial Day announcement? If you still have it, try to dance with your wife (or somebody else's) in the manner shown. A little awkward, eh?

Long an enjoyable after-picnicdinner pastime has been the skipping of flat rocks across lake~ and rivers. Edna Anderson, however, has accomplished the most remarkable feat of skipping a round (not flat) golf ball across the No.9 lake not only a single skip, but five of them - and to top it all off, the ball ended up safely on the other side!

If rain is called the Golfer's curse, hail should count as a whole string of expletives. However, consider the case of Mrs. DeForest Wead: On No. 7,she drove a long ball right down the middle; her approach was short, but her putt was stroked perfectly, The ball, being a trifle obstinate, rolled up to the hole, looked in, and stopped. Up to this point, the. weather had been exclusively rain, but like a thundering oath of Allah, hail now began to fall. An obliging hail stone caromed against the ball and toppled it in for a magnificent three. No, Mrs. DeForest Wead did not have a billiard cue with which to help the icy cue ball do its good deed.

Which all leads us to believe that our golf hazards don't really hold any terror for those of us who make faces right back at them. DeWead, for instance, was still 108 yards away from No. 10 hole in 6. He had skirmished with the gullies, and it looked like the battle was only half won. In short, however, De's ball was in that hole at the end of the seventh shot - an approach marvelous to behold.

Now, consider Doc Steward, who is wondering about his sudden

Wm. A. Hinckle, M.D., Rectal and Colon Diseases only, 701-3 Jefferson Bldg., Phone 7922. Everett C. Kelly, M,D.,-819 Bldg., Phone 9660. C. W. Magaret,



M.D., 523 Jefferson Bldg.,

Phone 7944. Kenneth N. Petri, M. D., 2819 N. Adams St., Phone 8400.

"You can't take it with you"






So MT~. Bruce Black runs away from it while Art Andrews posts it. On the bench Young Art Jr. looks philosophical Prexy's





B. H, Trewyn. M.D. PIPE AND FITTiNGS John H. Flora, Sec.-Treas., Hagerty Brothers Co., 923 S. Washington si.. Phone 4-8276.


PLUMBING AND HEATING Chas. L. O'Brien, Pres., C. L. O'Brien & Co., 213 State St., Phone 4-3878.







MOTeI~e-(dty by Gus). Gene was rtmner-up irf'the recent tournament held at Mt. Hawley~is.te High School. battled





Please Park Your Cars in Parking Lot




I1linol~ State




(won Sc[!p0I


our pool has received a new cloak of silver. Some new furniture has been added to make the surroundings even more attractive and more comfortable for the spectators.

By Helen Anderson

Ah! A rhapsody in silver there's something romantic about it. Its air of good fellowship and ever-present laughter, its incessant jesting and constant splashing. Have you guessed it yet? Yes, you have it, (you ought to by now) - the swimming pool at Mount Hawley. Imagine this delightful scene: It's a hot summer day, and you have spent a hot morning in town. The sun is now penetrating your sensitive skin (if it isn't now, it will be) and warming your blood, while you inhale the fragrance of sun tan oil. During all this you are .enioyincr a free exhibition of swimming and diving by our members. Or, imagine that you are devouring a cooling ice cream bar while sitting in the soothing contents of our Baby Pool, and participating in a quiet game of bridge (accompanied, of course, by a few splashes). But, maybe you would rather sleep under our not-too-hot and nottoo-cool sun, and not part'ake in these energy-using activities. This imaginative slumber may be interrupted by dashes of cold water produced by the near-by swimmersjor otherwise). (Now back to earth again). But, these are trivial matters when one thinks of swimming as a sport. It brings into action and develops almost every muscle of the body. The pool is under the guardianship of the popular and efficient, Mr. Bob Cahail, and the chairman of the pool committee this year is Mr. Barthell. Dick Baxter is expected to assist Bob, but as yet the plans have not been completed. We neglected to mention that r:

The plans of the year have made but we shall disclose one day's schedule at this The Fourth of July is the first, Letter Day".

On this day we shall have relays, pajama races, a "cracker and whistle" event, and a: candle race. Tandem races will constitute the "form" (?) swimming of the afternoon. Bring your family and friends over to see some of our special (crazy) dives because we all will all show off together. (That is, be thinking up some good dives). There will be more information about the time schedule of the day on the swimming pool bulletin board soon. The afternoon has been planned for your entertainment. The only way for you to fully enjoy yourself is to join in the frivolity and to cooperate with the officials." The material reward for your participation is to be a secret until due time. The opening of the pool brought out (other than people) many new bathing suits and accompanying accessories. Weare glad so many of you turned out and we hope to see you regularly hereafter.

,....-~A. ~ '


~~~ ~

been only time. "Red

The Ladies are Charming, But Theoreticaliy at least, there are still some things sacred to those of us who wear :he family pants (theoretically). On this basis, the scrivener of HOOKS AND SLICES has been re quested to state that despite the charm of feminine companionship, Plavdav is one occasion on which the men "vant to be alone". It has been shown that mOS7 ladies are a bunch of good sports, so the Playdayers don't really anticipate a feminine invasion. However the committee thought that some of the ladies haven't known that Playday is strictly a STAG event, and has thus requested this announcement.

HOT OFF THE BLOCK By Butch The weather man's lately been And the students of golf aren't Poor Art weeps and warms the Cheer up Art, you'll get 'em in

The swimming pool, so cool, is open, And if some weight to lose you're hopin', Make use of each day when the weather's neat, It's a family activity to swim and then eat. The Governors do vote each third Wednesday night, Some aye, some nay, may they always be right, We're promoting now greater interest in Court, Not law, but tennis. of the Vines and Marble sort. Lundberg and Anderson, a couple of Swedes, Got themselves some wonderful feeds, Showed Miller and Stein that the short-legged Dutch, Even in golf, don't amount to very much. Frank Glatz and Tom Davis have a new goalIt's lining up' talent for the nineteenth hole, Twasnt bad, as we remember it from last year: And a break for the guys who make and sell beer. That strange new motion you see in Ken Petri Is the result of paying Art Andrews his pec-hee Keep your left arm stiff, there-that's great, He's determined by June to shoot ninety-eight. Ray Fuller's been missed on the golf course so far, And the locker room gang misses him at the bar, His yard looks line, as it does each spring. He'll see us in June, as lit as a king.

Sunday afternoon sees many foursomes like this, Mrs. DeForest V{ead, George Lundberg, DeForest Wead, and Mrs. George Lundberg.


showing his tricks, using their sticks, golf shop seat, the second heat.

~=~~~r~~~~ ~



PLUMBING (Wholesale) Andy Schader. Sales Mqr., Plumbing and ' Heating Supply Co., 223 S. Water St., Phone 4-8297.

PLUMBING SUPPLIES (Wholesale) Tod Wllkins. Wilkins Pipe & Supply 1008 S. Adams St., Phone 4-1193.


JUNE 4- 5-Peoria Auto Parts Tourney Final. Keystone Qualifying (16 to qualify) JUNE 11-12-First round Keystone trophy. JUNE 18-19-Second round Keystone trophy. JUNE 25-26-Semi-final Keystone trophy. First round--Husband and Wife tournament. JULY 2-3-4-Second round-Husband and Wife tournament

WEEK END PRIZES (Past ~nd Present) PRINTERS Arnold G. Fernsted. Mgr., Edward J. Smith, 208 S, Washington St., Phone 4-0959. Ben L. Feuehter, Sec.Treas., Edward Hine & Co., 311 S. Washington St., Phone 4-2148. Harley O. Potter, President Flerninq-Potter Co., 1028 S. Adams St" Phone 4-7165.

RAILROADS John L. Umshler. Supt., Peoria and Pekin Union Railway, Union Station, Phone 4·1171.

April May May May May June June June June

30 - May 1 7-8 14-15 21-22 28-29 4-5 11-12 18-19 25-26

IS. A MeGard Barbee-Sheelor Co. Dick Coningham N. E. Born Art Andrews H. E. Pinnell Tad Wilkins H. Andreen H. W. Lund

LADIES' GOLF SCHEDULE (June) JUNE 7-B,est scores on even holes-prizes

REAL ESTATE Charles E. Anderson. Anderson Realty Co .• 1046 Jefferson Bldg., Phone 3-1907. Merrill L. Frederick. Vice-Pres" Commercial National Realty Co., Commercial Bank Rldg" Phone 6194.

REFRIGERATORS Frank L. Hazen. Pres., The Frank L. Hazen Co., 312 S. Jefferson Ave., Phone 4-5454. RETAIL STORES Harry L. Newton. Mgr., S. S. Kresge Co., 108 S. Adams St., Phone 7490.

Paul J. Hagerty. Pres., Hagerty Brothers Co., 923 S. Washington St., Phone 4·8276.

TYPEWRITERS AND OFFICE MACHINES Arthur H. KeUstedt. Proprietor, Peoria Typewriter Co., 420 Liberty St., Phone 4-4136.

UNDERTAKERS Ralph E. Wilton. V.·Pres., The Wilton Mortuary, 1212 S. Adams St., Phone 4·7134.

UTILITIES L. W. Dickinson. Eng., Central Illinois Light Co., 316 S. Jefferson Ave., Phone 4·2171.

in each division.

JUNE 14-15-36 holes Medal play-Qualify for Keenan Cup on Tuesday. Grand' prize for 36 holes. Prize for Freshman Group--9 holes on Tuesday. JUNE 21-18 holes. handicap. Prize in each division for low net. GUEST DAY-Guest Prize for low gross. JUNE 26-Sunday-Husband 36 holes. handicap.

and Wife Tournament; first round.

JUNE 28-'--Flag Tournament--Handicap.

Fishing News From Bill Abbott's column in the Journal-Transcript: It Might Happen


Merchandise Merchandise Six pounds coffee Six pounds coffee Six pounds coffee Oil change Merchandise Merchandise Merchandise

We hear that the Mt. Hawley Country club is stockinc the small lake on the club grounds with fish. That sounds O. K. Ya' tee off on number one, run over and take off a bullhead, bait up and beat it for number two. A score might read something like this - John Roe finished 18 holes 3 up on Bill Doe but Bill, connecting on almost every hole, was one bullhead, two bluegills and a crappie up on John so Bill wins by a crappie. Wish we knew some of the execs'

Prize in each division.

out at Mt. Hawley. we would like to put in an application for the fish pro's job. We ain't no good at smackin' golf balls so we wouldn't have nothin' but fish on our mind. What a Club!' Why should Ed Terry, Ellis Rainey, Tad Wilkins, Art Herschel and the rest, travel all the way to Lake of the Woods when they can get their fish right here at home? By the way, Ed and Ellis just came back from the above menlioned resort, and we understand had a lot of "luck". We're still waiting for that invite to a s~ll dinner.

If j

This is YOul" Club Use It

AMERICAS CUP AMERICA'S CUP leads again! Now it brings you an even better and finer coffee! The same grand old blend of the finest Central and South American coffee beans are used - the same VACUUM-SEALED package insures freshness - BUT, it's now RADIANT ROASTED. That's important ----;it gives you the full, fine depth of flavor that this rich coffee possesses. Radiant Roasting utilizes glowing heat instead of an open flame every coffee bean and roasts it from inside out without the possibility of scorching or burning.

it penetrates

You'll find RADIANT ROASTED America's Cup coffee uniformly good - with a flavor that introduces you to new and greater coffee goodness. Serve RADIANT ROASTED America's Cup Coffee - your Blue Ribbon Food Store or other independent grocer has it in the one and two-pound vacuum sealed cans.






Hooks and Slices - June 1938  

Mt Hawley Country Club Hooks and Slices from June 1938

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